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    Mon Nov 30 2009

    OMG. This show is pathetic. I'm not sure if it is a "small" notch above, or below " Gerry Sringer". I thing he totally uses peoples misery for his show. What a "shit" he is.

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    Sun Aug 23 2009

    Povich,Stern, Springer,? Wonder WHAT they all have in Common?

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    Tue Apr 29 2008

    Maury Povich seems like a nice enough man. but I am sick of his show. I tune in for a couple minutes to see what the topic is and 75 percent of the time it is about messed up teenage girls sent off to boot camp, or whose baby is it? How many times do they have to show paternity tests?Every now and then he tries to do the shows about kids with illnesses or least it is nice he does something nice for those kids. but other than that, i am sick of the same old tired subjects so i turn the station.   find some other topics and nicer ones.

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    Sat Apr 12 2008

    How about a segment on, Survivor of the holocaust. Here I am an ordinary citizen trying to send a message to Talk-show host and believe it or not, it is easier to get hot air out of a corps than a word from one of the person who will screen you. I am trying to reach Oprah and ask her to put o a segment on Holocaust survivors. We are a dying breed. Not too many of us left, and I do think it would be a good idea to let her viewers know of what went on. So history will not repeat itself. A voice in me head just told me. That I am too late for it has repeated itself over and over again. Thats why it is so important to remind the world to keep on bringing up the past. The same applies, with me trying to reach Larry King, Ellen and a few others. Wonder if Maurice Povich or Jerry Springer would be interested of hosting a segment of above mentioned theme. We shall see what happens.

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    Mon Mar 17 2008

    these shows are the bottom of the junk heap. Amazing what they air these days. Only 2nd to Springer for junk status.

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    Thu Jul 05 2007

    i'm pretty sure i would pass his lie detector test to say i honestly can't stand his show.

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    Wed May 30 2007

    The patrician of pulp entertainment TV, self-important and sanctimonious. Essentially, he operates in the same space as Jerry Springer, but at least Jerry maintains some sort of ironic distance to his subject matter.Nonetheless,  I will always have a special place in my heart for this guy. When I first switched on a TV on my first day in the USA in my hotel room, his was literally the first program that I saw.

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    Wed Jan 31 2007

    dear maury im writeing you for a man who hasnt seen his son for ten years. he pays suport adoption was done without his consent now the court sent him a letter stateing his son has changed his name back to his he is unable to find him this guy works 6 days a week. he needs your help he has no phone he has very little left after suport and has to live in goverment houseing my name is randy chilton my phone number is 417 924 2128 i live two doors down from him and would be glad to relay a messages my email adress is [email protected]

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    Sat Dec 30 2006

    can anyone help me?? I am writing to the Maury Show for help and iam not seeing or know how to get a hold of the show, Iam a 28 yr old mom who is loosing everything from apartments to my children, i have one and lost one and i need help for my self so i can quit hurting everyone around me can anyone help?

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    Mon Jun 26 2006

    This show sucks!! I can't believe its still on air! All of his shows are about stupid paternity tests and women that come around 7 8 or even 9 times in a row "thinking" just because they are 200% sure or whatever that the guy is the father only to realize it isn't and then they make stupid reactions running out of the studio like a maniac! The kids in the show don't deserve that kind of situation (innocent bystanders) I would prefer watching jerry springer over this shit show. Another stupid common shows he presents in his show is males dressed as females and females that look like bullshit, along with the animal shows...the show is not intelligent it revolves around about those 3 major categories it is time for Mr. Povich to start a new job and get out of his TV hosting career. (Oh and by the way I read in the paper that he actually had an affair with one of the Maury Povich Show executive producers...tsk tsk what a shame

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    Mon Jun 19 2006

    The Maury Povich show is despicable in the manner in which it exploits children. The female guests on the show, to say the least, are ignorant for allowing themselves to be exploited in such a manner, and for making such ridiculous displays of themselves; However, the real victims here are the children who are powerless to prevent themselves from becoming spectacles on this reprehensible, circus of a show. There should be laws protecting children from this sort of unconscionable abuse.

