Larry Bird

American former professional basketball player, coach, and executive in the National Basketball Association (NBA) Website

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    Sat Jul 18 2009

    One of the best technicien of all time!

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    Sun Jul 27 2008

    Unquestionably a great talent, though he played in an era when the small forward position wasn't as stacked with talent of the likes of LeBron James and Paul Pierce. I can't imagine him making the same success today. In general, I'm afraid I would have to agree with Dennis Rodman and Isaiah Thomas's statements that being white helped to elevate his stature.

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    Thu May 22 2008

    Larry Bird is the greatest forward in history; most experts agree with that assessment. I grew up watching Magic and Bird duel over the years, and while both are no doubt among the very top handful of players in history, Bird's numbers and stats overall are superior to Johnson's - averaging about 5 pts per game more over a career, and other stats as well which are superior. Realizing that comparing a guard to a forward is difficult in an overall rating, I still do not concur in placing Magic over Bird in a NBA All-Time greatest list, nor do I believe the stats show that either. For some reason(s); however, most such ratings do show Magic one or two postions higher than Larry. Perhaps it's because people often tack on total championship rings, etc. as an attribute, in this case 5 for Magic and 3 for Bird. I've never agreed with that analysis at all, as basketball is much a team sport, with many uncontrollable breaks - such as Len Bias's death in 86 who was the Celtic's new blood line. N... Read more

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    Fri Feb 29 2008

    One of the best players ever. He did it the right way. Unless you were a Laker fan, or Indiana Hoosier fan, you can't not like Larry Bird.

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    Mon Nov 12 2007

    Mister shot!

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    Sun Sep 30 2007

    Definitely a great clutch player. Let's get some things straight.  He had a great rotation of some solid big men, that combined made a formidable center player.  Dennis Johnson is highly UNDERATED, Ainge was really good, and his whole team gave their all for him.  Now, he played the SF then, he could not compete at a dominant level these days.  And these days are not that far removed from his time.  He was horizontally and vertically challenged which would give him problems with the best SF's of all time, which keeps him at a five.  Your game in my opinion needs to be able to stand the test of at least 25 years in order to be considered the best.  or a top 10.  And i'm sorry my white friends he just doesn't Pete Maravich was individually better.  In fact, he would not be able to hold Lebron, Carmello, or even Tayshuan Prince for that matter....let's get aside from emotional attachments and really think.  Very very good LB.

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    Tue May 01 2007

    Larry Bird is the greatest basketball player ever. During Bird's retirement ceremony, Magic read the words on a gift he had given to Larry: "to the best player EVER." Enough said about Bird's greatness. Moreover, I am getting a bit tire of reading that Larry had little athletic ability. Nonsense! Bird had fantastic stamina, great eye-hand coordination, lightning quick hands, a strong physique and hands, and many other attributes that soared above those possessed by the majority of the greatest NBA players ever. Athletic ability is a lot more than jumping ability!

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    Mon Mar 26 2007

    In my book, Bird is tied with Bill Russell as the second-best of all time, behind only Jordan.

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    Sun Jul 02 2006

    larry bird was a great shooter and a great player but he was not the gratest player ever.

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    Thu Mar 30 2006

    Not as good as MJ. 6 championship!!!!!!!

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    Mon Jan 16 2006

    Trailer trash with mustache full of dandruff. What a joke. tkhis guy couldnt guard me one on one. I would dunk it in his face, and slap him around like Julius Erving did. He beat the crap out of him. Bird could shoot and that was it.

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    Fri Dec 09 2005

    Larry Bird was the best ever. Could do anything and everything, but most importantly he would pass/give it to the "open man" -that is why I give him the edge over Jordan. As a shooter, he was unconscious. it was sick to watch him shoot the lights out,....and if the game was on the line: Watch out. He was going to win the game. Two Players: Michael Jordan vs. Larry Bird Down 2, seconds left. A 3 to win. -Who do you go with. My answer along with most others....Larry Bird. He could nail a three and tell he was going to do it. Besides, everyone else in the whole arena would know who was getting the ball. (the fans, the opposing coach, the opposing team) As I heard it said by Magic Johnson "Its one thing to know where its going, its another thing to stop it. -I fear no one but Larry Bird...because if you keep it close, and you give him a chance, he going to win the game." MJ -you are # 2 in that regard. You are the best besides Bird. Complete package, better athleticly, but Bird had a... Read more

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    Tue Dec 06 2005

    A warrior through and through. The guy could shoot, pass, defend, the whole enchilada. Used his teammates and pulled them up to his level.

