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    Tue Dec 29 2009

    I really like the host and his manner to greet customers - he is really genuine and clearly does it not just for money but also enjoys what he is doing.

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    Sun Sep 06 2009

    Kyma is Greek food at it's very BEST! The food is so fresh and perfectly prepared. The service is fantastic, and the atmosphere is beautiful. It is a great place! We are so lucky to have it in Atlanta-OPA!

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    Wed Sep 02 2009

    Detail and presentation in each dish... fresh fish and veg. .... fresh spreads and varied menu .. love the ambiance ...

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    Fri May 22 2009

    Arrived at 8pm on Saturday night, with reservation and were immediately seated. The restaurant was not particularly full, which is surely the result of the depressed economic situation. We were confronted with the dreaded 'have you been here before' question and answered No (true), but indicated that we were familiar with Greek cuisine. I certainly would say that the wait staff here are quite familiar with the food, and very eager to offer opinions. We tried to gently indicate that we preferred to study the menu and make our own choices, and met with some success. Waitperson went away to get our drinks, and we examined the menu, very quickly determining that we wanted the mezze dinner with the 'special fish', as they had Pompano on the menu. Waiter returned, and we choose the country greek salad, the zucchini with greek cheese, the mixed seafood stew, and the lamb pie, to go with our pompano & greek fries. We contemplated the wine list for a while, and choose a 2007 voigner w... Read more

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    Sat Apr 11 2009

    Me and my friends were excited about spending an evening in buckhead, being that we work in the restaurant business as well. We showed up at kyma around 7:30, and heres were the night went down hill. First of all the hostess couldnt be bothered to recognize our presence, so we made our way to the bar. The drinks were over priced and service was not friendly. First we ordered some shrimp in tomato sauce, it was bland an cold. Ive heard this chef is supposed to be on of the best in atlanta...Then we ordered the pan fried cheese, there was so much lemon on it , it was inedible. the we ordered some lamb chops, again cold and unseasoned. over all the service was bad, the food sucked, and i am now 65 dollars poorer and unsatisfied. i will never eat at this place again, they should be emberrased to charge so much for crappy food....landmark diner down the street was better.

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    Sun Mar 29 2009

    Each year my husband and I try a new restaurant and a new meal for our anniversary. If we find a new restaurant we love, we add it to our circular. KYMA is NOT that restaurant. We were not greeted by anything other than glares from the 'tweens' manning the hostess stand. We were seated in a high traffic area. Our server mumbled the specials and critiqued all orders that were contrary to his palate. (my husband ordered a wine that the server felt should have been accompanied with an Eye-Roll and then lectured him on which wine he should order). I ordered a Gin & Tonic and one would have thought I wasn't speaking English. Fortunately, the In-Training Server, noticed our irritation and took over. She, in comparison to the prior server, was very professional but since she was new, lacked expertise on menu items. The food was lovely but not great enough to make up for the poor service which, in this economy, we should demand.

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    Sat Nov 01 2008

    We are Greek visiting Atlanta from LA. We try to eat in Greek restaurants in different cities across the USA and KYMA is up there as one of our favorites!!! The food is very authentic and delicious! My husband thought that many of the dishes are as good or better than his Mother's cooking. Don't miss the octopus and the loucumades (forgive the spelling) melts in your mouth. We would highly recommend Kyma to Greek or non-Greek diners!

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    Fri Sep 12 2008

    I know. or think, this is a Buckhead Life restaurant, but it doesn't live up to that standard for me. It's very expensive for what it is--Me...

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    Sun Aug 31 2008

    We go Kyma often but probably not often enough. Every time we are there we get great food, service and value. This is the best Greek food in the town and they deserve the fame.

