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    Wed Jul 20 2011

    The gym looks clean but after going into their hot tub (first time in my life) I contracted hot tub folliculitis. According to the CDC it is a bacteria contracted from severely neglected hot tubs. Funny how a place can appear clean and yet be so dirty. I only use the gym now for the Yoga classes. I do not go into the locker rooms, bathrooms or the aquatics. Yucky!

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    Fri Jun 24 2011

    Lifetime is not only a great place to work out, but it is also a good place to hang out and relax after hopping on the eliptical for an hour. At times it is busy- probably the only negative, but overall I am glad that I joined this club.

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    Fri Jun 24 2011

    Parker, CO: Everyone is really friendly, the facility is top notch (i.e. clean, plenty of locker space), and it is open 24 hours. Lots of equipment! Even during the high usage times, I waited a few minutes once for an ab machine and we go about 3 times a week. It is kid friendly. My 13 years just started working out and is truly engaged at this facility. There are a lot of ways to "mix it up.” Activities include a rock climbing wall, artificial turf, and swimming. My son is going to surpass my fitness level soon. What I think of Lifetime Fitness is that it has a special touch and it is very rare that I will come and/or go without one of the staff members saying "hello" or "good-bye" by name. Also, I cannot remember a time when I was not greeted with a smile. It means a lot after a long day. It feels like Cheers, "Where Everybody Knows Your Name." When you go, tell Ashley, Chris, Trixie, Matt hello. the way, there is a cafe (healthy and yummy!) and spa (have not tri... Read more

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    Thu Jun 09 2011

    My 1st visit to the Life Time Fitness in Dublin, Ohio was troublesome at best, so much so that I am still wondering about it and it was 12 hours ago. I had my mind set on a spinning class at 9:30, but I was at least 15 minutes late, because I was filling out the paper work for a first time guest. The only rule I saw posted on the door was, “Don’t put a water bottle on the hardwood floor.” I would not have disrespected the teacher or the class if I had seen a rule that prevented me from entering for lateness. There were plenty of bikes available in the room so I thought here is my shot! Upon entering the room I was greeted by the instructor with a harsh, “You need to be fitted before you join a class!” Is that a standard greeting for a newcomer? I immediately left the class thinking perhaps “Fitted” was a term you all use to go sign in somewhere. But, the member I was with informed me that, I did not have to sign up and we could go in the room. I was very uncomfortable in the class th... Read more

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    Mon May 16 2011

    What a horrible place! Outrageous management! Before you read this review I want to mention that I don’t want anything from that place and the only purpose of it for people to know the truth about Lifetime Club. Some time ago my friend invited me to try Zoomba class in this fitness as a guest. So we did, I signed quickly some form at the entrance & filled in some personal info. Just a couple weeks before my birthday I got a PERSONAL INVITATION TO TRY A WEEK OF MEMBERSHIP WITH MY FAMILY FOR FREE. (The paperwork had a date and my name on it) So on my birthday, I went in the pouring rain to try it. Right at the entrance, as soon as receptionist saw this invitation I got the evil glare, knowing look & a phrase ”we have another one of those!” when she called for reception supervisor. Thinking it’s just THAT person. I was patiently waiting for shift supervisor to come & help me to fill my form for a week trial. Manager came and took my driver’s license and asked me “what I am doing here?” ... Read more

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    Sun May 15 2011

    ummmm i probably have had the worst experience. So it started this sunday night.... i went there to hit the steam room and shower and go home. unfortunately this is what happened. I got there and got ready to go to the steam room. i opened the door and there was pee on the floor and mud and lint and funk everywhere. IT WAS DISGUSTING! This is not the first time that had happened. They say they clean it every 4 hours.. however ive never seen them clean it and im there at all the times the schedule says they are cleaning it. Alright so no steam room but sauna? i go in and its not hot; there is dried sweat all over. So not the sauna either. Hot tub?? i throw on my shorts and head for the hot tub. (there are two hot tubs) I go in the hot tub and i noticed brown stuff floating in it and it smelled AWFUL..... someone has shat in the f***ing hot tub. grossed out i didnt dare to go in the other one. I went to the showers and there was a used bandade in it and the shower head didnt work! This g... Read more

