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    Sat Jul 03 2010

    My English mastiff is 4 years old, and is the best dog I've ever had. I've always owned large breed dogs, Dobermanns,rotts...But the protective instincts of those breeds requires a lot of attention and discipline. The mastiff is more guard dog "light". He goes to the door and might let out one bark. He just seems generally content. Happy to go for a walk, play in the yard or watch a little t.v. They do require training, but what breed doesn't? The size does translate into higher maintenance cost. Food, vet bills, front line...And, like all giant breeds they have a shorter life span.But those are truly the only negatives. As long as you treat them like a dog: regular exersize, good quality food, basic grooming, regular vet care, and basic training, they are wonderful. No dominance or aggressive issues. I get regular compliments on what a great dog he is. Happy-go-lucky and glad to meet new people and other dogs. I would definately recommend the breed to anyone. But keep in mind, dog... Read more

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    Fri Apr 09 2010

    I would not trade my Mastiff for anything. This breed is easy to train, but you must stay in charge at all times. One thing we taught our Mastiff is the command "back" because of her size she can get into some tight spots and can not turn around so we use the Back command to get her out of the spots! She has reached 220 pounds and is as large as a male in heigth. I can tell you we do not lock our door, no need to when she lays right by the sliding doors watching for anyone coming that should not be there. The saying goes,"we feel sorry for anyone that hits a Mastiff". When an intruder comes into your home with a mastiff and no one is home, the dog will back them in a corner and wait in front of them until someone has returned home. If they have you in a corner I would advise you to stay there!

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    Sat Mar 06 2010

    If you don't mind cleaning up after one and the liability that goes along with these monsters, go for it. Mostly calm and good natured towards their owners, they will exhibit a defensive stance towards strangers. Their response depends on whether they perceive an approach as friendly or an attack. These animals need regular exercise and a well maintained diet to help prevent health issues later on in life. I would use extreme caution around children because of the sheer size of this animal. Insurance companies just cringe when they see you have one of these in your yard. Some charge a higher premium, while others just wont write a policy.

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    Sun Jul 19 2009

    Not your average run of the mill dog. They need a category for themselves. These guys are very intune with there owners. They need to be with there people and not just off to the side as the family pet. They are PART of the family. They are not comfortable with anyone between them and there owners. They are a lot of work and are NOT the dog for people who want a pet they can keep in the yard or pen and play with them when they feel like it. This is a noble breed and need to be with there familys. They are so watchful of you and live to ensure you are always safe. They eat alot, drool a ton, and need to be with you most of the day. In return they will give you there undying loyalty. These dogs LOVE there owners!

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    Sat Dec 20 2008

    I  got mine about a year ago as a puppy and it is fully grown now and let me just say as a single women living alone I feel totally safe with him around! He is a big baby though.and yeah he sleeps on my bed when I'm gone during the day..I only worry about when he gets older I have read that this breed has bad hip  dysplasia.

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    Sun Oct 05 2008

    ,loving and just plain awesome, wonderful around my 2 year old grandson and 14 year old son who has cerebral palsy, easy to train too!!!!

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    Sat Sep 13 2008

    I was recently attacked by a Mastiff. I was minding my own business, on a walk in my neighborhood. The Mastiff broke through the fence and attacked me. Biting me. Jumping on me. It wouldn't stop. A neighbor heard me screaming and came out. He tried pulling the dog off of me but it kept attacking. The police finally arrived and were able to stop the attack. This breed is unpredictable and dangerous. And yes, the owner was in shock because this dog never showed signs of being aggressive. It is not the owner or how you raise them or if you raised them since they were a puppy. They have an instinct and no one can predict when or if they will become dangerous but they all are potentially dangerous just like pit bulls.

