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    Mon Mar 16 2009

    Matt Damon said it best....

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    Thu Mar 12 2009

    "That's why I like high school girls... I get older, they stay the same age..." -Dazed and Confused

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    Thu Mar 12 2009

    Not bad. . .but a borderline himbo. If shot in the belly he'd barely have the ability to act injured. Having said that, he was dead-solid perfect in "Dazed and Confused"

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    Mon Feb 16 2009

    I like him, but I can't take him seriously.

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    Mon Dec 29 2008

    has potentiol keeps picking shitty roles

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    Tue Oct 28 2008


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    Sun Oct 12 2008

    hot but just an ok actor

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    Wed Sep 24 2008

    so sexy!!!

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    Mon Sep 22 2008

    This guy is creepy on so many levels.  He should stick to the naked bongo playing with his "good buddies" and leave us all alone-no more bad movies.

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    Sun Aug 03 2008


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    Mon Jul 21 2008

    OMG, he's amazing...maybe it's just his voice...nope I think it's him....

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    Fri Jul 11 2008

    Great Love him!

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    Sat Jul 05 2008


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    Fri Jul 04 2008

    Awesome actor, good looking.

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    Tue Jun 24 2008

    I used to not think this guy was hot...but for some reason lately...he's becoming HOTTER & HOTTER! He is a wonderful actor on top of it all.

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    Fri Jun 20 2008

    I notice most reviewers are noting his looks as proof of acting ability. Too sad. This guy has some potential as an actor but he seems to be stuck in the hunky lady killer roles that don't require much effort on his part. We will see....

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    Fri Jun 20 2008

    He's funny and not bad to look at!

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    Fri Jun 20 2008

    Sooooo hot!

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    Sun Jun 01 2008

    He sucks

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    Wed Apr 16 2008

    needs more stars for him too!

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    Wed Apr 02 2008

    Normally I am not attracted to blonds, but this guy is very sexy...and a good actor to boot, talk about the whole package. I like his comedy films and though the film got a little dramatic, he was very good in We Are Marshal.

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    Thu Aug 30 2007

    Matthew McConaughey is probably one of the most sexy men alive... however, I recently found out that he is au natural... no deoderant, etc.  I'm not a fan of that.  I like perfume, toothpaste, etc. :-)  A Time to Kill is one of my all-time favorite movies.  He is a GREAT actor! ... but seriously, use deoderant :-)

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    Fri Dec 22 2006

    Matthew McConaughey goes to the top of my list of actors to banish completely from my film-viewing practice. Already on the list are Patrick Swayze and... well, that's it. The word "phony" does not do justice to this soulless, jabbering hack. A man that would look in the mirror at stringy, thin, greasy curls and always see the wild, healthy, attractive mane of a young lion is vain beyond words. He is aware of his southern accent only to the extent that it makes him cute. Leading men are good when they are physically atractive and intelligent. Obviously, the latter adjective does not apply.

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    Fri Sep 15 2006

    This guy's a little different, a little wired, and I guess that's what makes him interesting. He's had a couple brilliant performances, and a few mediocre ones. (The worst being in "Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Next Generation".)

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    Sat Oct 29 2005

    Should get better or look for better roles. Fun to watch.

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    Tue Sep 27 2005

    OH my God!!!! What is NOT to love about this man. u cant get much better than Mathew

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    Sun Aug 28 2005

    omg What can you say? lol Pure eye candy and he gets sweeter in every flim. I love his down home attitude and how animated he is during interviews. He seems to have wonderful values and I cannot wait for his next film. My favorite Matthew saying (found on a bumpersticker on Ebay lol) Matthew McConaughey is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy!

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    Sat Mar 12 2005


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    Fri Feb 04 2005

    Great entry....'that's what I like about this high school girls, I get older and they stay the same age'.

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    Mon Jun 28 2004

    He is a hottie! But he has the same character in every movie. I did like him in How to w/ Kate Hudson. That was a cute movie.

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    Tue Apr 13 2004

    I love his acting! He's pretty vute too. But, his acting is really good.

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    Sat Mar 06 2004

    Matthew McConaughey is one of those actors that are hard to categorize. His films stretch the genres as do his performances. He doesn't have a clear flair for any sort of style of movie i.e. drama or comedy. I rather like that about him though. An all-around good actor, he has a very charming persona that gives him incredible screen presence. For me, I prefer him in romantic comedies where he shows off an easy sense of humor and definite charisma. Although as a side note, I'd like to know who can ever figure out the spelling of his last name?

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    Tue Aug 05 2003

    I really liked his performance in U-571.

