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Lady and the Tramp

1955 American animated musical romance film produced by Walt Disney and released by Buena Vista Film Distribution Website

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    Mon May 10 2010

    I never saw this movie i think this should be fun i am going to buy it. Thanks !

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    Mon Dec 24 2007

    Decent and loveable. Love can occur in many ways, no matter what your stature. Seeing it in a book when I was young and watching it was phenomenal. The dogs they drew were the best. It also comes to show you, not all strays are bad pets-they can be trained and be a good companion; they have a good side. Who could not forget this movie?

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    Fri Apr 02 2004

    one of my favorites from the earlier years. A sweet story about two dogs who come from the different side of the tracks.Lady a cocker spaniel who comes from privelage and a owners who love her and Tramp a stray who gets along by eating scraps from different restaurants.they form a friendship. there are other good characters Jock and trusty Ladies neighbor dogs. peg the dog who has been around. VEry sweet movie.well done.

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    Tue Mar 30 2004

    I always loved this film and I think it boosted the love of dogs that I have today. One of the best parts is the incomparable Peggy Lee sings many of the songs including the parts of those horrible Siamese cats(who didn't hate them?) and that swanky jazz-singing, jailhouse pup named Peg.