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    Mon Sep 05 2011

    Should be a minus 100. I was an employee at Fred Meyer. A store in the Northwest, Kroger had purchased sometime in the mid-late 90's. we were in a high volume store. I worked in the deli, customers would complain all the time. Management would write us up for that, and ignore anything we said. To be honest they could dang near write us up for anything, and fire us for pretty much the same. For quite some time the store director was picking on me, and would use me for her entertainment I was going to her office at least once a week, and she would accuse me of something either the customers had said I did, or other employees said I had done. Then she would tell me "I am no better than anyone else," and also "I am not what Fred Meyer wants." She had kept telling me that I was going to be fired. Saying I was to slow etc. So one day she fired me. After awhile I started collecting unemployement. It was approved. However recently I have received a letter disputing weather I was fired or not.... Read more

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    Fri Sep 02 2011

    Ok so heres the deal. I took this job afer being laid off it was the first place to call me. At first everything was good, easy work enough hours ect. I busted my ass and got a decent promotion to a department head, better money 40 hours all seemed fine. Then came all the bull. The company management is so disconnected fom the employees and the daily operations of the buisness that its a complete joke. Almost every action, inspection, audit or new catch "buzz word" at the time completely contradict each other. The products are unreliable to get in to stock yet they refuse to admit to me twice that things flat out where not coming in. I have seen them cut clerks hours at an alarming rate over the past few years. It seems like head company management would rather talk about getting the job done then letting its employees actually work. I would not recomend this as a good company to work for unless you go in fully prepared and expecting to be screwed over at every oppertunity.

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    Sun Aug 21 2011

    I don't wish to give my name. But if it doesnt have proper punctuation, spelling etc then idc im in my bed comfortable and dont feel like stretching my wrist lol but here goes my review and opinion. I have been working at Kroger since August of 2009. Since then id say management hired at least 15 new people. No problem. Actually the new people are also very cool to work with. Having fun makes the day go by faster. But everyone including every manager supervisor is pretty cool. One was named Jennifer, she was a OCD freak who wanted ever single loose plastic bag used before you used the ones already in perfect condition on the rack. If it had spilled food on it.... Clean it off. THANK GOD SHE LEFT. Now i have been here since 2009. like i said. Things have been "okay", there is still 1 manager/supervisor. Her name is Terri. She has been the worst pain in the a**. Okay now around this time we have hired new people. Most of them have been working there now for over 3 to 4 mon... Read more

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    Thu Jun 30 2011

    oh the kroger at 12620 woodforest and normandy is oh so shitty,flys all over the deli,,,, manager thurman is a sissy.sits in office eating cookies and milk.everything is old ,coke machines ,coffie machine and a asshole parking lot dike secureity gaurd

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    Tue Jun 28 2011

    See what Kroger's problem is they don't care about they're people at all the customer is always right and your always wrong, even if that's not how it is. Also some how they let dumb bitches have powers and they use them to get back at employees they don't like by cutting there hours. This week we have 3 people with less then 10 hours and 3 with no hours and they've tried to call me in everyday so far... if you can avoid it never shop here never work here.

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    Sun Jun 26 2011

    I've worked for Kroger for the last 15 years and intend to retire from this company. Is it the absolute best place to work on the planet? Probably not. Do Kroger prices beat all other grocery chains? Nope. Is the company ever changing? Absolutely! However, Kroger never claimed to be the "best" place to work. Most people with half of a brain would recognize that there are some people, (i.e., employees) that you just can't make happy no matter what you do. To all of those current employees who are unsatisfied, please leave my company and find another place to work. We don't want your shitty attitudes or your constant complaining. It brings the rest of us down. is my company...I own stock in the bitch! Also, don't complain about another employee that you deem lazy. If you have enough time to stand around and watch them and complain about it, then you aren't doing what you are getting paid to do and YOU could be deemed lazy as well! To all those ex-employees of the Kr... Read more

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    Mon Jun 13 2011

    I heard the Manager slamming and berating a new employee in the Deli part of the store for not making the sandwich the way the customer wanted. She was supposed to hold the lettuce and pickles. This manager totally humiliated and verbally slammed this girl for over 5mins. in plain view of everyone. I left my basket full of groceries and just turned around and walked out of there. I can't stand an over-kill abuse of power. Slamming someone that hard for a minor mistake on their first day of work was just insane. I don't think I will shop at that store anymore.