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    Wed Apr 27 2011

    Cinco Ranch Lifetime has the worst custmer service! They will say and do anything for you for your membership but the minute you need to make a change or cancel no salesman can help you. You get the run around. They are rude! It took us a month to catch up with our salesman to cancel our membership. We continued to make trip after trip and only the salesman that signed you up can cancel you. We called and told him we were on our way and when we got there he was gone! We have asked for the manager he was always in a meeting and never returned one phone call. BEWARE! We ended up paying 2 extra months!

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    Fri Apr 01 2011

    I absolutely hate that Lifetime Fitness has FOX on every single TV bank in the place. At home I can turn it off when they turn my stomach, but at the gym where I seek out peace and a good workout, I'm hit in the face by that awful station no matter which way I turn.

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    Tue Mar 08 2011

    BEWARE before you take out a mebership with the westminster location or any other of the locations. This club has a F rating in bbB for collections issuse, customer service issues, And other disbutes. They do not even answer the complaints in my case after canceling the mebership four months ago they continue to take money off my criedit card today a grand total of $329 for a club i have not even walked in to four months after ending my mebership i am told over and over that they are checking on it and i will receive a call back whitch never happens and i keep loosing money over it. Amazing the complants with the BBB are for the same reason. IF YOU TAKE OUT A MEBERSHIP WITH THIS CLUB ALL U CARDS WILL BE HIT. STAY AWAY

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    Mon Mar 07 2011

    I had the membership Lifetime in Novi. I had the terrible time. Customer service was so bad. When I joined the clud, customer service people was so nice and friendly. However, after that, they never said even Hi. I tired to cancel the that was so hard to terminate the membership. I had to go and talk them the serveral times. My experience with Lifetime was so horrible..i am not recommend to anyone. Lifetime fitness only cares to make money... they do not care about how to treat customer better with more respect. Whenever I talked to customer service, I felt they looked me as money.

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    Fri Mar 04 2011

    The club is great, but pretty pricey for what they offer. Stay clear of the child care center if you have kids! Unsafe environment. The sales people are rude, at best and obviously are trained to do whatever they can gain/not lose a member. Canceling your membership will begin a whirlwind of bad attitudes, rudeness, unauthorized charges to your credit/debit card and numerous trips to the facility and bank to finally fix the issues. I highly do not recommend this facility or any other Lifetime Club, actually, Lifetime is a great name for them because they will do whatever it takes to make you a member for Life, no matter what!! Stear Clear.

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    Wed Feb 16 2011

    I worked for Lifetime Fitness when it first opened. I was super excited. I loved swimming, i loved teaching, and all that good stuff. Until I met the boss from HELL! He made me cry, made little children cry, and was an asshole. And to top it all off he decided to have an undisclosed relationship with some chick who worked there. Nice right? So, I put up with all the nastiness and rudeness of the staff and facility that everyone has previously mentioned and I went on my way. Well, it's three years later and I am DESPERATE for a job, so I applied at the newest Lifetime Fitness. I got there for an interview and waited half an hour for that interview. Then I called to ask about how things went and the guy told me I was TOO YOUNG for the job. I sure as heck was not TOO YOUNG three years ago. That's discrimination right there. Do you think there company did anything about it? Nope. That's why I have decided to become a lawyer. First thing on my agenda: Sue Lifetime Fitness.

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    Thu Feb 03 2011

    Nice CLUB BUT FRAUD!! I moved cities and canclled my membership come to find out a year later that they have FRAUDULENTLY DEBITED BY BANK acct continously for 9 months!! CUSTOMER SERVICE WAS HORRIBLE!!! PEOPLE SAID THE PHONE CALLS ARE NOT RECORDED, SO, THEY CAN BASICALLY TREAT YOU LIKE CRAP IF THEY WANT. STILL TRYING TO GET MY $$$ BACK..

