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    Mon May 30 2011

    Well, it's no surprise to see so many one-star ratings for lordandtaylor.com. I seldom write reviews, but this company deserves to be called out for absolutely the worst service I have ever experienced online. And it's not just a one-time only thing. It's consistent. I have ordered from Lord and Taylor probably six times over the past two years and every time gets worse. No more Lord and Taylor online shopping for me. Here's what they did (or did not do.) FREE SHIPPING = HA HA! I wonder if getting charged $15.95 for "free" shipping is a deliberate act to create a new profit center. I placed two orders, each over $300, on one day and when I reviewed the order prior to pressing the submit button, the shipping fee showed as "0." But when I received the eimail confirmation, the $15.95 fee appeared. Hmmm....I emailed immediately to dispute the shipping fees (hassle,) and two weeks later I finally see the shipping credits. But when I reviewed my orders via my online L & T account,... Read more

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    Wed May 18 2011

    Lord & Taylor through their website, www.lordandtaylor.com, was absolutely the worst online shopping experience I have ever had the misfortune of going through. As someone who shops online often, I'm relatively adept at navigating various issues that may come up, and I've also learned to be flexible - I understand things do happen. However, Lord & Taylor was in a realm all its own. Lord & Taylor’s response was unprofessional and frustrating. I spent almost 4 hours on the phone altogether to resolve this issue. I never thought I would say this, but the shoes just weren’t worth the pain. I placed a $200+ order during a promotion sale over the phone, because their website was not accepting orders correctly. I placed the order through the phone instead, but the SA on the phone was unable to get their system to give me free shipping as per the promotion. She charged me the price with shipping, and promised to refund the shipping within 1-3 business days. I took a screen sho... Read more

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    Mon Jan 24 2011

    This is a review for lordandtaylor.com not the physical store. Unfortunately, the online shopping experience was bad. The site is clean and easy to navigate but the inventory status is completely not accurate. Of the 8 items in my order, 2 were ultimately no longer available which I didn't find out about until days/week later. I don't think that's acceptable in this competitive environment. Also, customer service responsiveness is pretty sub-par. While, I did receive an email two days later about one out of stock item, I had to call twice and email once and wait another week to find out that another item was out of stock as well. Again, I think putting the onus on the customer to follow up defeats the whole purpose of convenient online shopping. And when you ask for a manager, the reps give you the runaround and do everything in their powers to make you give up. They would politely ask for your email and phone number over and over again then they would essentially take a message. ... Read more

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    Tue Jan 04 2011

    1 stars I ordered two items after xmass. The first came without a email notification that it was being shipped, not a big deal. I waited 8 days for a pair of lucky jeans that the website says are in stock. After 4 calls to the service department, no resolution. Finally they send me an email with a giftcard for a lesser amount then what they owe me? I called to notify them that they owe me money and they said I'd have to wait 5 business days for my issue to go to management. I will never use the site or the store again. Every chance I get I will tell people what a horrible experience it is dealing with Lord and Taylor. Kevin Prince.

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    Thu Dec 30 2010

    I shop online all the time and this was the absolute worst online shopping experience I've ever had. I was unable to checkout the items in my cart online, because it kept sending an error message that I needed to select the color for one of my items when it was not possible to select the color. So I had to call customer service to complete my order. The two items I ordered were shipped separately and they were both the wrong items. When I called customer service they were of little help. They blamed it on sku# problems but told me they could not send me the items I ordered because the items were out of stock. However, according to the website they were available for ordering. I also cannot use the return label included in my order form, but have to wait 24 hours for customer service to email me a return label that I then have to print out. Like I said already, this has been to worst, most frustrating online shopping experience I've ever had. I think that in this day and age there is no... Read more

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    Sun Dec 26 2010

    1 star, I was walking around and by acsedent I know over a rack and a staff said " whoever the kid who knowked over this rack should stay at home" my son was crying all night. I'm very sorry but some of your staff take jobs to seriously and you should get a new one!!!

