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    Sat Jun 05 2010

    We were at la caverna and my friends clutch was stolen by a fat latina guy in an orange and white striped shirt and jean shorts it is a nice looking place but too crowded and they dont put any AC on for a basement bar it should be much cooler in there kind of a safety hazard do not set anything you own down in there unattended you wont see it again

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    Sun Apr 25 2010

    The themed bar: it can turn out well, or seem a bit trite. La Caverna tries, but doesn’t quite make it. Clearly, lots of effort went into making this thing: stalactites, stalagmites, somewhat pointy rock formations, and the dim lighting all luridly scream: Hey look! I’m a cave! The bar, sprawling and conveniently located over the entire middle of the floor, was accessible enough, and plentiful booth space gave it a lounge-y vibe. However, a snarky bartender soured my mood, even when the half-bobbing, half-standing crowd surged to an oddly remixed Lady Gaga tune. Also, the bathroom was inexplicably closed for at least a half-hour, and the line spilled out into the dance floor. Not kosher.

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    Fri Nov 06 2009

    I enjoyed your clubs atmosphere, until I, and my party of over one dozen, were greeted with apathetic at BEST bartending and a sub par beer list. I then proceeded to get shoved rudely by someone, and in my attempts to merely stand up straight, was confronted aggressively by a greasy haired, portly troglodyte of a "bouncer." I, and my party, suddenly realized it was past our bedtime, and time to go to another bar that actually cares about its patrons. Good luck with your movie-set dramatics, they could have worked if it wasn't for your thoroughly inept "security." I hope you enjoy the fruits of your completely undeserved success.

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    Sun Jun 14 2009

    I went on Saturday night and it was great. My friends and I did hookah and had some drinks. The prices were good and the music was great.

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    Mon May 11 2009

    Everytime I've been here I had a blast. Despite the overcrowding and the mandatory coat check, its not a bad place to celebrate the night with good drinks, dance music, and no cover. No hassle at the door and nice bartenders. Drinks are cheap but they make them STRONG. I will definitely be stopping by again when I'm in the area.

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    Sun Nov 23 2008

    I had a decent time here last year for my birthday. I wouldnt have my birthday there again, but it wasnt bad at all.

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    Sat Nov 08 2008

    Cheesy place. Cheesy crowd. Crowded. Not good crowded. With all the good places around here, give this one a pass.

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    Sat Oct 18 2008

    Based on the prior reviews, I decided to arrange a party for Saturday night. I spoke with Nick, the manager on Tuesday to make arrangements. After a thorough conversation, Nick assured me everything would be set and if we had any problems to ask for him personally. When we arrived Saturday there was no list at the door and my guest were told they needed to wait for my arrival. Once I arrived I spoke with Nick who said he would not honor our conversation unless we purchased a bottle. Out or principal, I find this bate and switch tactic despicable. 12 people ready to enjoy an evening out; they would have made much more on our individual ordering. I highly recommend finding another establishment if you're looking to plan event or night out.

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    Thu Sep 04 2008

    Sadly, we were not attended all...or acknowledged. From the moment we walked in, no one asked us if we needed help. Two of my girlfriends and I walked in for some drinks on Aug. 31st at around midnight and took a seat. There were only about 10 people in the whole place and the bartender saw us walk in, but said nothing. Neither she nor the barback advised us that there was no table service and proceeded to attend everyone else while obviously ignoring us. We were very disappointed, seeing that we had lots of money to spend that evening, and simply walked out. Being that all 3 of us worked in the service industry, we were more than patient (we waited at least 15 minutes before we left) and willing to tip well had things gone accordingly. Tis a shame!

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    Sun Aug 31 2008

    Went here for a friend's birthday. I thought the place would be bigger since it's also a lounge on weekends. The decor was nothing special, just some cave-like walls with candles. The waterfall was a small stream that looked like something from a drinking fountain. Drinks were good. Food is another story. Most of us got the Penne dishes after we were told that they ran out of the lobster ravioli (20 minutes after putting our order in). The pasta was nothing special, it was like the boxed pasta you can buy at supermarkets. It was hard, it looked like it was sitting out for a while and was lukewarm. A few also got the chicken and strip steak and it was ok. It was really salty-I had to drink after each bite. Most of the time our water glasses were empty-the waitress never really checked up on us. The bartender was also in and out most of the time. When she was at the bar she was sitting there with an LSAT book which I thought was weird-shouldn't you NOT want your customers to see you are ... Read more

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    Sat Jun 21 2008

    I agree with other reviewers. It is true that this place can be irritatingly crowded. However, I always have a really good time here. Pretty decently mixed, diverse, and managable clientele. Some cute girls. Sorry, I wasn't paying too much attention to the guys. Music is not the best but good to dance to. Drinks are strong. Bartenders are friendly and good looking, and somehow manage to keep your booze flowing constantly despite serious overcrowding around the bar. Extra points for friendly bouncers.