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    Thu Jun 02 2011

    I have worked for Kroger for about a year, and I can't imagine a job being any worse. I was told today that I could be fired for not having my shirt tucked in. Their motto is Customer 1st and they live by that. One of their many problems is that that don't give a damn about their employees. The customers could insult your mother and you're supposed to say " have a nice day, and thank's for shopping at Kroger." As soon as I find another job I'm OUT

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    Thu Apr 07 2011

    Worst place to work, not recommended especially if you are a health care professional. They have a gestappo that searches out information about employees truth or lies, and they will fuck you over. I have my exit interview on audio tape and its going to be on Youtube! Kroger, you fucked me but the buck stops here assholes! FUCK YOU!! Lick my bag! Wrong store whatever the price!

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    Fri Feb 25 2011

    Pharmacists, pharmacy technicians, RUN!!! DO NOT hire on with this company. They will blow smoke up your ass, promise you things, and once you are there they will pull the rug out from under you. You will find yourself on your own without support from upper management. They play mind games with you keeping you wondering if you will be working tomorrow or be run out the door on your well Kroger greased ass. I tried to leave this type of opinion on other sites and those other ratings sites are heavily moderated and delete your bad ratings. I expect the companies pay them as 'members' to hide the truth. SPREAD THE WORD! allows free speech and does not censor. Check the hiring boards and employment sites on Kroger and you will see they are always hiring. There is a reason for this and just told you what it is. I cant believe the guy below is still making 7.50 an hour. His manager is just wanting a fatter bonus check. They DO NOT care about you! EAT MY TURD STREAKED SHORTS KR... Read more

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    Thu Feb 24 2011

    I agree 100 percent with my fellow Kroger slaves, I mean "co-workers" Like most of the others, I was hired as a cashier, at 7.50 and quickly brought into another department. I am the department head of Nutrition working part-time hours making 7.50 an hour and mind you the ONLY PERSON WHO WORKS THAT DEPARTMENT. They are just using me until I get fed up and quit and will probably put another sucker new employee as the head. Its absolutely a disgusting place to work at, with a Unit Manager thats cold, vile, and deceitful. Kroger is now the worst company to work for in Grocery and everyone talking bad here is just being HONEST! I can't even begin to talk about the management at my store, It's just like the other store on here, so I'll leave it at that. If you just got a job a Kroger, GET OUT NOW before they take your soul.

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    Sat Feb 19 2011

    There are two Kroger's in the Dunwoody GA area. The one on Dunwoody Club Drive is great. They have a large inventory and management is helpful. The one in Georgetown Shopping Center leaves a great deal to be desired.

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    Sat Feb 19 2011

    I was hired as a bagger during like October, 6 days of working there they promote me to cashier. For my "training" for register, they just put me on express with a cashier to watch me, he later leaves me alone for 10 minutes and i have to get a supervisor to let me back in the register after it locks. The next day they put me back on register alone, i mess up and it somehow comes up with $76 in change. During the holidays i got around 38 hours a week, i now only have 8 hours this entire week because of a horrible new manager who hits on this mexican kid at work, she hates everyone but him and she is really the only bad manager, the others actually care about you. Even though now im a cashier, they still make me do carts and people in the parking lot are the stupidest people ever. I have almost been hit at least 3 times, and hit another employee with my carts because he literally stopped right in front of my carts. When i hit him i was getting ready to say sorry, but he responded ... Read more

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    Thu Feb 03 2011

    I work for this sleazy company and I must say what a bunch of pigs. I have been to several stores and I have seen this more than once and I am sick and tired of management not doing anything about it. I went to the rest room and as I go in there is the guy that works in the meat department pissing away with his white coat on. He then walks out without washing his hands and goes back cutting meat. What is up with this policy Kroger? I am about to quit this damn hole. And what about your underhanded "if they are sick lets get 'em outta here" policy. I have seen several instances of workers being railroaded out the door on some trumped up bullshit just so you can lower your insurance risk. Oh yes, this is true. Fuck you Kroger, you suck! I am outta here sooon but when I go it's expose' time dickheads!