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    Sat Dec 18 2010

    Their customer service people do not have the authority to resolve issues nor do their supervisors. I called 8 times about an order for several Christmas gifts only to get an email saying that they cancelled the order. I was told they would they would reissue the order and would call me back, but I did not receive any communication. I am absolutely appalled at the circus I've experienced with them. I will never shop with Lord & Taylor again. I recommend Macys, Dillards, Neiman Marcus, Bloomingdales who all have shown superior customer service.

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    Tue Dec 07 2010

    Stay away from this merchant! Go to one that actually cares about its customers. I had 5 orders cancelled without notification. It seems to be a common practice by this website upon reading the other reviews. Even my reorders over the phone were cancelled. The reason on the ONE email I got for one of my orders was: unable to verify shipping. I have had an order shipped successfully prior to that... I called again and the rep said she could try the order again but there was no guarantee that it would go through. A reputable business would call the customer's billing phone number and ask to verify shipping information, instead of simply cancelling the order without notification. Take your money to a company that treats its customers right.

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    Thu Nov 11 2010

    I placed a large order with the friends and families discount. 2 of the first 8 items shipped, I then received an email canceling the other 6 items with no explanation. The two items did arrive and were wrinkled and dirty, not even in plastic within the bag. AND the discount had not been applied and I was charged the full online price. 3 customer service calls and no one at lordandtaylor.com could tell me 1) why most of my order had been canceled when every single item was still listed for sale on the website (and does till this day) 2)why the friends and family discount wasn't applied to the 2 items that had been shipped. I had considered keeping the two items (cleaning them) but was so fed up with the whole situation I sent them back. Now, wait for it, the amount credited back to my credit card is the discounted price I never received! I am floored. Lord and Taylor has been a standard store we have shopped at for decades, but not anymore. Not online, and not in person. Robbery, poor... Read more

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    Sat Oct 30 2010

    I made an online purchase at lordandtaylor.com. I thought I was getting a great Friends and Family discount. So I purchased a gift for my mother and she never got it. When I sent them an inquiry they wrote back that the order was canceled because my financial institution did not authorize the order. When I called my financial institution, they said it was authorized the very same day I made the purchase. Lord and Taylor totally lied to me. They probably canceled my order because they didn't have what I wanted in stock or they made a mistake in giving me the friends and family discount. Because when I called them back they said that I could no longer receive the friends and family discount. Makes me think they're a very dishonest and sneaky business. Don't trust them. I will never be their customer in the future. The whole experience leaves the customer in the dark. Unless we make the effort to contact them, we'll never be notified. They don't even update their user logged-... Read more

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    Mon Oct 18 2010

    As Canadians visiting New York City, my daughter and I were very disappointed with the Manhattan store service. My daughter bought expensive boots and discovered at the hotel the next morning that one was a size 8 and one a size 9. We hastily cabbed it back to the store as we were returning home that afternoon. There was no apology, just a long wait for them to get another pair of boots. I asked for a manager but I think she was hiding in her office under her desk or something. All in all, not only does the customer service suck, they have not trained their staff properly and a store with a Fifth Avenue Address that doesn't compensate a customer in some way for the store's mistake is a disgrace. My daughter and I are never going to shop at Lord and Taylor again. I have been a very good customer in the past, spending $1,100 on a ring and many thousands of dollars on gowns and suits. Thank goodness there are other fine stores that appreciate their customers. This one treats thei... Read more

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    Fri Sep 17 2010

    I ordered boots on-line, but never got them after 2 weeks, so I inquired them by e-mail and they told me the order was cancelled. They said my card was bad but i've never had problem using my card. However, they never notified me my order was cancelled or anything. I returned the e-mail to them saying to confirm my card again and proceed the order. But they never even respond. Very very bad customer service!

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    Sun Jul 04 2010

    5 stars to the following employees: I must commend Karen Mills and Monica Koman in the Manhasset Store on LI, NY for being extremely helpful and courteous when I visited the store on Saturday, July 3. Hopefully, someone will let their manager know how fortunately the store is to have them on staff.

