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    Sun Sep 25 2011

    We booked a trip for two couples to Sandals Ochos Rios to celebrate our 35th anniversary, and were very happy with the deal the travel agent gave us, along with the assurance that any problems would be handled by her. Everything was great until we arrived at Sandals and the disaster began, including not getting what we were booked for as far as rooms and very poor customer service. We complained at the resort and they just didn't care. When we returned home the travel agent called to see how the trip went and we told her of all the problems and she assured us that she would contact her Sandals Rep and she would get back to us. Well it has been 5 months and still no answeres as to what happened or what room we were actually give. To her credit she has tried to resolve this but to no avail and I haven't heardfrom her in months. We had employees staying in the same Villas as we were given. I have always used a travel agent because I didn't want to deal with any problems, but from now on ... Read more

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    Sun Jul 24 2011

    Liberty Travel, at least in Chicago, is awful. I planned my own vacation, and paid them to make the arrangements. They screwed up, made me miss a transfer, cost me over $500 in double hotel fees, and told me I should have bought the expensive insurance instead of relying on them to be competent. They are awful. Use at your own risk. I will never book any travel with Liberty Travel again.

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    Fri Jan 21 2011

    omg.... i have to say in my life time i have made maybe 2 reviews but i need to tell u guys of my horrible experiance with liberty travel in jericho. I was referred to this agency by my friend... and i conacted them to get prices for a wedding that i am planning. when i sent my info to them i spoke to the agent and advised that i will have my guest just call to set up their travel needs i also told the agent that i will be putting her contact info on all 100 invites and we agreed that she will be able to take care of this. well she has not gotten back to any of the people i am here pushing my guest to book and here they are making a disaster she told me that she was going to hold a group air rating when she dissapeared for 2 weeks and i spoke to a co worker it ended up being she was going to send all my guest to another country,., another country u would think she must be a new agent no she is the manager... wtf.... now she doesnt call anyone back and is just horrible! what a nightmare... Read more

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    Sat Jan 15 2011

    Travel agents work for YOU. Our job is to find the best deal to fit your budget, not the one that earns me the most commission. An agent should have your best interests at heart & be there for you from hello until you return from your vacation. Large travel agencies are concerned with commission first & as a result have a revolving door for agents. They're NOT concerned about the agent or customer loyalty & use underhanded tactics with customers & other agencies alike. Find a reputable agency who accepts payment to the resort or cruise line directly & who accepts credit cards for your own safety. You're not getting a bargain booking through anonymous web sites who aren't available if you have a problem. YOU ARE NOT getting a bargain on these mass internet sites, in fact, they very well may not mention specials or upgrades that are available. The person you speak to, often not even an agent, knows they probably will never speak directly to you again. Even airlines like American no l... Read more

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    Sun Dec 19 2010

    I fall for their tactics everytime I am searching out a vacation. I again found a cheaper deal (849 dollars cheaper than a deluxe hotel in Disney which has some great deals out of Boston for the same time period) but hey $849 is better in my pocket than in theirs. Mind you I wouldn't ordinarily stay at this deluxe hotel I can get somewhere else because it it so expensive and if far succeeds Port New Orleans Riverside in Disney that Liberty Travel was advertising at a cheaper rate. However, Liberty Travel caught my eye again because it advertised a cheaper rate for the same period 12/31/10-1/5/11. So I said let's go for it..but before I even sent my inquiry I knew what was going to come back. When I plugged in the dates LT came up with Port New Orleans Riverside including air fare/5N 6D for 3 adults and 2 kids for a total of $1, 151.00. I was talking to my sister at the same time and said..hey if it's legit let's go for it. Ha..what was I thinking. I could actually get into t... Read more

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    Mon Nov 01 2010

    I switchd to Liberty Travel because my Old Travel Agent was useless. well much to my surprise Liberty Travel is even more useless. Next Time I Travel I will NOT even bother using a Travel Agent I will do the work my self on line . Liberty Travel Welcomes in you with open arms once they find out you are booking something and they booked your vacation they drop the ball from there. Very Very poor customer relations ! And to top it off they charged our credit card twice ! Nice going Liberty

