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    Fri Dec 04 2009

    NOT HAPPY! I have recently just purchase the Time wise and the microdermabrasion set and first of all I was hesitant to purchase it because my skin is super sensitive. I have spent money on products that just came to waste, where they work the first few days, or week than you start to see your breakouts later. I was hoping that the Mary Kay wouldn't turn out this way but wrong again! I am so disappointed in this purchase! When I first used it my skin was getting a bit itchy and was reacting to it, the consultant said that the microdermabrasion will do that to your skin at first, so try it out for two minutes and twice a week. So I did that, and used the Timewise I notice my skin would be really dry and over the past few days my skin had little bumps all over and wasn't smooth. I discontinued using this product and my little bumps all over my face are still there, slowly disappearing. I mean it's good to use anti-wrinkle creams and cleansers now so you don't look like a prune by... Read more

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    Tue May 26 2009

    I have Very sensitive skin and this MK cleanser works great for me. Very happy with the whole TimeWise line, as a matter of fact. Oh, and to Ms. Aloette- don't hype your product here (inappropriate) and DON'T lead people to believe that all natural is hypoallergenic. The MK products cleared up a rash that I got using 100% natural products. Pure tea tree oil used to clear breakouts only made them worse and develop a rash to go along with it, pure aloe from the plant itself only made it worse; the only all natural thing that worked was freshly cut cucumber. In the 2 months that I have used the MK Time Wise set, my rash (which I had for MONTHS, even after stopping the all natural regime) went away after a week and has not come back. My skin has not looked this good in years... Just got the MK Time Wise firming eye cream and can't wait to see if it works. If it does, it will be the only thing out of the 15-20 things I have tried over the last 5-7 years. I'll let you guys know in a... Read more

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    Tue Nov 11 2008

    I bought the time wise line from a friend about 6 months ago to try something new and this product actually worsened my skin. I began getting red scaby like bumps under my eyes and on my cheeks. Mind you my skin was fine prior to using the 3 in 1 cleanser. I noticed severe darkness under my eyes one day and began messing with my face to see what it was. I actually peeled off a layer of skin under each eye as a result of this product. I decided to stop using it all together, which helped quite a bit. But yet and still I do experience the irritated bumps here and there. I do not think this product is suitable for those with sensitive skin.

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    Fri Oct 24 2008

    I love Mary Kay's skin care. I only use the basic set, being the cleanser and moisturizer, but intend on buying the rest of the Miracle Set as my financial situation improves. I also use the Microdermabrasion Set and it improves the texture of my skin immediately.

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    Sat Aug 30 2008

    RAWR. Never Tried It. =D If you're in a war, instead of throwing a hand grenade at the enemy, throw one of those small pumpkins. Maybe it'll make everyone think how stupid war is. Stop War. Vote For Obama. Save the Earth.

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    Fri Nov 23 2007

    It's the only thing I can use that doesn't break me out and still clean thoroughly

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    Sat Nov 10 2007

    People, this is a rate it site. Not a Sell your Aloette or whatever basher site. If aloe was so magical for skin why do you notify people so inefficiently? Great product since the newest formulation for dry and oily skin. Not as expensive as driving to Walgreens and paying for something like neutrogena or buying from department stores. Mary Kay is a premium line not to be compared with body soap lines. You get perks from buying from consultants of most direct selling lines rather it be Marky Kay, (The wanna be Mary Kay line- can't remember their name even their consultant websites are designed the same), Arbonne, Aloette, or anyone else they will(or should if they want to keep you) replace product and you don't have to drive to get it(if you have a good consultant).

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    Sat Jan 06 2007

    I love the three in one cleanser. I use the cleanser, day/night solutions, and the moisturizer. Someone said it doesn't do enough exfoliating, because there aren't enough beads. It does great for me, and the beads aren't what exfoliates anyway- its the liquid part. The beads are vitamins and such. Using the whole set, after two weeks cleared my acne.

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    Tue Jun 13 2006

    This product speaks for itself! Awesome! Find a consultant!

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    Sun Nov 13 2005

    I absolutely love this product!! I have used the Allouette crap before and it left a nasty feeling on my skin. I have also used the Elizabeth Arden 3 in 1 and it did nothing but dry my face out. I bought the Miracle set and after just 5 days I have noticed a significant change! I am very prone to adult acne and had quite a few scars. I took a couple pictures of my face before I started using it(at my beauty consultants request) and that is how I have seen such a huge transformation. Mary kay, you have a lifetime buyer!!

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    Mon Nov 07 2005

    I had acne for YEARS and tried everything under the sun! From checmical peels to oral & topical antibiotics! THEN, I read this and WOW.....I am now using Aloette!! I do agree with the technology that Aloette has and it is amazing!! Very impressive for a skin care company to have such fast results!! I tried the listed product and was not happy with the way my face felt after I cleansed. Felt like a residue was left on my face......enough said. In my case with acne, it was eliminated and smoothed my scarring! AND the bonus of it all, was NO WRINLKES! The Line relief is the BEST on the market! I'm no spring chicken and had those deep lines between my eyes too!Not anymore!! Thanks, whoever you changed my life AND my self esteem for suggesting Aloette!!

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    Sat Oct 08 2005

    I love the three in one cleanser. If you really want great skin, use the three in one cleanser at night, then Alpha Hydroxy Souffle, which you can get at Walgreens or Rite Aid, let that dry, then add the Time Wise moisturizer, and wow, in a few days you will have great looking skin. If you use the AH souffle in the morning, make sure you use a spf moisturizer over it or a foundation with a SPF. I tried using the AH souffle without the MK products, and it was not the same. The MK products along with the souffle made the difference.

