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    Fri Oct 29 2010

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    Mon Oct 18 2010

    Ok...I hate to do it but I am going to join the foray. I have used Mary Kay on and off for about 15 years now. I have also sold Mary Kay on and off thpugh I have not for over 6 years now. I do still use the products. Some products I love and others I cannot use. Some I think is a total waste, some i think they need to bring back. Overall, I like the products. Heck, their acne treatment gel is the only thing that keeps me from looking like a toad. Their Timewise facial cleansing bar is the only soap I can use on my face. In fact, I also use it on by body due to acne break out on my back. I don't like their color cosmetics much due to the limited variety, especially the eyeshadows. Now as for experiences: I spend a lot of money on cosmetics. I feel the need to pamper myself and take care of my greatest calling card, my face. I have used MAC, Clinique, Shesido, Lancome, Channel, Este Lauder to name a few. I have also used drugstore brands as well as homemade concoctions. Over the yea... Read more

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    Thu Aug 12 2010

    I was invited to a "free facial" by a lady who got my name and number from a bridal expo that I went to a while back. She told me that I could bring my bridesmaids (I just brought one since the others are out of town), and we would have fun getting pampered and given facials. I knew she was going to try and sell me products, but I was OK with that. My friend and I were going to get free facials! Well, I feel like we got tricked. We walked into the room where we were told to go at the right time, and quickly noticed that we were the ONLY people in the room that were there to get facials. Everyone else was a MK consultant. It was their weekly meeting! So we ended up having to sit through a TWO HOUR LONG meeting. Our "facials" took about ten minutes, and we applied the products ourselves as a consultant led us through a how-to. They were constantly asking us how we liked it and if our faces felt better, which was really annoying because we already told them yes, so why did they keep a... Read more

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    Wed Jul 21 2010

    Mary Kay's tinted mousturizing lotion works great for my skin. It doesn't make it dry like some other products I've used and keeps the oil away!

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    Tue Jul 20 2010

    I agree with the previous review. It took me a while too till I realized that MK did not care a bit if we sold a single product, the company is making money by misleading and misinforming their own consultants and making them believe that the only way one can succeed in this business is by ordering an inventory upfront, or later, if one wishes to purchase a lot. You have to have a minimum order each quarter and if you wish to buy products at wholesale price you have to make that quarterly order to stay active. So you have to keep buying products even if you don't have the customers to buy them.. It sucks! Your shelves will keep getting fuller with MK products, and your debt larger....Mary Kay Ash was a genius, I agree, she came up with this system that allows the company to become so large and profitable by destroying many women lives. And then, why do I have to pay to go the weekly events? After I am spending $20 in gas to get there and come back, at least these training meetings shou... Read more

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    Thu Jul 15 2010

    I have been a MK consultant for 4 months now and not being too familiar with their skin care products I decided to try all of them on myself. 2 months later, ABSOLUTELY no results, my face looks like I am not using anything at all. The TW line is way overpriced, moisturizer does nothing, eye wrinkle cream the same, I even tried the microdermabrasion set and the replenishing serum. Even my husband agrees with me that MK is a line of sub par products. Do yourself a favor and buy Olay Regenerist at any store or Aveeno or L'Oreal and you will be more happy with that. I even tried the pedicure set, cheap, cheap, cheap, the brush that came with broke after the first use, same with Satin Hands hands felt even drier than before. I honestly tried to use the products on myself first so I can be an informed and honest beauty consultant, but I realized that MK sell low quality products at quadruple price. Lipsticks are dry, eye shaddows don't last, eye liners rubb off after a couple of ... Read more

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    Fri Jun 25 2010

    For all of you who think that MK is a cult just look at AVON or Jafra. They all have 'rah-rah' meetings (as someone put it) too! MK makes more as consultants than any other direct-seller company! Sure, I agree that MK will not work with 100% of the people that try it, but with a 'try before you buy' option and 100% money-back guarantee then you wouldn't get 'stuck' with something that didn't work for you. I've been a consultant for just over 3 months now and am in the 'green'. Having a helpful director and support group (yes we have meetings, but they aren't mandatory) helps. As for the woman that gave her director her card for a $600 order...yes it would have been over $700 because of tax! If someone is out there who has had a bad experience, I'm truly sorry. There are good and bad MK consultants out there, but there are also good and bad AVON and Jafra consultants as well. I hope that if you have ever had a bad experience with a consultant that you try MK again with a new consultant... Read more