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    Tue Apr 25 2006

    A poor man's Jerry Springer.

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    Fri Mar 24 2006

    When it comes to being a great talk show host are..........not so great dude.

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    Tue Jan 31 2006

    I used to like his show, but as a black person, I feel like he seems to enjoy exploiting minorities. For example: Maury: Welcome Quisha, Quisha has been on the show 10 times! Quisha: Mawwry, I'm 199% sure he's dats babazz daddy! Maury: Jabroneo, when it comes to 2yr old Zacbrasha, you are............... Quisha: Hell yeah! child support baby! Maury: not the father! crowd: oohhhhh! no he didn't! Jabroneo: Hell yeah bitch! hellz yeah After that, the idiot male dances and throws gang signals in the air. When is it "cool" to have 5 kids by 5 different women? Maury used to be a real journalist. Now he's nothing more than a drama creater! He doesn't help the situation, he makes things worse.

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    Tue Nov 08 2005

    Maury seems like a downright caring and all around good guy. Very good show.

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    Fri Oct 21 2005

    The who's baby is it, is really getting old. Parternity tests I am sure are fun for all involved but for the audience it is usually the closest they will get to watching a train wreck.

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    Thu Oct 20 2005

    used to be cool but maybe there was an effect from the global warming...don't know.

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    Mon Jan 24 2005

    Another media-prostitute pandering to all that's vile in the human character. By the way, was he ever able to impregnate his wife? Does anyone still care?

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    Wed Nov 17 2004

    This show sucks so much! Maury Povich needs to change the name of his show to The Paternity Testing Show or The Out To Get Men Show! And his audience is full of ghetto girls and trailer trash who, on every paternity show, have the man pre-judged before the darn results are even read by booing the guy when he comes out! WTF is up with that crap? This piece of trash needs to be cancelled like Sally was! Ugh!

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    Sat Oct 09 2004

    maury, you are the father.....maury is the biggest piece of trash on television today; he's basically at the level of springer but at least springer is original.....but seriously, maury sucks beyond words!!!!

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    Fri Sep 24 2004

    I would have put terrible, but Maury Povich's been on a long time. Maury has stooped to the lowest level now when he does his numerous paternity shows. As much as he tries to help, it's not working. This is about three consecutive years or so that he's done these shows, and I'm really tired of the disappointed men or women crying hysterically and running off the stage when they find out he's not the father. Seems like the paternity shows take more weight than his other shows. Povich needs to take a tougher stand at those guests, instead of the gushy, gentle approach he does sometimes. Some of them have appeared on the show six or seven times! Isn't that show wasting money having them to find out who's the father? But back to the show, Maury is nowhere as good a host as when it was formerly The Maury Povich Show. It's become uneven with the shows as of late

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    Fri Jul 30 2004

    As a host, he is great. But it's a shame his shows have gone from newsworthy stuff to a literally endless array of freaks and paternity tests.

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    Tue Jul 27 2004

    Maury has a great show and even i know that at the age of 13 my name is karyn, and maury is a very nice man a for those whon dont think something wrong maurys is not whats wrong with america he is whats right with america he helps those who needs help and gives to those who is in need in conclusion maury povich is not a bad man these people come to his show for help and please dont even compare him to jerry springer cuz there nothing alike, i really dont even believe jerrys shows are real cases and real people so therefore i still like maurys show and will continue to watch it no matter how many nasty comments about maurys are put on the net Thank You Karyn-Nicole [email protected] Peace

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    Fri May 21 2004

    Total trash! He tries to come across as a sincere concerned person when in fact he exploits his guests who may have real problems. And the subject matter is always the same: Who's my daddy, Cheating Men, and Handicapped people who can sing or dance. Next to Maury, Jerry Springer is refreshingly honest.

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    Thu May 20 2004

    I think its great that some people like him are there to help the people in need.If you dont like the show,dont watch the show.But for people that care about other people other than themselfs,this is a great show for them.Because for people like me,i did not ask for my dad to sleep around and not know who was my brother was or even if he was my brouther..! by.frances.fl.

