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Labrador Retriever

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    Sun Feb 11 2024

    Playful & energetic ūüėć

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    Fri Jul 09 2010

    they love to bark at every thing but besides that i love them i used to have one his name was smut and i taught him how to play uno. i love them any one that is reading this if ur thinking about get a big dog i recomend Labrador Retriever's and Great Danes.. very sweet breeds

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    Thu Jun 24 2010

    Man, my family had a black lab/golden retriever mix. She was the sweetest thing and now I get to work with a black lab/pointer mix. They're the msot popular breed of dog for a reason.

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    Sat Jun 19 2010

    My Yellow Lab is an amazing dog. He is very mellow, LOVES to eat, always in a good mood. He is an instinctual dog. Very different from my GSP, he is completely in the moment. Loves people, he is great around kids, loves to hike, always in a good mood, with a tail that wags every time he sees me or hears my voice. He is also a powerhouse swimmer, and unfortunately loves to chase deer. I am his second owner, so it has taken some time to properly train him, but he has made lots of progress. Less "thoughtful" than the GSP, he is completely in the moment at all times. A wonderful dog. Also, aggressive low bark, but very sweet. I love the energy of this breed, as long as you can train them to calm down when necessary.

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    Thu Mar 04 2010

    Loyal to a fault and a pleasure to be around for the entire family. I've never met one I didn't like or that didn't like me.

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    Tue Jan 05 2010

    I am not a fan of them at all. They get fat and ugly as they get older. Too many people have them and I dont understand why.

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    Fri Oct 30 2009

    very friendly , energetic dogs . my uncle had a blacl one .

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    Tue Sep 08 2009

    I had a Male black Lab roughly 20 years ago. There isn't a day that goes by that I don't think about how much I loved that dog. He would consume his 3 pounds of food in roughly 6 to 8 seconds leaving him with a protruding Belly that would last 3 hours after eating. He was a extremely hardy dog in all areas of life, and, loved us more than life itself. The sweetness, the heart, and the courage of this dog was so apparent in everything he did. A crazy seriously mentally disturbed cat came to live in our house. What did he do, he saw how scared she was so he mothered the cat. He was very sensitive to criticism so once he figured out how to please us, he became a perfect dog, and would only please us. To say that my dog was an angel of a lab would be extremely accurate in the sense that he rarely barked, never chewed on anything in the house, and was toilet trained in one day. The other things people are saying about labs are true, their obsession with water, their extremely fun l... Read more

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    Wed Aug 12 2009

    The Pros and Cons of Having A Labrador Retreiver: Mom to: Mia - Female Black Lab 3 yrs old. Izzy - Female Yellow Lab 2 yrs old. Pros: 1.) Great family dogs. Love children and other pets in the family. 2.) Great dogs if you like camping, hiking, the outdoors etc. They have lots of stamina and love exercise. I think there is a saying that goes, "A happy Labrador Retreiver is a TIRED Labrador Retriever." 2.) Beautiful dogs. I think Labs are very beautiful in all three colors, yellow, black and chocolate. 3.) They love to retrieve. Most Labs naturally know how to retrieve and love doing it. It makes for lots of fun play time, and makes it easier on you because they do all the work and you can sit back and be a lazy bum hehe. 4.) Good size dog, not too large or big. 5.) Very intelligent breed. Cons: 1.) Obsessed with all of the above: a.) Water in all it's forms, that being a lake, slough, pool, the water in their dish, a bathtub etc. They love water to almost the point of i... Read more

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    Wed Jul 01 2009

    I have a yellow lab and he is the best dog!!! We get him from an animal shelter and he is so sweet and loves to plays with dogs his size or smaller.I also have a toy chihuahua and they are best buddies!

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    Tue Jun 30 2009

    I work in a Doggy Day Campand I have many Labs that come there every day. I have mixed feelings about these dogs. By themselves, they are OK..aside from the jumping. They are very friendly and loving, no doubt about it. In a group setting...YIKES!!! They have to be the most ill-mannered breed ever. They jump on every dog and don't catch on to the signals when a dog doesn't want to play. Also in a group, they bark non stop at eachother and other dogs. They tend to get on everyone's nerves. Because of this, I will never get one now. I have yet to meet one with manners, sadly.

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    Thu Jun 04 2009

    I grew up with labs and they are great dogs. Just like any dog, they need proper training. These dogs are great with kids. They also love the outdoors and do need space to run. Labs love swimming and it¬īs great to take them to the lake and watch them dive in with no fear! They also love sticks, and playing fetch. Labs are all around great family dogs.

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    Mon Jun 01 2009

    I have had two labs as pets and they are by far the best dogs. I had a yellow lab years ago and currently have a black lab mix that will act like your best friend. She plays, listens well, was easy to train, loves people, and is so adorable. I recommend labradors for younger people and families that want a dog that can play around but is also well trained and good with others.

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    Wed May 20 2009

    I have one.Name shadow very cute dog always find ways to play with me. Easy to handle dog.

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    Thu May 07 2009

    Black labs (including mutts with a lot of lab in them) are great outdoor dogs. They're large and hearty, and seem to be quite content in cold weather. They do like to go for a swim when it gets hot, so its nice if there is a pond or creek nearby. They'll also do a reasonably good job of keeping raccoons and rabbits out of your garden. They're very friendly, but they also have a tendency to jump up when they want to play, so they may not be the best if you have really little children. I'm not sure if this is a tendency of all labs or not, but the one we had when I was little (the only dog we had that I would consider to be my dog, he was awesome) used to drag all sorts of things into the yard. Some dogs like sticks, but that dog would drag small logs into our yard.