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    Mon Jan 24 2011

    Reading these reviews makes me sick. If you are an employee, it is your choice to work there or not! There are plenty of people that need a job and I take at least 5 calls a day from these people. But all I say is we are not hiring at the moment when all the while we are employing ungrateful people that do not take pride in their company. No wonder all these customers are complaining about customer service. I wouldn't want to be rung out or have my groceries bagged by people with such bad attitudes. Now let me explain a few things. I am an Assistant front end manager that also makes the front end schedule. It is not our fault that you don't get enough hours. We are supplied with a certain amount of hours and that is what we schedule. If it was up to us, eveyone, especially the hard workers would get a decent amount of hours. Also you agreed to the union contract which does not favor hard workers, it favors long term employees. Its really a toss up. You can't please everyone. Manageme... Read more

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    Sun Jan 23 2011

    The Kroger's pharmacy on Rayford Road is the absolute worst. The people working the counters never seem to be in any particular hurry to help anyone, even when the line is long. It is common to have to stand in line 30 minutes to pick up prescriptions. When I was there on January 23, 2011, I was 4th in line and there were cars in line for the prescription pick-up window outside. We could see the girls working in the back, but it was a good 5 minutes before either of them cared enough to come to the front to help us. I will be taking my monthly prescriptions back to Walgreen down the road.

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    Mon Nov 22 2010

    Honestly, I've worked at Kroger for five years and I simply don't understand where all of these crazed, angry employees come from. Is my job there perfect? No. My biggest problem is that some of the customers are r-i-d-i-c-u-l-o-u-s, however, which isn't really a reflection on the company itself. Are there problems in management? Certainly. However, Kroger isn't my primary job, and it certainly wasn't my first one, and I can honestly tell you that there are problems in management wherever you go. Some managers just aren't going to like you. You just won't like some managers. You're going to think that some of the policies are absolutely stupid. Some of your co-workers will seem like total idiots. That's part of the job. Yes, it's not fun. Yes, you have every right to complain about it. However, these are usually issues in an individual STORE, and not really anything to do with the Kroger company as a whole. Now, to address two other things which people have been posting which are just... Read more

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    Fri Nov 19 2010

    I would give this less if I could. I work for a kroger store in the Toledo division and the management is terrible I tell you. Just today I was working on the Uscan it was not busy at all and I was just doing so serious thinking about my term paper. Well I got an idea and started to write it on paper and one thing lead to another and i had 3 pages written. I know I should have not been doing it but I can't let a great idea go and it was for college. Well all day management has walked by me when I was writitng and never said 2 words but when the manager gets ready to check out at the uscan he comes up to and says "what are you doing?" could he clearly see that i was writing down something it does not take an einsten to figure that out. So he proceeds to tell me that it will be takin away since I can not being writing on the clock kroger does not pay me to do then a person in the front office takes it and then my prick of a manager checks out at the uscan at this point i... Read more

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    Tue Nov 16 2010

    I just went to the Brownsboro one and I am not shopping there ever again!!!!! Almost every time I go there it's a hassle. You have to wait for a sppot to park, the deli is subpar and it takes forever for them to slice the meat. Last time my husband spent twenty minutes while one lady sliced meat for a person in front of him. Fortunately, the following week he stopped going because flies were hanging out the stuff. He complained to the manager and a couple days later, the flies were still there. There is almost always a line because they are too stinking cheap to hire one more employee to cover the front. You have to use your plus card because they don't want to hire someone to keep inventory and purchase the goods. I had accidently forgot to bring in my wallet so I hoped over to the bank in front and withdrew a $20 to pay for the merchandise. While this was going on they decided they had to do a price check. But since all this mess was going on, I accidently left $12 in the us... Read more

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    Mon Oct 18 2010

    Kroger is one of the best stores to go grocery shopping in. I always find great prices and wonderful deals at Kroger. I am very happy to know what Kroger is all about.