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    Wed Jan 05 2011

    We have a family membership, local club in Troy Michigan. The club is normally clean. The equipment is maintened fairly well but not necessarily great. Many of the treadmills have signs on them preventing use except by "team members" or "special work out groups" that may or may not be LF at tha time or any time during the day. The disinfectant towel dispensers are usually empty and if you speak to an employee about it, nothing gets done. If you're not a hard body or a beautiful person the staff normally ignore you. If you're overweight the staff normal is disdain. If you ask a question to a staff member about heart rates the answer is you need to speak with a trainer. If you speak with a trainer, they try to sell you $90 per hour sessions. A very serious complaint is that when my children were under 12 and used the family locker rooms, all to often there were adults without children using the same locker room. No matter how many times I complained, nothing was done. I sp... Read more

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    Thu Dec 30 2010

    I'm not a member of Lifetime anymore, and haven't been for a while, but I'm recently considering of going back. For the record, I switched gyms because of a bad relationship with someone I met there (rule #1, never date anyone you meet at a gym) and not because of any faults with the facility. Yeah, it's pricey, but in comparison to what else is out there, it's worth the cost. The Lifetime clubs in my area (greater St. Paul, MN) have always been clean, the staff always been courteous. I'm a member of LA fitness right now, and it's a complete filthy hellhole. To say the customer service sucks would indicate there really IS actual customer service. The pool is full of hair "weave" and I've never seen the cleaning crew actually clean a machine. The members lack any knowledge of basic gym etiquette and the trainers actually HIT ON YOU!!! I've also been a member of Snap Fitness, however the clubs are very, very small and equipment is limited. You're bound to wait for something even ... Read more

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    Wed Dec 08 2010

    LIFETIME FITNESS IN COMMERCE TOWNSHIP, MI I would advise everyone to cancel their membership from this place. The new manager who runs this club and new assistant manager who runs the front desk treat their employees terrible. They fire people just because they don't like them, they hire their friends, they play favorites. Rules apply only to people they don't like and not to people they like. Why would anyone give their money to an organization who treats their underpaid, hard working employees this way?? I know I'm not. I cancelled mine and advise everyone else to do the same!

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    Sun Nov 14 2010

    The cutsey little pom pom girls and the slicked up guys lure you into memberships and tell you they only have a certain capacity for the number of members they will have. They tell you that you can work out at any Lifetime Fitness Club in the Twin Cities area and then tell you later that you have to "upgrade" your membership. I have been a member of LFT for 15 years. I am quitting today and suggest strongly that others do he same. The places are too packed and waiting in line to use the machines is ridiculous!

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    Tue Nov 09 2010

    Do not make the mistake of joining this club. They will mislead you, overcharge you, and never let you get away from them. Unless you send them a typed and signed letter that you want to cancel, (which must be sent between the 1st and 5th of the month, or pay your next month early which is nearly impossible since they auto-bill you) and send it certified mail, they will charge your account forever. I actually got them to acknowledge via e-mail that I wished to cancel, and they still didn't cancel it. The club itself is quite well equipped, and usually clean with friendly staff. If you refer someone, which they beg you to do constantly by offering discounts and gifts, you had better sit in the manager's office and wait for your gift because you can ask until you are blue in the face - once the other person signs up they try to dodge paying you at every turn. They are also constantly bugging you to pay them for additional services on top of their fees which are already the highest... Read more

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    Fri Oct 15 2010

    Wow - thanks to everyone who posted, for making me feel better that LTF actually cancelled my membership for me. I was a member whose family loved to play a particular sport. In order to get leagues going I offered to work for LTF and organize teams and referees. I went from an initial league with barely 4 teams to one with 11. Then there were mgmt changes and policy changes that affected the club and ultimately our sport. A lot of players moved on to play in bigger leagues around the city. I didn't have the energy to rebuild from scratch (teach people the game, organize the league) so I spelled out in an email the things that were affecting our sport which were outside of my control and that I could not continue with organizing the league. I sent it to my "mgr" who never called me, and never emailed me back. I noticed that the club didn't charge my account last month (I was wondering what rate they were going to stick me with after quitting.) Last night when my husband and son ... Read more

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    Wed Sep 29 2010

    I was told that I would be charged only $39.95 per month. Recently I just received a phone saying that there has been an error and the fee will change starting tomorrow to $59.95! But there is a 30 day cancellation fee so I will have to pay the $59.95. I can't believe that they can actually do this to someone.

