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    Tue Jul 31 2012

    Silly Silly me, what was I thinking moving to Massachusetts...... I needed a job, but did I really need one this bad? Probably not! If I could go back in time 4 years ago I would 100% hands down NEVER! NEVER! NEVER! have made the decision to come here. I think I would have rather struggled for a tab bit and kept my sanity. This place is a nightmare that's easy to get stuck in. People are pretty rude and unfriendly here and it seems a huge challage to make a really good freind. Everyone seems so closed off and in some cases snotty. Rent is expensive here. Very expensive. If you want a nice place with up to date amenities(and I'm not talking anything special here, just a dish washer, washer, dryer...) then your going to pay big time for it. I made the decision to move here to get financially ahead, have a decent job and live a regular nice life. HA!....I am in the complete oppisite position. I've gone into debt trying to survive out here. If you are thinking about moving here I ... Read more

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    Tue Feb 28 2012

    A state in desperate need of education reform. obsessively clinging to its history without much regard, or at least 'at the expense of' practically everything else. one of the most advanced cities in the union, Boston, is here but it's also one of the most backward and disorganized. I cannot speak to the people themselves...when you think about it, no amount of expereince even in a city gives one an accurate, overall picture of the place, but for the most that I saw, people were just blind to other points of view. This hopefully will be one of the last negitive reviews I write, but I thought I should say it.

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    Sat Jan 14 2012

    High taxes and communism, no thank you.

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    Tue Nov 22 2011

    I've lived in MA for most of my life. I recently moved to northern NH. What a difference. No immigrants, English is spoken everywhere, you can buy guns, and I don't feel like I'm in a prison camp. MA sucks. I wish an asteroid would strike the state. Life is much better in NH. Everyone is white and speaks English. (Sorry but wherever there are large groups of certain minorities, the more crime and filth. Sorry, It's the truth.) No African Americans, Brazilian or Spanish speakers = a better, safer and cleaner place to live.

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    Tue Nov 01 2011

    This state is quite deceiving. What looks nice on the outside is actually quite ugly on the inside. Sure, there are plenty of jobs available, but you will find the people you work with to be quite mean spirited and verbally abusive. Sure, there are plenty of sports, but most of the fans are simply obnoxious band wagon riding douches. Sure, there is public transpo but boy, is it slow as a 90 year old woman. As far as driving is concerned: you may as well just kill yourself. Horrible horrible horrible roads with construction on every corner. Always traffic. Always some angry cops giving you the evil eye. Sure, there are concerts but most of the venues are sweaty, fratty, and overpriced. Sure, there's a lot of state pride, but that is the most obnoxious part. People here all believe they are Irish, tough, Sox fans, and the coolest people in the universe. Far from the truth. Many locals have irritating accents as well. Think Jersey/Long Island... Mass. is only good if you are a... Read more

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    Thu Oct 13 2011

    I was born here in Massachusetts and have lived here all my life, I hate it here, the weather sucks cost of living and taxes are outrageous. Boston is so shitty and dirty and the suburbs where I live are boring and full of fake plastic people. I have been to a few other states for vacation and they were great people were friendly in other states like florida and south carolina and the weather and cost of living is much better. The politicians are corrupt and all they do is tax and spend they will bleed you dry, you can't afford to live here or own a home excpecially right out of college it is outrageous. Plus everyone here is so dumb all the do is vote for democrats and liberals and corrupt politicians. The average mass voter is so dumb and ignorant. I can't wait to save up enough money to get out of this hell hole state forever. If I could I would have given MA 0 stars. The only nice places in MA are Cape Cod And Marthas Vineyard and Nantucket. ALso don't move here if you are thinking... Read more

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    Tue Aug 02 2011

    RUN! RUN FAR FAR AWAY! I unfortunately had to move here for a couple of years for my job. Almost done, thank the sweet stars. I regret the decision horribly and if I could go back I would rather of lost my job and been unemployed. There are mean, rude, racist, unfriendly people everywhere but personally I found Massachusetts to be at the bottom of the barrel. People are highly impatient while driving. You would think all their houses are on fire with the way they honk if your foot is not off the break peddle the SECOND the light turns green. I'm very outgoing, friendly and fun but I have found it extremely hard to make freinds in Massachusetts, and when I think I have they usually have this big time fake vibe going along with them. Don't go looking to make some true thru time friends here. As far as work goes people are meanly competative and quite simply put not that great to be around. But that of course could just be my profession. But I've worked in various places, with various c... Read more

