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    Wed Oct 19 2011

    LOCAL SPLASH is the most dishonest company I have ever dealt with in business. I trusted them on a trial basis for 6 weeks to see what kind of results I would get. I paid $298 for the trial with no signed or verbal contract. It was explained to me by Zach Zbrovsky (account rep), that I would not be charged another dime. We would discuss progress in 6 weeks and see if I would like to sign up for an extended cotract. In 28 days from the start of the trial period my account was charged an additional $298. I spoke with Zach and his manager Maurice Williams demanding my money back and cancelling any further relationship with Local Splash. They were looking into it and would get back to me. I sent several emails to both of them terminating any further relationship, even spoke again with Maurice finally. He said he would be back in touch with me on the 12th of September 3 days before the next billing cycle. Of course I never heard from him, I called, sent several emails and was billed again o... Read more

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    Mon Oct 17 2011

    Local Splash is a Better Business Bureau (BBB) accredited business that currently holds a B+ rating. Our rating has been raised due to the length of time we've been operating, the response and resolutions to the complaints filed against us and the fact that the BBB has sufficient background information on Local Splash. Our number one goal is to get our clients on the first page of top search engines, Google, Yahoo! and Bing. Our clients rank in the Maps section as well as the organic search section for their keywords in their location. Here are some examples of current Local Splash clients who are ranking in both the Maps and organic search: 1. Paul Maue Associates LLC is ranking for keyword phrase "Landscape Architecture" in Andover MA - Letter B in the Maps on Google, 4th position in organic rankings on the first page of Google. 2. Perm-A-Green Lawns is ranking for the keyword phrase "Lawn Care Service" in Trenton IL - Letter A in the Maps on Google, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 7th position in... Read more

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    Thu Oct 13 2011

    I was contacted by a sales person from Local Splash 9 weeks ago. He claimed that my already top list business in a lot of search engines will be even better once they work on it for me. Given we had the best reviews in Google, I decided they may do something better for us. After 8 weeks and paying around $500, I found out that we are not receiving any more phone calls to our business which used to have 3-4 daily. I searched different ways for my business and no luck finding it anymore. I logged in to my Local Splash account to find out that their own records show my business is only found in my zip code and for all other categories I am the last in the list. I contacted my point of contact to hear "sorry we have had an adverse effect on your business." He wanted me to continue paying while he will fix the problem. I was not a fool to do so. I stopped all the payments and disputed previous ones immediately. I think you should do the same.

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    Wed Apr 06 2011

    This company will take your money even if you cancelled prior to them giving you service or you tell them you don't approve of their so called webb site they built they even called me and said i was not on the front page and they could not find me even after they supposedly had me up and running according to one of their reps. I do not recommend them to anybody. They give you a lot of runaround and lies.

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    Fri Mar 18 2011

    You know, it's really funny if you look hard enough you can find the truth. Just one thing. Don't it seem funny that all the good reviews are from California? Or does CA stand for Canada, or Calamazoo.

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    Tue Feb 08 2011

    These guys have done a great job with my online advertising. I get more phone calls because I am on the first page of results for Flower Delivery in San Diego! Thanks!

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    Tue Dec 07 2010

    This company Local Splash or Rel. Ads have the same owners thant owned Your Local Merchant google this company. Any business that has the amount neg. reports when you google them should be shut down by Google. They are a fraud and the owners should be brought to the attentiom of the F. B. I. They have been able to get away with fraud for far too many years.

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    Tue Dec 07 2010

    Local Splash gets over 90% of our clients on the first page of Google search results within 2 months of signing up with us. This is something that our competition can not say. Here are 3 examples of new clients that Local Splash has put on the 1st page of Google search results this week! Business Name / Search Query: BSS Trucking Inc - Trucking Company Union City CA, Marracino Insurance Agency, LLC - Insurance Agency Wintersville OH, Willams Painting Company LLC - Painting Contractor Chattanooga TN

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    Thu Dec 02 2010

    REAL ASSHOLES!!!!!!!!!!!!!! COMPLETE SCAM!!!!!!!!!!!! BEWARE!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Tue Nov 23 2010