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    Tue Sep 28 2010

    This gym has the worst customer service that I have ever seen from any type of business. We were skeptical from the beginning because the place had the feel of a used car dealership, except instead of being attacked immediately, I had to wait 30 minutes before I was able to talk to the car salesman. We were given a tour and listened to the spiel of how this gym was better than the rest. We have two children and the salesman did not disclose two very import policies about the gym’s daycare. It wasn’t until our very first after joining the gym, that we were told that there is 1 hour and 15 minute limit for children 12 months and under. We had been at the gym for 1 hour and 20 minutes when someone from the daycare walked through the pool area carrying a large sign with my name on it to tell me to go pick up my youngest child. We had been told that our children would be watched for up to 2 hours. The daycare does not change diapers. At times they will come get you or page you to let you kn... Read more

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    Thu Sep 23 2010

    Heartless. My wife obtained a family membership on 9/06. She was injured in a car crash on 9/17. She is in the Intensive Care Unit - and was not able to cancel her membership by 9/20. I phoned Lifetime Membership on 9/22 and asked to cancel the family membership and explained that she is in intensive care with a fractured neck. I was told that the 14 day period had expired and I could not cancel -- even thought the accident took place in the 14 day period - and I called them within 16 days of signing up To make matters worse I was not allowed to cancel the membership by phone. I was told that I would have to drive to the gym and sign papers. I could not believe they would require me to leave the ICU to fill out papers. I was disappointed that nobody at Lifetime would act like a human being and allow us to cancel our membership without penalty - or at the very least allow us to cancel by phone. Heartless

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    Sat Aug 28 2010

    We joined not long ago and so far i have not seen anything i didnt like. The cancelation policy is not the best and even the guy who signed us up said the same thing but like he said most gyms do that like you are a tennent at an apartment. By the way if you hate nothing but that techno dance music in clubs and dont own an ipod here they do play rock dance and more. I have heard 80s music i have heard modern stuff and i have heard AC DC and the beach boys and others. and all equip is compatible with the precor watches and with ipods. If you plug your ipod/iphone into the machines you can watch your videos on the bigger screen or listen to music controlling it with the machine rather then your ipod. Plus it will save your workout data to your ipod/iphone which is cool. Cant say i have seen any equip compatible with any other MP3 just ipods. We looked at 24 hour fitness and anytime fitness before joining here and checked out a few others as well Now i know with 24hr fitness they hav... Read more

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    Tue Aug 24 2010

    As far as cancelations policys every club is the same. We checked out 24 hour fitness and they had same policys as well. Lifetime is family oriented. Which is one reason we did not join 24 hour fitness. Our daughter was not allowed out of the play room. Here we can at least take her swimming and we can enjoy the pool together. It's clean and I like the eculyptis sauna. No complaints so far. If we travel our rep said give him a buzz and he will arrange passes for us at any location. Not everyone will be happy but you should have read your contract when signing and you would see clearly where it says you cancel you still have your last month yet. Why I don't know they all do that.

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    Sat Aug 21 2010

    LIFETIME FITNESS PALM VALLEY (AZ) COMPLAINT I can't believe I'm even giving this club 1 star. It deserves NONE. I am a previous employee of Lifetime Fitness who recently quit after 2 years of working there. Although I was not in a manager position at the club (I was a lifeguard), I got to observe all of the horrible things going on firsthand there. When I first started working there, I thought it was great that I got a free membership along with working at the club. My whole family had been members there since it opened in our town. One of the very FIRST things I noticed was the bad morality and ethics of the club. The sales guys will walk around with families giving them a tour and give them totally wrong information. They say the pool is open 24/7 to kids and adults, which is not true. Then members come and take it out on the lifeguards for enforcing rules. Our pool was always FILTHY i will admit that. Unfortunatley our manager (I had 4 while working there for 2 yrs) is a Member A... Read more

