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    Mon Jun 18 2012

    My favorite pack of all time. I usually buy a different pack every time but for some reason I always buy Red soft packs. They burn quick so stop complaining, get 100s'. I wish they made a Marlboro Non filter like Camel.

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    Sat Jan 14 2012

    It's works when you ain't got any bugler.

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    Tue Jun 28 2011

    Straightforward, relatively dry tobacco taste without complication or surprises despite all the extra ingredients. Decent hit, not overwhelming. Fairly smooth, but an off aftertaste. Burns fast like most PM products. For the same price (outside of cartons) the Marlboro Blend 27 is better. A competent middle of the road cigarette.

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    Thu Jun 16 2011

    i switched from mainly camels to really only marlboro reds. i still smoke unfiltered camels once in awhile. i like reds everyone has there different opnion

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    Sat Jan 29 2011

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    Sun Jan 09 2011

    i like the reds, not 72s or 100s or 150s i mean the plain size i got a pack and i was like look at that, theyre deliciously good and i said would you look at that when i finished the cig then i have a llook at the filter size nad i was like would you look at that it, the taste is like a unfiltered cigarette, its good and strong a manly cigarete, when i seen the price of these in ohio i said would you look at that, cuz when you look at teh price difference from ky and oh its like would you look at that?

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    Wed Dec 29 2010

    i dont know why so many people smoke these only thing these got going for them is a good buzz but they are defindly not smooth and are the most harsh cigarettes iv ever had. As for the taste at least it doesnt taste like chemicals like the marlboro lights but still tastes like shit

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    Tue Nov 09 2010

    well, these are bad... i've been smoking many brands like captain black dunhill winston karelia luckies davidoff, but i've never tried malboro reds, i thought i'd give it a shot, well these are awful... they're harsh not strong, they burn your throat and taste bad, comparing it to another similar brand, Winston Red soft pack, Winstons are not that harsh but feel stronger, winstons last waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyy more; a friend of mine smokes malboro gave him a winston, he was like :|:| it never ends:|? the only part where malboro is better is your smell... you do smell terrible after smoking a malboro it's not better then capt black or dunhill , but it's still acceptable compared to winston... the best being "karelia" it nearly leaves no smell (it's a woman's cig anyways)....

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    Fri Oct 29 2010

    these rnt that bad but i prefer menthol

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    Wed Aug 04 2010

    Hey yall im 14 and im a dipper. I am not a big smoker at all i just dont like the taste. But when i run outta my skoal i steal a cig or 2 fro my grandaddy. He smokes malboro silvers. I think they burn wayy to fast one cig might last me 5 min. I hate it. But its better than nothin. My good friend smokes malboro golds and he smokes em like they aint no tomorrow he is obsessed wid um. Like i said malboro leaves a bad after taste and burns too fast. but its better than the other brand of cigs. Certainly aint better than black and milds apple no way! But i give malboro an overall 6/10

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    Sun Jul 04 2010

    I get them again. after a few months I lost to get it. but now I get it online with a very low price in Indonesia Cigarettes. I miss the sense of Marlboro red and lights. They are strong Enough, satisfy they want, they want will from the keep you coming back again and again. Quality Speaks for Itself!

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    Tue Jun 15 2010

    Advantages: Light but not too light, great taste Disadvantages: Bad for your health etc. Marlboro Lights belong to a family of cigarettes and are a sort middle ground between Marlboro Red and Marlboro Silk Cut. They come in attractive white and gold box with the name Marlboro on the front in a tall thin font. Having smoked for a number of years, I started my days as a smoker on the darker side, smoking brands such as Lambert and Butler, and Richmond (Blergh!) It was my sister who always smoked Marlboro Lights and after borrowing one from her one day, I have smoked pretty much nothing else since. The taste is smooth, and one that I just can't seem to find in any other cigarettes, Benson and Hedges silver is a close contender. I really enjoy the lightness of these cigarettes, they're not heavy on the throat, don't leave such a horrible aftertaste and I'm convinced they don't smell as much as regular cigarettes. I know smoking is bad, but I would consider myself a light smoker, smoking ... Read more

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    Sun Jun 06 2010

    Cheap, nasty tobacco soaked in chemicals. They sweep up the tobacco dust from the cutting room floor, put it in water until the water turns into this brown sludge, and then soak strips of paper in it. When the paper turns dog-shit brown, they cut it up just like the cheap-ass tobacco, and mix it in with the tobacco. Most fags like Marlboro consist of 50% of this nasty paper faux-tobacco. People who smoke cigarettes have no class. Class is a box-pressed 1926 Padron.