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    Thu Jun 19 2008

    my friend and i were just looking for somewhere to eat and stumbled upon this restaurant. we were thrown off walking down stairs but was amazed how great of an atmosphere it was and that the restaurant looked like a cave. only prob was service was kind of slow

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    Wed May 28 2008

    Went here for the second time with some buddies last Sunday. Good music and nice cute girl behind the bar. It wasn't too crowded this time but it can be waaaaaaaaaay too crowded the last time I went.

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    Wed Apr 30 2008

    Definitely a fire hazard. Max capacity is around 150 but there had to be over 200 people down there. It was hot and stuffy. You would have to stand under the large fans to get any kind of air. Music was good; mostly hip-hop. Friendly bartenders.

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    Tue Mar 04 2008

    I'm part of a weekly Wednesday drinking group of 30 or so regulars who love to drink, geek out, talk and eat after work. We check out a different bar each week. We've been kicking around the city for 12 years. In that time we've visited several hundred bars (with repeats of faves). I'm always on the hunt for a bar that stands out in a way. The size and decor of La Caverna puts it over the top. It's one of those places that you don't forget. That's probably the only good thing going for it. That, and the staff, who were attentive and warm. Otherwise, the food was average, and the drinks were standard. I'd probably only return if I knew I needed a large party space, and I didn't need food on the agenda.

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    Mon Jan 21 2008

    my friend wanted to celebrate her birthday in a trendy but somewhat cozy lounge. instead of opting for expensive meatpacking district, she suggested la caverna. since i was the one technically "hosting" the party, i researched the place and felt good about what it looked like nd all it had to offer. we gave la caverna a list of guests and a head count in advance. the day of her party, there was a huge line. i was happy to think that it was a popular place. i went up to the bouncer and guess what? he said wait in line! embarassed, i waited in line before another friend who had arrived early was able to vouch for me. in addition, i had brought some trendy friends along to this place because the website touted it as such. when we FINALLY made it in, boy, was i surprised. the decor was so-so, but please, they were playing dirty rap and the clientele was, well, dirty. people were basically grinding up against each other everywhere. it was so crowded, the line to the bathroom spanned the len... Read more

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    Mon Dec 10 2007

    I went there with a group for a Xmas party. There are only 3 tables which should be a clue that maybe this place isn't really serious about being a restaurant. The food is way less than ordinary. The sauce for the fried calamari was Hun'ts tomato sauce. The sauce for the tasteless polenta with mushrooms was mostly balsamic vinegar. The Penne Vodka, well besides being inedible, shouldn't even be on the menu. Then to top it off, I got sick from the food later that night. It is clearly there as a club and they should concentrate on really good bar food. Stop pretending to be a restaurant. Also the lights would be dimmer in a club environment and you wouldn't be able to notice the tacky, dirty looking decor. I would never go again and never, never, never recommend it to even my worst enemy.

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    Sat Dec 01 2007

    NEVER GO TO LA CAVERNA!!!! I have never been treated so rudely by a doorman! I showed up at about 11:30 on a Saturday night with three friends. Surprisingly there was no line! We were going to meet a friend inside for his birthday. When I opened the door to come in I was literally pushed outside by the doorman. He barked that he needed my ID. While getting my ID out of my purse he pushed me back outside again. I gave him the ID and said I wanted to come in from the cold. He said he wasn't going to let anyone in if I didn't wait outside. After getting my ID back I stepped inside, had my hand stamped, and then started to walk down the hall to the bar. He called me back. I said I was going inside to wait for my friends. He said he wasn't letting any of us in. I was then again put back out in the cold. Still not quite sure what happened?? I went around the corner with my friends to Boss Tweeds and had a really fun night. NEVER GO TO LA CAVERNA!!!!!!!

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    Wed Oct 10 2007

    I've been here a few times, always had fun. If you go after 12 on the weekends the place is a madhouse. It's not a bad idea to call ahead to get on the list so you and your group are assured entry, especially if you are all guys. But once you go inside you see that this place is so unique and not your average club. The music is good, the drinks are very strong (and not expensive), the girls behind the bar are super sweet and hot and me and my friends always have a great time.