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    Mon Aug 04 2008

    Wonderful place

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    Fri Aug 01 2008

    My family and I went to Kyma for a graduation celebration and birthday dinner. Some of us wanted to order a beer and asked our snooty waiter what Greek beers were available. He did not know what was available and we waiting 20 minutes for an average beer (we never saw what the brand/bottle was) that tasted like Miller Lite. The waiter was very condescending and when ordering a beer he replied with "My name is Andrei." The food was described by our waiter as authentically Greek and the best Greek in Atlanta, but the food was overall bland and something anyone could make in their own kitchen. The lamb chops were nice, but the "Greek" fish dishes were very bland, tiny portions, the presentation was boring, and the bill was astronomical. The service was extremely impersonal. The photos of the restaurant on the internet are very misleading. The interior of the restaurant looks just like any other, nothing spectacular. My dining experience at Kyma was hugely disappointing, and I will never ... Read more

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    Sat Apr 05 2008

    I had never experienced a Greek restaurant until we went to Kyma. It was absolutely incredible, all around. The wait staff who waited on us were great. We had about 20 people in our group, and they took exquisite care of us. The food kept coming and it was all wonderful. My favorite was the lamb chops and, of course, the baklava! The best I've ever had. And those little donut holes with honey (I can't remember what they are called). Ohhhhhhhh heaven! Do they train the bees to make that honey. I've never had honey that tasted so good! Melt in your mouth. I would recommend Kyma to anyone wanting to experience the best of something different!

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    Thu Feb 14 2008

    My partner and I decided to celebrate Valentines day at Kyma. My partner is Greek so I wanted to do something special by taking him to a Greek Restaurant. We walked in and were takend away with the beauty of the decor and the charm of the live greek music. Our server Katie was amazing and talked us through their special valentines day menue. The food was some of the best we've ever had, my partners grandfather was a greek chef and he said that Kyma was better than his grandfathers cooking. We were sad to see our food gone at the end of the meal cuz everything was amzing. I hghly recomend kyma to everyone knwoing that it's a great place to go and amazing staff and service

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    Thu Dec 13 2007

    My family and I ate at Kyma last week and had one of the most offensive dining experiences I?ve ever suffered through. It all began with a 45 minutes wait after showing up promptly for our reservations. During this time, a waiter from the bar took our drink orders, yet refused to provide a wine list because "it is Greek, and you will not understand it". As I suspected, the wines he selected were $16 a glass. The night only got worse when we were seated, what seemed to be inside the kitchen, where my mother's chair was mercilessly bumped by every passing waiter. I won't bother detailing the other 27 things that went wrong, from the pushy waiter to the mediocre, burnt, and over-priced food; however, the coup de grace came at the end of the evening, after 15 minutes of waiting for the valet to retrieve our car, I was forced to help him first find the keys, then locate the car in the parking lot. Believe me, the bad food was the smallest of Kyma?s problems.

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    Mon Sep 24 2007

    Kyma is my absolute favorite special occasion restaurant in the city. The tasting menu is the way to go, everyone at the table must participate, though. From the perfectly fried yet creamy centered lobster keftedes, to the savory and juicy lamb chops, the menu and execution are fabulous. How could one not be happy under a starry sky, as if in the Greek Isles? Service is helpful and attentive, as well. I highly recommend this restaurant.

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    Mon Sep 03 2007

    I guess there is that one restaraunt that will make a lurker and official member.. and this was mine.. I expected great food.. but I didnt expect the exceptional service... from beginning to end it was impeccable... they were all friendly,attentive and really took their time and explained everything.. we stayed for hours.. and had the chance to get a variety of dishes off the menu.. i really enjoyed the complimentary appetizer also... all in all i would reccomend this restaraunt to anyone

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    Mon Sep 03 2007

    Kyma is definitely my favorite restuarant in Atlanta, possibly even in the US. I travel 100% for work, and eat out every night. I would eat here every night of the week if I did not mind expanding my waistline. I questioned whether the Octopus appetizer was really from the ocean, or a slice of heaven. The Lamb is also a must try. It is a perfect date spot, because you can sit on the patio, and cuddle up next to your date on a couch, and get away from the noisy crowd inside. Maybe I should invest in some elastic waist pants... but then I guess it would be hard to find anyone who would want to be seen with me at this fabulous place.

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    Mon Aug 06 2007

    I'm going to be honest. While I expected my dining experience at Kyma to be satisfactory due to the reputation of Buckhead Life Restaurant Group, my expectations were exceeded from the moment I walked through the door. After being blown away by the restaurant's beautiful interior, my friends and I were seated immediately and greeted soon after. Our server, her name regretfully slips my mind, was more knowledgeable about this Greek cuisine than any server I've ever had at an American restaurant. She suggested several items, and we were so glad we went with her advice. I went to Greece several years ago, and the Spanokopita was just as good here as it was across the ocean. Kyma is, without a doubt, a truly authentic Greek restaurant. Everything I tasted was phenomenal. I couldn't have asked for a better dining experience. I hope to make it back soon, and until I do, I will tell everyone I know to visit. Props to Buckhead Life! Bravo!