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    Fri Oct 08 2010

    I have worked at a Kroger in Illinois for around a month, I work as a bagger, the job itself is in no way difficult and sometimes can be enjoyable but that is not my problem with this company. The problem is the people above me, recently the assistant manager sat me down and told me that there were a couple complaints about my bagging, after asking for specifics so that I could actually get something out of the conversation he said that he didn't know what the complaint was about and that I should "bag for everyone like I would for my grandmother" I was alright with this comment by him because previously I hadn't known there was a problem and I was glad he had told me about it, shortly after the front end manager started telling me to hurry up, over and over, it was degrading and quite honestly unnecessary as I was going just as fast as every other bagger around me yet I got targeted. I was forgiving after that because it only happened one day, after about a week had past I was called ... Read more

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    Sat Sep 11 2010

    If I could rate it lower, I would. I've worked about 5 months as a Fuel Clerk, and has always given my company 110%, most of the work I do isn't really my job, but my manager's. I called in sick one day, talked to a manager, gave him my name and my department and told him I wouldn't be able to make it in that morning. I also gave my manager a quick text explaining the situation. Later that day, I received a text back saying I had to be in at 3:30 to meet with the Unit Manager and herself. I go in, and they just berate me on how I wasn't in, and how I was a no call, no show. What? I had most definitely called, and they continuously made jokes on my behalf on how if I needed my manager to be on call Monday morning, the next day I'm scheduled to work. I was just livid, and completely just taken aback. This was a shitty company who have never had an issue with me at all, and I miss one day, and it's my fault their OWN management was fucking stupid and obviously didn't understand what I was... Read more

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    Thu Sep 09 2010

    Worst place to work, not recommended especially if you are a health care professional. They have a gestappo that searches out information about employees truth or lies, and they will fuck you over. I have my exit interview on audio tape and its going to be on Youtube! Kroger, you fucked me but the buck stops here assholes! FUCK YOU!! Wrong store whatever the price!

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    Tue Aug 10 2010

    I WILL NEVER SHOP AT KROGER AGAIN! I purchased some furniture from the new Kroger Market Place in Farragut, I should never have done that since it was so over priced, but I had a momentary laps in judgement. A few weeks later I found I was moving and I figured I would call and see if I could return it. I understand it was opened and used, I just figured I would try and they would say no. To my surprise they said as long as I have a receipt and it's within 30 days I can bring it back for a full refund. I couldn't believe it so I called back to confirm with someone else, I specificly said it is opened and used for the last few weeks, are you sure it is okay to return. The answer was "Yes." Great now I can cut my losses by only having to borrow a small moving truck to take the furniture back in. I went to guest services area and she said drop it off and come back. So I did, then she called up a manager. She looked down at the receipt and started typing some stuff in and then this is where... Read more

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    Fri Jul 16 2010

    I have many choices for where I buy my groceries and household items and I ALWAYS chose Krogers. I am a mother of 3 and my husband is retired from the army serving two tours in Iraq where he was seriously injured. I work for a retail company where customer service is ALWAYS the first priority. The customer is is the foundation for any company to become and stay a success because they will be your ultimate source for advertising, your walking billboard. I see many faces throughout the day who I tell some of the most private things to because I know without these clients customers I don't have a business or job. I would always refer people to Kroger for everything. Me as a customer for Kroger, your base customer the mother of three am now going to advertise your company as insensitive, degrading, and a recommendation to avoid. As I said previously my husband is a disabled veteran thus being said we have government assistance in the form of WIC for baby formula. We don't receive a food c... Read more

