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A complete holistic dry dog food. No corn, wheat, soy or animal by-products.

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    Wed Dec 12 2012

    I lost my Golden retriever, Anna to leukemia and in the research I did following her death I found out about the poor quality nutrition in many branded pet foods. Later I discovered Life's Abundance and I've been using it now for over 7 years. I met the vet-formulator Dr. Jane and hearing her describe the care she puts into creating a balanced nutritionally sound dog and cat food, I was hooked. You can compare brands to Lifes Abundance and see how poorly the big brands stack up and you can get lower wholesale prices when you choose to buy on autoship. You can read more about dog food brands and Life's Abundance on my dogs health blog at: regards Ken

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    Thu May 03 2012

    We live on a farm. We have two dogs, three barn kitties (adopted from the animal Shelter) and one rescued house cat. All of our animals have been eating Lifes Abundance Dog and Cat Food for most of their lives. When we adopted our older barn cat Jemma from the pound about a year ago, she was not healthy. Her fur was falling out and she continually tried to lick and pull out the fur on her front legs. Since she has been fed a healthy nutritious food, her health has been improved and she no longer pulls out the fur on her front legs. We purchased our Lifes Abundance Cat Food from I would also like to encourage people to please save a life and adopt a pet from your local shelter or humane society. They have a lot of sweet, precious animals that need a good home.

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    Fri Feb 18 2011

    I have been feeding my puppy this food on the recomendation of my breeder. The food is delivered on time and is a high quality food. I personally was affects with the IAMS Dog Food Recall in 2010 and it was a heartbreak. When my breeder recommended this and I researched it I felt good about it. My little guy is growing strong and I now feed it to my other beloved dogs as well.

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    Mon Dec 06 2010

    First of all I do not sell Life's Abundance Dog Food. I started using this about a year ago. I have two mixed breed large dogs (about 80 lbs) who are now 10 years and almost 11 years old. The older dog had a heartworm infection a few years ago and I was feeding the cheapest dog food I could I switched to Iam's and was happy with the improvements my dogs showed in their coat and general overall health. The only problem was in carrying the 40 lbs bags. So I switched to the Life's Abundance and within a few weeks both dogs showed even more improvement in their coats. My vet always double checks their age as they do not look their age! Last summer we acquired an American Pit Bull Terrier puppy. Life's Abundance is the only food he has known since being here from about 8 weeks of age. He is stockier than his litter mates -- that is probably genetic but overall he just looks healthier and has a much better coat that his litter mates. They all tell me I got the best pup in the litt... Read more

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    Mon Nov 15 2010

    5 stars (put your rating here! 1-5 We have a four month old English Mastiff puppy that we purchased from breeder at 8 weeks old. The breeder had recomended Lifes Abundance but I thought I would slowly put the puppy on Solid Gold as we have our other dog , a Samoyed using solid gold. Well , the Solid Gold gave him big piles of mush ( sorry I know this is gross). So I tried Orijen large breed puppy. More mush ! So i ordered the lifes abundance per the breeder assuring me it would firm him right up. Well, after just one day of 3 feedings of lifes abundance he finally had normal stools ! He loves the food and is doing great. I highly reccomend this food to anyone with any breed of dog. Please also be advised that I am NOT a Lifes Abundance sales rep. I read concern from some that this food is sold only on line and they use multi level style marketing to sell.. Well , everything is sales in this world so I am not concerbed about how they sell the product as much as I am about tg ... Read more

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    Mon Sep 13 2010

    Best Dog Food i have Ever used !!! I have been using for over a year and my dogs are healtier and happier, Allergy issues are gone! I could Not be happier Its made in the US with Only US ingrediants shipped to my door! We purchased ours through

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    Thu Jul 15 2010

    Best dry food I have found.