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    Sun Jul 15 2007

    This is the first time posting a rating on CitySearch. My husband and I recently dined at Kyma for our five year anniversary. Everything from the phone call to make the reservation to leaving the restaurant was wonderful. We had 7 p.m. reservations on a Friday, but were seated right away. Our server Katie was spectacular, and her knowledge of the food and wine was superb. We started off with spanakopita and greek spreads, both were yummy. I ordered the lamb chops and my husband ordered the lobster. Let me just say that it was the best lamb I have ever eaten. Everything was perfectly seasoned and cooked. We finished off our meat with the loukamades. Loukamades are like greek donuts served in honey and they were delicious. This is my new favorite restaurant in Atlanta. P.S. To the "TRUE FOODIE" below Chef Pano, the executive chef at Kyma, is Pano Karatassos' son.

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    Mon Jul 09 2007

    I have been to Kyma many times in the past. The wine list and the service are excellent. The food was better in the past visits. It seems like the quality of food going downward. If they want the same loyal customers to come back, they need to have the same amazing food of the past. I will give it one more try in the future.

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    Mon Jul 02 2007

    After reading so many mixed reviews, thought I would add our experience to the list. We had Saturday night reservations. It wasn't our anniversary or birthday-we just wanted to celebrate the fact that my class was finally over. We were greeted right away and shown to our table. Rodrigo was very friendly and knowlegeable about the menu, especially after he found out that neither one of us had been there before. We tried the meze tasting (without the whole fish) and loved most of the dishes. As other reviewers have said, the grilled octopus is simply amazing. I would go back just for that dish alone. We ordered lamb chops and prime rib steak and asked that it be cooked med-well. The only negative to our experience was that both the meats came out under-cooked. We ate the lamb as is but had to send the prime rib steak back as it was almost raw. The second time it came out, it was still mostly raw but we didn't have the heart to send it back again so we just left it on our plate... Read more

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    Wed Jun 27 2007

    Okay, so my husband and I went to Kyma Tuesday night for our 3 year anniversary dinner and I have to say I wasn't impressed. We went to Greece two years ago and truly experienced outstanding greek food, so needless to say, we were a little hesitant to try Kyma because we know authentic Greek food and I wasn't convinced that Kyma would be authentic. Some of the dishes were authentic....some lacked the original luster found in the greek isles. So, let me start with the Service: The limo service was terrible....waiting 10 minutes to drop off our car and 15 mintues at the end of our meal to get our car. After we were seated at our table, we waited for 10 minutes before we were greated or even offered a glass of water. Our waitress finally came over (with no water) and said that she would be "right back" to take our drink order. 10 minutes later ( a total of 30 minutes at this point after arriving in the parking lot of the restaurant) we were asked what we would like to drink. My hu... Read more

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    Wed Jun 06 2007

    ...and you'll love this place - the grilled octopus is delicious The staff is very knowledgeable when it comes to the wine list (a plus if you're unfamiliar with Greek wines). The atmosphere is relaxing and inviting. While it may not be the best value for Mediterranean food in town, it's great place for a nice meal that isn't "nouvelle american/french."

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    Thu May 17 2007

    Two of my friends and I waited in the bar for our third friend to arrive. Finally, he was running so late that we gave up and got our table. The main server was personable and not the worst server ever, but she was a little intrusive. So were the associated waitstaff. Just a little too noticeable, if you know what I mean. We ordered two meze for the table: the wood grilled octopus and the selection of spreads with pita points. I knew that I wouldn't like the spreads, so I didn't try them but the others thought they were ok. The octopus was very tasty. I had never tried it before, so I didn't know what to expect. Our main courses were a little disappointing, I think. I had the lemon chicken, and it was basically two chicken wings on a bed of barley risotto. I liked the flavor of the chicken, but not the risotto. My friends seemed to enjoy the food more than I did, though they also remarked on the service not being the best. I spent $40, and ended up eating a bowl of cere... Read more