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    Thu Jul 03 2008

    I had a Cane Corso (Italian Mastiff) for over ten years and for being 150 lbs he was a gentle giant, he was my baby sitter as I went back to work, but honestly he was never mean or agressisve toward anyone! I miss my Guido, but I was blessed with a Brazilian Mastiff,(Fila Brasilera) 120 lbs of bubbling joy. He's a little feisty around strangers at the house but that's what he's supposed to do. Out in public he's just fine! I say the owners are the vicious ones.

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    Fri Jan 11 2008

    These are the best Dogs under the sun, not pit bulls, Mastiff's are freindly, and they can grind a pit into powder.

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    Sat Nov 17 2007

    my friend has one and she is a BIG baby she is scared of every thing and would not hurt a fly

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    Mon Sep 10 2007

    I owned a Cane Corso-Mix Mastiff. He was the biggest baby I've ever seen. He jumped at his own shadow, but wasn't ever vicious. He was very loyal and loving. My infant could crawl on him, lie on him and pull his appendages and he never snapped. I'm with the others when they say that a dog's behaviour is based on how he/she was raised. I could take food out of Scooby's mouth (not that he really appreciated it!) and he let me. On walks, he sat when people (or other dogs) passed by. He was very well behaved. The only time he didn't act the friendliest was at the end when he was in a lot of pain, but he still never snapped at anyone or growled. He just didn't want to be social anymore.

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    Sun May 27 2007

    I, personally, have never met a Mastiff that wasn't the biggest baby on the face of the planet, but obviously there are exceptions. I'd imagine, as with any dog, they can be taught aggression or can learn it through not being socialized properly...but, that's any dog, not just a Mastiff.

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    Wed May 09 2007

    Our kid is a Sicilian Mastiff. He is very big and playful, 175 lbs. He is well trained and is often out in public with us. People are fearful of Ares at first because of his size but a few have asked if he bites? They have petted him and complimented us on such a well behaved dog. However, his yard is his and noone is permitted to enter when Mom and Dad are not home. Ares will guard everything that he sees. He knows who belongs in which home, and has foiled a break-in of our neighbors home by making such a ruckus that it caught everyones attention. I have seen this rediculous dog list. It is preposterous! We have owned over half of the dogs on the list and in 43 years, Not one dog of our family has ever attacked anyone! The Mastiff is quite large and needs to be trained starting at birth!!! They are very inteligent and can somewhat reason. They are family dogs and own their property. Is there something wrong with that? Here in Sicily, If there is a dog on one side of the gate, people w... Read more

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    Thu Nov 23 2006

    I never thought a dog could be thoughtful but our mastiff is so aware of his size (200 lbs) he watches carefully when he sits down that he doesn't sit on me. He's also cautious of not stepping on my toes etc. Wonderful dogs but not for everyone.

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    Wed Feb 08 2006

    Out of many many mastiffs I have come in contact with I only met one that had some aggressive behavior. These guys are mellow over all. I do have a friend with one that plays pretty hard though...hes a little big for that. He likes to attack the vaccum! One time after I bathed him I turned the power blower on and he grabbed the hose and would not let go...I was more afraid of getting beat by that huge tail going a hundred miles an hour than anything else though.

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    Tue Feb 07 2006

    I can sure as heck imagine one of these things running toward me head on.

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    Mon Jun 07 2004

    this breed is fantastic.... they are huge lovely dogs...i would like one together with my german sheperd

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    Fri Jun 27 2003

    Wow these are just Gentle Giants. kinda freaks me out that they crap bigger piles than I do. Maybe I can train to use the bathroom? just jokin

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    Mon Apr 07 2003

    Wonderful, ancient and intelligent breed. Our Mastiff acted more like a person in a dog suit than a dog.

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    Sat Jan 12 2002

    Magnificent beasts, these dogs are! They size is only matched by their gentle nature. The dignity and patience of these giants is amazing.

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    Tue Apr 18 2000

    Very nice sweet dogs but these guys do grow up to be enormous. We're talking 130 lbs.!

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    Mon Apr 17 2000

    Wonderful,sweet and low energy.They are awesome chewers when young.