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    Wed Jun 23 2010

    I first started eating Life's Abundance dog food when I was snowed in for days in my house in northern Quebec and had run out of everything else to eat. I found it best if it was warmed up first and fryed like ground beef and then put in a bun with some lettuce and fixin's. Life's Abundance gave me lots of pep and I have been unable to pass by a fire hydrant ever since without raising my hind leg and taking a pee. My wife left me when I started to insist we do it 'doggie style'. O well...I have lots of fun chasing cars and barking at the mailman...and that's enough for me. Life's Abundance changed my life abundantly, you might say!

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    Wed Jun 23 2010

    I started buying Life's Abundance dog food after my daughter moved back home with her dog. Titan is a 90lb dog whose skin does not agree with the store bought dog food. After just a few months of feeding titan with Life's Abudance and giving him the vitamins purchased on auto delivery his hair and skin has never looked better. Titan does not scratch like he often did with the other dog food. Titan also looks lean and healthy. I have since changed the food I feed the other two dogs to LIfe's Abundance. All three dogs eat the dry and can food Triology has to offer. Thankyou, Gina

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    Thu May 20 2010

    I agree. There is a real neat food calculator on there. It tells you what size bag to buy for the size of your dog and how much it will cost per serving. I get mine from Did you see the free sample area? How many places let you try a product before you buy it?? susan professional dog groomer

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    Tue May 04 2010

    After trying NUMEROUS premium pet foods brands (EVO, Merrick, Acana, Natural Balance, Wellness, Evangers, Dogswell just to name a few) this is THE ONLY food that my dogs have tolerated and done well on. It has cleared up stomach issues, skin issues, coat issues, and tear staining issues in ALL of my dogs. This food was the last shot before I went back to using Science Diet which my dogs had no problems what so ever on. Im gald that I was willing to give it a chance. My dogs love it! Not to mention, shipping charges are VERY reasonable and to me its cheaper than other foods I have purchased in the past. The only reason I did not give this product 5 stars yet, is because we just started this food 2 weeks ago and I wanted to give it a little bit more time before I gave it the 5th star. However I still recomend this food to anyone who asks!! :)

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    Tue Mar 23 2010

    My senior dog selected this food from a buffet of a dozen different holistic foods back in 2002. He had Cushing's disease and must have known this food was what he needed to satisfy his needs. Since then, I have raised up a Champion on Dr. Jane's products. I thoroughly "vetted" this company. I met Dr. Jane and the co-founders as well as the owners of the company before I fully got behind the food and started to recommend it to others. I like the fact that I can consult with Dr. Jane on an ongoing basis about my dog's needs. This food and company are for the pet owner/show dog owner that wants the peace of mind that goes along with purchasing a wholesome product. Amelia with YourPetsViewjavascript:__doPostBack('ctl00$ConBody$ ItemRatingDialog$SaveButton','')

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    Tue Jan 12 2010

    I've been using Life's Abundance for almost 6 years and wouldn't change......they've done great and with all the recall's in the past few years I don't worry with Dr Bicks on the job!

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    Tue Oct 06 2009

    Great food! Highly digestable and well researched. Great customer service. Overall great results. This is my number 1 choice for a pet food. I get nothing but excellent results when I use this feed. Feed less due to highly absorbable nutrition to be careful your pet does not put on excess weight.*****  This is the accurate ingredient list for Life's Abundance as of 5/20/07INGREDIENTS: Chicken Meal, Ground Brown Rice, Potato Product, Chicken Fat (Preserved with Natural Mixed Tocopherols (Vitamin E)), Dried Beet Pulp, Brewers Dried Yeast, Natural Flavors, Flax Seed Meal, Egg Product, Catfish Meal, Salt, Calcium Carbonate, Potassium Chloride, L-Lysine, Carrots, Apples, Canola Oil, Alfalfa Leaf Meal, Celery, Lactobacillus Acidophilus Fermentation Product, Lactobacillus Casei Fermentation Product, Bifido Bacterium Fermentation Product, Enterococcus Faecium Fermentation Product, Aspergillus Oryzae Fermentation Product, Spinach, Grape Seed Extract, Vitamin E Supplement, Ascorbic Acid, Biotin... Read more

