Maladroit (Weezer)

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    Thu Jun 18 2009

    Sandwiched between increasingly generic pop, punk and metal influences do lie Weezer's noteworthy melodic guitar sweeps, though heart-on-sleeve songwriting of yore subsides to straightforward distort-rock that had its moments, only to be degraded further in the future.

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    Sun May 31 2009

    Maladroit was the very last of the weezer albums I added to my prize collection. This was partly because of all the negative magazine reviews and foul comments from friends who own it. Frankly, I was afraid for several years to finally hear the album for myself. (I didn't want to hear one of my all-time favorite bands actually "bomb out") Much to my suprise, the album is stellar. Overall, Maladroit has a very post-Green Album feel to it, meaning there is still heavy-rock distortion, as well as tons of solos featuring the wah pedal. Weezer changes their style up a little bit thoughout this record, however. The solos are now quite a bit more complicated. Solos no longer simply mimic the chorus. The songs on Maladroit are slightly more obscure in comparison to the catchier "pop rock" sounds found on the Green or Blue Album. Although, its certainly not as obscure as their Pinkerton album. After a few listens, the hooks in each song will begin to "stick" and you will begin to find them ... Read more

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    Mon May 25 2009

    I am a huge alternative rock/post grunge, whatever you want to call it music fan. Weezer's first album "Blue" was is one of my favorite albums of all time, and I think that most Weezer fans will agree. Although Maladroit seems to get really mixed reviews amongst fans, I think that this is really their true "grunge" follow up to the first album. Considering Weezer has turned into an uber-marketable pop band, making one sell out single after another, to me this is their last real album. It rocks hard, has great distortion (almost as good as blue), and isn't cheesy like their new work. I love it.

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    Thu Jan 15 2009

    In 2001, after a 5 year hiatus (Pinkerton, due to it's extremely personal, non-pop, radio un-friendly lyrics and it's overall feel of emotional claustrophobia flopped.) Rivers Cuomo finally unleashed the long awaited Green album. Fans were divided, the Weezer that surfaced on Pinkerton totally disappeared, and instead gave us Blue album-esque happy, poppy, lovely dovey, vague, seemingly emotionless pop ballads. Now, the thing about mentally unstable musicians, Rivers is certainly a borderline mondernday Brian Wilson, is that from one album to the next you have no clue what you're going to get. In interviews, granted they even attend them, they can hint and tease what the new material will sound like, but you can never be sure. 2002, after the phenomenal success of the Green album, Weezer released Maladroit. Basically, their 2nd Pinkerton. Two songs saw minor radio play, and overall the album was a failure. Why? Because this isn't Weezer. The vast majority of the songs on this alb... Read more

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    Thu Jul 17 2008

    I bought Maladroit hoping nothing else: I hope this thing freakin rocks. and what do you know it does rock. My fav off this album though, has got to be Dope Nose. It is a rock hard hit of the year. Don't get me wrong, all the other songs, (like slob, burndt jamb, and space rock) are almost just as good, but not quite. So lets give a round of applause to everybody's favorite band Weezer! (their other albums ae great too)

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    Sat Dec 15 2007

    Definitely not as good as the other Weezer albums.

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    Wed Jul 18 2007

    The addition of a heavy metal guitarist to Weezer for this album make it stand out for me from the rest of their work. It's a little harder and thrash-ier (love the soaring "Slave"), but it's still not enough to make Weezer sound like more than another standard "alternative" outfit. The songs stopped sounding good after about the 20th listen.

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    Mon Aug 25 2003

    It's ok, but not as good as the blue album or even the green album. I actually like Pinkerton better too. I was kind of disappointed with it, but there are a couple good songs.

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    Wed Jun 18 2003

    A great CD! There are so many good songs like Dope Nose, Keep Fishin', Burndt Jam, and Love Explosion. I really recommend this CD to anyone who enjoys rock music. These guys are a lesser known band and they need to be recognized.

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    Fri Jun 21 2002

    It was a okay CD, but some of the sounds had a too generic, washy, waily feel to them. With the exception of Dope Nose, there was really nothing that stood out.