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    Wed Mar 31 2010

    I absolutely love Mary Kay cosmetics! I used them for a year, then i got on this natural kick for a few months and now im back and i am convinced that I will always use it! I love the skin care line.. 3 in 1 cleanser, Timewise! the moisurizer is great! Im not a fan of the mineral eyeshadow...seems like you need a lot for it to show up and it doesnt last....but i love everything else! I find it funny how some of these mary kay consultants are complaining about all the debt they are in and they are blaming the company....This business is like any business, you need to be business savy and wise...they dont force you to buy a crazy amount of inventory...u have chosen to do so and it is your choices that have made you unsuccessful! I have a good friend who is doing amazing in this business! she is smart, honors God with her wealth, treats her clients with respect and she is very professional! Your business will become what you make of it! Take responsibility and quit blaming everyo... Read more

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    Sat Feb 06 2010

    I've started to use Mary Kay when my skin was really bad and I appreciated that the consultant told me how to look after my skin. The skin care is excellent quality - you can feel the difference after the first use. The best products for me are Miracle set and Microdermabrasion set. Their make up is light, isnt greasy at all and I love the eyeshadows. Adn the eyemakeup remover is just perfect. I love it, I buy it :) And I decided to register as a consultant so I don't have to buy for retail prices.

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    Fri Feb 05 2010

    Mary Kay has a large color palette, but their cosmetics are low quility. The foundation does not stay in place all day, turns orange, and gets cakey. The lipsticks are very dry. The mascara does absolutely nothing. Last the eyeshadows do not last all day. The only item they sell that is decent is their concealer.

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    Sat Jan 23 2010

    BEWARE IF YOU'RE CONSIDERING BECOMING A MARY KAY CONSULTANT! I am a Mary Kay consultant and the only reason I continue to sell Mary Kay is because I'm still in debt because of the misleading information I was given by my director. There were and still are so many details I have been discovering on my own, as I go. I would NEVER suggest to anyone I know to become a Mary Kay consultant. There are so many hidden costs, and the "free" gifts you are told you can earn is a joke! Nothing is free. Anything that is "given" to you by Mary Kay is taxed at the retail cost, which the consultant has to pay. Also, when I bought inventory my director didn't give me the option to pick out my inventory - which was taxed at retail cost - not wholesale. I also had to pay tax on my "free" products I earned when I bought inventory. Now I have a ton of products that I would've never chosen to buy, that I can not get rid of. No one wants the things I was conned into buying. I LOVE MARY KAY PRODUCT... Read more

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    Wed Jul 22 2009

    I'm 14 years old and i have been using Mary Kay since i was about 12 going into 13. My mom has been a consultant for about 17 years now!:) When she first started selling Mary Kay she made lots of money off of it because of where she worked. She quit about 5 years ago and lost many customers. Recently she started trying to grow her business back up and has had big success:) with the help of her amazing Director:) way to go mom ha;) Even when times were slow she still made money maybe not as much but she didn't go all out on advertising. Anywayyys.. I obviously don't do the whole miracle set and stuff but i have always used the Velocity Cleanser and Moisterizer and i don't know WHAT i would do without it! I also use the mineral powder, steely eyeliner, and the lash lengthening mascara and occassionly <-- don't know how to spell oops! bronzer:) For a period of time (like a month?) i usually didn't take off my foundation or makeup and stuff and noticed i started breaking out and such. I st... Read more

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    Thu Jun 04 2009

    I am not a fan of Mary Kay. It is the type of brand you get guilt-tripped into purchasing because your friend is a consultant. They used to rely heavily on animal-testing so buyers should be aware that many of their most popular products that have been around forever are the result of cruelty to animals. I think products feel cheap on the skin and generally boycott them.