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    Mon Jan 31 2011

    I moved to Boston for a job after college and it didn't take me more than 2 months to hate it. This place is filled with corrupt politicians who devote their lives to taxing their residents in every shape and form. One would think the more tax you pay, the better service you get. WRONG, Mass has the worst highway system I've ever seen. The roads are bumpy and dirty. It's even worse than Michigan. I do think these city workers here need to come down to Texas to learn how to build highway more efficiently. They are protected by those blood-sucking unions leaders who would care less about the service they provide, just as long as they can get their unrealistic benefits. Instead of re-building a 200 meter bridge in the summer time when there is no snow, they decide to do it in the middle of winter so they don't have to work full time yet still get the same salary...So now we only have one lane crossing the only bridge on the other side of Boston and barely drivable because the snow is pile... Read more

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    Mon Jan 24 2011

    I only gave this place one star because you don't have the option to choose zero. Speaking of zero, that should the state's official number. Why? Because it has just that many friendly people. Having come here from Texas for a job, my family and I have been informed numerous times that we're not from here and thus, not welcome. I really could go on, but so many people have already said it better. All I can say is that moving here was the biggest mistake I have ever made in my entire life and I relish the day we all move away, far away.

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    Mon Nov 08 2010

    I've been here half a day and am googling "Are Massachusetts people rude". Unbelievable. Rude on the plane here, and it's gone downhill. Was looking forward to travelling here for work on a monthly basis - but yuck. I hope it gets better tomorrow - I just can't believe how incredibly miserable the people seem. Glad I don't live here.

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    Wed Aug 18 2010

    I say we take off, and nuke the site from orbit. It's the only way to be sure... FUCKIN A MAN, NOW WE'RE TALKIN!!!

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    Wed Aug 18 2010

    I've worked there, briefly, on two occasions, and while I can't say I saw much outside the environs of Boston and its suburbs, it seemed like a decent place to me. Certainly it has its ugly areas, and ugly people, but no more so than any other state or province I've spent time in and less so than many.

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    Fri Aug 13 2010

    I posted here a couple of years ago, and for some reason gave this place two stars. I think it was because I was still in college. Let me tell you what I think of MA after some time in the "real world". This has got to be one of the most depressing, hostile, dilapidated, corrupt cesspools of human and social decay that exists in the entire Western world. I've seen videos on YouTube from the ghettos of the Ukraine and Bosnia that show happier people who treat each other better than most Massholes can comprehend. The native people of Massachusetts are born with centuries of their ancestor's self-loathing and aggression built up in the womb, having subsisted on Natty Light, Scotch and Dunkie's coffee since the embryonic stage. If you live here, you suck. That's understood before you can walk. But quite interestingly, it seems that everything that Massachusetts stands for just drives that point home day after day. Talk about culture - a big Citgo sign on the corner of the playing field wh... Read more

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    Wed Aug 04 2010

    I am a single white professional male. I grew up in Massachusetts and spent my time there untill I was 18. I joined the military and went to college where I worked very hard to get my degree in electronics. I moved back to Mass when I was 22 or so after doing my time in the military and college. I stayed about 1 year in Mass then moved to europe. Once again I moved back to Massachusetts at the age of 25 and stayed for 13 years. In that 13 year time Massachusetts broke me.. The state has beaten me down to the point where I just didnt care if I lived or died. I cared about nothing. I fell into a deep depression and has to take medication to function as a normal person. I had to work all the time to pay for all the taxes and fees that the state burdoned me with. One of the worst things that has ever happened to me was getting a DUI in the parking lot of a private appartment complex. The state took my license and I lost my job. charged me out rageous fees and fines. 120 days later I went... Read more