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    Sat Aug 22 2009

    I signed up to be a distributor of Life's Abundance 2 yrs ago. I breed the Bernese Mountain Dog & Birman Cat. Prior I had tried many commercial brands trying to weigh out good quality with price although at the time I did not know how to read a label. About 5 yrs ago I found that on both Science Diet & Iams all of my Dogs & cats were throwing up daily, now I know why because commercial foods grind up euthanized pets & restaurant slop as an ingredient, I can prove this if you ask me to. During the recalls I searched for foods I could trust & decided that it would be very beneficial to sell a product as well since there are so many major financial losses in breeding high quality dogs that I needed something to counter balance the losses. I was convinced the food was good so I let the company abuse me by forcing me to buy $300 in a product package of almost everything they sell, (this was a requirement) then I still had to buy my dog & cat food on top of that. Also in order to make this ... Read more

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    Mon Aug 17 2009

    I am rating this food so poorly not because it's a terrible quality food, but because of the over-the-top marketing of it's MLM participants. At a guess, three quarters of the positive reviews for Life's Abundance foods were written by Life's Abundance MLM salespeople. It's disingenuous and misleading. Life's Abundance is a SLIGHTLY above average food. It's not magical, it's not mana from heaven. It's formulation and ingredients are better than Science Diet, Iams/Eukanuba, and anything that Purina makes... but that really isn't saying much. LA's basic formula contains only two meats in the ingredients list, as the first and tenth ingredients. The carbohydrate ingredients easily overwhelm these minimal meats... not exactly ideal for our pet canine carnivores. Additionally, Life's Abundance uses the industry-standard beet pulp filler, a useless ingredient that is actually the cheap waste product from sugar manufacturing. They use "potato product" as a source of protein, rather t... Read more

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    Mon Aug 17 2009

    Meowy, Wowie! Our cats have been on Lifes Abundance Cat Food for about 10 years. They love it. People say that its expensive but its not really when you consider the value for the money. It does not contain corn or wheat and it has never, ever been on a recall list. Look into it at Lifes Abundance Cat Food and then you can let your kitty decide because there are free samples available.

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    Tue Jun 16 2009

    I found Life's Abundance during all the recalls a few years ago. We breed labradors and love what the food has done for all of our dogs. We never go to the vet our coats are dark and shinny one of my girls had loose stools forever until her first bowl and wow perfect now. I love that they deliver to my front door and all the ingredients are human grade - I now sell this food to all my new puppy families at You will love it!

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    Thu May 21 2009

    People raving about this food must be part of the MLM scheme, there is just no other explanation. While it is certainly better than 'Old Roy' or Purina Kibble, it just does not justify the rave reviews. If you really want an unbiased review of dog food, go here: There are far better foods out there for about 2/3 to 1/2 of the price.

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    Wed Apr 22 2009

    I think Life Abundance has been a blessing in me and my pets lives. One of my Labs had skin problems and was losing her coat - I had to find a healthy pet food. I thought I was buying the best out there until I found Life Abundance. Life Abundance changed my animal's life. Her hair has grown back and she NEVER snubs her food. The meat they use is chicken breast - I spoke to them and asked the company what was in their food and to my surprise they use chicken breast that is ground up with a little water-no fillers, by-products or artificial flavorings. They have veggies and fruits and so much more. Their food avoids the known allergens such as wheat, corn (which is just a cheap protein and filler), and soy. There are no by-products either so what you read is what you get. I could go on and on but everyday I look at my babies and and they are so happy to eat and looking so healthy. It is it is the only pet food I will ever buy.