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    Thu Feb 08 2007

    Buckhead Life Group always brings the best of the best dining to Atlanta. We love Atlanta Fish Market, and Kyma is right there with it. Walk in, and it's like walking onto a Greek Isle, with the beautiful Mediterranean swirling around. Reservations are a must. Just let one of Pano's sons, set the table for you, because service here is tops. We didn't really know where to begin, with our wonderful waiters suggestion, mezze/grazing small plates. Hands down, the best grilled calamari we've ever had. And the fried cheese was next. Perfect, with a great Greek wine pairing. My entree was the whole Snapper, topped with Greek Olives/Feta/Roasted Red Peppers. The Gods should be so lucky. Rounding things out, was fresh made Yogurt, drizzled with Honey. Opa! Will return soon.

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    Tue Jan 30 2007

    First Review: Beautiful place and a good dining experience. It wasn't the best food I've ever eaten, but I enjoyed it and will probably go back. The second time: I wanted to treat someone to Kyma who is from another country and has never been there before. He and I love to try new things and I enjoy introducing him to different experiences in "American" dining since he has only lived here for a few years. YES, I know that Kyma is Greek but a variety of ethnic foods is the beauty of American cuisine. Anyway, I called ahead for reservations. I was told that there was a dress code. Fine. We got dressed up and arrived there only to find people in jeans and other casual atire. Our server could not have been worse. What is it with servers that work in some of these upscale places? I think ours was incredibly arrogant and condescending. During the course of the meal, he made me feel so uncomfortable. He seemed to be amused by us for some reason and he would never take his eyes off me whenev... Read more

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    Sun Dec 24 2006

    The restaurant is great, when you first walk in you get an amazing feeling of blue. The lights and the color make it a warm and welcoming restaurant. The lights that look like stars on the ceiling really set the mood. The waiter was nice, but seemed like one of those people who was not in a good mood or in a bad mood.He was fine to sum it up, and no complaints. The appetizers were great. The octopus and the spinach triangles, all I can say is wow. Please try these two items, plus all of the other appetizers. The octopus was full of flavor, and the spinach triangles came out hot and full of feta cheese goodness. Now, the main course. What great lamb this place has. My girlfriend tried the lamb shank which was as tender as anyone could ever imagine it to be. The only problem I had was with my fish. I was told to get the dover sole but opted for the Loup de Mer. Again, the fish was not bad I just wish I would have tried the dover sole. The capers were a bit arbitrary and did not really e... Read more

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    Thu Dec 14 2006

    In Short Looking like a classic oceanliner built for Buckhead, Panos' great Greek creation glistens with pristine white marble and glittering chrome. A giant ice chest full of the day's fresh fish sits in the middle of the room, boldly dividing the two large dining areas while setting the tone for the menu. Fresh fish, char-grilled whole and served as a main course with a sauce of lemon and olive oil, is the keynote of this excellent upscale Greek restaurant. Not to be outdone, wood-grilled octopus is delicately tender and shines as one of the most unique dishes in Atlanta. Those looking for a variety should try a sampler appetizer plate. Flaming pan-fried cheese, tangy stuffed grape leaves, hummus-like spreads with fluffy pita and stuffed filo rolls give diners a delicious reason to sample. For dessert, don't miss the homemade yogurt with Greek mountain honey.

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    Thu Dec 07 2006

    We had a gift certificate to Buckhead Life and decided to try Kyma since we've tried most of the others. We are not big fans of the Buckhead Life Group of restaurants as a whole. This was probably the best restaurant of the group that we've eaten at, but for the price we will not be going back. The service was great, which is to be expected. The atmosphere was nice as well. The food was just OK though. It was very salty and really nothing that out of the ordinary. We spent $120 and had the meza dinner (choice of 5 small plates to share), 2 martinis and 2 beers. Personally, I think you can get much better food for much less money at other Atlanta Greek restaurants, they may not be as fancy though.

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    Thu Aug 24 2006

    As with all of the Buckhead Life Restaurant Group, Kyma serves creative, pallatable dishes that you won't find just anywhere. I always expect something different when I try one of these restaurants, but I must admit I have been putting off trying Kyma for a long time. I wasn't sure if Greek food was something I could really get excited about, but I finally made a point to go and see if this place could deliver the level of quality and service I have come to expect from all of the Buckhead Life restaurants. I was not disappointed in the least. In fact it was terrific and consistent in every way with my previous experiences with other Buckhead Life restaurants. We loved the octopus (unexpected surprise), and the fried cheese appetizer, and our entrees were different yet unpretentious. I will be back.