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    Sun Oct 24 2010

    1 stars I used Liberty Travel to book flights for my honeymoon in Australia and New Zealand. Agent offered us no insight and simply booked the itinerary that I had already come up with. I asked about booking at a hotel in Cairns, agent told me that he would need to get back to me, he never did. Left the agent several voicemails inquiring about trip insurance (free money for travel agencies) and never got a call back. What got me to write this review though was my experience today. I called to ask what their emergency number was should I have any problems while traveling next week, and I was told they don't have one. They don't have any phone number that is manned 24/7. They told me that if there was a problem outside of their business hours, that I would need to leave a message and they would get back to me when they got in. First of all, probably most obviously, business hours in NJ fall in the middle of the night in Australia and New Zealand. Second, I didn't plan on carrying a... Read more

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    Thu Oct 21 2010

    My wife and I went to the Oceanside NY store today to book a trip. Three women employees were there. One was on the phone the other two doing nothing. After taking our last names, we were informed that we would need to wait for the agent talking on the phone and it would be a few minutes at least. Since we were the only customers in the store at the time, we left in disgust. When there are more employees in a store than customers and you still can't get any help, there is something terribly wrong. I wish we had read the reviews on this site before going there. What a s--t bag outfit.

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    Fri Oct 01 2010

    None of the good experienced agents that used to work for them are there anymore. What else can I say-- they hire idiots now!

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    Sat Sep 18 2010

    It's funny that the only good reviews are from travel agents that work there. I'm glad to see that there are enough bad reviews to keep that tactic from working. Don't get scammed by them. Just say no.

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    Sun Aug 22 2010

    wow I am horified at these reviews because I am a travel agent at Liberty Travel. I bend over backwards for my clients. I have had the same clients for 25 years because they know they are in good hands. If you have a contract signed then everything that is on the contract should be delivered and if it is not you should go right to the manager of that branch. We match internet prices and then beat it by 10.00 pp. My clients are advised to reconfirm your flights 24 hours prior and to do your boarding passes. As for your hotel, who nowadays does not go online to see the reviews and location. I myself check out trip advisor if I have not seen the hotel first hand. As travellers you have to have a responsibility to know what you are getting and not just sign away. As for the insurance it is something we sell we dont do the claims and can not tell you if your claim will be covered due to the reasons of the problem. Airlines do have schedule changes and do move your seats and someti... Read more

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    Sat Jul 17 2010

    The worst service I have ever had from a travel agent. I dealt with Kim in Monroeville PA. My wife and I booked our honey moon to several Greek Islands (3 stops). The response time for our questions was horrible. And on top of having bad response times...several days.... she would respond and not answer our questions.It was like pulling teeth to get a copy of the itinary and receipt and she continuously blamed the company they were dealing with in Greece (evidentally they do not book directly with the resorts. Every question you have has to go through a second company who then asks the resorts). WE DID NOT CHOOSE THIS COMPANY WE CHOSE LIBERTY TRAVEL. PLEASE DO NOT PLACE THE BLAME ON OTHER PEOPLE. So all this had my wife and I worried so we decided to email every resort personally (time we should not be wasting since we are paying someone to do this for us). Well we are leaving for our trip tomorrow and just found out one of the hotels has no idea we are coming... If we hadnt been proa... Read more

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    Sat Jul 17 2010

    I had to laugh when I saw a review of this. I had a job typing for the behind the scenes office for this company in LA. It drove me kind of nuts the bickerings and I had to quit it. I really should have stayed but. There seemed to be a lot of trouble with the travel agents and the travel companies. I can just imagine that someone would have trouble with it. The manager in the office was very smart on figuring travel. I don't think he had the office controlled though. They would also laugh about the tour places like Sandals.

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    Thu Jul 15 2010

    Absolutely terrible - I dealt with Julie in the Catonsville, MD office and have been dealing with Dawn Tuccio in NJ since I came home from the trip, with no satisfaction, no answer to my questions, and no offers to try to make the issue better. This was a wedding trip, and several of us had issues; the family members that used a different agency had no issues at all. Julie was never available to speak with, and would not return calls if you left a message, so your only option was to sit on hold and wait. She did not book the flight as requested, and our return flight was a total mess because of it. I ended up spending $140 in roaming charges in Punta Cana in calling the airline the day before (as my agent suggested) to try to get the issue resolved. Every question I had, I had to hunt the agent down to try to get an answer, and ended up emailing repeatedly as the trip got closer. When complaining to the main office, my complaint was forwarded to Dawn who basically took the age... Read more

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    Wed Jul 14 2010

    If I could give them zero stars I would. The agent who worked with us thought it would be logical to have us fly to an airport 4 hours away from our resort only to book a departing flight at 6am rather than to tell us that an identical flight with an identical price was leaving from an airport 30 minutes away. Then he left the company and no one told us so we were sending emails and leaving messages for someone who didn't work there anymore. Did we receive an apology? Absolutely not. When we spoke with the manager about resolving the flight issue she indicated she was too busy and that maybe she could send our confirmation to us "later." This company is a complete ripoff and you can find the same deals online. Do not use them!