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    Mon Mar 01 2010

    Terrible experience at Lord and Taylor, New York City. (03/01/2010) Lord and Taylor's return policy means, NO RETURN! Be aware when you buy a BCBG merchandise! At the BCBG section, the return policy is ridiculous. When you are ready to buy they will be very helpful and kindly take your money. If, for any reason, you decide to take back the item you don't want to keep, they will look at your merchandise with a magnifying glass. They are determined to discover wrinkles, dust, the smallest amount of signs that the merchandise was worn. It doesn't matter if you didn't wear it, they won't honor their return policy. My dress was sold with the price tag, but without the "store tag" and of course this was one of their main reasons why my dress could not be returned. I think Lord and Taylor's new business strategy is to lose as many customers as possible. No wonder the store is empty! Who would want to spend time and money in a hostile department store when there is Macy's and Bloomingdale's?

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    Thu Feb 18 2010

    Lord & Taylor is the worst departement store by far. I received a Bulova watch for a Christmas present this year. First of all, when my boyfriend bought it online for me, it rejected his credit card twice, so he had to have his sister buy it for me because it would only accept her credit card. I had the watch re-sized at a watch store but found that the pins were falling out. So I took it to Lord & Taylor on 5th Avenue NYC, and the watch specialist in fine jewelry attempted to put the pins back in and fix the watch. However, two days later, I look down at my wrist to check the time and find that my watch is not on my wrist but has fallen off. Lucky for me, I found it in my sweater sleeve and didn't lose it somewhere on the streets of Manhattan. I took it back to the 5th Avenue store, and the watch specialist told me he couldn't fix it and it was defective but because I bought it online he "didn't know how that worked, so I should just figure it out myself and call the online peo... Read more

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    Tue Jan 12 2010

    Lord and Taylor has the worst customer service. I just had a very bad experience with one of the customer service representative. Please NEVER use their STORE CREDIT CARD. Due to an error in my online bill pay, my payment to them was not made on time and I was charged a late fee of $29.99. I tried explaining it to them and as a one time courtesy waive it, but their customer service rep was very rude and said that due to the tough econimic times their tightening up their belts!!! I can understand if I am a regular offender, but for a one time delay I definitely expect such a big store like this to be a little more customer centric. You just lost a good customer and many of my friends whom I am going to share this with. I am never going back to that store again. Good Luck surviving this economy charging your customers with exhorbitant Late fees and what else?!!!! WHAT A WAY TO SURVIVE!!!

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    Tue Dec 22 2009

    Very poor customer service. I placed an online order on 12/15/09. I called and inquired about the length of time it was taking to receive my Christmas presents. I was assured that I would get my order in time for Christmas. Today, 12/22/09 I received an email stating my order has been cancelled because they were unable to fill it all. Everything was in stock when I placed my order, now that's not the case. I will never shop at Lord and Taylor again. I have been shopping online for years and never had a screw up like this. I would suggest to avoid shopping at Lord and Taylor online. They closed the store that was close to me and the closest one to me is much too far for me to travel to. The service they provide is very unreliable.

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    Wed Nov 25 2009

    This got 1 star only because I couldn't leave zero star. Horrible customer service. I am never shopping at Lord & Taylor in Manhattan again. I was initially attracted to the great sales they were having both online and in the store and agree with a previous reviewer that said they had a lot of chic brands. However, I had an awful experience and am now stuck with a $300 dress that doesn't fit nor do I want it. I bought BCBG Max Azria dress that was a tad bit small, and tried to return it after 2 days when I decided there was no way it was comfortable (even though it looked hot!). Upon bringing it to Lord & Taylor, the BCBG store manager insisted it was not in "saleable condition" and that she could not put it on the floor so therefore she would not issue the return. I understand someone needed to do their job and that sounds like a fair statement, the problem was I had purchased said dress in that "condition" and she was completely unconcerned about that point, nor was she concerned t... Read more

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    Fri Aug 28 2009

    I heard Lord & Taylor had reasonable alterations so I bought a beautiful long gown from them for like $79 it was really marked down which was to my benefit. They wouldn't give me a price quote to hem it up around 4-5 inches over the phone. They told me I have to come in, try it on with the shoes I'm going to wear. That's understandable, so one day I go to the dress department where I bought my dress and asked them where to go for alterations. They made a phone call and the seamstress came down and right away started pinning and chalking my dress. She was a nice lady, but she didn't mention cost until she done. I was so shocked to find out that she wanted to charge me $60!! I paid $79 for the dress, I showed her my receipt b/c she needed it to fill out the form. How is $60 reasonable when I just needed it hemmed like 4-5 inches without a rush (wedding was in about 4 weeks)? Unrealistic! I would have paid her around $30, but no more. Especially since I didn't need it done right away -... Read more