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    Tue Mar 03 2009

    Healthy dogs and healthy cats for more than 5 years. Everyone we've shared these foods with have had excellent results. We buy from a distributor named Jay who is helpful too. We live in Ohio and I understand that the Trilogy foods are made right here in Ohio too. A good place to start is their web site where you can compare Life's Abundance to the food you are already using. -dog-foods.html The list does not cover every brand, but it gives you a place to start and they are very helpful if you have questions. The woman who formulates the food is accessible and I've even heard her tell people that their food is not right for every dog when people have had unusual requirements. THAT was impressive!

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    Tue Mar 03 2009

    I found this food at while searching for a better food for my, at the time, new rescue. At first I was a little skeptical about the claims of more nutrition meaning feeding smaller amount, less stool, etc. After feeding this food for close to a year, however, I must say that I am very impressed. The fact that the food is usually less than 6 weeks old upon arrival on my doorstep and the fact that the formulator verified upon asking that the fish source is ethoxyquin free is very impressive. All in all a great food!

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    Fri Feb 20 2009

    The shelter that I adopted my shiba inu mix from fed Eukanuba and recommended I do the same. I bought some, and my dog barely got near his bowl. Nearly all of food was still in his bowl at the end of the night. After doing some research I came across Life's Abundance and decided to give it a try. The first time I put some in his bowl he gobbled it up immediately. Now a year later he lets me know it's dinner time and jumps a foot in the air over and over until his bowl is filled. Then he looks up at me gratefully and devours it in seconds. A few weeks ago I adopted a chihuahua pug mix from the humane society. They sent along a bag of Science Diet because that's what they feed, and of course recommeded I introduce her to a new food gradually. I tried feeding her some of her Science Diet, but she had no interest at all. Then I got some Life's Abundance out and offered her some. She gobbled it right up, and that's what she's been eating since, with no digestive problems from the... Read more

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    Wed Feb 04 2009

    My cat will turn her nose up at premium wet food...she ONLY will eat Life's Abundance dry. I have fed it to her for a year now. She rarely throws up....and she is a long haired cat!! 1/3 a cup a day, her weight is perfect. Bel is a ragdoll weighing in at 10lbs.

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    Wed Jan 28 2009

    I have used this food since 2002. Wonderful. Never an problem. My dogs love it. Everyone that has offered it to their dogs find that their dogs will not eat their old food. The ingredients are all quality. There is only human grade ingredients, no chemicals, no by-products, or anything that is not good for the dogs. I read other reviews and someone criticized that there is grains. GOOD GRAINS, not inferior. Also someone commented that Healthypetnet also makes Flint River....not true. I contacted the company directly about this. The only foods that Healthypetnet makes is Lifes Abundance. If anyone has questions about the ingredients and why they use the ingredients that they do, listen to the audio provided. Dr. Jane Bicks will personally explain the ingredients and why she uses them. Or, contact the company directly they will be more than happy to answer your questions. They stand by their foods 100%. Yes some dogs may have medical situations....and people react differe... Read more

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    Tue Jan 13 2009


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    Wed Dec 17 2008

    My 7 month old Chihuahua loves LA, no problems at all and would recommend to anyone. Really hate to read some of these pure out stupid reviews. Who really cares if there marketing strategy is MLM. I am not a distributor for them, but I think the company and product is 5 stars hands down. I suggest before you knock any marketing strategy, you research it before hand. There are good and bad mlm company's. The real pyramid scheme is your job. So don't burn every mlm company out there because perhaps you failed with one. Thanks Trilogy and Dr. Jane for making a quality healthy food and giving others a chance to achieve financial freedom.

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    Thu Dec 04 2008

    My dogs absolutely LOVE this food. I know there are a lot of good dog foods out there, but I really like the fact that the food I'm getting delivered right to my door is no more than six weeks old. My daughter also feeds her dog Life's Abundance and has noticed a huge improvement in his skin, and no longer has to take him to the vet for skin rashes and spend money on medications. I highly recommend this food to all dog lovers out there who want nothing but the best for their "Best Friend".

