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    Sat Apr 18 2009

    Seeking cotton pants from MAson of Italy, in black blue and brown. Size 30- USA 46 Italian Be Well Greg Maifeld 2712 Larrabee Ave # 21 ...

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    Sun Nov 30 2008

    I have clients who buy my custom suits and shirts but still only come here to pick out their casual clothing. Mario's has beautiful casual a...

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    Mon Apr 07 2008

    Great selection but staff can be pretentious if you don't "look" like you should be shopping there.

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    Fri Nov 16 2007

    I've been to this store several times, obviously I realize its an expensive store, but also know that people that go there can afford the stuff in the store, but the service is just horrible ! The only reason why I go there is because of the selection of shoes/clothes they have but I pretty much have to help my self everytime but nobody seems to care....

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    Mon May 21 2007

    I used to shop at Mario's a lot more than I do today. I still like to get a leather jacket there every other season. I started buying custom suits and shirts from 'My Haberdasher' a couple years ago and frankly I'd rather see my name in my suits than the designer's, especially if the fabric is coming from the same place. Mario's does have great shoes you won't find anywhere else. The price is a little high compared to my custom guy, Jeff Collins, so I probably give him about 80% of my business. Besides I always complain about parking at Mario's so why shouldn't I have my guy come to me. The trunk shows a Mario's are still fun to attend though.

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    Mon Mar 26 2007

    I have been into Mario's a few times over the past six months and picked up a few things. While they have a great store with some amazing men's clothing, the staff is exceptionally rude. Recently I was "being helped" by a gentleman with a shaved head who may have been a manager and have never been made to feel as unwelcome and as such an inconvenience to the staff as I have been made to feel in Mario's, on every occasion, not just once. They act as though it's a privilege for me to be there spending my money there. The elitest attitude is just off putting and unnecessary.

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    Sat Mar 24 2007

    I made my annual trip to Mario's today - just to see if things have changed. Men's staff is still polite and attentive. Women's salespeople still can't quite get there. I tried on a beautiful day dress, which unfurtunatelly didn't fit me, it was a size too big. Yet 2 salespeople tried to tell me how it was supposed to hang lose like that. I tried a coat and was swimming in it - the sales person advised that if I belted it right, it would fit well. Right. When I asked for a smaller size, they said that the designer didn't make smaller sizes. I checked with a boutique in NYC and guess what... smaller size is available. With Nordstrom now having a Gucci boutique and adding new designers daily and with Barney's expanding, why shop at a place like this?

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    Thu Jan 18 2007

    In Short Women, slip into a Prada coat or a Dolce & Gabbana dress. Men, luxuriate in a Brunello Cucinelli cashmere sweater or an Italian label Kiton suit. Walking down the aisle? Men will find fashionably trendy tuxes and women can break from tradition with a designer evening gown. From a shirt shop in Portland some 60 years ago to one of the premier sources for impeccably tailored threads in the Northwest, this family business has made its mark.

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    Sun Nov 26 2006

    Mario's is where you go for the perfect outfit for that special event or just knocking around on the week-ends. Designer clothing for both men and women and the best tailor's on the West Coast. There is no need for a trip to New York or San Francisco with the selection here! Spoil yourself and make a trip to Mario's for that outfit that makes them stop in their tracks! From Armani to Zegna, they will have you covered.

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    Tue Nov 29 2005

    Although men aren't know to shop, this expansive store caters solely to men. They have frequent special events and sales with wine and hors...

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    Wed Jul 27 2005

    This store is definately world class. It is one of the few stores that I know of in the Seattle area that carries designer names such as pra...

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    Tue Jun 28 2005

    Once you know Mario's - it's hard to shop anywhere else. Absolute the best customer service, and beautiful selection of merchandise ... from Lavin, Oscar de la Renta - to Christian Louboutin shoes - to Temple St Clair jewelry. The sales people are very knowledgeable - from how a piece of jacket should fit you - to piece of clothes that compliments your personality. And many many thanks to their expert in-house tailors, you do not have to be tall and thin to look fabulous! The tailors work MAGIC! Shopping at Mario's is absolutely heavenly!

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    Tue Apr 26 2005

    I'm not generally a "label" person, but occationally I like to indulge and this is definately the place to do it. Regardless of how I'm dressed when I walk in I am always treated like their best client and given as much help as they can offer, including sparkling water to "keep hydrated". The shop has a beautiful stair case leading to the womens section upstairs which is open, bright and airy while maintaining a great selection of the highest quality. I wish I could remember the name of the sales women who helped me find a dress for a wedding; even though they were about to close she just kept bringing me new options and never made me feel rushed.

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    Tue Aug 19 2003

    Given that this is Seattle and shopping for nice clothes here is as hard as finding a decent museum or quality theatre, Mario's is the best the city has. More to the point, Mario's is an oasis of style in a city where flannel and Birkenstocks is considered evening wear.

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    Mon Jan 20 2003

    Marios is great, they have fantastic service and a great selection of clothes.

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    Tue Jan 14 2003

    Great Selection, really good staff. Beautiful Store, with a great selection in a variety of price range.

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    Sat Sep 07 2002

    I just wanted to say that I truly appreciate the service I get at Mario's. The staff always goes out of their way to make sure that we are attended to promptly, and they always remember pertinent details...not something you find too often anymore as this World of ours keeps getting bigger, and true customer service becomes a thing of the past.

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    Thu Jul 04 2002

    I couldn't imagine shopping anywhere else for clothes. The salesman remembers my name, and what I was looking at on the last visit, there are always things I want, and there are great sales. Mario's gets my vote for best Men's Clothing in Seattle.