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    Thu Jul 28 2011

    Kool Menthol KS - http://www.dutyfreesales.net/kool-menthol-ks.html?aid=ncqo99 Good price and quality. P.S. 2% discount coupon code: 1b3d31ab9c

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    Tue Jun 21 2011

    Good buzz. Decent menthol hit, not harsh, what more can you ask for! best menthol cig on the market 5/5

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    Wed Jun 01 2011

    I am a truck driver, meaning that I am a heavy smoker (the two seem to go hand in hand, unfortunately. We need SOMETHING to keep us alert...) I started smoking cigarettes 45 years ago at the ripe old age of 12. I started on my dad's Pall Mall non-filtereds. Smoked them for about 25 years. When I started thinking about switching to a "healthier" filtered cigarette, I tried the non-menthols. Just not even CLOSE to the same taste and satisfaction as my former non-filtered friends. Then I bought a pack of Kool. WOW! The next stop, I bought a carton, and I have been about 2-3 pack a day of Kool since. The fiberglass thing is a MYTH! I have no greater chance of dying from heart disease or lung cancer by smoking menthols than I do smoking non-menthols. I still go for a good ole' non-filtered regular from time to time, but Kools are definitely my cigarette of choice. Hell, since I'm too old and fat to quit, I may as well enjoy it, huh?!? :-)

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    Mon Nov 01 2010

    aret that bad at all not that much of a zing but if im stuck with out a pack i deff buy a pack of these

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    Wed Feb 17 2010

    there ok cigarettes. the flavor lacks some zing to me. the buzz is good. the taste gets old fast. but man they really do look cool. the Kool XL blue looks completely bad assed. but they are expensive.

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    Tue Jan 26 2010

    Very good cigarette. My personal favorite actually. They taste great and they go down very smooth, they also give a decent buzz. My one complaint is that they burn a bit quick but other then that KOOLS are some of the best cigarettes out there

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    Sun Dec 13 2009

    Kool has been my brand for 35 years. Recently(last few months), they are going out constantly. I am not sure what has changed, but this has not happened before.

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    Sun Dec 06 2009

    If you happen to see my review on newports, you would have saw that im not really a menthol smoker, but kools do happen to be one of the brands i buy now and again. I dont think they are THAT bad, but i wouldnt smoke them all the time. I def dont feel good if i smoke a few packs of them in a row. I Also believe rjr changed the formula on these (when they took the brand over) because they dont seem to taste the same as they used to. I would prob smoke newport over these, they dont seem to make me feel as sick and i think they taste better. 2.5/5

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    Tue Jun 09 2009

    Whoa! Where did this menthol cigarette come from? These are the freaking king of menthols. I am not a fan of menthols but this has great flavor, a good price, and totally recommended.

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    Thu May 14 2009

    I liked it but they burn too fast and it's like it eats your money. I only smoked like 5 packs of these in my lifetime...usually when my throat is parched out from regulars and the menthols smooth it out...so its good and gives a nice minty buzz. Best menthol out there...but all that fiberglass gets me thinking twice....I don't usually smoke menthols...but if you are interested in menthols, these are the go-to....

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    Sun Apr 12 2009

    very good, not long lasting ..

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    Mon Feb 23 2009

    Very harsh and acrid smoke. I would advise all Newport smokers to try these at least once to give yourselves a new appreciation for Newports.

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    Sat Nov 01 2008

    Greatest Menthols ever. thats pretty much all there is to say. Perfect amount of menthol, really smooth, dont last too long or too short. If you like menthols definately pick up a pack

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    Wed Oct 29 2008

    He's pushing 70 but my dad still smokes his Kool cigarettes. I have that smell forever in my nose. I wish I were joking but no such luck.

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    Tue Sep 23 2008

    a good menthol, but if i smoke too much of them i feel like throwing up.

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    Wed Sep 10 2008

    These I smoked only when I would bum them from a friend

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    Tue Sep 09 2008

    not bad. refreshing menthol taste and gives a good nicotine hit. dont have anything bad to say about them.