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    Fri Jun 04 2010

    I booked my trip at the Massepequa Park, NY Liberty Office I was given a package price on an all inclusive vacation for a group of 8 people, they claimed they would meet the price on Expedia but I had to pay my airfare up front . When I arrived at the Liberty office to pay the hotel fees (2 mo later) I was told of additional charges totaling $208.00. At this point I had no recourse but to pay as we have already paid a total of aprox $4600 in air fare. The agent kept crying that she was not making any money on this trip. When I spoke to the manager, he was completely useless. After this incident I checked the price with several local private travel agencies and found their prices to be lower than Liberty's. After reading some of these reviews I believe Liberty Travel is running a scam operation. My advice is to try a local travel agent or the internet

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    Thu Apr 08 2010

    Worst travel agency that I have ever dealt with. I highly advise anyone who is considering utilizing this agency to go elsewhere. The recent experience that I have had with Liberty has been horrendous. Liberty is an unethical company that makes numerous false promises. I cannot even begin to express how disappointing and almost comical this entire Liberty Travel experience has been.

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    Tue Mar 30 2010

    Liberty Travel is the worse piece of sh*t travel agency one could think of to use. People get lured in by the fact that they don't want the hassle of having to book their own vacations/trips/honeymoons etc. That's what lured us in. I am flabbergasted at the "Great" reviews I am reading on here. I mean seriously. Each and every review was terrible and they were all from different Liberty Travel locations!! Notice a pattern here??? Well let me regale you with my "wonderful experience." You see, when I travel I love to read reviews from different travelers so I can compare experiences. This situation was no different. My husband and I were booking a trip to Thailand. Yes, Thailand. I thought, why not use a travel agency so we can get the most out of the trip? Also, we would be in another international country so we wanted to cover all the bases. Well, how about we start with the price first. Liberty Travel's prices are so high, it's like getting screwed up the a$$ by a horse. Why are the... Read more

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    Mon Mar 29 2010

    can you do -stars? I contacted two different libery travels to help plan my honeymoon. I actually SAT down with a man at the Atlantic mall in Brooklyn. We waited for about 40 minutes and plotted out our trip to Europe and he said he would get back to us in a day or two. Well two weeks later no RESPONSE I called him and he said he was sorry and he would send the itnereary NEVER did... So then I called the 34th street Liberty travel and a woman I will call Mary.. said OHh so sorry that's so strange he was negiligent.. She sent me a very expensive itnereary and I suggested another plot to make it a little cheaper.. and she never got back to me. I WILL NEVER EVER EVER USE LIBERTY TRAVEL. and I suggest you do the SAME!!!!!

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    Wed Feb 24 2010

    these bitches done fucked shit up.

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    Mon Feb 01 2010

    I just visited Liberty Travel and I was surprised to find that the agent was cold, unfriendly, and not at all interested in helping me. First I was told there as a non-stop flight to my destination and if was I interested she would book it for me. Fortunately I knew enough to ask for the price, because she was not giving me that information up front. That non-stop flight cost double. I think it was her oblibation to inform me of that fact. In addition, I don't like the fact that the customer cannot see the computer screen. It makes you feel excluded and wonder if they are hiding something from you. Next she offered me what she said was the ONLY OTHER FLIGHT available to my destination. Yes, she said only one flight is available for May 28 and I had no other choices. And the returnig flight has a 3 and one half our stop over between flights. I can just hear Fay from Wings saying "A 3 1/2 hour stop over, your travel agent should be flogged!" Not good, Not good at all. I left th... Read more