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    Fri Nov 25 2005

    I would put him at #1 of the all time greatest players of all time. What's weird is that when you see him dressed casually, he doesn't look like someone who would strike people as a basketball player. He looks like a golf player. But when you see his skill on the court, it's a whole different ball of wax.

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    Sun Nov 13 2005

    Larry Bird was the best basketball player during the best era of basketball. He was the game's greatest clutch player, position-rebounder, intuitive passer, and spur-of-the-moment inventor. Number 33 made countless shots from absurd angles often while off balance and with either hand. While not being blessed with superior athletic skills, Bird's work-ethic and will to win made him and, by extension, his teammates far better players than nature had ever intended that they become. His rivalry with Magic Johnson featured two sides of a coin with Bird's side reflecting a blue collar work-ethic that featured substance over style. Both he and Magic were highly successful and, with each feeding off of and countering the other's energy, the league soared to heights never before reached nor later exceeded. His jaw dropping performances and miraculous play are the stuff of legend. Larry Legend. The best who ever played the game.

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    Thu Nov 03 2005

    I have had to listen to the comparison for years and years now about who the best 10 NBA players of all time are. It is crazy to compare two players such as Michael Jordan to Wilt Chamberlain. And here's why: How do you rank them? One-on-One? Guarding one another during a Five-on-Five game? You tell me when Chamberlain gets on the block that he couldnt score ALL DAY LONG on Jordan? Well of course, one-on-one, Chamberlain wouldnt be as agile as Jordan and not nearly the ball handler of a GUARD(for God's sake). The facts are that you can't compare players that didn't play the same position throughout their respective careers. I just used Jordan and Chamberlain as ridiculous examples, but the same would apply to Bird VS. Jordan, or Magic VS. Bird. Although these three players played many times against each other in the same era, you can't tell me that just because Jordan scored 63 points in Boston Garden (Bulls lost that game by the way and got SWEPT out of the playoffs by Bird's Celtic... Read more

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    Mon Oct 17 2005

    Bird was "THE Man". There has never been a better conditioned athlete who seemingly always came through in the clutch. Everybody knew who was going to get the ball, but very few could stop it. Go ahead and foul him, but you might as well put two points up on the scoreboard. Bird was not only a great scorer, but he was an unselfish passer, and a tenacious rebounder. If I had a young man who had some talent and an inclination toward basketball, I'd show him film of Larry Bird. He was the most complete player and firey competitor that I've ever seen.

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    Mon Jul 18 2005

    Larry Bird was not even the best forward ever let alone the 'best player' ever. Elgin Baylor would have eaten him for lunch. Even former Celtic Tommy Heinsohn said that Baylor was by far the best forward ever to play the game (and both Wilt and Oscar said he was the best *player* ever). Heinsohn followed by saying that of all the forwards that could be compared to Elgin Baylor (Bird and Dr. J were the 2 he metioned), he felt that Bayor was by far the better defensive player. --Vic.

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    Sat Jul 09 2005

    Second greatest NBA player of All-Time.

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    Mon May 02 2005

    the 3rd best

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    Sat Apr 30 2005

    Larry Legend !

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    Thu Mar 03 2005

    He's not THE best player ever. He was slow-footed, had average speed and couldn't jump out of a gym. But he made up his flaws with intuitiveness: made some of the most brilliant passes, can hit those clutch 3's and had a deadly jump shot.

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    Wed Feb 16 2005

    only doing this because he is not the number player of all-time. come on guys.