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    Sat Jul 31 2010

    As an outsider who came to the State 12 years ago I have to echo the sentiments of many in here. I won't take such an aggressive approach, but will say this: The people in Massachusetts are general in one of a limited number of groups ******* Sports Groups The PAT Fan - Drives a pickup and lives near Fall River or Attleboro. Likes to drink, curse and ridicule anyone that is not American and just like them. The SOX Fan - A plethora of colored baseball lids and whiney accents. Usually a bottled beer is visible somewhere and if not then they are on their way for a ritualistic Sam Adams at a dark sports bar. All guys have a stunted blonde with them who is usually drunker than the rest. Irish emblem can be anywhere. The white baseball lid is popular among the WASPy SOX fans. The Celtic Fan - White baseball camp and some kind of wife beater (sometimes an official jersey). Always has a stupid Irish emblem on their somewhere because unlike in Ireland it's actually perceived to be cool in ... Read more

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    Mon Jul 26 2010

    This state sucks, just like New Jersey but even worse. Here's an anti-Masshole list: -Rude mean-spirited people with no class or sense of sarcasm. -Annoying, dumb accents. -pitiful drunk college kids everywhere. -Shitty, rude drivers. You are horrible mean-spirited drivers, massholes. Not just a stereotype. Lay off the fuckin horn for five seconds and stop tailgating! And what's up with the breakdown lane on 95? That's re-tahded. And can you cops stop being such jerks at construction sites. Why do you have to stare at every car driving by like they're committing a crime for driving? -Lame-ass bandwagon sox fans. Yes, that means you with the pink hat. -Fuck your ridiculous parking tickets. Yes, I am so sorry for parking over the meter limit for 3 seconds. Fuck you right up your corrupt ass, Cambridge, MA. -Menino. You morons keep voting for this old fart who has been in office since 1993. get a new mayor for christs sake. -slumlord landlords and overpriced rent. ... Read more

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    Thu Jun 24 2010

    Absolutely AWFUL. Massachusetts is the biggest SHITHOLE and BY FAR the most fucked up state I have ever know. Grew up here, been living here for 24 years, but never realized how completely fucked this state is until I moved off Cape Cod. Cape Cod by the way, is the only decent part of Mass. Let's see, where should I start? The HORRIBLE, ignorant, and selfish drivers? The pathetic roads that look like they've been carpet bombed by a B-52? The insanely high cost of living, combined with high taxes ON EVERYTHING? The corrupt government? The douche bag Boston cops (not all of them are bad), who's soul focus is working construction detail, fraternizing with their punk union construction buddies, and milking as much overtime as possible at the taxpayer's expense? Or how about the overall attitude of the people here? I'm a Boston sports fan but the attitude of the typical "Bostonian" is absolutely sickening. I am sick of all the over-prided Irish faggots who run around advertising how Ir... Read more

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    Fri May 21 2010

    Our forefathers would be ashamed of what we have become. Shame on you massachusetts for leading the decline. We need a revolution. Start with Boston, and the rest of this corrupt state. Be done with DC and Massachusetts, and maybe, just maybe the states might have a slim chance of rebuilding and becoming a great country. Not likely, ever again, but I have hope. Right now, the US is the laughing stock of the world, and it starts with massachusetts, then DC. Barney Frank, John Kerry, Menino, the corrupt Kennedy's, and on and on. Just goes to show you the type of people that massachusetts produces. Ignorance and corruption just breed more of the same. And the residents and taxpayers there - wow!! These people love getting screwed over, and over and over. By Menino, the house, Beacon Hill, the towns, inspectors, meter maids, All corrupt. The entire system. And the residents just keep paying and paying and paying. I have never experienced a more depressed, bitter group of people. And they ... Read more

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    Sun Dec 27 2009

    Allright, If you like Massachussetts you're a dumbfuck Masshole. Everything here sucks. The people are all depressed,cold,and unfriendly ( prolly due too other massholes shitting everywhere with their smartass snobby attitudes). Unfotunetly I'm depressed too. I have lived here my whole life and am nearly MISERABLE. Its Boring and the only good thing is Boston and capecod cuz of its beaches. I Live in the suburbs which is like living in a graveyard infested with mosquitos because almost everyone you meet here is either a douche bag an extremley annoying prep or a lifeless bitch.Basically NO ONE HAS A LIFE and they are all up in your face.They think they are cool and they aren't I CAN'T WAIT TO LEAVE THIS HELL HOLE.

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    Sat Aug 08 2009

    Boston rocks, but plenty of other worthy destinations: Cape Cod, Martha's Vineyard, Hyannisport, to name a few.