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    Tue Jan 19 2010

    As a former Liberty Travel agent, I was shocked to read the horrendous reviews on this site. I would have to say I agree w/ some reviews and disagree with others. I think what people need to understand is that, we don't have the total control that people believe we do. We cannot control airline and hotel rules and regulations. If they will not refund a client due to say "Swine Flu", then we cannot. We are just a middle man. That being said, it is absolutely our jobs to advise clients properly and efficiently of any travel warnings, or what our insurance will and will not cover, schedule changes with the airlines, etc. It was very disappointing to see the incompetancy of many agents. I was employed for 13 years with Liberty, and always felt I did my best to assist my clients in anyway I could. So I do apologize for everyone not having the experience they should have had. If I could give one valuable piece of advice... ALWAYS know what you are booking before you give a cre... Read more

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    Sun Dec 27 2009

    I used Liberty Travel once before and thought I'd try them again. As before I did my research and checked Expedia and Travelocity for prices before I called Liberty Travel. Both were very competitve however Liberty wanted to charge me $200 then the other agencies. When I mentioned the difference in price suddenly the rep said "Well they'll charge you hidden fees" - NOT! I've used both in the past and never incurred any hidden charges. When I asked if they could beat the price like their website gurantees they would, I never heard from her again. I left a voice message and email that was not returned. I advise everyone to avoid this company like the Bubonic Plague, Swine Flu and Ebola virus. They aren't open 24/7 so if you have problems you have to leave a message which they won't return. You pay a higher price for crappy service. DON'T USE THEM!

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    Thu Nov 12 2009

    Just got back from my honeymoon and thanks to our agent at Liberty Travel in Cherry Hill, we had some really bad experiences. To start she sent us a "final bill" or what we thought was our final billing. Then she called two weeks later and said we owed $1700 more! Here she booked the flights too late and the price had gone up. Not only did she book the flights late, she booked completely different times then what we requested. But since we were so hectic with wedding stuff, we overlooked that small problem. When we arrived for our honeymoon, we were booked for the wrong hotel. No one was available at Liberty when we called to straighten it out (it was Sunday and we were 6 hours behind Cherry Hill but you think they would have an 800 number for emergencies or something). We fixed the hotel error ourselves and left the travel agent a message. The next afternoon the travel agent still had not transferred our paid voucher to the hotel we were staying from the one we did not want. I called... Read more

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    Fri Oct 23 2009

    My daughter booked her honeymoon, at the end of May, to Dunn's River Falls in Jamaica through Liberty Travel in Poughkeepsie, N.Y. It turned out to be a very unpleasant experience when problems with the hotel arose. I communicated with Liberty Travel the first, second and the third days while she was at the hotel in Jamaica and told them about all of the problems and asked them to contact her and the hotel to resolve all of the issues. They NEVER called her, we were totally ignored. Upon her return she immediately contacted her agent at Liberty Travel in order to resolve all of the issues she experienced. Her agent was negligent in following through. Many many telephone calls were made by my daughter, promised responses to her problems came and went. My daughter even contacted corporate headquarters several times, they seem to be just as inept. She is extremely frustrated four months later. Liberty Travel does not want to accept any responsibility, all she hears are excuses. Sh... Read more

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    Wed Aug 26 2009

    I booked a trip at their waterbury connecticut location they billed me 600.00 a year after my trip said their employee who was no longer there made a mistake and they would take me to court unless I paid them 600.00. I t was some girl manager who called me. Don't give this company business you will sorry if you do.

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    Mon Aug 17 2009

    If I could rate Liberty Travel less than one star, I sure would! Liberty Travel at Cross County Mall in Yonkers, NY has the WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE!!! Don't deal with these people...ESPECIALLY SOMEONE NAMED ANNA L. My girlfriends and I booked a trip to Cancun but couldn't go because of the Swine Flu outbreak in May of 2009. Anna, the agent with a total lack of customer service skills, stated that we were entitled to a "full refund" due to the fact American Airlines cancelled our flight. She made it seem like the refund would take place within 7 DAYS and had us book another trip with another airline to a different location. After stating that the refund should have come back to us within 7 days in the beginning of May, it was the beginning of July and we still didn't see anything. After calling several times and complaining and getting no answer, we called AA directly and it turned out that she NEVER put in a request for a refund for us. The manager (Elaina V.) got involved and s... Read more

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    Thu Jul 30 2009

    I had really stressfull experince with liberty travel, booking my trip. First of all they overcharged me with the airline ticket. The agent assured me that they have special agreement with american airlines to sell tickets at a better price(I didn't know "better price"means "more expensive")Then, when I called them about the delay with the travel documents they called me back letting me know that there was a problem with processing the credit card(I never had a problem with credit cards). The agent asked for the same credit card number again. And during the booking I asked the agent to choose the airplane seats for me, which she did not do. She said I can do it later. I was trying to do it with the number she provided, it did not work. Then i called her back 2 times and then she sent me the right code to do it. By the way their office located at: 350 S. Grand Ave. Los Angeles, CA I know for sure that I will never be back there again!