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    Mon Apr 20 2009

    Loyal, docile, active dogs. Among the most common breed in America.

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    Mon Jan 05 2009

    my best dogs have been labs

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    Wed Sep 10 2008

    i love labs, they are so sweet and funny

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    Tue Sep 09 2008

    love them but there not for me thay are to hipper and ful of enger

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    Mon Aug 11 2008

    They all seem to have ADHD!

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    Sun Aug 10 2008

    labs are really good dogs to have

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    Fri Aug 08 2008

    Never owned one myself, but I have known people that have. They are a very friendly dog, and one that I wouldn't mind having.

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    Thu Aug 07 2008

    a little stupid but super sweet and great with kids

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    Thu Aug 07 2008

    I've had labs my whole life and loved them the whole time.  They are the best dog in the world.  They are docle, and are up for any play.

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    Thu Jul 24 2008

    Ok. They can get pretty fat. Haha.

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    Mon Jul 14 2008

    From reading many of the reviews-- a dog (or any thing for that matter) is a reflection and/or product of its owners.Unattentive owners will definitely have destructive matter what breed. These people should think long and hard about owning any sort of animal in the first place. Just like kids--they require love, food & water, nuturing, exercise, mental stimulation, and attention.

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    Thu Jul 10 2008

    my dog is a lab. love him!

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    Tue Jul 08 2008

    I have a five year old yellow and a three year old chocolate both female! LOVE THEM FOREVER!would love to get a black one they are so so sweet and just have the best personality for sure!

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    Sun Jul 06 2008


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    Tue Jul 01 2008

    best damn dog in the world

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    Thu Jun 19 2008

    Awesome dogs :)

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    Tue Jun 17 2008

    kind of looks like coal at that age

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    Fri Jun 13 2008

    All varieties of these wonderful water dogs are the brightest, best all-around companions on earth--I know many.  No other breed can be so trusted, loyal, sweet, helpful and protective as the Labrador Retriever.  If I never know another friend, I will be happy till the end.  I do not own my yellow lab, she shares time and space with me as my best friend.

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    Wed Jun 11 2008

    They are the best dogs. We had one for years, I miss him. They are loveable, loyal and will protect you. I love them.

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    Tue Jun 03 2008

    Great family dogs if you can handle their size. Great hunting dogs especially for waterfowl. Good guard dogs for home. Like any dog don't tie or fence them in the backyard and ignore them. They like to work so if you don't get them some exercise they can be a problem.

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    Mon Jun 02 2008

    The black lab, in my opinion, is the best dog ever to have as a pet! They are easy to train tricks, easily house broken, and will be your companion until the end!

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    Sun Jun 01 2008


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    Sun Jun 01 2008

    u gotta love them lol

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    Sun Jun 01 2008

    Cute faces and loving dogs. My first pup ever was a Lab. RIP JAKE!

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    Tue May 20 2008

    B E A S T ! ! !

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    Wed May 07 2008

    very sweet, but a little hyper too and that can be trying when the average almost 100 lbs!

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    Thu Apr 10 2008

    gotta love a lab..

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    Tue Apr 08 2008

    These are great dogs. Love exercise, but don't get weird or bitter if they don't get it every day.

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    Mon Apr 07 2008

    These are sweet animals that make a good family dog. They're also enormously popular.

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    Mon Apr 07 2008

    I always liked labs. Not my choice to own but they are goofy and fun and highly trainable. Hard to find an aggressive one which is a plus.

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    Wed Apr 02 2008

    These dogs are vicious child eaters and very dumb.

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    Wed Apr 02 2008

    They are a great family dog and have o.k. personalities but they are kinda stinky dogs. They don't seem to be as smart as other breeds! They over eat like crazy if you let them. They make great hunting dogs!

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    Sun Nov 04 2007

    Love my Black Lab.  She was a rescue dog and has a very even temprament.  After reading through various breed responses, you have to understand that what they do and DO NOT do, comes back to the owner and their training.  My Lab is very laid back and acceptable to all other animals.  As puppyloverkb stated, they do have health issues (as do all breeds).  Feed the Glucosamine and Chondroitin at an early age ( I have seen Labs w/ arthritis @ age 2), and you will probably have few problems.  Keep nails trimmed CONSTANTLY as the nail pushes back into the foot and will also cause joint problems. You should never hear the click of the nails, or they are too long.  Also feed a low protein diet, if not a working dog (ie. rescue or hunting), as they will develope fatty pockets from too much protein.  GREAT dogs though ~ wouldn't trade mine for anything!  My girl is on the low end ~ 65 lbs.

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    Fri Aug 17 2007

    labs make GREAT pets. they are medium-to-large dogs, they are NOT hyper if given any attention, love their owners, do not have health problems, can tell the difference between a friend and an intruder and will defend their owners, and are actually pretty smart. the worst thing about them is that they shed a lot, with yellow labs this makes dark clothes an impossibility for the life of the dog. they are very good with young children -- but as with all breeds there are the exceptions.

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    Wed Jul 04 2007

    Labs are a over breed hyper dog with no basic social skills. Everyone is there friend because they are to dumb to know when someone hates them. They lack basic intelligence like knowing there name, what to eat and drink. I have seen 2 female labs pee in puddles then drink it 3 seconds later. Most of them eat other dogs poop and then go kiss their owners right after.