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    Sat Jul 18 2009

    Everyone blames Massachusetts' problems on the liberals. Well I, for one, consider myself a liberal, and I have one thing to say to you people: Stop giving us a bad name. :-P The government in Massachusetts is not liberal at all. It's not conservative either. It's CORRUPT. Liberal means you want to help everybody out. Conservative means you don't want to waste money. Massachusetts means you spend as much money as possible helping your buddies get around the law, forsaking all others, and raise taxes when that runs out so you can keep going. Tax whatever you can - nothing is sacred. A relatively low sales tax masks exorbitant property and income taxes, as well as high, abundant tolls. Honest, hard-working people get the shaft while there are a huge amount of people abusing the welfare system. Mandatory health insurance means if your job doesn't offer insurance because you're part-time and that's all you can find because the economy is in tatters, then you are the proud payer of a punit... Read more

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    Thu Jul 16 2009

    I can rate it only as a visitor, and even then as a visitor only to certain parts of it. My late cousin lived in Chelmsford, near Boston, and we visited his family a number of times. I always liked Boston, and always wished it was closer to NJ, so I could explore it at greater length. I also spent some time in Salem, Peabody, and the surrounding region, and enjoyed it as much for its quirky New England seaport feel as for its ambiance of "witchcraft" and deviltry (which is what draws the tourists, I guess). I was more familiar with northwestern Massachusetts; the Berkshire region, which is absolutely lovely, whatever the season, but exquisitely so in the Fall, when the leaves are changing color. There was a point where NY, Connecticut, and Massachusetts all came together, and I'd drive through from Hillsdale, NY, to Egremont, Massachusetts, to Great Barrington, which had some great book stores and record shops. Of course, the natural beauty of the region, with its soaring mountains, s... Read more

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    Mon Jul 06 2009

    Massachusetts reminds me of crappy Pennsylvania. I always associate these two states together probably because of history, but Mass is only ok! I mean Cape Cod is a nice place, but Boston is horrible! The rest of the state is boring.

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    Wed Jul 01 2009

    I travel all over the united states. I cant tell you the details of my job but when I go to a state I usually have to stay for about 1 year. By far the worst place I have ever been to is Massachusetts! Talk about a F@#$ed up state! The people are incredibly rude and miserable. The accent was like fingers nails running down a chaulk board. the people are extremely rude and vulgar, they swear so much it makes me sick. When people swear like that they sound very stupid. Belive me I have meet some realy stupid people in Massachusetts too. I got to the point where I would just stay in my hotel room so I wouldnt have to deal with the repulsive, rude, miserable, stupid asshole residents of that state. While I was there I looked at renting an appartment...WTF!! I couldnt believe the prices. I was going to live in an appartment the size of a shoe box for over $1700 a month and that didnt include any utilities. So lets see... I was paying $300 per week for an extended stay hotel, multiply that... Read more

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    Mon Jun 29 2009

    You'd have to be crazy to move into this hell hole. The reviews below are TRUE. I lived in this hellhole for 6 1/2 years, while I worked on a PhD at MIT. Get it? PhD. MIT. And yeah, I graduated at the top of my class. I'm NOT a stupid person. But this state THINKS that I am. Or at least that's how they treated me. I've never lived in such an awful place in my life, and I've lived so far in the Midwest and on the West Coast. In both those places, the people are at least decent. In MA? They'd slit their mothers' throat for a dime. Or maybe even 5 cents. It really is as terrible as everyone below describes. People are rude. Prices are high. (Prices are also high in California...but at least the place is NICE TO LIVE IN.) The state is a dump. And when I say "dump", i mean "DUMP". As in, people piss on the streets in Boston and the trash piles up in the alleyways. People drive like idiots. I got side-swiped by a taxi, and it didn't stop. I got hit by two idiots wit... Read more

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    Sun Jun 21 2009

    I've lived in MA. It's not bad. The people are rude and the cost of living sucks. However MA has a very deep rooted and rich history. Very historic (n boston tea party ring any bells). Not to mention MA doesn't have a conservative white trash mentality to it. I mean we have white trash and religious zealots but not as many as other regions of the US.