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    Thu Apr 30 2009

    Hi all! Since this swine flu & Mexico news really started getting serious this past Tuesday, my fiance & I who are getting married May 29th (30 days!) decided to cancel our Puerto Vallarta, Mexico honeymoon. We booked back in Sept. '08 with Liberty Travel b/c when you google them you'll find that they are the "leaders in honeymoons". Note that I have never used a travel agent before, but I figured that a 10-day honeymoon would require special attention! It was also one less thing I had to worry about. I was told that my travel agent would take care of me, watch for good deals before my balance was paid, etc. Come to find out 4wks. ago I got this urge to go on Expedia, the normal travel assistance I use and I was heated when I found my exact trip, dates, times, resort, EVERYTHING was $1050 less than what I was paying. I called my agent right away, only to argue for 2 days before they would match it. They are SO ridiculous! I now am in a battle to get my trip moved to Jamaica, i... Read more

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    Thu Apr 23 2009

    I booked my trip throught Liberty Travel and they were great. Every aspect of my trip was gone over prior to me paying anything, including my flight information as well as the view from my room. Some of the complains here have nothing to do with the agency...... how are tickets "barely accepted by the airline?" All of the trip was outlined in my paperwork, and for the pricing I found the package slightly cheaper online, but they not only matched that price, but beat that price. For another trip that I booked with them, it was hundreds of dollars cheaper than it was online. Overall my experience with Liberty Travel was great. There are many things that are out of anyones control that can happen. My flights were delayed on the way home, causing me to miss my connecting flight, but by no means was this the agents fault. Unless someone can come up with a good reason why it is the agents fault that the airline had a mechanical delay? Read your contract before you sign it, and ask questio... Read more

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    Mon Mar 09 2009

    If I could, I wouldn't even give them a star. Please be advised NOT to use the Liberty Travel in Paramus, NJ. They do not feel it is their obligation to advise travelers of warnings and alerts for traveling to certain parts of the world. They are strictly interested in making the sale. Also, in general, Liberty Travel does not have good prices. I would highly recommend EXPEDIA. They are available 24 hours a day to help you book your trip.

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    Sat Feb 14 2009

    Liberty Travel is going downhill! We have used them for over 20 years, then they merged locations, well none of the staff we would deal with was merged to their other location.. they were all fired!! We called the other location and were told quite rudely that we are to busy to talk to you over the phone about your trip. So we traveled the 30 miles to the other location and were treatly again like we were bothering them. I guess because we booked in our old store this new agent that we were given was not going to make any commission. At that point we cancelled our trip and demanded a full refund. The agent tried to charge us a cancellation fee, I would not stand for that. Needless to say after arguing with her and her manager we did get our full deposit back. On our way home we stopped at the local agency and discovered that they are very knowledegeable and we rebooked our trip there and at a cost of 500.00 less!

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    Tue Jan 06 2009

    Please, nobody make the same mistake as I did! I got so "lucky" to have DEBBIE BOZEMAN, from the Neshaminy office, book my destination wedding. I was told she would take care of everything and I would have no worries. That was the biggest joke I have ever heard. I had over 20 people book through her, and not one person is happy with her "services." She did not call people back to answer their questions, she set the payment schedule for days she wasn't even there. She didn't take the money out of peoples accounts until she felt like it, and some had to call her and remind her to do so. I am leaving in a week and I still have no idea what room class I am in, because the wedding planner told me we are eligible for an upgrade and my travel agent should tell me all about it. I still am waiting for a call back for 5 days ago to find out what the hell is going on. Save yourself the stress and book it yourself, This lady is getting commission on more than 20 people and she didn't do a THING to... Read more