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    Thu Oct 06 2005

    You should be ashamed of yourself. mary Kay does not allow you to sell product like this, and if they found out you could be in a lot of trouble. I have already given your site to mt Director. Anyone who buys product here is wrong. You need to find a consultant and get it from them!!

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    Sun Jul 17 2005

    I have also had similar experiences as Chris (reviewer before me) and have been using it for four months. (by the way, I've been using it as directed and still have a lot of product left, a little does go a long way) I have less acne and clogged pores, and incredible improvements in respect to my problems with acne scars. I don't know exactly what is helping, but I think the main thing is the exfoliating properties (the beads are not designed to exfoliate, they contain vitamins, the exfoliation is in the liquid itself). I know some people are raving about Aloette (which I haven't tried). However, I did some research before seeking out a consultant and trying Mary Kay and what I found is that their formulas are ever changing (like most big name products to keep-up with the changing market and ingredient findings). They do have peptides and such in a lot of their products as well as blends of beneficial teas, botanicals, aloe, vitamins, and natural antioxidents. Some other awesome t... Read more

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    Wed Apr 20 2005

    Hi i suffered from really bad acne. I'm talking about those large not sized ones that looked scary, all over my face... I started using this Cleanser and i mean all the scaring and dark marks have faded out of the picture almost complety. I've been using this for only 2 weeks now, and it really works. I know this wasn't made to fight acne, but it works better than any acne medication that i have ever used. I also use the age fighting lotion with it. This product is wonderful i recommend everyone give it a try... if its a nice looking complection,or an even skin tone, This is what you want. In two days of use you will start to see a difference in your skin, you have nothing to loose but bad skin. SO give this product a try.

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    Thu Oct 21 2004

    I think diz is a really good product and it helped me and my sister alot and just because u use it once and u break out it dosnt mean its bad u just have an ALLERGIC REACTION and its not only going 2 happen with marry kay products but different ones datz y when u find something you like u have 2 stick 2 it!!!!!

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    Fri Oct 15 2004

    Like I've said before. Mary Kay.. is a no no. Not only do they have aweful benefits and you have to buy what you sell lol but.. the stuff they sell has 10 year old technology. I'd rather use the latest in skincare technology like with peptides and argiraline (look for dermatology sites theyll tell you what that is or call your derm). If you want good skincare, I'd seriously be trying Aloette. Besides like I've said before, aloe is the only thing that penetrates into the deepest layers of your skin to help the anti-aging ingredients work. If your skin care product doesnt have aloe in it, youre not gonna see the results you want to see.

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    Mon May 24 2004

    I'm very choosy on what I will use on my skin because it's really sensitive. This product is one of the best I've ever used and it makes your skin feel so wonderful! The little micro beads help to exfoliate and your left with beautiful and supple skin! Trust me it's worth a try.

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    Fri Aug 29 2003

    I have used this product for a year now. I really like how it softens your skin. I am also an Independent Beauty Consultant and I know that every one has different reactions to skin products. If the time wise irritates your skin or dries it out, then try Velocity. Especially if prone to acne. Don't throw away your product if you are not satisfied. Contact your Consultant and ask to have it replaced with something else. She can send whats left of your unused portion back to Mary Kay headquarters. All products are satisfaction guarenteed.

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    Sat May 03 2003

    This stuff made my face break out. It dried out my skin, and I also bought the moisturizer which I ended up throwing in the trash can!

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    Wed Apr 09 2003

    i really like this stuff.. it's one of the few cleansers that doesnt irritate my skin, but then again, i dont know if id consider it a cleanser beacause it doesnt really remove the makeup all the way.. it does remove makeup, but not totally .. a good morning cleanser though.. :)

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    Sun Mar 02 2003

    I am a Mary Kay consultant, and I love using the Timewise 3in1 cleanser. Before I was a consultant, I hardly ever used or knew about the products. I am young, and I still use and love the cleanser because I feel like it makes my skin smooth and supple, not left with a waxy feeling that other cleansers can leave. I like using it too because it will help my skin stay looking younger for longer, especially since it's been proven to help fight aging if used for 6 weeks or more. It is somewhat expensive, but if you compare the price to other cleansers, this one does a lot more for your money.It is well worth it.If you need the product, a lot of times you can find a representative that is willing to deliver it herself or even mail it to you, so that you don't even have to drive to the store. Let me know if I can help in any way.

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    Tue Feb 18 2003

    I used it te first time and had a softer prettier face.

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    Wed Dec 18 2002

    PROs - One step - unscented - did not dry out my face Cons - does not remove all my makeup (foundation) - have to order through a MK rep. - expensive

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    Thu Jun 20 2002

    great for dry skin, but pricey! also, there are not enough "microbeads" or whatever they call them to do much exfoliating.

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    Wed Jun 06 2001

    i LOVE this cleanser. it has little beads to exfoliate and it has no smell and stuff so it doesn't irritate. Cleans REALLY well and leaves skin feeling soft and supple. i have oily skin so it also kinda controled oil. it is so worth its cost. i'd buy it, even if it was $20.

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    Sat Mar 31 2001

    This product does not overstrip my skin of it's natural oils nor leave it feeling oily. But just right.

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    Wed Nov 29 2000

    My skin borders on being dry. It makes my skin feel so soft and smooth without drying it out.

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    Mon Nov 13 2000

    Works great. Leaves my skin feeling soft and it saves time.

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    Mon Nov 13 2000

    Easy to use. For all skin types. I have very oily skin and it works great.