    Here are five new clients that Local Splash has put on the 1st page of Google’s search results this week! You can copy and paste the search query into Google’s search bar and see the results yourself! Business Name / Search Query: 1) Valentine Appraisal & Associates - Appraisal Service Santa Clarita CA 2) California Clear Bottled Water Company - Bottled Water Service Sacramento CA 3) AAA Storage of Highland - Self Storage Highland CA 4) Road Vision - Sun Glass Wholesales Los Angeles CA 5) Express Alliance Courier and Trucking - Courier Services Signal Hill CA The company behind the Local Splash service is Relevant Ads, Inc. Relevant Ads was founded in 2004 with one mission: to help local businesses “be found” on the first page of Google, Yahoo! and Bing search results. Tens of thousands of local businesses have used Local Splash for their online marketing. Large national chains like Extra Space Storage also use our service to ensure that all of their locations nationwide can be easily... Read more

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    Thu Nov 18 2010

    Scamers, I was a customer, 99 MOVERS, www.99movers.com , local splash stold my name and linked it to there own foney page movershartfordct.com . local splash made promises of keeping my web site on the front page of Google and did not. local splash was relevant ads, local splash are frauds, they will burn you then steal your site by redirecting it to theres. A full out public and offficial complaint of local splash will continue by 99 Movers CT. Local Splash ha, I've just started.

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    Tue Nov 16 2010

    Here are five new clients that Local Splash has put on the 1st page of Google's search results this week! You can copy and paste the search query into Google's search bar and see the results yourself! Business Name / Search Query: 1)Timothy Sanders Roofing- Roofer Cocoa FL 2) Divorce Lawyer Woodland Hills CA- Law Offices Of Dana L. Blatt 3)Central Mechanical Heating & Air- HVAC Contractor Allen TX 4) Remodeling Contractor El Cajon CA - G.R. Gilbert Construction 5) Euro Tech Sound - Home Automation System Chicago IL, The company behind the Local Splash service is Relevant Ads, Inc. Relevant Ads was founded in 2004 with one mission: to help local businesses "be found" on the first page of Google, Yahoo! and Bing search results. Tens of thousands of local businesses have used Local Splash for their online marketing. Large national chains like Extra Space Storage also use our service to ensure that all of their locations nationwide can be easily found

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    Wed Oct 27 2010

    never once fulfilled obligations to me yet still took my money... they suck. stay away.... when I canceled they threatened me by say they were going to take away all my impressions and that my ads on google would go away... seriously... bad....... bad..... bad.... I promise you will be on here in a few months bitching like I am. find someone else to help you out. they suck. Don't try to talk to Brian and Kerry they are rude and once they lose there place here I could imagine them working at a money collection agency or something similar... yes that bad.

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    Thu Oct 14 2010

    I think that if someone looks at their service intelligently like most business owners should they will be pleased at the integrity that local splash brings to the relationship with respect to this service. Anyone who compulsively buys something will typically scramble and attempt to point fingers , placing others to blame for their lack of control. I have seen this occur for over 10 years as a proffessional in this industry as a consultant. I have often been guilty myself of being to lazy to do the footwork to investigate before I bought something. Even worse than that is the effect of pride on my decision to purchase . Being too afraid to say " I dont know or understand " so as not to give them the upper hand lol. This type of behavior leads to more confusion and anomosity. I challenge anyone who reads these posts to ask yourself this qustion " do I believe that everyone complaining here is a "real customer" ? And if so should I allow what I am reading to manipulate my perception of ... Read more

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    Wed Oct 06 2010

    I have a new client that signed up with our company because Local couldn't get the job done and were very uncaring about their client. Within hours of canceling his service with them, it began. Local Splash took all his postings and ripped all the details out of his listings. Then, within 3 days of us optimizing his information, map listings and his site, they began flagging all of our client's listings, maps and information all-over the web. Now, we're having to rebuild our client's information for the 2nd time they've damaged our client's information. Our client is simply trying to make a living and this company has a determination to not let him. Get over it Local Splash. It took us only 2 days to double his website with hits... And we've only just begun!