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    Mon Jul 12 2010

    I used to shop at WinCo ... until last month! I had my dog with me and it was a 90 + degree day at the Indio Store. I tied Choux up at the front door - where he was happy to be ... and anyone who knows Choux knows he is a happy and gentle dog, who won't even bite his fleas. Like my old dog, Taja, this is apparent to anyone who approaches him. I went in the store and was paged on the loudspeaker about ten minutes later, "Will the person who owns the white dog - please come to the front of the store." When I got there, the manager - a young woman, told me I couldn't leave my dog there. I asked her where else I could tie him, as there was no other spot to attach him, not even a water spigot, bike rack or bench. She said, "I don't care, put him in your car." Telling her that it was too hot didn't matter to her; she then told me to tie him to a small tree over in a planter - and in the sun. Shen then took off. I saw a securiety door about ten feet away from the main entrance, so I... Read more

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    Mon Jul 12 2010

    I have worked at Kroger for four years and i will admit the job is not the greatest in the world, but what job is? Idk what the hell kind of store the majority of yall people are going to but indadibly your not visiting any Kroger stores in the Delta division. Maybe its just our southern hospitality setting in. Our store has its complaints but they are few and far between. In my hometown we have 3 grocery stores, and kroger trumps the other two on prices and quality. Voted best overall grocery year after year. All i want to say is before you judge the entire company maybe you should give other Kroger stores a chance. Just because the one in your shitbag of a town isnt worth a damn doesnt mean that mine is.

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    Sat Jun 05 2010

    Hey everybody - you obviously are not shopping the Krogers in Porter, Texas. I have recently boycotted HEB because of their sickening constant Kroger smearing ads. I have 5 people in my family to feed and I don't have time to fight the crowds at Wal Mart-so Krogers is how I mostly feed us-they are usually crowded, but they are so right on top of opening and moving lanes that it moves right along-and the people there are NICE.

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    Thu Apr 29 2010

    I'm accustomed to grocery stores that serve customers with a smile and have some accountability for their employees. Kroger fails terribly on customer service and employee friendliness. The Kroger experience could be summed up as "Unfriendly Service with a Frown". I had to stop shopping at Kroger becuase I could no longer deal with the poor customer service and lack of concern for emplyee behavior. I've had my property stollen by Kroger employee's and when attempting to get a confirmation or resolution with management, I was bascially ignored. I have nothing but contempt for this grocery chain and I would hope that others take heed to the warnings and bad ratings posted on this forum. I will never again spend my dollars at Kroger.

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    Mon Mar 15 2010

    I wish i could rate kroger even lower then this. I work 3rd shift at a kroger in louisville ky and have been there a year and 7 months. This job is utterly ridiculous, i hate it!!! I just recently put in my 2 week notice and they should be happy that i just didnt walk out on their asses! the reasons for me quitting are: 1. as long as i have been there my employee discount has never worker, i have talked wit management numerous amounts of times and obviously this issue could not be resolved. 2. my experience report was never turned in so i make 7.50 AFTER my my night premium, when they are hiring kids off the street who have never had jobs before and starting them at 8 an hour 3. i have another job and my only day off there is sunday, i just recently enrolled in online college classes and asked if i could have sundays off so i could work on my school work and i was told that it was impossible to have a weekend day unavailable for any reason. However this is untrue seein as how i know of... Read more

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    Mon Mar 15 2010

    I used to work for Kroger when I was in high school part time for about a year as a bagger and I loved the tips I would get with my minimum wage I always had leftover money to go buy a bag of weed on Fridays. Those were the days when I worked hard and played hard through middle and high school. One time one of my coworkers rolled a blunt on our lunch break and we smoked it on the smokers bench outside the store. It was safe to say I was lit for the rest of my shift and some. Anyhow, while I was in college I would go to Kroger and Publix in 2 week cycles to compare all the dynamics of both stores adn to see which one I would have a better experience with. This is what I found to be true about Kroger compared to Publix and most of it is blatantly obvious. First off, I found that by shopping at Kroger you can save a substantial amount of money on your grocery bill, but of course that comes at a cost. The cost of quality such as Kroger brand goods (just awful depending on which ... Read more