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    Sun Aug 16 2009

    Terrible! They lost me as a customer today. Lord and Taylor has a dishonest return policy. If you return an item more then 90 days after purchase, they will issue a store credit, however not for the amout you originally paid, but the lowest sale price, even if you have a receipt!! This way they issued me a store credit for $20 less what i originally paid. It's not much in terms of money, but what counts it's a priniciple. I will stick with Macy's. They still have a 180 day return policy.

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    Sat Aug 15 2009

    Lord & Taylor CIRCA 2009 is very fashionable with the latest, trendiest brands...theory,Juicy Couture,Calvin Klein,Betsey Johnson,Trina Turk,Lacoste,Lily Pulitzer,Free People,Nicole Miller,Cole Haan,Geox,Allen Edmonds,DKNY Donna Karan,David Meister,Lafayette 148 NY,Laundry,Michael Kors,Dooney & Bourke,Tahari,Hanro,BCBG Max Azria,Eileen Fisher,Cinzia Rocca,Max & Cleo,Ralph Lauren, Hudson,Miss Sixty,UGG Australia,Arturo Chang,Andre Assous,Bruno Magki,Tayrn Rose,Marc Jacobs,Aquatalia,Joan & David,Delman,Burberry,Bulgari,Issey Miyake,Jean Paul Gaultier,John Varvatos,Narcisco Rodriguez,Thierry Mugler,Oakley,Osmotics,Valentino,Yves St. Laurent, Hugo Boss,Joseph Abboud & many,many more!! Tumi Great customer service from kind sales people who aren't on commission! Lord & Taylor is a treasure as it is America's first department store & it's best. The original onFifth Avenue is breathtakingly Old World Beautiful!!!

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    Mon Aug 03 2009

    Lord and Taylor lost me as a customer last week I have shopped there for years and will never set foot in any of their stores again. Buyer beware of their fine jewlery department where they mark things way up over the RRP lots of items by double so they can mark them down, to make you think you are getting a great deal when you are not. I purchased some designer pieces and when I got home looked them up online and found that Lord and Taylor had marked up by double on the RRP set by the designer. I felt robbed and will tell as many people as I can to never shop there. Scam!!!!!!!

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    Wed Oct 22 2008

    A fair warning on what now seems to be a common sales feature, Charity Bash. Here a discount coupon allows the Store to share with one of several local charities. I warn you though that the so call book signing are nothing more than a real opportunity to be disappointed. I took my son to get a signed copy at the recent Manhasset, New York Bash and despite waiting on line and there being books left and the author willing to continue signing, the event was terminated despite being advertised to open till a certain time. It was even more of a real insult to see employees leaving with the very book my son was denied and having the extra books being packed up in front of him. When I asked the person in charge I was told to go to Barnes and Noble and buy it there. I suspect the extras went to friends or worse ended up making the sales person some extra compensation. Complaints have gone unresolved although I did get an automatic response from the website, small comfort to my son. A store tha... Read more

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    Thu Apr 10 2008

    Generally my experiences have been positive in nature both in the NY 5th Avenue store and the NJ Quakerbridge store. However apparently the service is only good if you are standing in front of the person at the time. I purchased a quantity of suits spending several thousand dollars and had to call in to see if the tailoring had been completed. Effectively I was told by the clerk (they do not even rate an associate in my book) that they were simply too busy and to call back. I could have accepted a "May I take your number and will call you back" but to be dismissed as 'Go away you are interrupting my next commission' was not acceptable.