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    Fri Oct 01 2010

    I feel bad for everyone getting ripped off by these telemarketer internet/SEO companies. We are a legit SEO, Internet Marketing, Web Design firm in Salt Lake City. Check out our website www.oozlemedia.com or even Google our name and you won't find anything negative. We retain 95% of our clients, work with one client per industry per area (exclusivity), have month to month contracts, etc. I own the company and have 13 full time employees, in house. We don't outsource anything. Call me on my cell anytime. Thanks everyone! Travis Ashby 801-910-1977

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    Tue Sep 28 2010

    1 star A fraud. 4 months and they still haven't placed me correctly on google so people can find my business. I can't find my company unless I type a specific word ..... Ridiculous and a waste of money. I'm better off with facebook. Ileana Joanna Debler iPhone .

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    Wed Aug 25 2010

    Ripped me off. I tried it for three months, then I canceled back in March, and they simply forgot to process my request. They have been ripping me off for $459 per month until I just caught it this month, about $2500 down the drain, without a single lead!

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    Sun Aug 22 2010

    I signed up with local splash earlier this year in May. The sales guy made it seem like I would be on Google, Yahoo and Bing immediately. After talking with customer service, I found out that it can takes months to appear on the first page of the Google. I was not happy about this. But at least customer service was honest. I called again to cancel because I had paid a few hundred dollars and only had a few people call because of being on Google. The customer service showed me some cool tracking stuff and showed me that my business was on the first page of results... after trying a few different terms. They convinced me to stay with them because the service was paying for itself and they gave me a free month. They did make a website for my business and I show up Google. So I am happy. But they should have been more forthcoming from the start. I see other reviews (which I wish I would have seen before buying) that say they don't do anything. I don't know if that is a competitor (other ... Read more

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    Thu Jul 22 2010

    OKAY OKAY... If your considering doing business wih Local Splash, PLEASE READ this. I am a total skeptic anytime it comes to things that sound to good to be true. I am an Electrical Contractor in Sacramento, Ca. Now at the end of this I will gladly provide my URL so you can check the current visability your self, but PLEASE o not click on a sponsored link, it will cost this small business $$$$ The long story below, but I signed with them less than a month ago and so far I am very happy. I is a good sign that they will infact do as they claim. I belive that because they have already done more than most reviews give credit for. My Business is Two years old and I decided to pull the trigger on Website this past Jan. If your a Business owner you know how you do not have to look far for people trying to sell you a service. After a lot of consideration, I signed with WEB.COM formaly website pros. They guarenteed me results much like many other comanies did, within 7days yahoo, 14... Read more

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    Tue Jul 06 2010

    This is a scam company that has nothing to do with Google. The above review is most likely a plant. No pun intended. If you look at A Bed of Flowers Yelp reviews, they are actually as horrible as the reviews you will find for Local Splash on other websites such as TrustLink. Please be smart and do not have anything to do with them. At the very least, please research thoroughly before giving them any money.

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    Tue Jun 22 2010

    About four weeks ago, a rep from Local Splash called me and asked why I am not advertising in my local town. I told him that I am with FTD and they handle all my advertisements. Plus, I can't afford to pay any more than that. The Rep told me that there are a lot of positive reviews about my store on Yelp. Then he made me an offer I couldn't refuse. Within three weeks, I was being integrated into the Google search engine. By week four, I started to see a difference in my business. I am so glad that the Rep from Local Splash talked me into having more business! Thank you! Thank you from my heart, Katherine A Bed of Flowers Menlo Park, CA

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    Mon Jun 21 2010

    After nearly three months without a Local Splash "hit" and all the costs in time and money that go with it I called in and got some smart arse who felt the need to educate me about the internet. After drilling down with her she pointed me to a link on the first page of Google for one of Local Splash's third party partners based upon a specific search for my company. She said "there you are". BS I typed in a search for me company and what came up was an add for one of their partners with my company name included but not web link to my site. So I clicked on the company with my name in it and low and behold there really was a link - however the link was for a web site that Local Splash invented and when I clicked on it it took me to another site - once again not mine. Then she told me to click on the world logo on the top right corner and that would take me to my site. Bottom line when I told them that I had paid them to make my site more visible it did not mean that I expected future ... Read more

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    Fri May 21 2010

    local splash is a complete rip-off!!! i was told i'd be paying a 99$ set-up fee and 250$ a month for search engine optimization once all my company was on the first page of goggle, yahoo, bing etc. instead i was charged almost 600$ within one month and no service was delivered. when i called to cancel my contract and request a refund i was transfered to several different people, the last being steve yeich who claims he could cancel my contract but not issue a refund because he did not have the authority and it was not in their policies. however how do you not have the authority if your position with the company is chief executive officer? be warned consumers. its companys like this that rob smaller businesses and think they can get away with it.