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    Sat Aug 21 2010

    While I will agree with the previous reviewer that the club described has some serious issues, I've been a member at Lifetime for about 5 years now and have used several different clubs across three states. I've always found that for the most part, the clubs are clean and well-maintained. In fact, I can rarely remember going for a workout and not seeing employees actively sanitizing the the equipment and working to keep things clean. I love the fact that unlike other clubs, there are no contracts to lock you in and I've never had any trouble with their fees or billing (more than I can say about Gold's or 24 Hour Fitness). All in all, I really enjoy their clubs and have found that they always have the equipment I need to complete my workout and enough of it that I don't have to wait in line to use weights or machines. I'm sure I'll get reamed by all of the Lifetime haters out there but my experience with them over the years has always been a good one and I certainly don't mind shari... Read more

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    Thu Aug 05 2010

    1. Overpriced 2. Not enough available equipment and in 3 years as a member, never expanded or got new equipment. Only worked out there because it was the closest gym around 3. Very rude staff members who felt priviledged 4. They don't care what happens to you. Had my wallet stolen and no one helped me or cared that my wallet was stolen on their premises. 5. Companies policies are shady, especially for cancelling membership -- this is the end all be all here My story: So if you don't pay your membership for the month, you are not allowed to work out until your account is paid in full. In my case, I had my debit card changed so they could not charge my account as I was told it was month to month, no contract, no strings attached. Great! I didn't receive service, they didn't get payment, done right? Oh so wrong... even though you are not allowed to work out until your account is paid in full, they will invoice/charge you even though you are not even coming to the gym! They req... Read more

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    Sun Jul 25 2010

    Life Time Fitness, Plymouth, MN BAD as in customer service! It is frustrating how difficult it is to get your money back when they overcharge your account! My husband dropped his membership portion, yet a month a half later we were charged full family amount. I called the sales manager--no returned calls until I contacted corporate customer service. I trusted that the sales manager will take care of it...well it is nearing the end of July and no refunds have been made on our account (since end of March!!!). As a friend said to me, I guess if you stop your membership with lifetime, close your account that they withdraw the fees kidding....FRUSTRATING!!

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    Sat Jul 17 2010

    I joined the Lifetime Fitness in Algonquin, Illinois because I wanted to work out, take some classes and enjoy the pool with my at the time, 14 month old son. Well, leaving him in their daycare was fine the first time (or so they said). Then, every single time after that they paged me back to the daycare after between 20 - 40 minutes. And, I was going 5 times a week trying to get my son more used to it. Well, it wasn't working to the point where I went to cancel my membership and right away they brought out the manager of the daycare center and the guy who signed me up to begin with to try to talk me into staying a member. I did and now a month later I'm still having issues with their daycare center and am going in today to cancel. For all the mom's out there here are my issues that you should be aware of or at least try to look into these for yourself before joining. Issue #1 - The cold shoulder. Every time I bring in my son they give me a look like, oh crap, here comes the ... Read more

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    Tue Jul 13 2010

    $50 drop in fee at the club in Eden Prairie, MN - who are these idiots kidding? The arrogant snob at the front desk, "This is a PRIVATE club!". I belong to a "private" club (24 HR Fitness in Boynton Beach, FL) that welcomes people that are working on staying fit - the club is AWESOME too. Do yourself a favor and support health clubs that are encouraging people to stay fit (60% of the people in this country are overweight!) and DO NOT support these elitist idiots. Too bad there's not a 24 Hr Fitness around to eat these clowns lunch. Someone do the good citizen's of Eden Prairie a favor and open a health club that is not a gigantic rip-off.