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    Wed Oct 15 2008

    I have been using L.A cat food for almost 2 years and I love it! My cats have dramatically changed since then, a great change. Beautiful coats, no more vomiting hairballs. My almost 9 yr old is young , vibrant and full of energy! Its taken a few years, but L.A's pet food is now a hit with pet owners! Now the other brands are trying to copy them with keeping out corn and other fillers that animals cant digest! I try to tell everyone I meet that is a pet owner to watch the video and try it. Two big thumbs up for Life'a Abundance!!

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    Wed Sep 24 2008

    Don't bother with Life's Abundance. One of my dog's had a serious reaction/allergy to the food which resulted in a serious ear infection costing expensive medical attention. Oh, and their the Satisfaction Guarantee will guarantee you nothing but dissatisfaction. My three dogs didn't the food that appealing, appetizing or basically any good. Bottom line: food costs too much, you pay for shipping each time and dogs didn't like the food. Your mileage may vary.

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    Mon Sep 22 2008

    I posted over a year ago about Life Abundance Dog Food but could not remember the email address I had then so had to sign up again. There is no point in arguing with those that think they know more than vet specialists do but my dog had nothing but medical problems while she was on Life Abundance Dog Food which was for 2 years! She has not had anymore of those medical problems since I stopped her from eating Life Abundance over a year ago! I'm happy that it doesn't hurt all dogs and for sure Life Abundance is probably no worse than other commercial pet foods but when I did as the vet specialist suggested and took her off Life Abundance there has been NO more reoccurring medical problems like there was for the entire two years my dog was on this food. And by the way one person just thought for sure they had the answer that it was antibiotics AND changing my dog's diet that helped. They were so wrong because we never gave our dog any antibiotics! This is clearly documented that our dog ... Read more

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    Wed Sep 17 2008

    Our three dogs all do better on Life's Abundance than anything we've ever put in their bowls. Great coats, no more hotspots on our Jack Russell, they love the food, the price is better than other premium dog foods and I simply trust our distributor and the company.

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    Tue Sep 16 2008

    My dog wouldn't touch this food. The ingredients were appalling and he hated the taste of the kibble. It gave him diarrhea and it made his coat terribly dry. This food was too big for my small dog to be able to eat and didn't provide enough nutrients for my active dog.

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    Wed Aug 20 2008

    Well my five month old Havanes puppy is on this as of yesterday. I've had such a hard time with researcing food, this had the most superior ingredients I've seen. The fact it is direct MLM does not bother me. I have read many coments about not enough meat products, fish, and protein. It does have fish in it. The meat products are high end. Vegetables contain protein and are an excellent source. I am excited to try this. I will be ordering the snacks to try, it is very hard to find good snacks your pet loves. Dungee, my puppy cleaned the bowl up immediately each time I have fed him. He loves the taste. I'm also hoping this will help his coat. He scratches a lot and I'm worried about allergies. There are no fleas. We use a great natural shampoo. I'm hopeful this food will help with the allergy issue. FYI took some to my neighbors picky lab puppy, he LOVED it as well.

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    Tue Jun 03 2008

    Explain to me how??? life's abundance and Flint River Ranch are by the same manufacturer. However, if you go to one of their many web pages, you will find that Life' abundance does a survey on different dog food brands, one of them being Flint River Ranch, It states in the beginning that both brands are excellent for your pet, however if you delve deeper into the pages where the comparison is,it states that Flint River Ranch has ingredients such as yellow ground corn, corn, corn gluten meal and corn germ meal which are all not good for our pets digestive system. First off how do you expect me to buy a brand of dog food if the products you put in other foods that you manufacture are bad for my pets, secondly why would you compare 2 of your own products and speak poorly of one??? That sure doesn't make me feel good about buying the other one!!! I was actually thinking about buying this brand until I researched it, now, In my opinion I think They are full of it!!!