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    Wed Mar 03 2010

    Kroger ruins lives. Kroger will sap all the meaning out of your life into their cesspool of deceit, treachery, and blatant bigamy (you know how you know it's true). If you wish to be dead to life, by all means, choose Kroger

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    Fri Feb 26 2010

    Pros: The stores are clean for the most part and have the groceries I need. Cons: The employes at all the of my local Krogers suck. They have a policy that says that if the don't offer to help with the products on the bottom of the cart you get a free 2 liter soda. If I wanted to push the issue, I would never have to buy soda again. The employees are always huddled up talking to each other, ignoring customers. When I check out, I have to listen to the old hags complaining about their break times or the hours they were scheduled.

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    Fri Feb 12 2010

    I definitely agree about the go back people. I just put it back in a buggy at the end of the night and throw it up front. I figure that really gets em good when they walk in in the morning. They don't realize that it takes more time to hide the stuff every day then to just put it back in the right place. Kroger is making a huge mistake right now with the pay rates. I work overnight stock and get paid 785 AFTER night premium. I do more work than any body on that crew. I usually complete 200-250 cases a night and condition 2-4 aisles. The problem is that management is constantly using the underdog or hard worker to do their work instead of getting ahead. This ruins everybody's work ethic and pretty much makes everyone move a bit slower. I AM A HARD WORKER! I dont mind working hard. But damn can I get the normal pay that full time gets? Our full time people are horrible. One guy spent the WHOLE fucking night conditioning the ketchup aisle!!! How the fuck does he get away with it? I get p... Read more

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    Fri Feb 12 2010

    I work at a Kroger in Durham, NC. I hate it. It drains the life out of you. I plan to only work here until I can find something else. The Front End "manager" is rude and spiteful. She yells and swears at employees in front of customers. And she habitually rude to customers. The only reason she still works there at all is because her husband also works for Kroger. One of the co-managers was recently fired for sexual harrasment, and now the store manager (because the two of them had been very good friends for years) is rude and hateful to most of the women of the store. I have no real complaints about the other two co-managers. They actually do work, instead of merely standing around barking orders. The pay is terrible for what I have to deal with on a day to day basis. Which includes rude coworkers and supervisors on top of some of the rudest customers I have ever met in my life. I occasionally work third shift, and I often get customers that come in fill their carts to the brim, and th... Read more

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    Sat Jan 30 2010

    I've worked for Kroger for almost a year and a half and they have taken every opportunity possible to screw me over. First of all, I am part of the union, and they haven't done shit. Just saying. There are horrible cases of sexism, racism, and agism (sp?). I have more seniority that Jack (or let's call him Jack), so I ask to be promoted, but then Jack says that they are only promoting women, so what happens? I get fucked, Jack gets moved up, and someone less qualified is in the position I've worked hard for. And in spite of the fact that we NEVER have enough people (as testified by the fact that our manager is always screaming in his nasally, overly pompous voice for people from other departments to drop what they're doing and help us at the front end) we keep HIRING people, which means that I lose hours. We're forced to check as fast as possible or get bumped back down to the woeful status as bagger (deemed courtesy clerk,but come on man) and miss out on doing our actual job--custome... Read more