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    Tue May 26 2009

    The only reason I did not give it a 5 is because I want to give the products a little more time and see how they work over the long haul. I have tried EVERYTHING- expensive, cheap, and in between. I even went all natural; at the end of that experiment I was left with a rash on my face that would NOT go away- had it for MONTHS. All natural does not mean hypoallergenic. I am allergic to tea tree oil, big time, and can't use products with a lot of alcohol or glycolic acid in them. I have skin that has always been prone to contact dermatitis- can't wear eyeshadow EVER- and my face has gotten more sensistive as I get older. At 38, I still get occasional pimples. I started using the TimeWise Miracle set on the advice of my sister, who was/is using it and loved it. The rash started going away in a day or two, was completely gone in a week. My pores on the bridge and sides of my nose are less visible. My skin is more even in texture. This is after about 2 months. I only have gotten... Read more

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    Thu Apr 16 2009

    I would like to state there are good consultants out there, they're just hard to find. I was 'conned' into becoming a consultant. They were pushy and would say anything to you if it meant you'd buy the product. I bought the biggest package ( my mistake I know I could have said no) because they promised to help me build clients and help put parites together, and said that was the best way to start and they had purchased the largest package when they started and had great success with it. I did not, after I signed up and bought the product I never heard from my advisors again! I would call them, leave messages and no one ever returned by call. After learning more about the company more myself, I soon realized that they had mad a lot of false promises. I tried to sell on my own, but that was hard not knowing how to do anything online or through the company. I finally meet one consultant who was so nice and helpful, she suggested returning the product, but by the time I contacted t... Read more

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    Tue Apr 14 2009

    Ok, I have read in full 90% of these reviews and as for the 10% I simply skimmed over them. Has it occured to the people who have given negatives, that not every product is for everyone. With that, are you telling me, that 'Mabelline', 'Cover Girl', 'Clinique', 'Este' Lauder', 'Loreal', 'MAC' and etc (I think you get my drift)...fullfil your every need in a makeup line or skin care? That these other lines of makeup, are they perfect for you? Are you also telling me that of all these other products you have NEVER had a bad experience? If that's the case, consider yourself lucky and carry on w/ your life. I only wish i could go to the mall's Clinique stand or run into Walmart, pick up a line of make up and be 100% satisfied! I was introduced a while ago to MK, a distant friend came up to me one evening while I was with my husband, and simply said, "I am starting to sell Mary Kay, if you are interested in hosting a party or trying the makeup give me a call." There was ABSOLUTLY... Read more

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    Sat Jan 24 2009

    The skin care is great! I have used it for years. I love formula 3 and the purple mask. I'm not big on the makeup.

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    Wed Jan 14 2009

    I am a new consultant. I used MK for several months to be certain my skin would be okay with it and was very pleased. I have good skin, but it is sensitive, so I am understandably careful. Probably will not make a livable wage in MK because I live outside a town of less than 5,000, but will make a few shekles. I've been using Oil of O'Lay for several years and it's no cheaper than MK, plus my skin looks better. I'm not into all the MK Corporate do-dah, which suits me just fine. Calling MK a cult is just plain weird! In addition, I've chosen to not keep product on hand, in the event my business goes soft. I live in Northern Ontario, 10 hrs north of Toronto, and the business climate is not high pressure, so we don't have rah-rah meetings. Because our weather is so cold and dry, I LOVE the day and night serums, the Intense Moisture Cream, and the Extra Emolient Night Cream!

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    Tue Jan 13 2009

    That any significant number of women are still involved in this cult-like organization is evidence of a victory of shallow, vacuous PR glitz over the stark reality presented by the trail of women injured through their Mary Kay Cosmetics experience. I don’t pretend to have any informed opinion about the quality of their products. However, as the husband of a former Mary Kay Senior Sales Director (over ten years, cars, etc.,) I can tell you I’ve learned the best decision a woman can make about Mary Kay Cosmetics is to stay the hell away from it, particularly the “opportunity”! We’re so glad we’re out. Plain and simple: Mary Kay Cosmetics abuses women. Before you suffer the loss of any money on this con, read more about the Mary Kay Cosmetics scam at