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    Thu Apr 08 2004

    What a crap show! The cross dressers got old, so Maury moved on to whos the father shows. Now that that has become old, Maury has moved on to shocking videos. Well todays shocking videos show crossed the line. It was nothing but people getting hurt and maimed in horrible accidents. An individual falling form a hot air ballon. The floor of a reception hall caving in at wedding, killing 25 people, including the bride and groom. an individual getting run over by a speeding automobile. It made me sick to my stomach that anybody would see entertainment in this sort of thing. Maurys show has become the deffinition of what is wrong with America. And to think that everyone flipped out when Janet Jackson bared a part of her natural human body on television. Yet shows like Maurys fly under the rader without so much of a protest by the FCC.

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    Fri Nov 21 2003


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    Wed Nov 12 2003

    I can't believe how awful the show has become! It used to have real value & interest-now it's become like Jerry Springer!(who also sold out & became just sleaze). I am no prude, but the amount of cursing has become purely boring, along with the drama of who's baby it is(this is not interesting week after week), or the predictable walking off the stage exit after hearing bad news. If this is all Maury has left, get off before you lose ALL respect like Springer did. The 11/11/03 show is a perfect example of this trash!

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    Fri Sep 12 2003

    Out of all the day time talk show hosts, Maury would probably be one of my least favorites. His shows are in general very boring. He copies Ricki, Jenny and all them. He never has his own ideas. And just like Jenny, I get so tired of those boot camp shows..yuck. His show needs cancelled.

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    Thu Sep 11 2003

    Go Maury

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    Thu Sep 04 2003

    well i think maury is great i don't understand why people get so upset he gets the truth out of people and i think alot of people are jeolouse because he got the money and power to do it. i wish he would come canada to do a few shows it would be great.your the best maury. carrie form canada

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    Wed Aug 20 2003

    You asked me my opinion so I will give. His show is as trashy as they come. Portraying teen girls as all slutty type scantily clad loud mouthed creatures. I never wear the type of clothes those girls do. (Then again, I'm not as confident as they are.) But the way they dress is not the problem. You should never automatically base your judgement solely on a person because of their clothes. Maury does that.

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    Tue Aug 19 2003

    In my opinion, I think Maury is another Jerry Springer. Most of his shows have nasty ex-lovers arguing and many cases are young ex-lovers arguing over paternity cases. However, i do like his shows about unruly kids.

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    Fri Aug 15 2003

    I think Maury is an awesome person. I watch his show everyday, but I don't think there should be so many paternity test results episodes. Those just get old and stupid. They're all the same thing. But I really think the episodes that change somebody's lives like when the kids have disformities or problems and he helps them are really cool and touching. I love you Maury!-and I wish I could meet you and be on your show!

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    Wed Jul 30 2003

    Here it goes its like this Maury is a great show. Because there always some drama on his show. I many like the partenity shows because its a trip to see guys that don't want to be the fathers find out the kid is really there after all. And I like the is it a girl or a guy shows the best.

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    Fri Jul 18 2003

    Maury is such a hypocrite! For one thing, he sends teen girls to bootcamp and lectures moms on dressing a certain way, but when it's a supermodel, He sends her backstage to humiliate her bully from pre-school! Jeez! He also gives makeovers to "frumpy housewives" as he so puts it. He encourages them to "show lots of skin". Yet if the so-called frumpy housewife was 16, He'd be telling her to cover up! Oh, and one day, I overheard Maury telling a teenage girl she shouldn't be wearing thongs. How does he know she wears thongs?!?!? Did he look down her pants? And what kind of man would tell someone what kind of underwear to don? Your guess is as good as mine.

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    Sun Jul 13 2003

    i don't know when I have seen anything so disgusting as this show. Maury Povich prove to be a piece of disgusting scum. I will not watch this crap and will not support the loca station airing this purient. How did a nice girl like Connie Chung marry such a deviant slob

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    Wed Jun 25 2003

    povich paternity picks - is that all you can find i dont know how you and jerry springer keep getting renewed. PLEASE RETIRE/QUIT- you and jerry are the worst-no one will even know your gone

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    Sun Jun 22 2003

    Maury must be Jerry's brother....