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    Wed Nov 19 2008

    My wife & I went to Liberty Travel in Cherry Hill, NJ and they were very helpful with a trip to Hawaii. Did better in getting the first class flights than I could do, problem came with their Trip Insurance where we could not make a connection in SanFrancisco (due to flight delays) we had to stay in a motel for a night and fly couch for half the trip to get home, and the insurance company claims "not their problem". Don't believe it is Liberty Travel's responcibility or their travel agent, but their travel insurance really sucks and you pay dearly for the "service". I will not be dealing with "Libery Travel" anytime soon 11/19/2008

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    Fri Nov 14 2008

    I would only book with a travel agent. My husband and I went to jamaica and was referred to Breezes Runaway Bay. We had a great time!! We had no idea where to go and our agent suggested this property and found a price I couldn't match anywhere else. The agent knew everything, including the restaurant names and we called many times with questions. She was always helpful.

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    Thu Nov 06 2008

    For anyone reading these reviews, as a liberty agent I can tell you that these people are lying through thirr teeth. IF they did not like their flight times it is not the agents fault. All agents go over the flight times and make the client sign a contract stating that thoes are the times that the client wants. we do not issue tickets without clients approval. Second we are purchasing the tickets directly from the sirline, if the airline will not give them credit or vouchers for the tickets thats at the airlines dicretion not ours. We have nothing to do with that. people also need to realize the difference between ocean view and ocean front. View means you can see it, it doesn't mean it will be a huge vast view, you may need someone to hold your ankles while you hang out the window. However if you would like a huge sweeping view of the ocean that will be an ocean front, if you want the view you have to pay for it...bottom line don't complain that you had to pay more for a better view..... Read more

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    Fri Oct 24 2008

    Liberty travel in North Dartmouth has the best travel agents on earth. They were so helpful when I was trying to plan my honeymoon. They suggested the Iberostar Grand in Playa Del Carmen and it was the most gorgeous resort I have ever seen. My agent took care of all my needs I didnt have to do a thing. I will always travel with Liberty.

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    Tue Jun 03 2008

    STAY AWAY FROM THIS TRAVEL AGENCY!!!!! The Pembroke Pines, FL location After 5 months of trying to plan a trip to Europe using the Pembroke Pines location we have given up on using them. Now we are going through the horror of getting the $15,000.00 back. No tickets, no reservations, just excuses.

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    Wed May 28 2008

    Do not use this company. We allowed them to book a package for our honeymoon, and continue to regret that decision. The tickets they purchased were barely honored by the airline, on the way going and back. They did not give us the tickets we paid for and placed us on worse flights. Although the tickets had seat numbers together, my husband and I were given seats apart for an 8 hour trip home. The agency did nothing to help us before, during, or after the trip. In fact, they only thing they did was take our money. Please use caution if you use this agency, and prepare for the worse.

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    Fri Jan 11 2008

    NEVER NEVER use Liberty Travel. Can't be worse. My wife visited there office in center city Philadelphia to buy a package to go to Miami. My wife specifically asked the agent that we want a hotel on the beach. She sent us to a hotel on the bay (no beach)- 30 minutes away from beach. I specifically asked the agent before we paid if the prices include taxes- she said yes. When we got to the hotel, it turns out that the prices are without the taxes- that was an additional $80 a day. When I asked the agent why the hotel had no beach when we specifically asked for one, she said "oh, the first hotel I offered had a beach, but you wanted the best hotel". What a silly argument. Also, when I checked on expedia, the exact same trip was $500 cheaper. The reason people still go to travel agents is to get good advice from professionals. The people I dealt with gave us terrible advise and made our trip (which I paid a fortune for) a misery. NEVER NEVER AGAIN WILL I USE THEM AND I DO NOT ... Read more

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    Mon Jul 09 2007

    Just got back from Vegas via Liberty Travel. We booked the whole package thru them for us and two other cples. We go to check in at the Mirage and they have NO record our reservation from Liberty.... Liberty forgot to do it even though we paid in full. They end up sending us to Tresure Island which is a bad version of Animal House... A complete disaster!! I have requested compensation from "customer service" so I have to reserve judgement to see what happens, I'll post the results after I hear something

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    Tue May 22 2007

    I wouldn't use Liberty Travel if they were the last agents on earth. They screwed my wife and I out of $1,200. We paid extra to have our room on the beach. Well when we got there I couldn't even see the beach. There excuse was they said we would be facing the beach but not on it. Then why was I charged $1,200 more for the beach setting. Da

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    Tue Feb 06 2007

    Liberty Travel on Kirkwood Highway in Wilmington,DE was extremely rude, cold, unhelpful and disinterested in helping me with my trip to Indiana. The agent had the nerve to say to me that I was lucky to get a rental car since "I doubt Fort Wayne gets many requests for rental cars." I would rather stay home than use Liberty Travel.