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    Sun Jan 11 2009

    I have used Mary Kay products for over 10 years. I love the basic skin care; I use medium foundation, and sometimes time wise. I love the lipsticks and Ultimate mascara. I have tried to use Merle NOrman products and clinque products. I always go back to Mary Kay. I have mature skin (age 65). I look very natural with Mary Kay and about at least 10 yrs younger. I am a personal user (joined to get products to get a discount). I sell how much I want, when I want. The products are very good. Some people will always complain about cosmetics. Could be jealously! If your doctor says don't use make up, don't use it, like if you have skin problems. I certainly at age 65 look much better with make up. I take off my make up every night, use light moisturier in the day, and the once a week derma abrasions. Eye shadow does not look good on me; so I avoid it. The foundation is the very best I have every tried; but I use a loose face powder to set it in. You must use all the basics to start with:... Read more

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    Wed Dec 31 2008

    I'm very dissapointed with their foundation and eye concealer it also made my face and eyes itchy and swolen. As I'm sitting hear typing I'm about to go to the emergancy when I'm done. This is the worst my face have ever looked in my life. A few years ago I tried the foundation and concealer and the same thing happen, then a consultant told me they have change a lot of their products, which I think is a lie she just told me that so I could by. The time this happened and I went to my dermatolagits he said he's had a few patients come in and complain about MaryKay breaking out the face. The thing he doesn't like about MaryKay is that the don't list their indgriendts on their products which he said is very strange. LIKE THE GIRL SAID I HATE MARY KAY ALSO.

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    Thu Nov 20 2008

    Ok, I have been reading these comments, and I just have to say that I LOVE Mary Kay products. Yes, I am a consultant, and while my business isn't where I'd like it to be right now (I STILL have to work a job during the day that I don't enjoy). I can't wait untill the day when I can quit my "day" job and work Mary Kay full-time. I have tried other products, and they do NOT do all the wonderful things for my face like MK does. I got some foundation from the store (I won't mention the name) and to be honest, it had some perfume or something that made it stink! I love the fact that MK puts together "looks" that women who might not know what color goes with what can look fabulous with no guess work. MK IS AWSOME!!

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    Sun Nov 09 2008

    First off I'm not a Mary Kay consultant, I have used Mary Kay and I like only some of their products. I've read some of your comments about getting bad skin from their products and I'd have to agree, however, I myself noticed my skin gettin bad because I would sleep in my makeup. Once I started washing my face before bedtime my skin got better. Golden rule: wash your makeup off before going to bed, no matter what brand you use!!! I myself absolutely love MK's eyeshadows and liquid foundations or creme to powder foundation, applicators, oil free eye make up remover, and lipgloss. The rest of their products burn my eyes (face wash,lotions,mascara, etc.) so I use another brand for everything else I need.

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    Fri Nov 07 2008

    Oh my, my face broke out...It is all Mary Kay's fault. Did you talk to your consultant? Did you look to see what you ate last night? or the day before. Did you clean your face and put the moisturizer on? Not all of us can wear everything.To give Mary Kay products a bad name because your skin can't handle it is not fair to your consultant or to the actual product. I was a consultant many years ago and had to quit because of family. I just started using the product again. My skin is so much better looking even without the actual makeup. Thought of what I use to look like and what is there now has reminded me what a good habit MK is. I too have trouble with the eye liner and the mascara but my consultant and I are working on that...Does that mean I just write nasty things about it ... No I work on the problem.You do not have to praise Mary Kay but if you aren't happy with it and can't work out a solution go on and quit blaming the other guy. Remember ages does change things like ou... Read more

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    Fri Oct 24 2008

    Okay, I'm biased. I am a Mary Kay consultant, but am not in the pink fog! I enjoy Mary Kay cosmetics, except for a select few things. The Ultimate Mascara and Waterproof Mascara make my eyes red and swollen, and I think the eyeliner rubs off too easy, but everything else is great! As for everyone bashing Mary Kay's Mineral Makeup, yes it does have talc, but talc in makeup is not harmful. It is cosmetic-grade talc, and not harmful to your body. I've actually bothered to do my research and know that it's safe. I'm ecstatically happy with the whole skin care line.

