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    Mon Apr 13 2009

    Brando was simply nothing special. He had his fans ,yes, but he was no Andy Griffith, Gregory Peck, Humphrey Bogart or Bob Newhart on acting skills. The dude was very overrated. Bing Crosby and Buddy Ebsen were also much more talented than Brando. Still, I did enjoy a couple of movies he was in to some degree.

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    Sat Dec 27 2008

    He was probably the best actor of his generation.  Sometimes brilliant (The Godfather), sometime awful (The Isle of Doctor Moreau), always interesting to watch.

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    Wed Aug 06 2008

    great actor great looking guy when he was young but an even better personality. he's interesting in interviews, especially his younger ones. on the waterfront isnt acting its brando just reading words and acting like he does normally. its not great in the sense that the acting is so outrageously brilliant. but it is great because brando is being brando. Like I always say personality always wins.

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    Wed Apr 23 2008

    Five stars for his greatest movies. He actually didn't work that much compared to other greats of his generation. I've seen most of his movies and one that was surprisingly good was in "Guys and Dolls". Brando in a musical? Go figure.

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    Fri Feb 17 2006

    None better...ever.

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    Sat Nov 12 2005

    He wasn't the original method actor, but he popularized the Actors Studio method. I have to admit he is one of the greatest actors, ever! He made me cringe, sometimes. He had that effect on his supporters, where they could have pulled out their hair, after hearing about his latest outrageous behavior. Such a time was when he sent a Filipina/German actress named Maria Cruz, (using the name, Sacheen Littlefeather, and dressed in Native American costume), to refuse his oscar. Many felt he was cowardly to not have done so himself. It was a huge controversy at the time! "The Men" is one of my favorites of his appearances. His personal life was a mess from the start of his film career. It was a long journey to his sad appearance as a bloated person who looked so very lonely. But these images will fade away, while his brilliant performances will always be remembered.

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    Fri Jun 24 2005

    Five stars for all the films through '73's Last Tango In Paris, One star for the films thereafter when he became a major chubbo.

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    Wed May 11 2005

    Greatest of all time. Streetcar Zapata Last Tango Godfather Ugly American Sayonara, etc. etc. Cant beat him

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    Wed Apr 13 2005

    Best All Time. Everyone focuses on the Godfather, which was one of greatest characters ever portrayed onscreen, but just observe his other work. In Streetcar he embodies a character that will be read in high school and college literature courses forever with perfect accuracy, in On the Waterfront he creates an iconic being that could be replaced by no other actor now, then, or ever, the list of examples would be too long to elaborate on, but, Viva Zapata, Young Lions, Julius Caeser, Wild One, Guys and Dolls, Sayonara, Last Tango in Paris, APOCALYPSE NOW for crying out loud. Even if you don't like some of the films listed, they show an incredible amount of diversity and talent. And to those who say he hasn't done anything in the recent past to credit his talent: he has made numerous movies in the last ten years (Don Juan Demarco, Score, Island of Dr. Moreau, The Brave) and even if they were subpar for Brando, when is the next Jimmy Stewart movie coming out?

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    Fri Jan 28 2005

    Brando is an aquired taste, you either love him or you don't. He was brilliant in the God Father and he did a nice job in Superman. I really have not seem him in anything else that I liked.

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    Thu Jan 27 2005

    Awful mumbling actor that looked like he was always ready to drop off to sleep.........

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    Thu Jan 06 2005

    possibly one of the top five of all time. anyone who disagrees does not know much about acting. you don't like brando? stop wathing.

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    Thu Jan 06 2005

    i like Brando, but by the mid-1970's he was used up. Marlon was more interested in speed-eating Big Macs, instead of acting. too bad. he was one of the best.

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    Mon Aug 30 2004

    One the better actors ever to grace the screen. Difficult to work with I've heard.

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    Mon Aug 23 2004

    He IS the Godfather. May he Rest In Peace.

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    Thu Jul 22 2004

    Best actor of all time

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    Sun Jul 11 2004

    Quite possibly the finest actor that ever lived but i cant give hime 5 stars for reasons such as he gave up after last tango in parris.When he did care for acting and was passionate he could out preform any one in his generation and was an idol to future great actors such as Al Pacino and Robert Deniro.His most famous role was in the Godfather Part 1 where he was pure gold.If it wasnt for other personal things and tradgedys there is no telling how even more influential and great this amazing actor could of been R.I.P Don Corleone 1924-2004

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    Tue May 18 2004

    He is complete shiite

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    Fri Feb 06 2004

    By his own admission he stopped giving his best effort after Last Tango and simply went for the paycheck. Which raises the question of how to rate him. He might have been the best ever before and hasn't been worth crap since. I'll split the difference and give 'em a three.

