Marlboro Menthol

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    Mon Jan 18 2010

    they dont get old, or booring. they taste great. lots of minty menthol flavor with enough cigarette taste with a good amount of mind nummbing nicotine.

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    Fri Nov 06 2009

    I smoked the menthol 100s for almost 10 years, I quit a couple of weeks ago so now im online just trying to justify going back to smoking. i wont though. damn

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    Mon Sep 14 2009

    This is probably one of the most addictive menthol products i've smoked. Originally i began smoking at the age of 12 - which = cloves/ yes the pussy shit - after about 5 years of puffing clove and poor quality indian smoke, i picked up camel wides [menthol] which got me stuck on the flavor of menthol. [the camels have a sort of weedy taste when you start smoking them] which i completely enjoyed. after that kick wore off they began to taste like trash. now age 22 i've been smoking marlboro menthols for the better part of 3 years and i wouldn't change a thing, they have an amazing flavor - a nice fiber glass bite, and all the cancer causing goodness i could ever hope to put into my decrepid body. 5 stars

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    Wed Aug 12 2009

    i smoked a variety of cigarettes, when i started. i orginally smoked camel 9s (terrible) and then i smoked newports (terrible) and a friend has marlboro menthol 100s and i got hooked :) i love them, only cigarette i've ever smoked that i don't get sick of. i love the taste, and i don't really taste the "after taste" i've been smoking these for 8 months now, and don't plan to switch any time soon.

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    Wed Jul 22 2009

    They are ok for menthols. Actually they are ok considering they are marlboro product. The Blend 54's are better.

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    Sat Jul 18 2009

    they were great at first. cause i smoke newports and they were close. but I started to get really bad migrains from them and they made me naushas. i kno like 7 other people who got the same simtoms from when they started to smoke them. my guess they have to much fiberglass in them.

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    Thu Jul 02 2009

    Headache inducing. Poor flavor for menthol. If you want to go with Marlboro for menthol, go with the Milds.

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    Mon Jun 29 2009

    Very Good Menthol cigarette. I started smoking these because I live in the Deep South, and everybody was labelin me a "nigger" for smokin Newports, so I wanted to start smokin a "country boy cigarette" like everybody said. They had a very strong almost synthetic menthol taste at the beginning which I grew to like. The only reason I stopped smokin these is because i found the Blend 54s which were 1.98, so of course I bought a pack of those and fell in love.

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    Wed May 27 2009

    i used to smoke them when they were the only thing my sister had, and they weren't half bad. i like how it kinda has a minty taste. :)

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    Mon Apr 27 2009

    I'm a 15 year old smoker. I went to red's first. I really loved them, switched to newport then to these and I love them.Very smooth smoke, give a reasonable buzz, overall good cig.

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    Wed Apr 15 2009

    My Favorite cig...They are a little strong, But not nearly as strong as a newport..overall a very smooth taste. I love marlboro cigarettes

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    Mon Mar 16 2009

    These are decent, I prefer smooths or milds because Marlb Menthol is SO DAMN STRONG!

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    Wed Mar 04 2009

    the perfect cig, it has my heart... cough cough and lungs

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    Tue Feb 24 2009

    These are alright i prefer lights leaves you a little dizzy and doesnt even have the great tobacco taste. I dont smoke these often but beware these things are addicting as hell!

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    Tue Dec 30 2008

    These cigarettes are okay, but i prefer marlboro reds.

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    Wed Dec 10 2008

    wow these cigarettes were amazing i loved them they taste so good like mint. They dont leave a shit taste in your mouth like the basics eww never try basic they are the most disgusting cigarettes i have ever had. but seriously i love the menthol my favorite

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    Mon Nov 24 2008

    My friend bought a pack and he gave me one; I had never tried menthol before so I was excited. They smell so good and minty. But when I took a drag, it was awful. Very strong that I couldn't even get the taste of the tobacco, just bittery menthol. I didn't get as light-headed as I usually do with these cigarettes, that was the only good part. If you really want a good cigarette, than go with Newport. Or just don't smoke menthols at all, they are nasty.

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    Sun Nov 23 2008

    I love marlboro menthol! I was smoking newports, but I switched to these & I have to say they are the best. tiff- (21)

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    Sun Oct 19 2008

    i used to smoke these a year ago constantly. they are a good cigarette. I mostly smoke reds or camel filters, but I have cravings for these a lot still

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    Thu Oct 02 2008

    Smoked this when I first started, addicted, other brands aren't a comparison

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    Tue Sep 23 2008

    the worst menthol cig i have ever had, u want a good menthol, try camel menthol

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    Sat Sep 20 2008

    i started smoking this a year ago, i was in hk now im in canada there is no cigs that can be any better than this yet but i dont smoke light though, the original menthol one anyone has suggestions?

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    Tue Sep 16 2008

    all i can say is there THE shit im only 14 but i smoked these for almost 6 months tho i switch between these and newports all my black and mexican friends smoke them...

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    Wed Sep 10 2008

    Once again any Marlboro is good...