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    Tue Jul 25 2006

    Kyma is great all around. Service is great and food is amazing!! Try the octopus appetizer, it's divine!!! And no it doesn't taste like a rubber tire!!! Great date place!!! Great everything!!

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    Sun Jul 23 2006

    From the service, to the food, to the beautiful ambience, Kyma was fabulouse. I went with a party of four on Saturday night. They were extremely busy so we were asked to have a seat at the bar until they could get us seated, which was great! We sat out on the patio (which is beautifully lit with candles) and dabbled in the extensive martini list that they have. The Hostest was so nice and personally came and got our party when they were ready for us. Our server was very knowledgable of the greek culture as well as the menu (which really added to the ambience) and recommended wonderful apps. The food and wine was amazing. We left full and satisfied. One of the managers was greek and was extremely personable and entertaining. I highly recommend Kyma to everyone who would like to experience the highlights of Atlanta!

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    Wed Jun 14 2006

    Excellent service and food! Prompt and courteous service. Excellent menu selections. Good for groups or an intimate dinner for 2. Outside looked very cozy. Great value for the amount of food and the quality of our meals.

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    Fri May 26 2006

    Kyma delivered the most delectable meal we have had in ages. You really must try the meza (appetizer) dinner -- you get five appetizers (your choice) and one whole fish for $42 per person. Some items have a slight additional charge -- like the octopus and sole -- but everything was absolutely amazing and well worth the cost. Service was also top notch. Go early to avoid the crowds and get the best service, and try the pomegranite martini for a real treat!

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    Mon Mar 27 2006

    though the food was good and the service good, there isn't much about this restaurant, other than the location, to make it special. i guess it depends on what you are looking for. if your over 45, you'd probably like it more than i did.

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    Sun Mar 05 2006

    My boyfriend and I visited this restaurant on a Saturday night and had a great evening. Although we were not seated promptly and our drinks took over 20 minutes, I enjoyed their signature Kyma Cosmo and all of our food. One of our apps were wrong and my salad was never delivered, but at the end of the night I checked and it was not on the bill, so our server obviously forgot it all together. Oh well... The food was still great, even though the service was okay. Our server was informative about all of the dishes and had great recommendations.

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    Thu Dec 08 2005

    The food was remarkable. The lamb chops are the best I have ever had but, the service was awful. We were seated 45 minutes after our reservation time. Also the service was extremely slow and the manager was rude. This by far, was the worst service I have ever had at a Buckhead Life Group restaurant. We did have a large party (8) and that may have contributed to the slow service. However, no matter how large our party is my drink should never be empty (it took 20 minutes to get another drink) and the manager should never be rude to a customer. It is a shame that the service was so bad that night. I really enjoyed the food and would like to go back but, I can not after being treated so badly.

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    Sat Nov 12 2005

    Went with my gf. The interior design was very nice...but I think the pictures on the web made it a lot grander than it was. The service was INCREDIBLE. Waitress was very attentive, hostess however was condescending. Unlike NY or Cali, we were the only asians in the restaurant. Kinda felt a little special. The octopus, scallops, and shrimp small plates tasted great. However, the fish that we shared at the end was not to our taste. Maybe we just weren't accustomed to the manner of cooking fish. Was very bland and lacked spice and flavor. However, the dessert was a chocolate thing with ice cream on the side. We shared this with some Greek coffee...the best dessert I've ever had. Completely made the dinner worth it. Thumbs up~!

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    Fri Nov 11 2005

    I have always enjoyed the entire experience at the Buckhead Life establishments. I was unfortunately disappointed this time. The food was good and so were the drinks but the service left a lot to be desired. The waiters were rude and left the table before taking everyone's order. Later the waiter spilled an entire drink down my friends back and not only did not apologize but blamed her for it. The manager was not much more accommodating. He half heartedly made an attempt to apologize claiming to pick up her dry cleaning bill and then never returned with his card to follow through. It took the waiter 30 minutes to get our check to us and left us as the last to leave. So if you are only going to Kyma for the food and nothing else you will be satisfied. Otherwise, save your money!