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    Tue Jun 29 2010

    Awesome fitness center, especially for parents. The child center is great and the pools can't be beat by any other fitness center. To the person posting about parent who was counter sued by Lifetime Fitness, it is well known that the mother was talking to a friend and not paying attention to her 5 year old in the swimming pool. You are insane if you believe that lifeguards can watch all the kids that age and keep them from drowning. It is the parent's responsibility to watch their child especially if they are that young. Suing Lifetime Fitness for 25 million because you weren't watching your child is greedy as hell. It's extremely sad when parents lose their children, but it's even more sad when they lose them due to negligence.

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    Thu Jun 10 2010

    I have been a member since the opening in 2007. It started well everything was great. Within a year it started to go down hill people using temporary membership cards (which are never returned) the taking the key with them like they now own the locker causing a shortage of lockers. Now there are over 10,000 members at the club. Shortage of lockers and people are leaving their dirty towels laying in the locker room too lazy to place them in the receptacles. The Showers are dirty the steam room looks like it hasn't been cleaned in weeks. People do not clean the machines after they work out so if you want to protect yourself from diseases you have to wipe down the machine before you use it. At 5 PM there is a mob of kids taking up lockers so there are no lockers for people coming from work. Management does not care they are only concerned about signing up more members. My advise is stay away.

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    Sun Jun 06 2010

    The Alpharetta GA LifeTime Fitness location is terrible. I only wish there was something lower than 1 star to accurately convey how poor the facility is run. If you're looking for a true 24x7 facility, STAY AWAY. The gym absolutely shouldn't be advertised as a 24x7 facility. The sauna is cold at nights because they shut off the heat. The spas are constantly closed, not functional, and low on water. The outdoor pools are closed, especially at night. The facilities are filthy with used band-aids, dirty towels, and other waste strewn about. Night-time staff are frequently busy watching television instead of servicing the facility. I don't know if they're cheaping out and trying to save money at the expense of service to their patrons, but this has gone on for months now! Each time I inquire they act ignorant or come up with some kind of excuse. Pathetic false advertising.

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    Sun May 30 2010

    Willowbrook Lifetime Fitness started with everything a quality fitness requires with the exception that somehow the regional manager for this store has not paid attention to the store or doesn't appreciate and understand the importance of having a 'competent' management staff in place. It is quite frankly unbelievable how a store can continue to operate with such inefficient, immature and self centered people at the helm. If you know that regional has come through and corrected this total injustice to those of us who paid and those who have not yet cancelled, please leave post here and let me know. The facility is located perfect for my commute home. Just had enough

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    Sun May 23 2010

    Where to begin. The facility is nice but there are so many problems with it. 1. The facility is nice but the locker rooms are filthy. Towels everywhere, especially in the family changing room. Hair and razors all over the showers. Disgusting. Don't even get me started about the idiot architect who designed a family changing room where the average age of the child is 4 with only 2 toilets!!!! 2. A corporate-run gym and the local gyms have no autonomy. You can't get anything changed (and I'm even talking about the channels on the TV or the volume of the TV in the cafe). Everytime you ask for something you are told it's "corporate policy" set in Minnesota. You can't get anything changed or fixed. I have requested turkey bacon be offered in their so-called healthy cafe. Can't do it because corporate sets the menus. Even though I pointed out how that all their salads have bacon in them and aside from the fact it's about the most unhealthful food there is, a large percent of ... Read more

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    Tue May 11 2010

    The location in Commerce, Michigan is filthy! Many people have actually spotted worms in the wet areas. Also, the staff is extremely unhelpful and unfriendly. They are lazy and don't want to help the members. Children under 12 are not supposed to be there unattended but certain people drop their kids off like it's a babysitting service. The management chooses to ignore that.