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    Mon Nov 10 2003

    Ok actor, but a bit overrated.

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    Mon Sep 01 2003

    I personally think he is nasty, and has NO talent whatsoever. He isn't even cute, which can usually carry most stars. So I truly don't understand his popularity. Yuck !

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    Sun Aug 31 2003

    Kind of iconic, which can be a bad thing. He hasn't really done anything in years that would require actual acting ability, but his legacy is too extensive to write him off based on the last twenty years. He is good in some roles, but doesn't really bring much to bad roles. Good-Apocalypse Now, A Streetcar Named Desire, On the Waterfront. Bad-Island of Dr. Moreau, that DeNiro-Norton heist flick. Made me sick-Last Tango in Paris. He's just far more entertaining offscreen than onscreen. He's probably a nightmare to work with, with his refusal to learn his lines or wear pants on the set. Just a weirdo who's been coasting for far too long.

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    Tue Aug 05 2003

    The Godfather. What more needs to be said?

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    Mon Jun 16 2003

    Amazing actor. I consider him one of the best of all time, despite the fact that I've only seen him in four movies (A Streetcar Named Desire, On the Waterfront, Godfather and Apocalypse Now).

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    Mon May 12 2003

    He he, wow he knows his stuff. I mean look at The Godfather. Capiche? He is a stunning actor, i have nto seen 'Streetcar', but I heard he was excellent in it. And GUys and Dolls- he doesn't have a great voice, but I like it and find it charming.

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    Thu May 01 2003

    Awesome!!! Simply awesome. He was evil and twisted as Colonel Kurtz in "Apocalypse Now." Who could forget Stanley in "A Streetcar Named Desire." Incredible.

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    Sat Apr 19 2003

    Do they still need Jabba the Hutt for Star Wars???

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    Thu Apr 10 2003

    The Godfather says enough!

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    Thu Jan 30 2003

    arguably one of the best ever

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    Wed Dec 25 2002

    I remember back in the mid 70's when they were trying to get Superman off the ground (pun intended), and no big star would sign up because they were all afraid the movie would bomb, and take their careers with it. Everyone was afraid it would be a cheap, cartoony movie with cheesy effects and no one took it seriously. Then, Mr. Brando signed on to play Jor-El (for a huge amount of money considering the small amount of screen time), and then suddenly everybody took the film seriously. Were it not for him the Superman movies might never have happened. Of course, Brando earned that kind of clout through years of solid work like Streetcar Named Desire and On the Waterfront. He got a little eccentric in his later years, and lost a little respect the film industry used to have for him, but all in all, he will be remembered for his impressive body of film work.

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    Sat Apr 06 2002

    The single greatest tragedy of them all: this man gave up after Last Tango in Paris (although The Freshman is a hip little comedy). The scene in Tango where he cries over his dead wife's body is possibly the most powerful display of acting I've ever seen. I'm crying because his end is already here. After so many personal tragedies, he's got no fight left in him. We'll just have to relive Streetcar, Waterfront, and The Men and all those other great roles over and over again. He HAS to be honored. He won't show up, but the Academy, the AFI, every film and theatre organization in the world needs to honor him. They have to remind younger generations who started it all - who popularized the concept of The Rebel. Even Elvis and The Beatles would probably not exist without Marlon Brando.

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    Fri May 04 2001

    Can anyone think of another actor with more animal magnatism than this man in 'Streetcar Named Desire'? Or anyone who commands more respect than this man did in 'The Godfather'? Is he the greatest actor that ever lived? Olivier fans might disagree, but the fact remains that Brando gives everything to a performance and makes lesser actors tremble from their own inadequency and audiences tremble with emotion!

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    Tue Mar 20 2001

    More great performances than anyone I can think of.

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    Thu Feb 22 2001

    I wanna be like the guy in BaseKetball who drank the fat sucked out of Brando's ass. "Last Tango in Paris" was an airtight virgin. "The Island of Dr. Moreu" was a bored-out gutter whore.

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    Sun Nov 26 2000

    I can't understand. He must be before Tom Cruise or Harrison Ford!!!

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    Wed Oct 18 2000


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    Sat Aug 12 2000

    really sucks

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    Sun Dec 19 1999

    Just recently watched On The Waterfront for the first time -- Brando rules!