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    Sat Mar 29 2008

    I have been using this food on my dogs for over 5 years now and they look so young. They do not look 8 years old. I would never switch food unless one day God forbid I lost my job. But if I had to switch, it seems to me that Blue Buffalo may be a good dog food at $39.99 for a 30 pound bag. Less expensive than Life's abundance. The only negative with Life's Abundance, I would say that this food being so high in quality, you will need to feed your dog less food. But not a bad negative huh?? A few months ago, I brought in a foster dog from a local shelter. The dog was a mess. Skin issues, smelly and truly disgisting looking. Of course after cleaning up the dog, he is eating Life's Abundance and is looking amazing and is so healthy too. It is really the best dog food on the market. I would never switch. My dogs are too much a part of my life for me not to give them the best.

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    Wed Mar 19 2008

    No way a top 10 Dog food. The first ingredient is meat but then we see not to far some dried beet pulp and it is not a good filler and I won't feed m dogs that. Also manufacturer does not say fish product is free of ethoxyquin. Not enough meat to be in the top 10 so I think it should be dropped way down so it gets a 1.

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    Fri Mar 07 2008

    I read the thread about Lifes Abundance being sold through a MLM.Frankly the food is superior and has never, ever been on a recall list. The food is so good that breeders will guarantee the health of their puppies if the new owner keeps the dog on the food.In fact, one of the past West Minster Dog Show winners is on the food. So bottom line, who cares if the food is sold through network marketing. It is a healthy superior food for dogs and cats. I would rather give my money to a superior food sold through MLM than a pet food store that has sold contaiminated food.Lifes Abundance DOES NOT CONTAIN animal by-products, does not contain artificial colors or flavors, does not contain chemical preservatives, does not contain corn or wheat.Everyone should know that corn or wheat is used as a cheap protein filler.And, the worst scenario of all was the pet food contamination from well-known and supposedly expensive foods that contained contaminated corn and wheat that killed hundreds of our belo... Read more

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    Tue Jan 22 2008

    Their Ingredients: Okay - let's look at the facts (and first 9 ingredients): Chicken Meal, Ground Brown Rice, Potato Product, Chicken Fat (preserved with mixed Tocopherols, a source of natural Vitamin E), Dried Beet Pulp (sugar removed), Brewers Dried Yeast, Natural Flavors, Flax Seed Meal, Egg Product, naseum In the first 9 ingrediates, you have 1 (count 'em , 1!) meat ingredient. Then #3 is a potato product (huh? Like Potato Buds I used to have as a kid? Pringles? What?), # 5 Beet Pulp which is considered a questionable ingredient (Source: #4 is chicken fat, which is a bit too high on the ingredients list (Should be 5 or 6 or even further down). Egg product - umm, like Egg Beaters - what does this mean? As "Clara" would say: "Where the beef?" (Or chicken, or fish or anything else remotely resembling real meat?) Plus, they do not state that they use ethoxyquin-free products. They claim to be "holistic?" I do not see any evidence to support that claim.... Read more

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    Sat Jan 12 2008

    I have been using this food for both of my labs for well over 5 years. I will never switch to anything else. Food is fresh & healthy. My dogs look great at 8 years. I spend a great deal of time doing research on pet food and I always try to challenge myself with finding the best product on the market. This really is the best. I am happy wit hthe results. I just wish I can pick it up easily at a pet store. Shipping is not too expesive for me since I seem to live close to a food processing plant. : )

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    Tue Nov 20 2007

    The absolute the best in my opinion.  My dog has allergies and this has quelled that problem.  My dog loves the food so much we have to keep the bag put away so she can't see it, otherwise she begs constantly for more.  Her coat is shiny and lush and her skin looks the best ever.  I still feed some healthy people food but this is definately the best commercial food available.