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    Thu Jun 18 2009

    I don't know if I stumbled onto a joke site, but I see all these incredibly negative reviews of my State, some of them direct replicas of those before, but with different names posting . . . and I can't help but think that this site is incredibly biased. I mean, you have a review of Massachusetts by someone named TexasLover, and no one has an issue with that. It seems the majority of the negative reviews originate from Florida and the south and that does make sense to me. The Northeast and the south have very different viewpoints on many things, from pets to politics. However, I would hope a rating about an entire State would leave politics in specific, though it seems to be one of the bigger targets here, since politics have little to do with how a State looks or feels, or how the locals act. Sure, in general, everyone is liberal and hates straight people, or at least that's how the southerners on this site seem to portray us. In fact we ARE liberal. We are very accepting of any pers... Read more

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    Sun Jun 14 2009

    I made the stupid and unfortunate mistake to move my family here 4 years ago and have lived with the regret since. We've tried to sell our house several times. I even took job in another state but had to back out at the last minute because the house didn't sell. We're stuck here in this hell-hole with no escape. So why are we so miserable here and constantly trying to leave? Like the other rates, we live with: 1. MASSHOLES. No other way to describe them. Singularly the most rude and evil people you'd ever not want to meet. We've been through a lifetime of crap and abuse at the hands of MASSHOLES. To make matters worse, our neighbors in the condo complex we live in turned out to be the biggest drug dealers in town. And they are senior citizens no less! The cops busted them last year, SWAT team and all, but because of the liberal-ass judges and dope smoking law makers, they didn't see a day of jail time. Everyone here seems to be either dealing drugs or doing them. 2. Homos... Read more

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    Sun May 31 2009

    First off, please don't write a review on this entire state if you've just visited here or haven't lived here for at least 6 months because you don't know what your talking about. I've lived here for about 24 years, and other places for several years and can easily say that this has got to be one of the shittiest places on earth. With that said, I'm not going to get too elaborate here because pretty much everything has already been discussed. I'll just break down some stuff real quick. Ill start off with the only good: 1. The geography and architecture can be very nice 2. The elementary and middle school systems are on the better side. Thats it. However the first one can be completely disregarded as that can only be enjoyed for about 2-4 months a year. Now the bad: 1. 95% of people here suck...just plain suck. This is probably the most important category of any place so this will be the only one I'll elaborate on. The people here for the most part are: Rude, Straight Up Mean,... Read more

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    Sat Apr 25 2009

    I feel I been stuck in this ugly hostile and bitter shit whole, I can not wait till my lease in done. On the top of all with living in New England and Visiting it States with running into so many stuck up losers, where they all think you own them some thing back. I have only One Label for the whole area "AN UGLY SHIT WHOLE".

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    Sun Apr 19 2009

    Boston and Massachusetts as a whole is absolutely the worst place on earth. I moved up here from Orlando about a year ago for a job paying more than double what I was making in Florida and I would give every penny to move from this hellhole. If you are single you will need a no less than one hundred thousand per year to exist in this city and if you actually want to live you better start playing the lottery. Lets talk about the people they are not just rude they are down right obnoxious old and young alike. Case and point a few months ago I slowed down for a construction zone where there was only one lane of travel, some old lady did not like the fact I was only doing 70mph in a 55 zone and road my bumper the whole way. The best part was after the construction zone the gray headed elderly lady that could barley see over the wheel honked her horn while flipping me off when passing me I would say at over 100mph. The Accent worse than nails on a chalkboard imagine the most awful and a... Read more

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    Thu Apr 16 2009

    Massachusetts is a very nasty place. I have lived in five different states and came here to be closer to my aging mother. Biggest mistake I have ever made. The current governor is an idiot and the other politicians on Beacon Hill are just there to line their pockets with the sweat of the working class heros of this state. It is a democratic hell hole. They support the unions which by the way, are bleeding businesses dry with their unrealistic demands. Try to find work in this hell hole of a state, or for that matter try to collect unemployment! Unless you are a welfare whore or an illegal, this state will do nothing for you. They just want to tax, tax, tax you for EVERYTHING. I can see now why people are fleeing in droves! I am on my way out too and NEVER to return, as soon as my mom is taken care of. My advice to anyone entertaining the thought of moving to this state, RECONSIDER! This is no place to raise a family, work or even visit. You will be met with hostile people, o... Read more