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    Wed Dec 19 2007

    Deeply disappointed with condition of delivery!!! To start, I opened the box to find a tattered shoe box. I paid extra for gift wrap. There was none. Okay, move on. I peered in. Expecting at least, shiny new boots and this is what I saw -- twisted boots, with supports and packaging removed. As if these boots were just tried on and tossed back into the box. Please, when I want to shop at Payless Shoes, I will shop at Payless Shoes. What has happened to the Lord & Taylor? Is it no longer lordly? This is just the beginning of the emails I plan to send. I never have this problem at Nordstroms. David Shone

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    Sun Dec 16 2007

    Lord & Taylor lost me as a customer yesterday. I took my 17-year old son shopping for clothes yesterday. He had tried on and selected over one hundred forty dollars worth of clothing when I remembered that I left my Daily Pass Coupon at home. We went to the sales desk where I asked if there was a daily pass coupon available for scanning. I was told that the sales people are no longer allowed to keep them at the stations for customers. The clerk said that I could ask another customer if they had the coupon. I said, no thank you, I do NOT go about begging. I would NOT have purchased the items my son had picked out, but I did not want to start all over at another store. I did, however, finish my son's shopping at Macy's where they were more than happy to provide me with their coupon. Lord & Taylor lost my business because of their greediness in not providing the coupon.

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    Tue Aug 14 2007

    I've shopped at Lord & Taylor a few times and I have nothing but good things to say about them! They always have great selections and the best sales! I think their customer service is excellent and it's my favorite place to go when looking for high quality clothing. And did I mention they have a great golfing apparel section?!?!?!

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    Fri Aug 10 2007

    Their selection is so-so but their customer service is really bad. Needless to say the store hardly attracts any customers

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    Wed Aug 08 2007

    Well I lost my cell phone in Lord and Taylor and no one was willing to help me there at all. I was treated very rudely, Everyone kept directin me to somewone else. It was awful. I never want to step foot in that store ever again.

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    Mon Feb 13 2006

    I was recently at the Tyson's Corner Lord and Taylor, trying to purchase some earrings. There was a clerk standing in front of the jewelry counter, and I asked if she could help me. She snickered to another clerk behind the counter whom I had not seen, indicating that the fact that I had assumed that she might help me was a real joke. She also loudly proclaimed that she couldn't wait to go home. A few days later, I was shopping at the Lord and Taylor at Fair Oaks. I must have gone back and forth to the dressing room three or four times carrying garments to try on and was not once even glanced at or asked if I needed help. I'm ready to give up. Customer service is not their forte, and they have little merchandise that isn't carried by everyone else.

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    Tue Jan 24 2006

    Recently visited the coat department and had the pleasure of meeting a lovely lady named laurie.(Very nice and knowledgable). She saw me looking through the coat assortment and came over, introduced herself and said I have the perfect coat for you. I of course thought she was crazy, but she picked me out a great cashmere jacket from Cinzia Rocca. (Fit to perfection). The assortment was great but the service was even better...Two tumbs up for Lord and Taylor....

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    Tue Jan 24 2006

    Recently visited the coat department at Lord and taylor as I was shopping in the designer coat area, I had the pleasure of meeting a women by the name of Laurie. As I was looking through the coats, she came over and said 'I have the perfect coat for you'. Of course I though she was crazy, but she brought me over a great Cinzia Rocca cashmere coat.(Which fit to perfection). Not only was the assortment great but the help was even better. Two thumbs up to Lord and Taylor.Will always come back...Thanks Laurie.

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    Sat Oct 08 2005

    I have been a loyal customer of Lord and Taylor for many years. Today I shopped in Woodbridge, NJ for a black tie event. I was very pleased that I found a dress that I liked and was on sale. The dress was originally $218.00 and reduced to $129.00. The dress needed some alterations. I was with a friend and she suggested that we look in the Women's Section since sometimes the dresses fit better. We did find the dress in the Women's Section and it did, in fact, fit better, in a smaller size. When I brought the dress to check out, I was told that it was not on sale. Since it was the same dress as the one that I tried on in the Misses department, I could not understand why it was not on sale also. I spoke to two managers and they both told me that the Misses dress was probably older and the Women's dress newer. I then went back to the Misses department and they told me that the dress just came in about two weeks ago. When I explained this to the manager, I was told that there was... Read more

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    Sat Feb 12 2005

    As another comment noted, Lord & Taylor seems to suffer from the same problem as K-Mart, namely in the mortal middle zone. This store isn't as nice as Bloomingdale's or Nordstrom but does not have the selection of Macy's, Dillard's, etc. So far I have not been impressed.

