Kurt Cobain

American musician who was the founder, lead vocalist, guitarist and primary songwriter of the rock band Nirvana Website

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    Tue Feb 22 2011

    He was an average guitarist...agreed. Many say they can play Kurt's guitar parts but can they compose those parts...? That's Kurt's talent... was a great composer... but an average guitar player. 3/5

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    Mon Feb 21 2011

    I don't much care for his songwriting; as a guitarist he's below average; for a "pro", he's well below average. (Apologies to Djahuti)

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    Sun Feb 20 2011

    I like his songwriting,but as a guitarist he's average and for a "pro" well below.

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    Mon Jan 03 2011

    Kurt "The Cocaine" Cobain... brain washed a lot of youths. Changed the movement during the 90's.

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    Fri Nov 05 2010

    Love Nirvana, but Kurt Cobain was no way one of the best guitarists. Saw a performance of his when he played Reading Festival back in 1993. He missed a few notes on the guitar. In fact it sounded a little out of tune, but then again maybe he was high. If there was anyone in Nirvana who I thought was by far the more talented I would say Dave Grohl hands down. You can fake the singer in a band and even a guitarist, but you can't fake the drummer. Grohl even played the guitar far better than Kirk in his band The Foo Fighters.

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    Tue Aug 17 2010

    Best guitarist? Don't be stupid. Best one handed marksman with a shotgun? Now you're talking.

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    Tue Aug 17 2010

    Oh c'mon. There's little in his work to suggest that he was anything more than an OK guitarist who did a good job of making the most out of his abilities.

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    Sun Jul 25 2010

    Watch "the last 48 hours of Kurt cobain" (u can see it on YouTube) but it is a really great documentary of his life as well as a portrayal of events leading up to his death. Take an hour, watch all the parts it's really intersting. He's also a good guitarist, just saying.

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    Wed Oct 08 2008

    hes awesome

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    Fri Aug 29 2008

    too stunted of a career to call him great but it was looking that way

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    Mon Aug 04 2008

    LONG LIVE KURT drools he's so hot

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    Tue May 20 2008

    A truly great self taught Guitarist. He only had one lesson and it was on power chords the rest is history.

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    Sat Mar 29 2008

    he was amazing i mean if you really listen to his guitar the rhythm is amazing. He may have not done solos but when he did do them they were short yet plenty of "Fuck You": P absolutely amazing also he was murdered:)

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    Fri Feb 15 2008

    Maybe not the most skilled guitarist, but he had some freakish talent.

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    Fri Nov 09 2007

    Too much too young

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    Wed Sep 05 2007

    i loved his sense of rhythm,not the most gifted soloist but man could he write a great song.fave:marigold

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    Tue Jan 16 2007

    Ok he might not be the fastest, but it was the rolling noise for teens during the 90's. Look, Kurt 'COCAIN' Cobain had a very difficult life, his trouble with drugs, his bitch 'Courtney Love' , it's not easy focusing on your music sometimes.

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    Sat Jan 13 2007

    power chords and drugs are the story of his life and im glad to see that hes so far back because hes an annoying singer and a just plain bad guitarist

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    Sun Jan 07 2007

    he might not have the speed or the techniques but he was very good at aiming. Kurt 'Cocain' Cobain youre not that bad, but you shouldnt pulled the trigger too soon.

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    Thu Jan 04 2007

    this guy was amazingly insane. His music are very well known and like. Good shit, class A shit, he should be in the top 15.

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    Tue Jan 02 2007

    kurt cobain- the BEST ever

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    Sun Dec 31 2006

    u guys suck ass! kurt cobain was the leader of the entire grunge generation, and a damn better guitarist than all of you

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    Sun Nov 19 2006

    Not a great guitarist but more of a good songwriter.

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    Wed Oct 25 2006

    Finally, some are making sense. I like Nirvana but its hard to love any band who's lead singer who was a junkie and could not handle his shit-whether he shot him self or was killed it was a matter of time he was not on the road of recovery by a long shot--Also Cobain never had enought talent to do Shanon Hoons Laundry-peace

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    Mon Oct 23 2006

    Nirvana are unbelievably overrated; all their songs sound the same; Kurt Cobain is talentless and rubbish. SOC

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    Mon Oct 09 2006

    Cobain was not bad. The thing that should be understood is a person can be the technically best guitarist in the world playing bloated solos and scales. But, if you have no soul , you have nothing!

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    Sat Jun 24 2006

    Ill start off by saying that i know Kurt Cobaine is not a great guitarist. He is ur average bands lead guitar player. But the one thing that he could do was put feeling into a song and he was damn good at it. His songs have showed me that u dont have to have huge amazing solo's to be a good musician. You just have to put some sort of emotion into ur music. To me thats what music is all about. And im not talking about that emo crap around now cuz thats not feeling that just a dying cat with distortion.