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    Sun May 30 2010

    Great taste, good buzz. not as harsh as people make it out to be because this is the 2nd cigarette I ever smoke and it didn't make me cough.

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    Mon May 10 2010

    The only reason it gets a 2 is cause it buzzes you. It makes you smell like shit after your done smoking em. and the taste in your mouth wont go away for shit. smells awful and the taste can be awful at times to

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    Tue Mar 23 2010

    tasted like wood to me. first few drags were good then went straight to a woodish taste. im stickin with the 27's

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    Wed Feb 10 2010

    I used to settle for nothing but a red, but that was just because I started with them. Now when I smoke one, I feel pretty awful. Gives you a huge buzz, almost too huge. For some reason they always taste different. Sometimes they taste like barbeque and sometimes they just taste like an ashtray. They seem to go out really easy. Thick smoke, great for smoke rings. They're pretty badass looking.

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    Wed Feb 03 2010

    They seem to leave a harsh, metallic taste in my mouth and throat. I usually smoke non-filter Luckies, and even they feel less unhealthy than these. That being said, they are pretty tasty, I absolutely love their smell, and they pack a pretty good punch. EDIT: 3 stars to 4. I started smoking more of these because they're cheaper than my Luckies, and they've really grown on me.

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    Mon Jan 25 2010

    I started smoking when I was 13 and started with buglers rolling tobacco. Now I'm 16 and I smoke Reds and chew Redman. There is no cigarette I'd rather have.

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    Sun Dec 20 2009

    since they went fire safe, there is FSC written above the barcode, they don't taste the same as they did a year ago. Russian Marlboro's aren't that bad tho.

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    Sun Dec 06 2009

    Philip morris might be a tool for supporting the FDA and the anti smoking movement but they sure know how to make a cigarette. wow. Even after smoking them for 10 years, then kinda switching around my lungs sure know when a marlboro hits them. and the taste is still unbelieveable. I have muuuch love to reds. 5/5

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    Wed Nov 25 2009

    Best smoke around. A real Marlboro smoker enjoys deep inhales. Once inhaled, there are so many choices. Hold it in and enjoy, exhale through the mouth, exhale through the nose or the mouth and nose combined. That is also an excellent feeling. The addiction just feels complete. Emphysema and lung cancer are no match for how much you want to smoke them. Real Marlboro Man here down to my last gasp of air.

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    Wed Jul 08 2009

    These redneck smokes blow. Go Camels, winstons, spirits, or luckies instead instead these suck.

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    Wed May 20 2009

    Love 'em or hate 'em, there is no denying that REDS have there own taste, after taste, and smell. The number one selling cig in the world. Why? Not sure...I like Reds, not as much as I like Lucky filters, Camel non-filters or the Euro' made Camel's by JTI, or even Old Gold's but where I live in the U.S. only one out of those four are for sale(camel non-filters) and even those are becoming harder and harder to find...The first thing I must say about Marlboro Reds is the easy draw. No other brand in the world has such a perfect easy draw(just like a non-filter smoke) The feel and draw of a Red works for a non-filter smoker like me. Second thing about Reds is the strength. The smoke is thick and rich, it hits the back of your throat that lets you know your actually having a cigarette and not one of these "modern" ultra smooth(warm air tubes) No, with Reds your SMOKING and for some smokers they can't handle that. The taste...well they taste like Marlboro's, it's hard to Dad pu... Read more

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    Tue May 05 2009

    ya know its a basic cig. nothing to get wound-up about. but you know just from taking one hit how bad these are for you. its a plain cig. camel wides are sooooo much nicer.

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    Fri Apr 24 2009

    I only smoke the 100's, they are much better than the regular reds.

