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    Tue Jan 22 2013

    This guy had a great story: all the yellow jerseys, a cancer survivor, his Foundation, great wealth and fame. He was never a hero of mine, but he did have that Great Story. Doping had been a far gone conclusion; 20 of the last 21 Tour winners were tied to PED's. If Armstrong had a case at all, it would be that he was only trying to level the playing field. But, I know 3-year old kids who have a more well-developed conscience and sense of right and wrong, as did riders who would never see their day at the Podium because they wouldn't cheat. Since those drugs have proven efficacy, he will never be able to tell his grandchildren that he was the greatest at what he did. In fact, I'd be surprised if his grandchildren didn't change their last names in order to hide from his legacy. He will go down in history as one of the Ugliest of Americans. Where do we start? -He ran a clandestine drug ring and bullied his teammates to 'man-up' or be ostracized. -He had failed drugs tests twice, but t... Read more

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    Fri Jan 18 2013

    I never paid any attention to the Tour de France before Lance Armstrong came along. I didn't even pay that much attention while he was on his streak. I generally knew the Tour was on during the latter years of his run, because there were mentions of it on the morning sports. But I couldn't tell you a thing about cycling, how the race is run, how it's scored, how good any of the other participants are, what country produces the best racers. Nothing. I just know the Tour de France is a long race, like the Iditarod but on bikes. So Armstrong became a legend with an incredible back story, a sudden massive celebrity, enormous marketing muscle, great wealth and seemingly a bright future. But almost immediately the spectre of cheating cast a cloud over his accomplishments. Some people believed in him and his accomplishments unflinchingly, right up until last night when he confessed to Oprah. Others started calling him a cheat and a liar right away. During it all sponsors, donors and ... Read more

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    Wed Sep 01 2010

    On the subject of this media mope I refer you to George Carlins comments...

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    Tue Aug 31 2010

    Cancer survivor, multiple Tour de France winner, probable PED user. What says "Great American" better than that?

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    Tue Aug 05 2008

    Great athlete, but should be slapped across the head for the way he ultimately treated the wife which saw him through the worst times.

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    Tue Aug 05 2008

    See my reviews of Babe Ruth and Michael Jordan. Beating cancer to become a world class athlete surely is amazing, and that does give him some bonus points that other athletes can't get, but still only two stars.

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    Mon Feb 19 2007

    by far the greatist.. hate to say it but the others may have been great at different types of races, but only race most of the world cares about is the TDF, which LA has won 7 consecutive times.

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    Wed Feb 22 2006

    Poster boy for steroids. The U.S. is the only nation that walks around with blinders on regarding this glaring fact. Look on any European cycling site and you'll get the story. He's a cheater of the highest order, everybody knows it, the Euorpeans consider the rider after him to be the true Tour champ.

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    Wed Feb 22 2006

    A great "Tour" cyclist but is way down the list of the true greats as he focused all of his energy on just one race... Why? well I think he just wasn't good enough to cut the mustard with the big guns... His team tactics have changed the face of the sport for ever and I think in a possitive way but please read the facts of the others before voting for Lance as the gratest.

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    Tue Feb 21 2006

    A fine cyclist but not the best he has made some remarkable stories for all to tell but anyon who reads about the feats of the greats and compares them will see Armstrong comes somewhere in the top 10 say 8 or so. To say armstrong is the best is like comparing Rodman to Jordan, Guillit to Pele, etc.... Look at the facts before voting!!!!!

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    Wed Dec 14 2005

    Dont get me wrong...Lance is a increable rider...the best in the world, and yes it is remarkable he is alive! He motivates people and gives them great hope, he has great heart and if was the 'list of world sporting idols' he would quite possibly be number 1, but it is not. Lance has won the Tour de France on seven occansions, in a row! And as finished highly in other races such as Liege-Bastonge-Liege, Amstel Gold Race, Dauphine Libere, Classica San Sebastion, Vuelta e Spaina, and of course he is the youngest ever world champion (yes, yanks the tour de france is not the ONLY race in the cycling world!). but to say that he is better than Merckx, Hinault, Anquetil, Coppi! Is obsurd! To put it simply; Armstrong won just over 70 races in his pro career Merckx has won the most with 572! Hinault next around 320! Yes, i know what your saying...but Lance won the Tour de France, seven a row! Yes, remarkable! But, again, the Tour is not the only race in the world, the biggest, but no... Read more

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    Thu Oct 13 2005

    Its amazing he is alive let alone the only one to win 7 tours. A great leader and motivater too....Class act to support his young teammate Danial and help ride him into the victory in the Tour of GA!

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    Fri Nov 26 2004

    If heart does matter, then Lance Armstrong has no peer. Lance Armstrong transcends sport, let alone cycling, as he has achieved what was not considered possible by many in his profession. No, not being a six-time Tour de France champion, but being a cancer survivor and willing himself to the summit of his sport despite the odds which were stacked against him. Armstrong is truly a remarkable human being, and quite possibly the greatest athlete ever.

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    Wed Jul 21 2004

    This guy has so much heart. He eats rivals alive in the mountains which is why he is the greatest evr. Miguel Indurain is second for sure but nobody can touch Armstrong in the hills and time trials.

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    Fri Jul 09 2004

    How can you not pick Lance! He overcame cancer and he is still one of the greatest atheletes EVER! Best of luck Lance, win a 6th in a row!!!

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    Sat Jun 19 2004

    Five Tours de France in a row puts him in the elite company of Eddy Merckx.