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    Mon Jul 07 2003

    OK, I am gonna be one of those annoying reviewers...but WHO CARES about his acting? He is so hot, that you don't even notice it. This man has got to be the best looking actor on screen today. Woo hoo ! Keep up the good work Matthew !

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    Sun Jul 06 2003

    Can you say HOT?!?!?! Especially in "A Time To Kill", wow, what a hottie.

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    Mon Nov 25 2002

    I don't care for JLo but I loved him in The Wedding Planner. This movie showed me that you can still see a movie even when a bad actor is in it cuz he stole the movie!! Love ya baby!!!

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    Tue Oct 15 2002

    Matthew is a great actor, he always makes me laugh. Besides that his accent does me in. It is so sexy and the fact that he is very attractive doesn't hurt. I'll admit the reason I go to see his movies is to see him, but there hasn't been a bad one yet!!!

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    Fri Jul 06 2001

    Matthew is babe! He is a great actor and has a nice bod!

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    Fri Jun 01 2001

    I am very close to having my "30th" B-Day in November, and I am CRAZY over Matthew McConaughey!! Mr.McConaughey is the best looking man who has ever graced the movie screens !!! He has beautiful eyes that you can get lost in and simply a PERFECT SMILE and his voice .... OOOOHHH MERCY..I could listen to him talk 24 hours a day!! I melt every time I hear his voice and see that beautiful smile!!! What I would give to meet him in person !!!! I loved EDtv and U571 - Have not seen The Wedding Planner yet, but hope to soon. Keep up the GREAT work Matthew !!! LOVE YA!! P.Addis (MattCrazy) South Carolina

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    Sat Apr 07 2001

    He's great. I love the way everytime he smiles in a movie, you just wanna be there right there and then. But on to his acting..He's good. Very good, actually. Particularly good in "U-571" and "The Wedding Planner". Also good in "A time to Kill". He's so talented and skilled. Overall, he's awesome.

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    Sun Mar 11 2001

    I think Matthew McConaughey is a excellent actor! he is very cute but that doesnt mean anything. He has worked so hard to get where he is now and he makes his own was his choice to play the bongo naked and it is his responsiblity to put up with the criticizem...but he shouldt because no one should criticize him in the first place. His hard work has paid off. He is very into his characters in movies and that is what makes him great.

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    Fri Mar 09 2001

    He is an excellant actor. Plus he is ssssssooooo HOT. Me and my friend Jessie go ga-ga over him.

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    Thu Mar 01 2001

    The first movie I saw him in (A TIME TO KILL-I love all John Grisham movies anyway, I read ever book he's written)was the BEST but I still watch whatever he does because I love to here him talk, don't get me wrong, HE IS SEXY! But his voice just makes me melt!

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    Thu Feb 01 2001

    I met him at a local bar in my neighborhood (New York City). Being unsure of what to say, I decided that joking around may be my only option. He was funny and interested in the silly comversation we wee having. The only thing he didn't do is allow pictures, which is understandable.

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    Tue Jan 30 2001

    I just love him to death. My sister in law thinks it is so hilarious because I just go nuts everytime I see him or hear his name. I would absolutely die if I ever met him. It is also goofy that I am Twenty years old and just can't get enough of him!!!!! I also have to say that he looks his very best on A Time to Kill. Mmmmmm:)

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    Mon Jan 22 2001

    I think Matthew Mcconaughey is sooo sexy!!!!! i want him so bad! i have 98 pics of him saved and i 'm still lookin for more! he is also my background on my screen. the first time i saw him was in dazed and confused and i didn't think he was all that good looking cept for his body! but then i saw previews for the wedding planner and i've been hooked ever since then!! mmmmm i love him!! but i don't understand why he shaves his head cause i think his best feature is his gorgeous blonde curly hair!I think his acting is great as well! he is very talented!

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    Thu Jan 18 2001

    Matthew my sweet Matthew, what a beautiful, intelligent, and thoughtful person he seems to be. I just saw him on Letterman tonight and he was so cool, and so laid back. He talked about a road trip with one of his buddies, and a crazy emu that attacked his brother on his ranch in Texas. I love this guy....and we all know he is friendly with Miss MaryJane, he's got to be :o) I could see myself kickin back and drinkin a couple beers with this guy, (in my dreams too) Oh and what a good little thesbian, i think a lot of actors can learn something from him. Okay...bedtime... Sarah

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    Fri Jan 05 2001

    Just a cocky guy!

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    Wed Dec 27 2000

    Aw come on ya'll, Matt is a FINE young man, who cares if he was caught beating the bongo drums in the buff, everyone's just jumping on a stupid band wagon of interigation.Get out there and do that Chicken dance him & Woody showed us, laugh a little.I think it's all hilarious. Enjoying his youth.