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    Thu Jul 24 2008

    I've found my brand, Kools are the cig for me. I've tried several brands of Menthol cigs and Kool are by far the best on the market. The menthol itself is pretty mild, it's not overpowering like Newports. I like the fact that I can actually taste the tobacco along with the menthol.Be Kool and smoke Kools.

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    Sat May 24 2008


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    Sat May 24 2008

    great menthol cigarette. Not to harsh and drowned in menthol like Newports, and not to light like Marlboro Menthols. Very smooth, great flavor that isnt completely menthol but gives you that right ammount and really does feel cool on your throat. "Kool, like a breath of fresh air..."

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    Sat May 24 2008

    There isn't anything "kool" about any brand of cigarette.

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    Sun Mar 23 2008

    Its basically air with no buzz. Oh yea even though theres no taste you still get a horrible after taste.

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    Thu Feb 21 2008

    These are my everyday brand of choice, they are the perfect combination of tobacco and menthol. They are nice and strong, not too harsh like Newports or too minty like Salems. The menthol is strong and gives you a good hit, but doesnt overpower you either. Very refreshing, I smoke them all the way down. Highly recommend these!

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    Fri Feb 15 2008

    Very smooth in flavore used to smoke them alot. would recomend them to anybody who smokes menthol.

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    Tue Feb 12 2008

    Tried the Kool XL green (wide).  Very smooth easy draw, without the usual back of the throat burn I get from a regular gauge full flavor.  Short filter and strong nic content makes it a good way to start the day.

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    Tue Feb 05 2008

    i've really been wanting to try the kool XL's. this has made my mind. i'm gonna grab a couple packs tomorrow.

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    Sun Jan 13 2008

    I'm not mainly a menthol smoker, I really only smoke menthol when I'm drinking cuz its hard to taste non menthol when you get drunk. Anyway I've smoked MB menthol, mild, smooth and newports; and i gotta say they either have too mild a menthol, a menthol taste and not true menthol smoke, or like newports its too overpowering. I've had Kools before but tonight I decided to actually buy a pack, and I'm thrilled. Kools are TRUE menthol, they aren't overpowering but you can really taste the menthol and it has the wonderful effect of cooling your nose, throat and lungs, sort of like smoking a halls cough drop. You get that same cooling feeling when you breath like a cough drop but in a cigarette. Its very refreshing and a nice change of pace from all the other so-called menthol smokes. If you smoke menthol cigarettes you gotta atleast try Kools, I bet you probably wont be disappointed.

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    Tue Nov 27 2007

    I'm not a big smoker, I smoke about about a quarter a pack a week. so i haven't really built up a real tolerance for it. That's why i like the smooth feeling of menthols. My besdt friend smokes kool greens, so i decided to bum one off of him one day. I really enjoyed it, more so than other Menthols which seemed either to weak or in the case of newports straight up hell on your T zone (the mouth, throat, and lungs). the menthol wasn't overpowering the tobacco and it wasn't too light. it was perfect, these re my new brand from now on, especially the XL's which are slower burning and a better value then regulars. once you go menthol, you can't go back

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    Fri Nov 09 2007

    I'am not a heavy smoker (I smoke about a pack a week) but whenever I get my hands on a pack of smokes I always find myself choosing menthols. In the past I have smoked both Marlboro Smooths and Newports, so one day I thought I would try a pack of Kool. I was pleasently surprised. They're definately not as strong as the Smooths, but I actually prefer Kool to Newport. Some people will probably say "What the hell man? You prefer Kool to Newport?" I know, I know. But I'm just saying I like Kools because I could feel the menthol, it wasn't overpowering but it was there, and it didn't over-power the tobacco either. I think the advantage Kool has over Newport is that there is a lot less tar in them, I could tell the difference between filters after I finished both joints: the Newport filter was brown and I thought "ughh!" and had to take fewer drags. But the Kool was smooth and less grimy than the Newport, it's filter was a light beige when I was done. Of course, I'm just speeking f... Read more

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    Mon Nov 05 2007

    Try the Kool XL, they are really amazing. They have two types, the XL in the Green package and the XL in the Blue pack. The blue pack is a light and the greens are full. Superb, like smoking cold air, so relaxing. Also great after you smoke pot or when you are drunk... but then again all cigarettes are good then! I don't think these are especially popular though, so get em while you can.