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    Sun Oct 12 2008

    this product is well worth that price tag!!!!

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    Mon Aug 25 2008

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE Mary Kay!!! I don't know what others are talking about when they say the colors aren't up to par or are made for "old ladies." I'm 20 and have found perfect shades for summer, work, and night out on the town! Maybe the consultant you used wasn't the greatest, or you aren't very good at picking your own colors. Either way, I've never had any problems and my personal consultant is the best!

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    Sun Aug 17 2008

    I am currently 17 and just became a consultant and just finished my esrs training...I believe mary Kay seems to be the real deal....however i totally agree with Butterflare that the directors do swearby the product however they do not leave the house without their "face" on...its all a bit weird to me....I am sort of confused how someone could loose 10k through mary kay i have on spent $140 on it so far and can only see myself spending maybe $200 more and hopefully be making more then that Please do not judge mary kay on anyone elses review before you try the product...just because it does not suit them doesnt mean it wont yours...same goes for if it suits one person it just may not suit you I do believe it is an individual thing and that some people the products will not suit nor would the"lifestyle"

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    Mon Aug 11 2008

    I love this product.. No fragrances, real deal! and I am NOT a consultant. I've been a customer since i was 14 years old. Now I'm 26 and people do not believe me. They think i am Just 18-22 years of age. Plus is not only how i look, but how nice they feel in my face; never itchy, smudgy, and i never break out... So if there were 10 stars to give, it would be a perfect 10... those ladies that had bad experience with the product, it does not mean that the product is bad, it is just that everyone has different allergies to different things, products and foods. i know it works great for me and many other women

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    Fri Aug 01 2008

    I know some people who are into Mary Kay, but there is one in particular that the only time she wants anything to do with anybody is when she's trying to sell her line of Mary Kay products.  I don't necessarily see anything wrong with Mary Kay, but as far as selling it, you can only get up to a certain point, and that's it.  So you might as well find another hobby or line of work to make a little extra money.

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    Fri Aug 01 2008

    I have been a Mary Kay consultant for a little over a year now and love it. I used the products for about six months before I became a consultant. There were a few products that didnt work for me but Mary Kays 100% product guarantee pulled through and I was set up with products I love! I was a kindergarten teacher, but am now pregnant and am trying to earn enough stay at home and sell Mary Kay. I would love to help you find professional products you deserve please check out my website

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    Thu Jun 19 2008

    my friend got me onto mary kay i have used alot of the products and they are fine except for the foundation. as soon as i put it on my face started to sting. and i broke out in this horrible itchy rash and ive had it for 2 weeks now my skin is dry and scaly and when i goto put moisturiser or cleanse my skin it burns and stings. I HATE MARY KAY!!! IT SHOULD BE TAKEN OFF THE MARKET!!!!!!!!

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    Fri Mar 28 2008

    Selling Mary Kay is lucrative if you live in a rural area away from large stores and if your area is not overrun with Consultants. My area was, as I live in New York City. Too many discount stores that sell quality makeup and too many stores like Sephora, Bobbie Brown, MAC, etc. I lost more than 10K in the three years I was a Consultant. I still have loads of merchandise left. Most of it is expired now and waiting to be thrown away. I learned my lesson. Good luck to you women out there. Mary Kay isn't a bad's just oversaturated with Consultants.

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    Fri Mar 21 2008

    I have a very good complexion other than a few dry patches now and then. I rarely ever get zits. I got the microderm abrasion with the moisturizer and the blemish cream for when I did get the random blemish. I started using the moisturizer and it would work for about 15 min then I would need some more. I also started seeing blemishes so I used the blemish cream and not only would it not get rid of the one zit I was trying kill but it would create more zits around it. It took me about a week before I completely stopped using the products and I make sure I tell as many people as I know that these products are horrible. I went back to my Burt's Bees products and my skin is good again. It about 2 week to recover from a week of Mary Kay. DO NOT USE THIS PRODUCT.