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    Mon Dec 20 2004

    I am very happy to see your tribute to the Postal Service in your window displays. Thank You! From a retired Postmaster.

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    Fri Oct 22 2004

    I am a nana of twin girls in kindergarten and I am sickened by the choice of clothing for 6 year olds....size 7. Are there no sweet outfits!? ...everything is sassy.... I speak for moms and grandmoms everywhere!!

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    Mon Sep 06 2004

    Lord & Taylor has beautiful evening gowns if you are willing to pay their prices. It was the first store I went to when looking for an elegent evening dress. I found this beautiful beaded floor length dress, but with a $200 price tag I decided to keep looking and vowed to return if I found nothing else. Wouldn't you know that I found the same dress at JCPenny for $150 and on sale for 99.00, not to mention their coupon for $10 off. It always amazing me how stores can sell the same item for such differnt prices. It teaches the consumer to always compare before buying.

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    Tue Nov 04 2003


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    Wed Sep 03 2003

    Lord and Taylor has very bland over priced clothing. Futhermore there service leaves much to be desired. You can be in an empty department for a long time before being helped. Lord and Taylor is in the process of shutting down 38% of it's stores. I wonder why. They don't cater to their guests and they don't stock clothes for people that could pay the prices they charge.

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    Sat Aug 09 2003

    Cannot believe this is not the number 1 store. I just love Lord & Taylors merchandise, selection, and classy displays. Have trouble getting the coupons and savings pass in the mail. Believe they should be sent to each active charge customer with their bill - even if they need to be post dated - that is OK. I miss out on many events since the mailed coupons and savings passes are not received, someone must be stealing them before the post man has a chance to deliver them - I am a dedicated customer with an excellent credit rating and active Lord & Taylor account and would like to receive the coupons/passes preferably via e-mail or with my bill. I cannot get any satisfaction speaking on the courtesy phone. Please make contact via e-mail possible. Thanks so much.

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    Fri Jun 06 2003

    Did not get a good feeling today, shopping at Lord and Taylor in Holyoke, thought sales clerk was quite rude to my mother, who is older and hard of hearing. Seemed to look down on her, when she asked if the 15 percent off was for today--then made my elderly mother go all the way up to the 2nd floor with a broken arm to get a coupon she didnt receive by mail. Then was asked to bring the coupon back upstairs when she was done with it, so I had to bring it back, with two babies in tow. She is a VERY good customer of L % T, tried to discourage her from shopping there in the future.

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    Sun May 25 2003

    Lord & Taylor is by far the best store there is! They have excellent sales and the service is exceptional.

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    Fri Mar 21 2003

    Great store. The new look is very impressive. It's easier to find items, wider aisles, great lighting and I can find beautiful clothing for everyone in my family! Dresses for all occasions. Excellent service too.

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    Thu May 31 2001

    In the heirarchy of department stores, Lord & Taylor seems to occupy an unenviable position. They're cheap but not really cheap, and their stuff is OK but not really nice. Blah. I don't see the point of going there instead of a place like Macy's.

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    Wed Feb 14 2001

    You can find some good deals here, but sometimes you have to search a little.

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    Tue Sep 12 2000

    I love L&T; - the prices are high, but at least in Miami they have KILLER SALES like twice a month and you can get great quality clothes with good service for wonderful prices

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    Thu Jul 20 2000

    I think Lord & Taylor is an excellent department store. The selection of merchandise is very good, and you can count on it to be high quality. I'm always impressed by the customer service at Lord & Taylor, and I think that's one area in which the store really outshines its competitors. I can always find a knowledgeable (and even pleasant!) salesclerk when I need one. If given a choice, I would choose shopping at Lord & Taylor over any of the other major department stores.

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    Wed Dec 08 1999

    I like Lord and Taylors evening gowns. They are reasonably priced for good quality.

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    Wed Dec 08 1999

    I like Lord & Taylor because they have quality clothes at decent prices. Though some things are high priced, the sales are great!

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    Wed Dec 08 1999

    Fabulous customer service. Great dressy dress department.