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    Wed Mar 11 2009

    I was born and raised in Massachusetts or as I like to call it "The Peoples Republic Of Massachusetts" I moved several years ago to Georgia and I couldnt be happier. Massachusetts has got to be the worst place I have ever lived, If any one says that it is a great state then I am willing to bet that they never lived in another state and just dont know any better. The people in Massachusetts emm... excuse me. "The Peoples Republic" are rude. Why are they rude? they are too busy making money to pay the taxes and other fees that the Massachusetts communist government charges. Every try to get an Electrical License in Massachusetts HOLY CRAP ITS EXPENSIVE! People in "The Peoples Republic of Massachusetts" are miserable and they are misserable due to the corrupt ineffective government and they probly just got pulled over by the Gastapo aka Massachusetts Police. Massachusetts Police do what ever they want. when ever they want. all the police in Massachusetts are corrupt. God for bid if you ow... Read more

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    Wed Feb 25 2009

    I lived in MA my whole life, just move (unfortunately) a few years ago and can't wait to move back. I am shocked at all of the negative reviews MA got!!! Try living in AZ- now that sucks! All this talk about politics... the gov has it's pros and cons everywhere so stop focusing on MA so much. A state's gov is the last thing on my mind when I'm deciding where to live. I mean, we are all still in the US, how different can MA's gov really be? MA is full of people who are passionate about things... sports- especially the Red Sox (ha ha), art, food, history, music, fashion, nature, etc. The school system is rated #2 in the country. There's a strong culture in MA that maybe can truly only be appreciated by those of us who were born and raised here but... give it a chance. The weather isn't awful. The winter is cold but who cares, spring is right around the corner and summer is beautiful- lakes, beaches, forests... lots of recreational type things to do and not far from other great places i... Read more

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    Fri Feb 06 2009

    This State SUCKS in so many ways... First off, it should be stripped of all rights to the use of the word "Commonwealth". Period. That said, the people here aren't just rude and self-absorbed, they are STUPID and just like to act so highly educated and intellectual. We had the opportunity in this last election to vote to eliminate the state income tax. Special interest groups solely protecting the State government's self-serving interests, spent MILLIONS in advertising to defeat the measure. And the majority of voters fell for it! "Oh, it would be fiscally irresponsible. They'll only make up for it with new fees, more fines and regulations, raising property taxes. It would be devestating to cities and towns... " blah-blah-blah. It didn't pass. Guess what?? JAN 1 all that bad stuff is happening anyway! People can't even remember = YOU just voted two months ago to keep giving BILLIONS in income tax dollars to prevent that. Ha-ha. Tough Shit. Gonna keep taking your hard earned money and s... Read more

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    Fri Jan 16 2009

    Massachusetts is the worst state in the country! Unfortunately, I've had the misfortune to spend my entire life in this dump, so I know firsthand why it is so awful. Below, please find my top ten of the worst things there are about Mass. 10) It's UGLY! The areas around Boston are industrial and dirty. Farther away from the city are suburbs that all look the SAME. 9) The Weather - So cold in the winter you can't stand it, and so hot in the summer you can't stand it. Massachusetts has two nice months: September and October, but these aren't guranteed to be nice. There is a 50/50 chance they'll be just as crappy as the rest of the year. 8) The cops - are psychotic egotists. 7) Beauracracy up the ying yang. There is no freedom in this state! They watch your every move and then charge you money for it. 6) The people. Ben Affleck and Matt Damon included. I hate those suckers! 5) The drivers - Are terrible. 4) The pedestrians - Are even worse. But if you hit one it's your fault. 3)... Read more

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    Wed Dec 24 2008

    I lived in MA for 8 years. It is easlily the worst state I have ever lived in. The liberal run government wants to suck money out of it's subjects any way it can. The state is constantly looking for new and improved ways to tax it's people. Crime is horrible in Boston and the chickenshit of a Mayor won't allow his subjects their constitutional right to protect themselves. The police, fire, and 95% of the government is corrupt. Every week there is a new scandal and the sheeple keep voting these Democratic big government hacks back in to office. My quality of life has gone back up since I moved out of the Communist confines of Massachusetts.