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    Mon Feb 27 2006

    My husband and I booked our honeymoon with Liberty Travel. We booked a four star hotel in Mexico and three days before our wedding were informed that we would not be staying at the hotel that we booked because of "problems" with the pool and we were moved to what they considered a "comparable" hotel. We booked and paid for a deluxe ocean view honeymoon suite with a full terrace and a king bed. When we got to the hotel that Liberty switched us to we found out that the hotel did not have any bathtubs - only shower stalls (and by stall I mean a small stall) and the actual room we were put in did not have a terrace and we certainly did not get an ocean view. We were actually placed in a room with sealed windows and moldy bathroom mats and towels - we did not get the honeymoon package we paid for. Our bathroom sink was outside our bathroom inside our hotel room!!! Also, Liberty Travel conveniently did not make a reservation for us - thankfully the hotel had a room for us. Needless to... Read more

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    Fri Jan 20 2006

    Liberty Travel was extremely unhelpful, after suggesting an absolutely horrible hotel for my new husband and I on our HONEYMOON. We chose Tobago for diving purposes, and we told that our agent found an all inclusive package, with 7 dives! Awesome. A week later, she told us it was actually only 5 dives. Still great, we could tour the island the other day or two we weren't diving. When we arrived the the '4star hotel' it looked like a holiday inn. we asked about our dives, the dive shop was closed, and we were told that we only had three dives. The rooms were hideous, the dive shop atrocious, and we did not get to dive once with the all inclusive DIVE PACKAGE that we paid for in the seven days of our honeymoon. We called our agent on the morning we woke up on ths island and asked to have a lateral move to another hotel, coco reef, which was truly 4 star. she did not accomdate us and told us it would cost us an additional $1209, and she couldnt get us any dives with that! Needless to sa... Read more

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    Mon Jan 16 2006

    this travel agent is so bad i dont know where to start. to start things off i called to set an oppointment and spoke with a nasty person named laura this was at the little falls nj location on rt 46 west. what a nasty woman this was. well anyways she said to come in. well my wife and i got there and what we thought would be a great feeling to finally book a vaction we been saving all year turned out to be nothing but a nightmare ever since we stepped foot in this location. we are a mixed couple im black an she is white. we waited awhile just to finally get an agent to help..but help wasnt the word we got..this is exaclly how the service hello or greeting..what this woman said was sit down ill be back.( with an attitude) so finally she came back and said well where do you want to go. we said were not sure..she said well you have to know..we said this is why we are here for you to help us find a place to go..she said that wasnt for her to decide. so i said forget this have a ni... Read more

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    Sat Dec 24 2005

    I used Liberty Travel for my honeymoon to Hawaii, the agent was so helpful and made dinner reservations for us and everything! I usually booked on line before but I was nervous because we have never been there and I wanted it to be perfect and needed help finding hotels. My agent was Erika in east hanover NJ she was great!

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    Wed Aug 03 2005

    25th Wedding Anniversary ruined!! Cruise Not informative. Poor service. I transferred this booking to another agency only to find out Liberty Travel agent (Rae) did not add properly and this will cost an additional $356.90 for me take this cruise due to her mistake. They knew about this mistake and never told me. I have a letter stating what I owe~~ contrary to what the cruise line has. This letter is signed by their manager Deptford, NJ office~Madeline~ Contacted corporate, these people have no customer service skills, ~Verley~ even laughed as I was explaining my problem to her. The hardest thing for me to understand is their lack of respect and treatment of clients. Buyer beware do not go to Liberty Travel. They did offer to take the cruise back from the company I moved it to. At that point I was so furious I cancelled the trip, hence went nowhere on my 25th. I do blame Rae and Liberty Travel for this. If you have that much trouble and upset before you even go,it is not worth going... Read more

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    Sun Nov 07 1999

    I know that this web sight is an extremely good one. I booked a trip to Cancun with a few friends & everything turned out perfectly!