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    Mon May 17 2010

    A sales rep called me from Local Splash. When I did not buy a package from him, he said he would write negative reviews about my business. And, guess what. I found a negative review posted at about the same time by name that has never been a customer. Obviously, it was a bogus review, but it hurts our credibility nonetheless. I wouldn't trust these scumbags!

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    Wed May 12 2010

    TO ALL PEOPLE WHO READ THESE REVIEWS TO HELP MAKE A DECISION ON WETHER TO TRY THEM OUT OR NOT NEEDS TO RETHINK TAKING THESE INTO FACTOR. Think about it!!!! if these people who talk all this big talk about how google works and all this stuff then WHY THE HELL CANT THEY DO IT THEMSELVES???????????? REALLY DUDE! they talk all these things about how they know how it works and what google looks for in companies??? If you think about it, really think about these comments you will tell that they are WAY TOO knowlege able about how the "inside" of this company works you will tell that they probbly worked here and got let go for poor performance, no shows whatever. no regular random customer of this company would be able to know the information within these reviews!!!! NOW LASTLY, TO ALL WHO IS READING REVEIWS ON THIS COMPANY TAKE 1 MORE MINUTE AND GO UP TO THE SEARCH BAR FOR RATE-IT-ALL AND TYPE IN VERIZON WIRELESS AND SEE THE REVIEWS!!! TYPE IN PIZZA HUT....... AND SEE THE REVIEWS.......... Read more

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    Wed Apr 21 2010

    I have had the same problem with these people myself. The exact problems as the others, and no service at all. The stole my money and give me nothing for months, after I told them I wanted to cancel. They are liars. But pasting them on the internet is not going to serve the justice. You have to do you due diligence. Call: FTC report them. 877.382-4357 Atty Gen. 800.952-5225 BBB 858-496-2131 Write a letter to them and CC the Atty Gen. State Rep. your Councilmen of your area. Don't let them punk you out of your money because their motive is not to give you the service, it is to take your money while pretending they are going to offer you something. Good luck and take action. Don't remain the victim.

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    Mon Feb 22 2010

    I was promissed a no contract and a trial, I have been locked into Revelant Ads trap for over 7 months. They will say anything, do nothing and then blame the other guy for the problem. Beware of this company Back in October I called to cancel the service that I got trapped into and they made more promises including two free months. I have been billed for the last three months and have seen no real effect on our online advertising. I will tell anyone thinking about using a service like this one. Watch your self, your back, and your money because that is what they want is to hook companies, people and drain their accounts 199.00 at a time. One good thing they just promissed to refund the last two months of service that I paid for. Let's see if they follow thru on that promiss. I am not holding my breath.

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    Sat Feb 06 2010

    So I've been on hold for 15 minutes and being told that I am "first in line" for the last 12 mins. What a joke! I was told by Frank Gutierrez, a sales manager, that I would be the first listing on the organic searches for a couple keywords within the first month... Well I've paid over $400 and our listing isn't found on the first 3 pages. He did tell me I could get my money back so I'll see how that is going to go. I have a feeling it wont happen without a fight. Don't listen to these guys. They'll tell you anything to make the sale. And how could a company have a bunch of one star ratings and then a couple 5 star ratings. That doesn't make sense and makes it very obvious that they are produced from within the company. I'm determined to get BBB to give them a F- rating.

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    Mon Jan 25 2010

    Employee scammer, they hire people, then cheat them out of hourly wage by using the con of "1099" status, not paying the appropriate payroll taxes etc. Not only do they cheat their employees, they cheat on taxes, and they don't deliver the services they promise consumers!!! Any good reviews that you see most likely are put in by the company scammer.