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    Sat Apr 17 2010

    This place will RIP YOU OFF however they can. Their cancellation procedures are designed to catch you unaware so that they can charge you for an additional month beyond the one in which you cancel. My family joined up because they offered a free 2-week trial period and canceled on the 14th day because we couldn't find enough time to take advantage of the club - but they did not honor their money-back guarantee and then told us that we would be charged for an additional month as well because we didn't give two months notice for cancellation, which would have meant that we needed to give notice a week before we joined, which just doesn't make any sense at all. But the reason I'm writing this review is the attitude I got while trying to cancel. It quickly became obvious that they are used to dealing with upset customers when they spring the news of an additional month's charges. They gleefully trotted out the fine print of the contract and took great pleasure in arrogantly sticking it to... Read more

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    Thu Apr 15 2010

    BAN Life Time Fitness for LIFE! Can a Fitness Club Counter Sue a Bereaved Mom and Survive Themselves Lifetime Ban of Life Time Fitness [Austin's local paper ran this story today: Fitness company sues mother of drowned boy. This post is a response and call to action.] The facts of the child’s death inside a Life Time Fitness facility on June 13, 2008, are not in dispute. And the mother subsequently sued Life Time in a wrongful death suit that is set for trial this May. The next tactic taken by Life Time, in an attempt to mitigate the damages, or perhaps intimidate the mother into a settlement, is sick. And I don’t mean the good kind of sick. According to the local story: The suit filed by Life Time, claims the family did not have memberships at the club and Jana Holst was not officially authorized to enter the club. Although she signed in at the front desk, she did not follow other guest policies such as taking a tour and showing a photo ID, the suit claims. And further, Life Time c... Read more

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    Sun Apr 11 2010

    The facilty is beautiful but customer service is comparable to drive through windows. We are a family of 6 and have nothing but poor service. DOn't let the security cameras fool you either, they do not help. Our car was broken into in the middle of the day and they would not even let us review the video tapes. One of our girls joined Karate onsite for $95 a month and a kid was teaching the class. We paid 95 dollars for her to learn how to play dodge ball! We were taking pictures of our girls playing in the outside pool and were told we had to leave since we had a camera...on several occassions I noticed video cameras and nothing was mentioned. We complain and all we hear is that it is corporate policy. That means management does not take care of their customers. Think twice about joining and check the number of cancellations and reasons first. Our experience was at the Atascoctia, TX location!

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    Thu Apr 08 2010

    This place basically sucks. I can't relate to others' stories about cancellations but my family won a free month of membership from my stepmoms work, but when we went there they told us it was only at eagan (MN) not lakeville, which was never specified. So then we had to go through like a whole process and it got so old so fast and the customer service was less than charming. So we got a week. And the place is so big, when i went there (on one of the supposedly busy days) over half the treadmills were empty. If they paid half as much attention to their customer service as they do the appearence of their facility, it would be ten times better. By reading other reviews, it seems like the good reviews came from the largest facilities where LTF apparently puts the most focus (a couple of my friends go to the lakeville one which is very beautiful and they love it and always encourage me to join, but i go to LA fitness which i love).

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    Tue Apr 06 2010

    My baby injured badly in their Child Care Center. Their teachers are inresponsible and lack in supervision. To apologize is so easy for them, just a word of SORRY. Manager is not at all investigate the case and get back to us. They don't allow picture taking, they did not reveal what was really happening to my baby. We have escalated this issue to News and childWelfare Center. Hope someone can give my baby a justice. I would rate ZERO and also I will never refferal anyone to them. Everyone says, "It is a Shame!!!"

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    Sat Apr 03 2010

    Terrible club. Layout is nice and staff act like they know what they are doing, but most are tasked to bilk you out of additional extras and friend referrals. Very dishonest in their contracts and should you decide to cancel they tack on an additional month....claim the software tells them what to do. If you decide to upgrade to a family membership, ask your friends who have it to inform you on the price...typically $108 + tax. If you have a single membership and want to upgrade to a family like I did, and told them my friends price, they insisted that there is only one price and that is $139 + tax. Even when you catch them lying they still ignore you. Very unprofessional and cater to the "weak masses" who are just happy to pay their monthly fee and feel like they belong, rather than expect a long relationship, courteous, and top notch service industry. This is not that kind of club. I only had this experience at the Colleyville Club and since that time, told them I would post on th... Read more

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    Tue Mar 30 2010

    Life Time Fitness sucks (referring to Warrenville location). I used to be a member for 2+ years, then moved to another place and returned for a week, so decided to use an offer from their web site for a free week membership. My fault I was honest with them that I am not based there, and my fault I just told them that if I not gonna get the free week, I can just become a member and then cancel the membership. Was suggested to buy 2 weeks for 80$, and then a higher level manager increased it to 100$. In the end they kicked me out - I pissed off a manager and his boss (I was polite, but demanding). The service is extremely rude - they do not want customers who might end up not joining the gym. The fitness center is nice, lots of equipment etc, but they almost killed their reputation for me... So... DO NOT JOIN!! They want your money and they don't care about you as a customer...