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    Thu May 25 2006

    Puhhhhleeeeze!!! Someone get me a shotgun.

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    Mon May 15 2006

    Oh fer cryin' out loud! Nirvana is pretty much credited for ending the 80's metal thing(which needed to happen), but Cobain as great guitarist? Don't think so.

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    Sun Apr 02 2006

    Kurt Cobain was a pretty good songwriter. That's it. People love his image and automatically associate him with quality in every aspect. Nirvana wasn't even the best band of the 90's. Pearl Jam and Alice in Chains were more versatile and Soundgarden pretty much kicks Nirvana's ass in every department but MAYBE songwriting. How Cobain got on the guitarists' list is beyond me. No skills to speak of and he wasn't even that original technique-wise, if you listen to indie bands and whatnot. And don't get me started on that whole gloomy image he popularized. As a web reviewer so accurately pointed out: "Actually I think a lot of that 'losing the audience' stuff was bullcrap. From day one, he pushed his band into commerciality just about as hard as someone possibly could. For a man who worshipped Flipper so much, he sure made his group sound like an MTV Buzz Bin special delivery. Drummer not snappy enough? Fire him and get one that sounds like John Bonham. Records not selling fast enough?... Read more

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    Thu Feb 16 2006

    He is okay but come as you are and smeels like teen spirtie is there only good songs

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    Fri Feb 03 2006

    Terrific frontman for a great band- but cannot be seriously considered for any 'greatest guitarist' list. . .

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    Fri Feb 03 2006

    How is Cobain one of the best guitarists ever?! He rarely(if not never) soloed and his riffs aren't super mindblowing. He's given WAY to much credit!

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    Wed Jan 11 2006

    Please get this assclown off this list of great guitarists! He certainly does not belong here, just like the 'Yugo' does not belong on a list of 'great cars'! LOL! His death was tragic, yes, but so was his 4 chord guitar playing during that short lived fad garbage called 'grunge'. Thank God!

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    Mon Oct 31 2005

    you should not be allowed to give this guy 5 starts, even one if that. A few of his songs were catchy though drugs made them not his radical guitar skills that he possesed by only knowing three chords.......

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    Fri Oct 21 2005

    Not that I'm an expert, but I've heard he only knew 3 chords. Still, that's 3 more than I know.

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    Fri Oct 21 2005

    WHat the hell? Kurt Cobain just whined like a bitch and hardly touched his guitar.

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    Tue Jul 19 2005

    Kurt's gift was songwriting, first and foremost. But his weaknesses were self loathe and empathy. He never made it a point to draw attention to himself, in a manner that said hey look at me, I'm the king of grunge. His guitar playing was sloppy, but brilliant. His whole focus was staying with the whole punk rock ethic and not selling out. He preferred his audience to be true punk rockers, and not posers and upper class businessmen. That is a true punk rocker, if he really killed himself (which I'm not saying I believe) he did it because of this.

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    Thu Jun 23 2005

    He sucks big time. He should've not have been a guitarist, let alone own a guitar. 99% of the guitarist population is better than him

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    Sat Apr 09 2005

    Kurt Cobain sucks balls. Nirvana sucks a**. i'm glad Kurt killed himself, it made the world a MUCH better place. i hope he's burning in hell right now.

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    Sat Apr 02 2005

    wow, best? no way, but there was a quality of his playing that if he was a better player would not have fit Nirvana at all. The combination of his mood,lyrics,guitar playing and how he seemed to take out all his misery on his guitar is what made him one of the greatest...and his suicide... yes suicide, just fits in with his whole life and everything he was about.

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    Sun Mar 13 2005

    His presence on a Greatest guitar players of all time list is a joke. His impact was with songwriting, not guitar playing.

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    Thu Feb 24 2005

    hahahaha, yeah right. I like Kurt a lot, but he was a pretty sucky guitarist.

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    Sun Feb 13 2005

    Certainly even Cobain the man wouldn't add himself to this list - yes the reasons ARE self-evident (he never even improvised while playing live) but in his defense, that also wasn't the point of playing music for him or what he ever strove to be. He was a songwriter first and foremost, and this is where his talents blossomed.

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    Fri Feb 11 2005

    He led a musical grunge revolution, but not from his guitar skills by any means. If he is really talented, he hasn't shown it on any records. I like his music though, love it actually... but this is a review for the best guitarist of all time, and this CERTAINLY isn't it.

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    Wed Feb 09 2005

    Kurt was the B-E-S-T!!!!!

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    Tue Jan 18 2005

    no mates, definitely not a top skilled guitarist. All the respect and all my admiration because his riffs are simple but nice and effective, a very good influence for beginners. I like Nirvana a lot, and he was a talented song writer....Probably he could have shown us more, who knows. But not one of the greatest of all time, in my opinion.

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    Wed Dec 15 2004

    kurt is my HERO! i love him

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