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    Sun Jan 17 2010

    Wow, y'alls some angry folks! :) From reading all of these reviews, and being in management at Kroger, most of the issues are store/region- related, not necessarily company related. If your store is dirty, it is the responsibility of the management to make sure it gets clean. If employees are rude, management needs to be involved, and kick the employees ass down the road if necessary. If the management is failing in their duties, then employees absolutely have the right, and even the responsibility, to let the higher-ups know. You can do it anonymously, but most won't take the time to do it- it is easier to bitch and moan than do something that might actually make a difference! Trust me, shit rolls downhill- complain long enough and loud enough, and something will get done. That said, there are crappy bosses in every field. If you are unlucky enough to have to work for one, I am sorry for you. For those of you that care about your jobs (and I know you guys are few and far... Read more

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    Sun Jan 10 2010

    Kroger is the worst place to work for. They say Customer First is their number one motto, yet all they do is cut hours for the very employees WHO SERVICE SAID CUSTOMER BASE. Here they go by seniority so the quantity and quality of your scheduled hours reflects on how long you have been getting fucked ove.... been working for this place. You could be the newest and best most hardworking caring person in your department... and never be scheduled or be looked down upon by management and your department head just because you are new. And the managers here are uneducated nutjobs. Recently two employees who are attending college were forced to give up their full time status because even though they can and have worked 40hrs per week they go to school which means they cannot work in the early mornings. Well guess what everyone wants to work mornings so what, this place doesn't even care for their employees yet alone the people who are trying to go to post-secondary schooling to get... Read more

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    Sat Jan 02 2010

    I'm a "bagger" at a Kroger in Walton KY. I'll tell you right now, I hate this job.It's not so much of the management but more of the people who shop there. The Laziness: People here are so lazy. They want to be babied the whole visit through. For example, it was an extremely cold snowy day. This lady asks me to "help her take her stuff out to the car", now normally I don't care to help if you really need help like say, if you're old? Or can't do it on your own, because of a bad back or broken arm. Nay, this lady was say Mid 40's? Everything was fine with her except of course for the disgusting attitude she possessed. I had no time to get my jacket because, of course she was "in a hurry". And because "she's a customer and here at Krogers,customers come first". I had to go out, in freezing weather with nothing but my work shirt. Pushing the cart while she walks in front of me, giving me dirty looks as if was some how I was holding her up. We get to her car and does it end there... Read more

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    Thu Dec 24 2009

    The vultures that manage Kroger care nothing about customers. First of all, it's totally RIDICULOUS that Kroger has links on their own website to coupons, yet recently my local Kroger's manager (Delta region) rudely claimed that don't accept internet coupons!!! They've been taking them all along! Meanwhile, according to Kroger's own corporate offices, it's their policy to accept internet coupons! Furthermore, Kroger never has more than two measly cashiers checking at the local store, no matter the hour! They even pay a girl to shout by the 'self check-out', hoping that more people will use it-- so silly!! The meat department has a rancid smell, and produce items which have already passed the 'sell by date' are routinely at regular price instead of on manager's special! Also, their pharmacy never has prescriptions ready for pick-up by the time they stated over the phone. On several occasions, an item didn't ring up at the 'closeout price' posted on the shelf. Spilled foods and liquids ... Read more

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    Thu Dec 17 2009

    Krogers has done my family WRONG! FUCK THE KROGER COMPANY STRAIGHT TO HELL. They have done my brother and I dirty, not once, but twice! They are selfish and only are concerned about the money they see go in their pockets!

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    Thu Dec 03 2009

    umm how long does it take for them to get back to you if there ging to hire

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    Sun Oct 25 2009

    Right store. Right price. Wrong job! I'm in my 40's and because of the poor job market I made the mistake and humiliated myself going to work for Kroger in Goodlettsville, TN, I worked in the Deli. Yeah past tense, the hell with their BS! This had to be the worst job I have ever had! Even though I've worked in a supermarket Deli before all I was getting at Kroger with experience was $7.35, {Oh yeah, keep your salary private or you can get in trouble with management} I can't remember the last time I made such a low salary. It's insulting, a 16 year old bagger is getting at least $7.25 and maybe getting a tip for bringing bags to a car, so a kid gets more than me. 18 & 19 year olds start at $8.45 in the Pharmacy too. What pisses me off is this is a high volume store, yet we are always short of help. We can't get our last break and management doesn't care. The BS of the ‘customer is #1’ and they shouldn’t have to wait only applies when management can pass the buck. Other workers say i... Read more