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    Tue Nov 20 2007

    I started using Life's Abundance during the pet food recall.  I feel so very blessed to have found such a safe and nutritional product.  My menagerie of 13 dogs and 25 cats, all rescues are doing so fabulous I wish I could present their before and after pics.  After researching and being educated on Life's Abundance history, ethics, ingredients, origin of ingredients (nothing from China) and all ingredients are human grade.  A short while later I joined as a distributor for Life's Abundance. is where you can find the product and me.   I turned so many friends on to this product and all have had positive results.  No more cateracs, no more vomiting, better stools, no more itching, glossier/glossiest coats all of us have ever seen.  Bright eyes, more energy, in two dogs no more sore joints.  Higher percentage of litters and healthier litters! There is so much to this product.  There is a natural supplement line of healthy treats for dogs and cats, joint relief calle... Read more

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    Tue Nov 13 2007

    life abundance is a really good pet food I have see a big differance in my two boxers they have been on life abundance for 9 months now and are doing great so happy I found this food. A healthy food you can trust and fill confident in buying for your pets.If you have any questions you can email me at [email protected]

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    Mon Nov 12 2007

    I purchased this food through and my dogs LOVE it! They have been on it for about 6 months and I've seen a big difference in a healthier coat and more energy. Plus one of my dogs had a very sensitive stomach and she's not had any problems since being on this food. I would highly recommend it!

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    Fri Nov 02 2007

    I have been using Life's Abundance since 2002. My senior dog selected it over 12 other holistic foods. I believe it helped him tremendously. I started my American Eskimo puppy on it in 2003. She won her Championship title in short order due to her vitality, gorgeous coat and great genes! I have recommended it to my friends who are breeders. The bitches do extremely well throughout their pregnancy. Their litters are healthy. The show judges, veterinarians and pet owners all take notice of a Life's Abundance dog. It has been very comforting to know that I can speak with the formulator Dr. Jane Bick's about why she uses certain ingredients and how to use her products successfully. This company uses terminology that is required by the food regulatory agencies even though terms such as product does not sound as good to the general public as whole egg or potato does. This company has integrity. They put the health of our pets before their wealth. A portion of the profit goes to Dr. Jan... Read more

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    Mon Oct 29 2007

    My new pomeranian now is 7 months old and she did great on this food, however, was having a hard time eliminating herself and not being able to do her business very easlily. we stopped due to the fact that although it didn't take much food, and it lasted about 5 months maybe a little less, the I was paying more than half of what it cost for the food in shipping and handling. after much research, she has been switched to Innova, and LOVES it! her stools are much easier for her to get out and she loves the food and her coat is outstanding. absolutely beautiful, her energy level hasnt dropped still walk 2 miles a day and she is doing great. Just for some thought. I am very impressed with the Innova. but if you dont mind the shipping, and she can eliminate herself without a struggle, hey stick with it.

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    Tue Sep 04 2007

    I have been feeding my 2 dogs and 3 cats Life's Abundance for 3 years now and they are all doing amazing. My dogs coats get comments by people at the dog park about how good they look. My 13 year old cat thinks he is a kitten. I think this is because of the food. I even signed up to be a distributor! 5 stars for sure!

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    Tue Aug 28 2007

    I adopted two dogs within the past 1 1/2 years and both are on Life's Abundance. One of my dogs came to me with a very sensitive stomach therefore I was hesitant to change his food. Well, I am glad I did! This is what I can tell you from my personal experience with Life's Abundance for the past 18 months or so. 1. All dogs love the taste. Both my dogs finish off the bowl with wagging tails. I've dogsat for a number of relatives and their dogs loved the food, too! So much that my relatives have switched over to Life's Abundance. I even think it smells great when I open the bag. 2. Both of my dogs have a remarkably shiny coat and are lean and muscular. Every time I bring them to the dogpark, people always comment on how they look so healthy and shiny! 3. Energy - lots of it! This food provides great nutrition to fuel your dog with lots of vitality! That's probably why my dogs are so lean... 4. Mental stability - I am a firm believer in that good nutrition ca... Read more