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    Wed Jun 28 2006

    Prince Vladimir and Troika are mine two favorites. They have a true Russian feel to them. Even the pacaging is so unique. Everytime I drink this tea, I feel like I have left to Russia. Great Product!!!

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    Fri Sep 19 2003

    Absolutely unique ! Probably the best in the world...

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    Fri Sep 19 2003

    Excellent blends, I especially like Troika

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    Sun Jan 19 2003

    My mother & brother introduced me to these teas. Very aromatic, reminiscent of a number of aromatic teas I drank in Germany, where the trend is towards teas like Prince Vladimir. Strong but smooth flavor. I typicially put some honey and a drop of milk in my tea, and they agree well with the Kusmi teas.

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    Fri Dec 13 2002

    I tried the Russian Evening Tea. Excellent flavor and very smooth. It's nice to enjoy a great tasting tea without all the caffeine

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    Sun Aug 20 2000

    All of the teas I have tried have been interesting.I especially like Prince Vladimir.They are somewhat strongly flavored so if you are looking for a nice British mild tea,you might not like these.

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    Tue Jul 25 2000

    Very nice Russian teas. Everything about these teas is cool. Their blends are excellent, their designs and packaging have a very exotic Russian feel to them, and the teas that they have in single serve bags are a sort of cheese cloth (not paper like Lipton). Nice aroma not too strong.