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    Sun Sep 23 2007

    The place has a really cool decor and the food was was just completely dead on a Wed at 8:30. It would be a really great place if they just get more people in there!

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    Mon May 28 2007

    Wow, this was bad. I can not remember the last time I has such a terrible dining experience in Manhattan. The food wasn?t even the issues (it was nothing special, not horrible), but the service was really deplorable. No one there knew what they were doing. It started at the bar with the bartender that was not at all helpful in determining what types of gin they had available (i.e. ?Nope, we don?t have that; no we don?t have that either??). We decided on gin and tonic after she admitted to not knowing how to make some of the drinks on the drink menu. At dinner our waitress took her time getting our wine, which finally came after we had already started eating our appetizers. Once we were finished with the apps, we had to remind her that she hadn?t even taken our orders for the main course. She was a mess. Additionally, management couldn?t be bothered to print out new menus, they just scratched out items off the dingy existing ones. The decor was terrible as well. The place looked like... Read more

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    Tue Apr 24 2007

    went there the other night for dinner and we all really enjoyed the food. They didn't pack us in like sardines and the music was good, but just good enough to eat to, we ate our dinner had some drinks and left off into Manhattan nightlife. I would definitely recommed checking out this place.

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    Wed Apr 18 2007

    When you first walk downstairs you feel like you have found a cool new place. Interesting decor, good music, elbow room. But, after you've stayed for an hour you find out that it isn't all that. The scene is fun if you are in a group, not a good place to meet people. The biggest downer - the skeevy staff. Despite their being room at the bar, the bartenders are impossible to track down. Overall, the ceiling is original and nothing else is special about this place.

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    Fri Mar 23 2007

    Not worth the visit. Avoid this place. The menu is limited, food was mediocre at best (I would've rather had the standard bar grub instead), and the prices were ridiculous. I was disgusted when we got the bill. I didn't like the layout of this place. It was extremely awkward having dinner at a small table right next to a sofa with people lounging and sipping their cocktails. If the drinks were better, I would've given it a higher rating. But they weren't.

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    Wed Feb 21 2007

    Only had time to stop in for a couple of drinks, but I will definitely go back for some of the food I saw, based on comments by other customers there. Service was fine and drinks were reasonable, but the decor and atmosphere put this place up near the top.

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    Tue Feb 06 2007

    i just hosted a birthday party here, and the owner (Nick) could not have been nicer. he called me a week before just to confirm, and no one had any trouble at the door - everyone was whisked right into the party. there was great music, and the drinks were moderately priced for a manhattan bar ($7 or $8 a drink). ALSO, just to add to his great customer service, Nick called me 3 days after the party, to make sure i was happy with the turnout, and that i didnt have any problems. GREAT PARTY PLACE!

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    Mon Jan 29 2007

    I wouldn't recommend this place to anyone since it has no loyalities to its regular customers. That is a big reason why. The staff is just has no personality. Basically, from viewing the website, I wanted to have a private party hosted there. And the party planner who I spoke to by the name of Nick, just was most unfriendly person I have ever talked to. But basically we arranged to have a party in 3 weeks. Then told me he will be contacting me tommorrow with exact party arrangements. I did not receive a call from Nick until week later where he notified me that he was all booked up and that i should move my party to another day. (remind you that he already agreed from to have party) Then had the nerve to say that i must of been talking to someoen else with the party. I'm very shocked they are still in business. And I wouldn't waste your time or money at this unfriendly environment. Its New York City, there are hundreds of better places to have a private party or even to go to ... Read more

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    Fri Jan 26 2007

    i loved the lower level...but it was steaming hot..dripping with sweat all over..what happened to the ventilation, i don't know...and the bartender made me buy an extra drink because she said there is a minimum per credit card charge...OMG..i was like what ever..give me another one...

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    Mon Dec 11 2006

    My question is, how is this place still in business? The food is awful, the waiters are cold and the decor is hideous! My friend picked this place base on its website. The place does not look anything close to the photos on the website. Bottom line, don't waste your money!

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    Sat Dec 02 2006

    Went here with a group for dinner and drinks. The decor is definitely is cool, and the food and drink were pretty tasty. The only thing that doesn't fit in is the hookas people were smoking. Place was empty until about 11:30. I'd try it out for a drink or even for an inexpensive dinner.