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    Sat Jan 23 2010

    Stay away from I local and local splash. they put at the top for 1 day to get you excited but then they drop you. stay away. If you dispute the charge they use your money to put up a great looking defense....... They are experienced in defending themselves...... Seems they get into a lot of disputes.

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    Wed Jan 13 2010

    This is the only company I've ran accross who GUARANTEE front page placement...finally a guarantee or I don't pay. I was tired of always being promised something with NO results!!! local Splash is a product by Relevant Ads, a better business bureau accredited business and who are also qualified by Google themselves. I've had a positive experience thus far and plan on staying in business with them for many years. They did the research and put me where it matters for my services in MY town. I would definetley recomend this company to all businesses!!! They hold no contracts either which is great now a days!!!

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    Tue Jan 12 2010

    I signed up with Local Splash to gain more internet exposure for my business. I received a call from their San Diego office from a representative asking me if I could use more customers. They explained to me how they would place my business listing on the first pages of the major search engines to improve my rankings. I thought their prices were high until they explained to me everything they said they would do for me. I was very sceptical as I have had bad experiences with other companies promising the same type of service. The sales represetative was very patient and thorough and gave a very good presentation regarding the service. After just a few weeks I found my listing on the first page of google and yahoo. I have noticed that my listing continues to remain on the first pages, unlike others I have seen listed there in my same industry. My business has actually increased and now I have more business than I can handle. This is a great service!

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    Tue Jan 05 2010

    Relevant Ads - Local Splash's uses super high pressure sales tactics over the phone, promising "money back" if not satisfied. Trouble is, they NEVER put this is writing making it impossible to get your money back. They actually did produced fake-bogus listings on highly suspect pages referencing my website. They proved they did that to my credit card company. Yet, I had no proof of their promise to provide results. There were no results. No increased traffic, no increased sales. After months of fighting, my CC company re-charged my account. These guys are scum. My bad for failing to insist on something in writing. BUYER BEWARE!

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    Tue Jan 05 2010

    I'd definitely agree with some of the things on this page here. Their sales strategy leaves alot to be desired. I usually NEVER buy anything over the phone but they just caught me on a good day. And the sales lady sounded hot. Lynn or something. If you talk to her, let her know I'd like to have dinner. ;-) Everything sounded great and so I gave it a shot. She said I'd be up in 7 days. Actually it took about 12. Organically it took about 3 weeks which was a little long for my taste but well within the promised timeframe. Customer service was satisfactory and knowledgable but there was one rep I spoke with that blew off all my concerns: Kerry Wagoner. I hope they fire that guy: he's a jerk. I called back the next day and got someone else and she was very friendly. Overall, I'd say it's a good service even though there's definitely some kink they need to work out.

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    Wed Dec 23 2009

    I tried to cancel with their service by calling their business line. They answered my call and said they could not cancel at the time I called because they were short on help at the time. I asked him to put it in the notes to cancel me , but all he would say is that if they did not call me back I would be on auto pilot for another debit from my credit card account.

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    Fri Dec 18 2009

    Dont wast your money. Not only did they do nothing for me aver the last 8 months. They created fake reviews for me. When i first started they created fake reviews pretending they were customers. Al the reviews gave me were good, but the things they gave me good reviews on I dont do. After i cancelled my account they started leaving negative reviews saying all the reviews were fake. This company should be reported to someone. Read this and look somewhere else.

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    Thu Dec 17 2009

    Pushy sales, they tried setting up an account for me without even asking if I want it, rude if you don't want to deal with them.

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    Wed Dec 02 2009

    My family runs a Christmas Tree lot in LA every year. After several years of other nearby lots poaching customers who received our marketing fliers, we turned to online marketing. Local Splash was fantastic, working around my crazy schedule as I handled setting up my lot and had me on the top of the Google search results (3+ times on the first page!!) within a week! Thank you!!

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    Wed Nov 25 2009

    These guys just take your money away without producing any result, they charge me over $600 and still no show on the map, what a bunch of crooks......

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    Wed Oct 14 2009

    I have a small carpet cleaning business in Newport Beach CA (occarpetcare.com) and since i signed on with Local Splash my profit has increased by 10% it is an effective and affordable service. Thank you. Dan N.

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    Wed Oct 07 2009

    Just another telemarketing company. Don't waste your time with their BS tactics.