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    Wed Oct 21 2009

    I went shopping there the other day, The store was dirty with trash and skid marks around the place, The service guy is very annoying, can't remember his name at the time, but he asked me numerous amounts of times if I needed help, did I get everything alright, more than once, He yelled at a bagger for talking to a cashier then proceeded to write him up, Then a few minutes later he was having a personal conversation with a fellow service person laughing it up, I thought to myself, what kind of hypocrites work here? Also this service person was talking to her friend and did not help me at all, The Store Manager is ignorant as well. Krogers is full of hypocrites and people who have very large egos, self centered, out to screw the good workers, I would never work there in my life, you should hear some of the comments workers make about the place, the comments are not good, I agree with them.

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    Wed Sep 23 2009

    My husband and I were in kroger inVicksburg Ms. we were so embarrassed!! We got over 2hunderd dollars of groc. but the store would not take our check,because it was over 150dollars We talked to the manager and on one would help. It was a POLICY of KROger,all they had to do was pull up the discount points, but no one wanted to help KROGER YOU ARE NOY NICE We are sixty years old this has never happened ever to us and I pray in the future other people will not be embarrassed the way you treat them We will not be embarrassed by kroger again!!!

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    Thu Aug 27 2009

    On a recent visit to the Kroger in Valley Station here in Louisville, Kentucky, I wrote a check for less than 50.00 for my groceries. I went to the pharmacy to pick up a prescription and wrote a check for 16.00. The second check was refused. Not because I had ever wrote a check that was returned (I haven't) Not because I was a new customer ( I have shopped there for over 30 years) but instead because I had wrote TOO MANY checks that day. The too many total being 1 check! After being told by the manager that he didn't have the authority to override the process, I asked for my money back for my groceries, got my prescription back took the 3 minute trip down the road to Meijers, who took the check for my groceries, gave me 50.00 cash extra. Took a second check for my prescription and said, "thank you". imagine that. I called three corporate numbers only to talk to mind numbing corporate mouthpieces. All three told me that a member of management would n... Read more

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    Mon Aug 17 2009

    RACIST AND UNCARING Sometimes you are just better off resisting the sale. Went to local Redford MI store on Sunday 8/16/09. On the way to the register, I was drawn to the 33% off sale items, picked up some gum - ice pack, basting brush and noodles. I proceeded to the checkout, and the ice pack and noodles rang up for the price marked on them, not at the 33% off. I brought it to the attention of the cashier Tatiana, and told me maybe someone put these items in the wrong spot - I said no, because there were at least 25 of each on the shelves. She called the next level employee for assistance, this employee Piper told me the same thing as Tatiana, the whole time leaning on the register as if by purchases were boring her. She never even went to check the shelves to see what I was speaking about, but did tell me that the price it scanned is the price they have to go by. I asked to speak with a manager, at this point Piper pages a manager and also proceeds to loudly announce to all in... Read more

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    Tue Jun 23 2009

    After spending all day with my son in the hospital, I stopped at the Kroger on Maynard Rd in Cary, NC to get his meds which he desperately needed (you could tell by the three prescriptions). I was told 15-20 minutes. no problem. I used to get my meds there and they were quick and the prices were ok. This time I had talked my wife into trying it. No more. I dropped off the prescription and went to get other items. I came back in the alloted time, anxious to get the drugs to my son. The brain surgeon at the counter said I needed to fill out paperwork. I asked him how long that would take. He said about 20 minutes. I asked if it would be another 20 after that, and in some guttural dialect he said it would. I grabbed the prescriptions out of his claw and said I had better find a drug store. I still wonder why they could not just page me, isn't that what a normal store would do? The place used to be convenient and reasonable. You really need a low self esteem to go there now. ... Read more