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    Sun Jun 22 2003

    When is Maury going to quit the dna shows?I dislike all the inappropite language.There are so many bleeps!Those people remind me of guests from the trashy shows as an example'The Jerry Springer Show.Get back to the good,decent shows.

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    Sat Jun 21 2003

    What is so great about this guy? He brings the scum of the earth on his show and parades them around. He pimps out the dwarfs and makes it into his own thinly disguised freakshow. He exploits young children. He paws at scantily clad young girls. And this is the man so many poor clueless women want to marry?

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    Sat Jun 14 2003

    All of you people who dont like maury are crazy. He is such a great guy and helps so many people. He is the only thing i accully enjoy watching on day time tele. I wish i could see the results to know if he is my babys dad! Naw he really is the best out there. Keep it up Maury!

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    Fri May 30 2003

    EVERY single time the show is either; 1."Who is my babies daddy?" 2.Lie detector cheating tests And theres a 1/10 chance that lie detectors are wrong, and he would have had hundreds of guests. How many people must he have put into misrepute?

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    Mon May 19 2003

    Why don't they just change the name of the show to All Paternity Tests All the Time. I am sooooo sick of the same subjects all the time. If they can't come up with anything new, why continue to be on the air?

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    Sat May 17 2003

    I think Maury is great. Not only does he get help for troubled kids, but he also helps moms get the paternity tests that they otherwise could not afford to help them get the well-deserved child support they need. I think Maury is an all out great guy and a wonderful man of character and morale.

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    Tue Apr 29 2003

    i really like maury and feel that he is genuinely concerned with the guests that have been on the show. he is doing the things that alot-well most of the day time crew isn't doing any more because they've gotten to high on their horses. he's very diverse and heart felt, whether the topic be paternity test to making one day out of someone's life special. he understands the meaning of family and sometimes lets his feelings get in the way of 'what-would-he-do-if-it-were-him' but i don't think he's in it for just the ratings-though it doesn't hurt.

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    Sat Apr 19 2003

    I dislike Maury. He used to have a trash talk show. He's married to Connie Chung. He's a liberal. An instant "1 star".

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    Sat Apr 19 2003

    He sux! He panders to poltical coorectness by always taking the woman's side in paternity issues and the men are pushed around like they are dogs. Next to Ricki Lake, this sob is the second worst.

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    Fri Apr 18 2003

    Once upon a time, there was a very creative journalist who promised something unique and thought provoking rahter than the normal everyday trash to "Talk TV." It was a happy show, one that had a variety of positive and supportive topics of interest. Yet, it was deficient in the ever popular and shamefully irresponsible rubbish that apparently attracts an audience incapable of demonstrating the ability to think. And then, **sigh** a misfortunate error on the part of the powers that be, decided said talk show should become completely devoid of character, moral value and social worth.....the very example of what is NOT needed on TV. Common, boring, repetitive, and pathetic are issues I choose to avoid. My time is a bit more valuable....SO, the moral of this story is, who needs another "Jerry Springer" knock off of boring people who THINK they can have some bizarre form of celebrity by airing every conceivable skeleton in their closet and that AMERICA has any remote interest in "said" ... Read more

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    Tue Apr 08 2003

    I'm not sure if this is just for pure entertainment or not...but surely some of your shows can't be for real! I sat down watching the show about abusers on my vacation and it discusted me to no end. First of all an abuser usually WILL NOT appear on a show such as this one. Also the wife will not talk back to their abuser even if they are confronted in front of an audience. Some of these women (who supposidely were not allowed to have money)had their hair frosted/bleached. An abuser does not allow a wife to look good in front of anyone. They don't admit they are abusive and say the things these guys said upfront to anyone. All in all if you are trying to help someone instead of making ratings; this is not the way to do it. I have worked with abusive relationships for years and socialpaths do not act this way, especially on National T.V..If you are as honest as you present yourself; then do something right about this. This is all misleading information. IT was so discusting watching this... Read more