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    Sat Apr 11 2009

    i quit smokin 2 months ago but when i did smoke i enjoyed marlboro reds..they are better than newport which made me smell like shit and have a better buzz...i encourage everyone who smokes to quit newport and stiwch to these

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    Mon Mar 16 2009

    Marlb Reds, never do you wrong. I started on these (like most people) I've recently went onto different cigs just because I've smoked these so much I got sick of it and they are pretty harsh on the lungs haha

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    Fri Mar 13 2009

    Marlboro reds are by far the best cigarette Ive ever tasted. Camels ehh I just dont see whats so great about them by the time im halfway into the cigarette I just want to put it out, but with reds I wish they would just go on forever. Marlboro Reds are the BEST.

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    Wed Mar 04 2009

    Marlboro Reds are the absolute best regular on the market. nothing compares to it.

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    Mon Mar 02 2009

    a perfect cigarette in my opinion its what i started smoking everything else but Camel and Newports taste like crap i love these cigarettes

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    Fri Feb 20 2009

    these are great. Good taste. This would be my 2nd choice after camel no. 9

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    Sun Feb 15 2009

    i have tried alot of different cigarettes and marlboro reds are the best. theyre amazingg

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    Tue Jan 27 2009

    My absolute favorite brand! There is absolutely nothing better. I love to light them up and slowly smoke them, especially in public. I could never stop smoking these and I'll die with one in my mouth. Anyone who dumps on these has no taste and doesn't deserve tobacco. The best smoke I've ever had and nothing else comes close.

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    Fri Jan 16 2009

    An overrated American icon. They're popular but I am clueless as to WHY. They taste like sawdust and hair and burn the throat. Ugh.

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    Mon Jan 05 2009

    When I was growing up, everybody smoked Marlboros. Well, there were a few people who smoked other brands, but not a lot. I think it was because we only had five minutes between classes and Marlboros burned so fast. But when you grow up and wise up, you realize Marlboros are a horrible cigarette. Camels taste better, burn longer and are more satisfying.I'd rate them one star, but at least they get a lot of people to start smoking.

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    Wed Dec 31 2008

    I use to love my marlboros, but now with the fsc crap they suck, They taste like crap, the cherry falls off i have burns in my truck seat, almost hit a mail box trying to put the cherry out, have to re lite it several times, I would of never smoked another brand but now im looking for a better brand that might stay lit and not cause me to wreck my truck.

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    Wed Dec 31 2008

    I make my own cigs, but time to time I buy a pack of Marlboro's.

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    Tue Dec 16 2008

    i been smoking reds for about two monthes they are pretty good and leave a alright taste in your there not too expensive

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    Sat Dec 06 2008

    couldnt even finish the pack too strong

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    Tue Nov 18 2008

    When I first started smoking these were called Cowboy Killers. Rightly so in my opinion, because they are VERY strong and harsh. The tobacco is of subpar quality and the taste of additives is very present. However, the nicotine buzz is very nice and there's just something about smoking a red that makes you feel badass. A 3/5.

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    Wed Oct 29 2008

    All the players on the 0-7 Detroit Lions smoke wonder they can't get up and down the field.

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    Thu Oct 23 2008

    If you're looking for a smoke that'll leave you smelling terribly and having a horrible aftertaste in your mouth, than you've found your brand. Marlboros have nothing in quality, taste, economy, or any other category over any other brand. The only reason they're so popular is because of brand exposure at an early age, making it so that people's first cigarettes are marlboros, making people want to come back to their first taste, albeit however terrible it tastes. Don't try Marlboros, don't smoke Marlboros, smoke anything else, just not these terrible cigarettes.

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    Tue Sep 30 2008

    I don't understand why this is the most popular brand in the US. They taste terrible. When I first tried smoking a bought a pack of these. Big mistake. All the pleasantness of ammonia and burnt grass clippings. They turned me a away from smoking for a year! Maybe that is why smoking is declining in the US. The most popular brand SUCKS! Later I started smoking Camel to much satisfaction and then kicked the habit all together. Recently I picked up a pack of Lucky Strike and I love them even more than my old Camels! Anyone who smokes owes it to them self not to buy Marlboro crap.

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    Mon Sep 29 2008

    personally reds and the turkish blend camels are the same to me, reds are a little harsher but who cares, reds gives me the vibe that its pure tobacco..

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