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    Sun Jan 23 2005

    I read some comments saying Bird lacked defense; is that why he made two all-defensive teams in one of the deepest eras in basketball history? He had it all, and in his early days in the league he could even throw down some nasty reverse dunks. People forget now, but his back problems took away a lot of his athleticism. If I had to compare his athletic ability to a player today, I would say Chris Bosh. Bosh even dunks the same as Bird did in the early days.

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    Sun Jan 23 2005

    He told you he was going to win and then he did it. You can't compare that. Even Jordan had his doubts sometimes.

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    Sun Jan 16 2005

    Probably #2, led his team to numerous championships, should be given a lot of credit. Not a complete player, lacked defense, and lacked the aspect of the miraculous dunk.

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    Fri Dec 31 2004

    2nd best player ever

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    Thu Dec 16 2004

    his lack of defense was kept quite by the team and the is well known that the problems with mchale where caused because birds lack of defense.

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    Sun Nov 28 2004

    prob wouldn't be held in such high regard if he wasn't white, its sad but prob true.

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    Thu Nov 11 2004

    Clearly one of the best ball-players in history. Enough said.

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    Fri Sep 24 2004

    Larry Legend was basketball. Everyone has seen a million replays of him hitting that shot from behind the backboard, not to mention the replay of that inbound steal. He is the most undeniable superstar of all time.

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    Wed Sep 15 2004

    My favorite NBA player who was the star of my favorite NBA team, The Boston Celitcs, for so many years. Best clutch shooter of all time, he made miracles happen on the floor.

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    Sat Jul 24 2004

    My favorite player of all-time, Larry Bird is the epitomy of a player who was probably not gifted physically. Nevertheless, what he lacked in physical talent, Larry Legend made up for by his brutal work ethic. Practice was a drug he craved, and satisfied to no means. The 'Hick from South Lick' was a coach's dream and opponents' nightmare. Here was this great player who could play both offense and defense. And as a shooter, Bird was a sniper. But what defined him most was his legendary rivalry with the equally great Magic Johnson. Both men raised their bar of play, especially against each other. In return, they not only made themselves great, but succeeded in making the NBA great.

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    Sat Jul 24 2004

    he was good... but white man cant jump

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    Sun Jul 04 2004

    definitely one of my forwards on my all-time team.

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    Sat Jul 03 2004

    Best clutch player ever

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    Fri Jun 25 2004

    I'm an old-school LAKERS SHOWTIME fan (not kobe/shaq version - they're a joke & their 3 championship rings are a farce!!!) THANKS DETROIT! But anyways...back to the 80's....BIRD was INSANE....hated him then (can't blame me). He shot the ball like he was unconcious. Mentaly, Bird was INDOMITABLE!!!He was 'FUNDAMENTAL' in the era when everyone was fundamental. ROOKIE B-ball fans today have NO COMPREHINSION of how good the BIRD-MAN was!

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    Mon May 17 2004

    Did more with less than any player in history..

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    Tue May 11 2004

    just below magic as the greatest player of his generation but could never beat magic except once but he gets much love from this brother.

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    Mon May 10 2004

    Bird and Jordan are both 5s, without a doubt. However, Bird was the better shooter, rebounder and passer and an equally good defender.

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    Sun May 02 2004

    i believe i can fly

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    Mon Apr 26 2004

    He is the greatest of all times

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    Thu Mar 11 2004

    Loved watching his team attitude and accountability on the court as a player and off the court as a quiet role model; something missing since current players seem possessed of huge egos prompted by unseemly amounts of money at too early a chronological age!

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    Sat Feb 28 2004

    The difference between bird and jordan is defense, Larry cant guard marv albert.

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    Wed Feb 11 2004

    he deserves a five for sure but he is too closely rated to the almighty MJ.

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    Thu Dec 11 2003

    Larry Bird is one of the top 5 best basketball players of all time. C'mon what couldn't he do??? Besides jump, big deal. Basketball isn't solely based on jumping it is based on SCORING baskets. The best set shooter of all time, and the best...well you know.

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    Mon Dec 01 2003

    He was one of the best forwards of all time. Didn't he do those HORSE commericals with MJ?

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    Mon Nov 24 2003

    A great player and a great role model.