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    Tue Nov 14 2006

    This is the nicest "basement" I've been to. When you walk in you feel like you're in a nice cave. The decor and mood is nicely done. Very cozy, romantic with dim lights. The music also is soothing and relaxing. Sometimes a bit loud if you'd like to chit chat with friends. I think this place is great for a date. While the menu doesn't offer much and what it does have I think is a bit pricey for what it is, the drinks are very tasty.

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    Sun Oct 22 2006

    I wouldn't recommend this place since it has no loyalities to its regular customers. I went the previous week, had an ok time and returned the next week with friends convincing them to check it out. The doorman turned us away for no reason other than he didn't think weren't fitting the bill. I was insulted after being there many times before. Even after explaining that I'm a regular customer and spend on average $50-100 a night in drinks, he still pulled rank and gave us attitude. You know what, forget this place. I can think of hundreds of other bars in NYC with cleaner bathrooms where I'd rather spend my $$$.

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    Fri Sep 22 2006

    a bunch of friends and i went here on a friday night- where, apparently you have to be on a list to get in. on a FRIDAY night?? i think not! the bouncer was such an ***. i have no idea why he wouldnt let us in bc right after us, 3 girls got in no problem without being on a list. this place SUCKSSSSSSSSSS

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    Mon Jul 10 2006

    Then this is the place for you! The cave atmosphere is cool, made it very cozy, our waitress was prompt and quite nice, for late night cocktails it'll work. However, DO NOT eat here...I haven't had "fake" mashed potatoes since I was a kid in camp, my chicken dish was OK, not amazing...I actually ended up getting sick afterwards, so eat at your own risk. it's basically a bar/lounge that serves food, not a restaurant.

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    Fri Mar 03 2006

    La Caverna should go into the Bar/Clubs section too. Always has good music after 11:30/midnight- hip-hop, reggae, etc. Average prices ($8 for mixed drink), bartenders are tricky. Watch out for the dark-haired girl who makes you show ID for water! The long-haired guy is nice, though, as is the bathroom bouncer, Manny. Sometimes he'll dance with you while you wait. Lots of tables and chairs to put your jackets, so no real need for the coat check. The tables are free, so you don't have to get a bottle that costs $250 that other lounges require - ridiculous! I've been here on a few Fridays and Saturdays a couple times this year already, and it's always cool. Parking can be tricky (watch for parking reg's that prohibit parking at meters from midnite to 3 AM).

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    Sun Feb 19 2006

    This was the worst dinner I have ever had in New York. First, the bartender had to come back four times to ask us to repeat our five drinks -- she wasn't sure how to make a gin martini. We sat, waited a half hour for bread and water, another half hour for appetizers, and at least ONE HOUR more for dinner. The food was about as good as cafeteria food, but not as warm -- from the instant mashed potatoes and frozen breaded chicken to the tasteless pasta. We waited another hour to see the waitress again to get the check. The music was bad bad techno, and the famed space was a conglomeration of Starbuck's furniture, lame pseudo-Goth curtains, stalagtites, and tables that looked like they came from a low-end catering service. I came with guests from out of town, and it was an almost comically bad experience.

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    Sun Feb 19 2006

    I had dinner at La Caverna with a group of friends recently. It was the worst dining experience of my life. The waitress was totally inept - when we asked to order wine and for a round of waters (since we were sitting for 30 minutes without getting any), she snapped "one thing at a time!" We tried two different wines, they were both bad. We waited over an hour for our food, which tasted worse than your average school cafeteria fare. Out waitress never came back to our table after taking our food orders. The DJ played terrible cheesey techno at an unbearable volume. We could barely hear each other talk. Then of course the after-dinner drinks crowd swarmed in and started hovering over our table while we tried to choke down the rest of our dinner. Do NOT eat here!

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    Tue Feb 14 2006

    I have been here three times already. I love the ambiance, it makes you feel as if you are in an actual cave. The food is good, not excellent, they should work on the menu and have more choices. Overall, it's a place to experience and have a nice romantic date. It's very cozy and relaxing. Should go on a weekday to avoid crowds.

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    Sat Dec 17 2005

    I have no idea who these people are who like the "ambiance" of this place... it's totally cheesy! Think Disneyland ride. Maybe good for a laugh, but please have some class and don't bring a date!

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    Sun Oct 16 2005

    Went for a friends party..way to crowded. They over book the place for 4 parties. Made everyone wait in a line..was no list. Very disorganized, the bouncers didn't care, rude. I dont see anything special about this place. Once down stairs, you could hardly make it to the bar. Not a place to throw a party. Not worth it. HORRIBLE!