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    Fri Nov 04 2005

    Well. Im back with a review of a Buckhead life restaurant again. I like their restaurants. They are classy and upscale and the food and service is good too. Kyma did not dissapoint. However unlike their sister restaurant Pricci, the service lacked one key element. We had three people who waited on us and for some reason they kept hurrying us. We like sitting and chilling and enjoying our dinner. Getting hustled for time did not really sit well with me. Other than that, the food was good. They had Valet which is always a positive , a Standard high end restaurant. A good place to go on a date or just with friends.

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    Mon Oct 17 2005

    Every expectation we had was met or exceeded. Decor and ambience top notch. Luxurious and cozy with a star lit ceiling and walls of candlelight. The waitstaff was courteous, knowledgable, attentive and detailed oriented, but never in your face. They had a relaxed way about them that reminded you that you were always in good hands. There is an extremely talented team behind the scenes as well. From the spreads at the beginning to things like crispy calamari, wood grilled oysters ,and mussels in a pot. Then their specialty, wood grilled fish and I recommend it. Grilled whole, bone in and head on, offers flavor integrity you dont get from just a filet. The fish is then deboned and fileted before bringing it table side. Expertly done from beginning to end. You can pay for a lot more for a lot less. Trust me on this one. Well done Kyma.

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    Thu Oct 06 2005

    We chose to dine outdoors and that is the best part of this review, the ambiance is so nice, lots of candles, it really feels mediterranean. The food is okay, I'd definitely say overrated, but not bad. Lamb chops are fatty but flavorful, spanakopita is greasy, not enough feta in it. Drinks are strong, in some cases too strong, but I'd go back b/c the patio is nice for drinks and appetizers with a group.

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    Sat Sep 24 2005

    We loved eating at Kyma. We are used to traditional Greek food, but we just fell in love with everything about this restaurant. The food was phenomenal and the wine was great. Go on a holiday or Valentines for the full course menu with wine pairing. Although expensive, it is well worth the treat - at least once in your life - if not many times. This is one of our favorite restaurants ever.

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    Wed Sep 21 2005

    My wife and I went to Kyma for Valentine's Day this year. We weren't too impressed because of the limited set menu. We decided to come back and give it another try for our anniversary in September...WOW! I'm soo glad we did. We got the Meza appetizer dinner (choice 5 appetizers and 1 whole fish to share). It was kind of pricey but we left soo satisfied and FULL. Everything they put in front of us was delicious...and this was only the appetizers! They didn't have the Red Snapper that day but recommended a very delicious Greek fish. We highly recommend them to anyone who enjoys quality food and doesn't mind paying for it. Opa!

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    Sat Jul 02 2005

    My wife and I ate here recently and enjoyed the experience very much. This establishment makes a good impression from the very beginning. The look and feel upon entering is magnificent, added to by a warm greeting from the host we felt as welcomed visitors. After being seated our server came by promptly and greeted us by name, a very good start to an excellent meal. He took our drink order and explained a few things about the menu. We had done some research before our visit and deciced quickly we wanted to have the five meze and whole fish dinner. At $36.00 each we felt this was a good value, after dinner we felt it was a great value. The food was quite good and the servings were plentiful, and I am not considered a light eater.

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    Wed Jun 15 2005

    Kyma lives up to the Mediterranean standards of its contemporaries: fresh olive oil, tender meat, and authentic, lively service. If spendin...

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    Wed May 25 2005

    This is a greek restaurant and is also onve of the Buckhead life restaurants. It is very expensive. The food is excellent. They have the be...

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    Sat May 21 2005

    Went there with a group of 6, although we had reservations, we had to wait 45 minutes before we could sit. The food was very good though.

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    Mon May 16 2005

    The service was slow, but that didn't really bother me, since I was on a 1st date, I thought maybe the waiter noticed we were not paying to much attention to our menus. They are very honest, they speecialize in small plates, this is the perfect place to go if you are on a diet, and you don't care throwing your money away, other wise don't bother. The Cocktails are very good.

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    Sat Feb 26 2005

    My fiance and I went to Kyma for the first time for our 2 year anniversary. Not know what to expect. THis was fantastic. The food & service were exceptional. We walked away content, not overwhelmingly full. Food flavors were great and the server did a good job recommneding items. Definately worht its price.