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    Mon Mar 17 2008

    I have seen so many bad reviews on here and I just think some people will complain about anything and nothing will make them happy. Mary Kay products are absolutely great! I use everything from all the Timewise products, to the makeup and color. They are fantastic products at a great price. Sure, you can buy cheaper, but you get what you pay for. I have always had a lot of skin problems and a lot of acne, and Mary Kay has been a blessing to me and my skin. My husband even noticed a difference in my skin, along with friends. Not every product is for everyone, but that goes with any brand. The company is great and stands behind their products completely. I love Mary Kay and would recommend it to anyone. If you have any questions about Mary Kay, I would be happy to try and answer them. Just email me at [email protected].

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    Thu Jan 17 2008

    I'm really sorry to hear about the bad experiences some women have had with MaryKay's skincare. I've been a consultant for a year now and I've actually had incredible results. I used the product for about a month before signing on as a consultant. I fell in love with it all. At 3 weeks my skin was not the same. My wrinkles had diminished - not just the appearance of wrinkles; and after 3 months I wanted to go out without my makeup on. I had several dark brown spots from sun damage that after a year have almost disappeared. I have used the product religiously, though - Cleanser, Day Solution, Night Solution, Moisturizer, Eye Cream, Even Complexion Essence. and the Microdermabrasion. I didn't do a before picture, but I sure do wish I had. MaryKay recently added Mineral Powder Foundations and that has been the icing on the cake for me. My 17 year old son loves the Timewise 3-1-cleanser for combination/oily skin, moisturizer for combination/oily skin, and the acne cream. It completely clea... Read more

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    Mon Oct 29 2007

    Honestly, I was a consultant for a short time(1.7 years). I am not here to bash the company because I think there are a lot of well-meaning ladies out there just trying to do a good service. I will stick to rating the product(s) When I first started using these products I was pleased that they did not cause sudden break outs because I am so sensitive to many products. But the longer I used them the more I had to add to cover this and cover that and hide this and hide that! It dawned on me during a meeting when the director showed a video of higher ups with out their "faces" on, at how their skin looked soooo bad before make up. Then the director shared a story about how the "one" day she didn't have her make up on and she ran into one of her clients how she swore she would never leave the house again with out her "face" on because she felt that the client was appalled by the looks of it ( I guess) it really started me thinking.. What is the skin"care" doing to make them feel so bad abo... Read more

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    Wed Oct 10 2007

    I went to a friend's party, listened to and tried the products from the consultant. Actually, I had thought about becoming a consultant at the party, however, I waited 24 hours to see how my skin would react and that of my tween, who is just beginning to get acne. Oddly enough, both of us broke out with macular rashes and red skin. I have had this type of reaction before, however, I thought that I would give it one last time. Wrong! Back to the basics of Biore' for my daughter and I. It is with this product, Biore' that I experience absolutely no problems. Sorry MK, you lost my vote!

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    Sat Sep 22 2007

    I absolutely love Mary Kay! I have always been impressed with an array of Mary Kay products, especially the skincare line. I find it extremely affordable for the quality. I must admit, however; the only product that I wasn't impressed with was the lipstick. Why? Well, only because I purchased it at a party and the lipstick was rather "old" in content and was rather "chalky" as a result. Perhaps it wasn't old and that is how it is? I don't know. The lip product also possessed a rather unusual, yet gross smell. Other than that, Mary Kay continues to impress me.

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    Fri Sep 14 2007

    I have used Mary Kay skin care products and cream foundation formulated for dry skin since I was 18 years old. I'm 42 now. I have at times found myself in situations where I had to use other products. Nothing else will do. I love the products. I use the full line now: shadows, lipsticks, lip gloss, lip liner, eye liner, mascara, blush, cream foundation and skin care products including TimeWise. I love the website feature that allows you to do virtual makeovers and get ideas on what colors to put together for makeup and, as a vegan, I appreciate that the company does no animal testing. No one ages without consequence, ladies, but no one has correctly guessed my age in, well, never.