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    Thu Aug 04 2005

    I ordered carpaccio with parmesan cheese. What I got looked more like a chef salad from a bad greek diner--and it wasn't carpaccio, it was roast beef. I had a steak that was tough and overcooked. My friend had pasta. Both were so salty that my mouth was literally in pain from eating it. I had read one of the other reviews that mentioned the excessive salt but never dreampt it would be to that extent. The place was empty, and the decor is not cool--it looks like a cheesy ride at EPCOT. Stay away, trust me.

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    Sun Apr 10 2005

    I had a birthday party at La Caverna and was immediately struck by the strange bathroom-y smell in the cave. It could have been just that day but the food was extremely average. I don't think I even finished my bland penne vodka. The service was good although extremely slow. All in all there are much better restaurants in NYC to go to. However, the space was pretty big so I could see why people would choose this place to have large parties. This place was one big yawn.

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    Tue Mar 22 2005

    La Caverna was a great time for me and the party I was with. We were seated immediately in a section with couches a table and a hookah. The place was not overcrowded to the point where you couldn't move, but had enough people to keep the place lively and jumping. The service was quick, food decent. Great DJ on the Thursday i went. Overall a very fun experience, something unlike your ordinary New York bar.

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    Sun Mar 13 2005

    i came here for a birthday party... a huge one at that and it was a lot of fun... but then again, that could have had a lot to do w/ my friends rather than the space itself. but it was good times, good music, great lighting and quick service despite the crowd. worth trying once for sure.

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    Mon Feb 28 2005

    The creator of this rest/lounge had a very interesting concept for the space; the location lends itself well for the idea. So sorry,however, to see execution of the design fell short of cavernous ambition. Must note: ceiling was marvolous feat, everything under it, however, lacks luster. Tables, settings, and layout look like an afterthought. The "waterfall", by the way, is nothing more than a leaky faucet. Unfortunately, the drinks and food were also nothing to write home about. Maybe, if venture here again on a very crowded night, it would be distracting enough not to notice the short-comings.

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    Tue Feb 15 2005

    Escape the city and go to the Cave If you want to be a CAVE MAN go to La Caverna it's FUN FUN FUN!

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    Mon Feb 14 2005

    La caverna is a fabulous place for parties, I had birthday party there and everything was so nice, it went well, the owner gave us everything he promised..The atmoshpere was very cozey, the drinks were good, and the prices are very reasonable. The place is so beautifull, the scene was like nothing i have ever seen before. The staff there was so friendly and organized. And the music was excellent..we felt so welcomed, the party was perfect, two of my friends had thier parties there also and they loved it . They had such a great mixed crowed. There was just one thing that i was kind of upset about, I had a friend who was 27 years old but they didnt let him in because he had no ID. But I recomend everyone to try this place out , i garentee you'll love it as much as we did

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    Mon Feb 14 2005

    La Caverna was an amazing place to spend Valentine's Day. Outside the rain sent couples scurrying under umbrellas, as we dashed into an elaborately decorated entrance stairwell. Once downstairs, friendly and helpful hostesses took our coats and umbrellas. It was like stepping into a cave! Inside as we waited momentarily for our table, the bartender made light conversation as he made our drinks. Our tiny table was in the back behind dark drapes, and near a waterwall fountain. The table was a little wobbly, and our waitress tried to fix it but we didn't mind. It was very cozy. The food was delicious and well prepared. The bread and water was constantly being refilled. We can't wait to go back for the bar scene on a weekend night to check out the big, leather chairs and hookahs at every corner.

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    Wed Dec 22 2004

    My friends and I had the WORST evening. We made reservations a week in advance and weren't informed that there was a private event going on that ruined our evening. We sat next to the microphone and heard screeching all night, and when we spoke to the manager all he could say was "they are leaving soon," he totally ignored our comments and showed NO CONCERN for paying CUSTOMERS... no sorry, no comps., NOTHING. HORRIBLE SERVICE!!! EVEN WORST MANAGER.

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    Tue Dec 21 2004

    I went there with a group of my friends and had an awful experience. The hostess failed to inform us of that the restuarnt was hosting a private company party when we made the reservation. Then she sat us right in front of the podium where the DJ was conducting a raffle game for the party. So during our entire meal, we had to listen to this woman yelling in front of us, on top of that, the microphone kept making this obnoxious feedback noise every 30 sec. When we complained to the manager, he simply informed us that the DJ was almost done and that we should be used to loud restaurants by now. He never even apologized! We are never going back to that place ever again!