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    Tue Dec 23 2008

    Massachusetts is a state I lived all my life in ,and therefore I feel the need to list all pros and cons for anyone planning to live here. Without any hestiation whatsoever, here are the pros.Pros: Lots of history, Boston is a great city to visit as there are lots to do, and the transportation system (The T) is convenient to use. As a matter of fact, since Boston is such a congested city ,it is better to use the T here. Moreover, even though the Boston area is notorious to drive in, I would venture to say that it is probably one of the most walkable cities to walk in and has that European feel about it. Another great attribute is that Massachusetts probably has the best educational systems available second to Connecticut (I believe) ,and the Universities are the most numerous and of very high quality as well. Moreover, the tolerance of other cultures is generally good ,but of course racism isn't obsolete here either. You will meet a lot of well-read individuals (if they open up to you ... Read more

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    Sun Dec 21 2008

    nohmaste; Your assesment of Massholechusetts is right on. You nailed it perfectly! I was born and brought up in Worcester; one of the dirtiest dankest most decrepit broken down mill town hellholes that exists on the planet. Life was miserable. A few years back I picked up, packed up and cleared out to sunny Tampa Bay. Only been back to Caracas Norte (Worcester) once since I left and I have no ambition to ever return. I was ready to drive back down to sunny Florida 24 hours after I arrived in Caracas Norte (October visit).

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    Sun Dec 21 2008

    There must be a distinction made between eastern Mass and western Mass. Eastern Mass (Boston, South Shore, Worcester, Metrowest, North Shore) is a pretty miserable place. Western MA (Pioneer Valley and pretty much anything west of Interstate I-91) is a completely different animal, though I would exclude the Springfield metro area from that category. The people in western MA, though not exactly gregarious, tend to be somewhat less rude. I have a theory as to why the native-born population here is so unbelievably rude: it's at least tangentially related to inbreeding and bad weather. First, the weather: for about 7 months of the year, the weather here is absolutely horrible. It's cold, cloudy, often raining, snowing or icing from October to May. And dark. No sun. It's very depressing, particularly if you haven't the money or time to go skiing or to visit a pretty rural area during winter (ski chalet in Vermont, for example). If you live in an urban or suburban place with limit... Read more

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    Tue Dec 02 2008

    I have lived in a suburb in western MA for almost my entire life. Currently finishing up college. My friends have moved to states out west and down south to get away from what has easily become the worst state in the USA. Yes, New England is beautiful with its changing seasons and its history, but how the general population ignores this with its ideas, opinions, hatred, and just general lack of common sense destroys the only positive attributes of this state. If you are Catholic, Springfield boasts one of the worst dioceses in terms of political action, money, values prevalent in masses, religious groups and their lack of responsibilites, community outreach and basic Catholic ideas like pro-life. MA is 100% democratic. We have one of the worst governors and completely incompetent senators and representatives responsible for the tripe going on in the democratic majority that makes up almost all of congress. Illegal immigrants are rampant. I work two retail jobs to help pa... Read more

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    Fri Nov 14 2008

    I stumbled upon this site sort of by accident. I typed in 'why massachusetts sucks' into google, and hit enter. and wow- did I get a list here! I can tell you that just about every realistic negative description of this crap-tastic place is true. Taxes are obscenly high, people are completly rude, job market sucks, roads, horrible, people are completly rude, did I mention that already? I've lived here for 10 years now and by far it was the worst decision I ever made. I cannot wait until I leave and am in the planning process already. Please, think twice if you are considering a move here, for whatever reason. There are 49 other states and Puerto Rico for that matter, that are a better choice. Come here at your own risk!

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    Sun Nov 02 2008

    It's really one of the top 10 states in my opinion.  Cape Cod is one of my favorite places in the US.  Boston is a nice city.It seems someone with too much time on their hands is making new accounts daily and dissing Masachusetts because they are homophobic or something.

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    Thu Oct 09 2008

    I was born here, graduated high school here, and am probably going to graduate college here. This state is a piece of s---. No jobs, unless you're illegal or have a PhD. After graduating college, I'd venture to guess that about 60% of kids leave. I tried leaving twice but always wound up back here (young, little work experience (thanks to the state)). Parties here suck, the people are so distant and aloof. I went through three years of high school here and I can honestly say I would have been better off being home schooled. Drugs are EVERYWHERE, and its a good thing too since theres not a damn thing to do. Gun crime is down, but people get stabbed all the time out in my neck of the woods (worcester County). I don't jizz over ball sports, so that excludes me from much of the "social life" out here. The girls are ugly as hell for the most part and are only out for money but they still act disrespectful at all times. I lived in New Mexico for two years and got laid out there 3 times as m... Read more