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    Tue Aug 19 2008

    I fucking love these even though im only 15, they are so delicious and especially minty if you havent had one in awhile, but extremely addictive, i have found myself chainsmoking these until my whole pack is gone,for a good menthol try these, or my secon favorite, camel frost. I LOVE MARLBORO MENTHOL!!!!

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    Sun Jul 27 2008

    is it true that menthol cigarettes can cause infertility among men?

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    Tue Jun 24 2008

    They take a while to burn, taste good, leave you buzzed, but are ADDICTIVE! Watch out when you smoke these, because you'll go through 8 in an hour, no joke.

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    Wed Jun 04 2008

    I enjoy smoking Marlboro Menthol 100's.  These are really good cigarettes.  Pretty darn good menthol flavor.  I usually smoke Benson and Hedges Menthols--which I highly recomend.  Marlboro Menthol is slowly becoming my favorite, though.  I recomend both Benson and Hedges Menthols and Marlboro Menthol 100's.  Both are good cigarettes.

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    Sun Mar 02 2008

    MArlbro Menthol is the best.

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    Fri Feb 15 2008

    i used to smoke menthol but then i switched back to non menthol and now i can stand them. they are a bit weak. but they are ok when it comes to menthols.

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    Wed Feb 13 2008

    i used to smoke these until i tried camel menthol lights. these leave a bad taste in your mouth and the menthol is a little much. camel menthol lights are so much better man!

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    Wed Feb 13 2008

    i usually smoke the regular marlboro menthol or the menthol smooth. i like the smooths alot b/c it reminds me of a peppermint patty. i do get tired of them after a while and switch to good ole newport. the menthol lights is ok, i only get them when they are buy one get one free otherwise i dont

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    Wed Jan 23 2008

    you should mix it with weed man, its the best.

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    Sun Jan 06 2008

    is there fiberglass in marlboro menthol lights?

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    Mon Dec 31 2007

    I'm not a very big menthol smoker but when I do smoke menthol I always pick up a pack of MB menthol since they taste better than Newport and MB smooth. However they are kinda rough and something tells me Camel menthe are probably better.

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    Wed Sep 05 2007

    These are so bad when compared to other cigarattes (especially Camel), there's way too much menthol in them so your tounge almost feels numb cold. It doesn't even become enjoyable I don't know how Marlboro plans to keep you addicted with bad tasting cigarattes. They also make me light headed.

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    Sun Aug 12 2007

    two words marlboro sucks try camel or newport or kool

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    Fri Jul 06 2007

    Tried em in Febuary when they came out and turned out they were great all my friends who had smoked other menthols turned to the Smooths themselves I really enjoy the minty flavor its different than your regular menthol not to menntion they taste way better than the regular Marlboro menthol they provide a great head rush and have a good taste. In fact my father who had been smoking Salem Lights for years took a hit off the first one I had then asked for another hit and ended up smoking one himself He ended up switching brands and Im not complaining about the prices I can pick up 2 cartons in Kentucky for $30 with the promotional sale of course all in all Smooths my new brand!!

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    Wed Jun 27 2007

    I've never really detested a Marlboro product,but these are just awful.The mint flavor overwhelms the tobacco and presents much to be desired especially from a P.M. brand.

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    Fri May 25 2007

    after trying a few menthol brands, l&b;, richmond and mmayfair i was inclined to try these as my girlfeinds smokes these these. so i did just that also and i liked them quite alot, very minty though, but dont let this put you off them, they are a nice smoke, and give a good head rush, not my fav menthols that i have tried, but id still buy them again, for the mintiness.

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    Thu May 17 2007

    First menthol I've ever had. Really enjoyed it, especially compared to the 2nd worst cigarette i've had, the marlboro light. Worst had to be mustang generics. If you're shopping around menthol flavors, it's worth a try. Not great but a nice changeup, only bummed one, doubt I'd buy a pack simply because I detest the marb lights.

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    Fri May 04 2007

    VERY MINTY. but they taste like shit to me. It doesn't have that cigarette flavor most brands have, it just takes like paper on fire, pure black smoke, with a minty flavor. But damn they give you a head rush like reds. i dont smoke menthols though, i smoke turkish royal

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    Sun Apr 15 2007

    I would have to say these are pretty damn good !! I prefer Kools but these are really smooth and fresh! My boyfreind who smokes non menthol says they are pretty good!

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    Sun Mar 18 2007

    Marlboro smooths da best!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Sat Mar 10 2007

    Marlboro Smooths are my new favorite marb menthols! Its like a minty atomic bomb went off in my mouth and slaughtered all my taste buds with amazing flaver! The filters dont get smushy near the end of the ciggarette so its easy to completely extinguish the cherry. Regular marb menthols have a really squishy filter but their still pretty good. The best thing about smooth's are that when you smoke it, it gets better and better until your done smoking! then you have to smoke another! Cancer be damned! I LOVE MY CANCER STICKS !!!!

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    Sat Feb 24 2007

    I personally wont smoke anything other than Marlboro Menthols, but the Marlboro Smooth Menthol that was just released is very good....

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    Thu Feb 22 2007

    this is what i smoke they are the best after marlboro 27s