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    Sun Sep 16 2007

    Wanted to change things up a bit today, so while at the store I decided to buy a pack of KOOL Green Box.  I hadnt' smoked any of these in at least 5 years.  They are ok with the menthol, not to rough, you can kill one of these sticks in seconds if you wanted to - fast burners, not much time to think about enjoyment.  They aint gross but there are much better out there.  Shop around.  This all comes from a very heavy Marlboro Reds  smoker - so take it or leave it.

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    Wed Jun 27 2007

    Decent menthol cigarettes but I think your better off investing in a pack of Newports in you ask me.

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    Mon May 07 2007

    As with any other drug that gives any kind of high, there is a "dirty" high and a "clean" high. Kools dip into that dirty high territory. The nicotine buzz feels kind of edgy with these, and too many in a day gives me a headache. But that isn't to say I don't enjoy a pack every now and then, afte all, a dirty buzz is still a buzz

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    Thu Mar 15 2007

    if menthols had fiberglass ppls lungs would get cut and bleed and theyd die. use your head

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    Tue Feb 06 2007

    wides are the best variety because they have a menthol thats sweetened by the tobacco. a real smooth smoke but i gave up menthol when i found out about the fiberglass.

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    Sat Jun 03 2006

    pass on these and youll be ok

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    Fri Mar 03 2006

    i love the menthol flavor in these, seems to be the best but after i smoke a couple of them my mouth fills like it's on fire i dont know why, cause i like strong cigarettes but these always burn my mouth. anyways when i feel like having a menthol i'll smoke some of these, just wish they didn't burn though would of given it a higher score.

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    Tue Dec 20 2005

    they are really kool. they hav sharp intense menthol, much better than newports. KOOLS RULE!

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    Tue Dec 13 2005

    Ah yes, good ol' "Ghetto Squares" as we used to call 'em.... These were the first cigarettes that I ever puffed/smoked/gagged on - I used to buy these out of the vending machine for a buck-a-pack at the local grocery when I was 10, and we'd sneek our drags in the field behind the school.... I still recall the Junior High kids who made fun of us because we "didn't inhale properly".... I can't smoke these anymore because I realized that they tasted like ass, and have since moved on to the "exotic" Camel brands..... I really should quit, huh?

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    Tue Dec 13 2005

    Kool was big in the 1950's but I never got into the menthol. I'd buy a pack now and again for a change, but always go back to my tried and true!

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    Mon Dec 12 2005

    don't smoke menthol they tatse like crap these and newports and horrible homie gee cigarettes avoid their horrible crap taste.

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    Tue Dec 06 2005

    KOOLS are by far the best menthol cig out there, i smoked KOOLS for 2 years and i loved every cig, they are the harshest mentholiest cigs out there...SMOKE KOOLS!!

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    Wed Nov 02 2005

    They WILL kill me; but I LOVE them.

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    Fri Oct 21 2005

    I love the intense flavor. I love being addicted to the Kool flavor. They are strong and if you are going to smoke then this is the one to go for it. Don't think I will ever change brands but if there is a better one out there that is at least as strong then I might try it.

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    Tue Oct 18 2005

    Best menthol cigarette.There just perfect.Its like breathnig in fresh air=)

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    Mon Sep 12 2005

    If you're going to smoke menthol, then KOOL's are the one. I favor KOOL Super Longs over the king size for a longer smoke at the same price. I hear Newport loyal people talk about menthol flavor and all I can think is, they know not what they speak! Newports are fine for people who flip-flop between regulars and menthols but if it's menthol you crave, than look no further.

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