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    Tue Jul 31 2007

    A wanna-be good makeup

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    Mon Jul 30 2007

    I have been a consultant for about 6 months, and I have to say I do not know of any consultants that have a picture of Mary Kay in their director has one in our meeting room, but that's it. By the way, I love our weekly meetings, I used to think I didn't like other women, until I realized I was hanging out with the wrong women, those who are negative and bitchy. I enjoy spending time with positive women, yes we do have problems, but they are dealt with, not bitched about. I was very skeptical going into this and right now I am selling a product that I really love, I'm not into "sharing the opportunity" I'm having a blast meeting new people and having fun "girl" time away from my job as a stay at home mom. I don't wear skirts everyday...most days I'm not even wearing makeup! But I love the product so that when I do want to dress up and feel like a woman I can,  and everyone needs good skin care. Our product may not be for everyone, my grandmother can't use the day solution sun... Read more

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    Mon Jul 02 2007

    The miracle set is truly a miracle. I have experienced a dramatic improvement in overall appearance. Fine lines have disappeared, and skin tone is more even. My skin looks youthful and healthy. Mary Kay's microdermabrasion and visibly fit are also favorites. I have found that if you want the look, you have to spend the money. That being said, Mary Kay is one of the more affordable high quality skin care systems.

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    Fri Jun 29 2007

    No better than the drug store brands. Just paying for the name.

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    Mon Jun 25 2007

    I absolutely HATE Mary Kay products! I used their foundation for about a week and not only did it make my face extremely oily, BUT it is the reason I now have horrible skin AND acne. I started using the foundation in November and it's now nearly July and my skin is still disgusting from it! I have always had great skin and rarely ever had break outs so I blame Mary Kay. I wouldn't recommend this product to ANYONE!

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    Thu Apr 19 2007

    I have been using Mary-Kay (off and on) for the past 8 years. My mother was a consultant when I was young and she let that lapse. Now I go to another consultant who is also a friend of the family now. I was skeptical and rebelious durring my teen years and into my mid 20's and found myself moving away from MK convinced there was something better out there. I tried various store brands (never got into anything too high end)and was often dissapointed with department store brands. Now, when I say I use make-up I am talking about the colors specifically eyeshadow, lipstick, blush, etc. and have yet to try the skin care line. I have the acne problem and love proactive so untill I need anti aging I will more than likely stick with what works for now. As far as MK goes, after having tried other things I ended up going back. I was frustrated with my inability to pick out the "perfect" colors for myself and afraid to take the risk of buying a new color to try it so I stayed in my safety zone ne... Read more

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    Sat Feb 10 2007

    i have used mary kay for many years but recently used the timewise and have had a nightmare experience. i have always used the foundation and moisterizer as well as the cleanser but not the day solution and night solution. i applied the day solution to my face before my foundation and immediately i felt my eyes burning as if i got sunscreen in them. as the day wore on i noticed my skin starting itching around my eyes. i didnt think much about it all until i broke out in a rash and started to swell just alittle. i had to go to the docter the next day to get a shot for the itching and they said it resembled a burn. every day since then, which was 3 days ago, my face continues to burn, itch, and swell. i could literally see the skin under my eyes when i woke up this morning just by looking down. my consultant gave me back my money but this has cost me more than i would have been willing to pay. i really always enjoyed my mk until now

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    Fri Feb 02 2007

    I'm not a consultant, but I love the products! It took some trying to find which products are for me but the same was true with Chanel and other brands I have tried. With faithful use, and a great consultant my skin looks great. And I have rosacea. I do love the colors too. My absolute fave product is probably the night solution. I love the prices too.

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    Thu Feb 01 2007

    I just found this site & am very happy I did. It's very informative. I was wondering If someone can recommend the top skin care products for a daily facial regimen. I too am tired of spending unnecessary $$'s on products that don't do what their suppose to do. I have used Mary Kay in the past (the basic skin care line) & It left a greasy feel after It washes off.

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    Mon Jan 08 2007

    Girls, just like any line of products, some work for you and others don't. You don't have to buy them all. I was given a sample bag by a student's parent. I loved the Intense moisturizer. I have dry skin and it really makes me glow!