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    Mon Mar 29 2010

    Terrible!!! Rude, overpriced and terrible trainers. Stay away from this place!

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    Mon Mar 29 2010

    Safety warnings due to poor safety and poor customer service. I had heard stories about people (club members supposedly) stealing running shoes, sweat pants (sweaty), street shoes at the Canton, MI facility. But, when my wife called me at work to tell me that she was stranded at the Lifetime Fitness center because someone just stole her NorthFace winter jacket (along with the car and house keys), I realized that those stories were no exaggeration or made-up by angry club members. We were flabbergasted when the ladies at the front-desk did not express any surprise with the incident; to the contrary, they indicated that is a “common issue as it would happen on any PUBLIC space”. All they did was call the person in charge of these issues to file a report of the incident; which happened to be the same associate that picks up the towels, sweeps the floors, and performs regular cleaning duties, not an obvious supervisor or manager. Even though Lifetime Fitness cannot avoid such episode... Read more

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    Mon Mar 22 2010

    They lure you in with claims of service and a fantastic array of equipment, but the customer service is horrendous. "Personal trainers" are attractive teenagers with little knowledge about kinesiology or safe use during injury recovery. And as a previous reviewer mentioned, many of them have attitude problems. One of my biggest complaints is that rules regarding children being banned from "adult" areas are not enforced, nor are violations dealt with directly and in a timely manner. I switched health clubs because I was tired of dodging kids in the adults only lap pool while their parents socialized in the near-by whirlpool. I was tired of being ogled by pre-school aged boys whose mothers routinely brought them into the womens' locker room (rather than using the family locker room). I was also suspicious of the sanitation, finding floating band-aids and other debris in the pool nearly every visit and smelling urine in the sauna and steam shower. Adding insult to injury, when I ... Read more

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    Mon Mar 15 2010

    Lifetime is like a wolf in sheep's clothing! our family had been going to lifetime fitness for 6 years now. Throughout those years any comment or complaint I have made went unanswered or rectified. My husbands account was suspended for weeks just for raising his voice about a concern at the childcare center. Now my children and husband are forced to suddenly make new arraignments. All phone calls to Lifetime corp have not been answered. The general manager smiled and said there was nothing he can do. This place has the absolute worse customer service and management I have ever experienced in my life. If you want to kiss the ass of the people you pay, this is the place for you! If you are looking for a low paying job at a place where you can treat the clientele with a snobby attitude and get away with it, lifetime is a great place to work! We have a LA fitness and Xtreme fitness just as close as Lifetime. I also canceled our membership although they are still charging us for 3... Read more

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    Sat Mar 13 2010

    First impression was great. Once I settled in I discovered what terrible customer service is! Qualifications are Snob, bitch, looser, and someone who was picked on most of his of her life! You might as well complain to a 3 year old! I was going to three locations out here in Chicago area and it's all the same, management is not there for the customers. I am now at Cardinal fitness, I never used the salon or ate at that over priced food place anyway. Cardinal fitness is a fraction of the cost at Lifetime. IN a nutshell, if you care about any type of customer service, don't go to Liftime fitness. Xtreme or XSport is comparable at a fraction of the cost, which I may also join.

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    Sat Mar 13 2010

    I no longer go to Lifetime. It was pricey, but you get a lot for your buck. I could go on and on listing the benefits. The place is enormous, you go up to the second floor (using the elevator of course) and you're looking out at a hundred plus machines, pretty impressive sight.