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    Thu Oct 09 2008

    Yeah, I left that place 1.25 years ago, and every time I think back, I still cringe and can't believe all that crap actually happened. Everyone on here is basically correct (except the people who manage to find some positive aspect to existence in this hellhole). The only people I don't understand are the ones who actually think California is worse! I live there now, and while it is more expensive, NOBODY shoves their crap down your throat. People are civilized and don't yell at each other in the streets. I haven't heard a car horn in weeks. And all the extreme liberal bullshit is easy to tune out--for some reason, in MA, it just isn't. I think that over here, liberalism is motivated by good will; in MA, it is motivated by hate. Anyway, I sit back sometimes and think "maybe it wasn't that bad." And then I think about it again and think "yep it sure as hell was."

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    Thu Sep 25 2008

    There are many parts of Massachusetts that are beautiful. I find the foliage, landscape, history buildings, and the many farms to be a pleasant change from Florida. I missed the snow and the changing seasons. The only thing about Massachusetts is the cost of living. However, there are plenty of jobs in Massachusetts for field of interest. My wife, who works as an engineer, would find it difficult to find work in Florida due to her status as a permanent resident.     Here are my opinions of the positives and negatives of living in Eastern Massachusetts:     Positive     - An excellent collection of public and private colleges and universities     - Plenty of nice farms and parks for families.     - Tax free shopping for food and clothing ( nice )     - Jobs are good in health care, engineering, higher education ( good for my family )         Negatives:     - Inefficient government     - Renting is expensive relative to the South     - Very cold winters     - State income tax     - ... Read more

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    Fri Sep 05 2008

    I just move up to taxachusetts from Florida and I must say if there is hell on earth I found it. This state has so many ways to screw people out of money I have started a savings account just to pay for all the taxes. What the f **k is an Excise tax? I have to pay the town in addition to my registration cost. Where dose that money go? Dont tell me the roads because I have lived here for only 3 months and my car already needs an alignment, and the roads are so confusing even my GPS doesnt know where the hell I am. Dont come here for the weather its worse than London, I came in late spring and all it does rain with clouds and lets not forget some days dont break out of the 60s, Florida is warmer in January than taxachusetts is in July. I now have my dream job but if I have deal with Mass whole its not worth it. I would rather live on the streets in Miami or sweep floors for a living than live in this hellhole. Gun control dont get me started you need a license to have a gun in your own h... Read more

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    Wed Aug 13 2008

    I grew up in Mass and left at 22yrs for the military. Been away for over 16yrs now but I go back every so often to visit my mom and take in some of the New England foods. Other than that, this place becomes more and more sad looking every time I visit. Many of the old victorian houses and neighborhoods are either destroyed by fires, rundown, or overtaken by gangs. Nobody seems to care or feel safe. Normally routine and efficient processes in other states take several weeks or months in Massachusetts. There are so many fees attached to EVERYTHING and different agencies involved that it gets very expensive very quickly and so it's frustrating. You can't vote out the old politicans because most of them run unapposed! Same old names on the ballots for years and it seems they do nothing but smile and march in parades all the time, it's sickening. I live in Georgia and nobody bothers me. I have a huge house and 4 acres. Easily make ends meet with 3 kids. Love it here. Weather is a ... Read more

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    Sat Jul 19 2008

    I have never been to Massachusetts before. Yet, what lures me is how much history this one state has had- and its contributions to the development of the United States. I assume it is a wonderful state with scenic coastlines, beautiful sunrises and historic buildings. But if I ever get the chance to visit it, I would first like to go to Fenway Park and visit the Big Green Monster, or go check out the Bull & Finch Pub in old-town Boston (and maybe- just maybe- seeing Norm Peterson being greeted by tavern goers, or Cliff Clavin giving me a historical lesson on the most mundane of facts about Boston or any subject).

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    Thu Jul 17 2008

    I hate Massachusetts more than anything. Although I'm only 16 and probably shouldn't be on here, I had to share my opinion. Going to school here is NOT great, and I have no idea how they are rated such top quality. As soon as I graduate from high-school, I'm going straight to south P.S. I think Massachusetts should change it's nickname from the Bay State to the GAY State!

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