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    Sat Dec 17 2011

    Very bad service. I had every intention of paying my accounts at kohls. I had been paying it but most of the time late. I didn't know that I had 2 accounts. So I though I was good. Then, I finally paid the whole amount, Wow! they had very horrible customer service on the phone! Very rude. Kohls even reported me to the credit bureau now I had poor credit history because of Kohls. I bought a lop of items from Kohls that time. NOW, I will never never buy anything from Kohls. I told all my relatives and friends not to patronize Kohls.

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    Mon Nov 28 2011

    Went online to order a cyber monday special. Put item in cart along with other item to hit their $50 purchase for Kohl cash. Accidentally deleted main item I was purchasing. No big deal, still in stock. Added the item (coffee maker $129 now $49 on sale). Added my coupon. Put in Credit Card info. Verified address/shipping. Now submit...."Item is no longer available". It was in my cart, I was done entering payment info. I send email and received a response saying "sorry you deleted item and it wasn't available". They did not finish reading my email. Keeping customers happy (& returning) is not very important at our Kohl's, or from what I have been reading, any Kohls. The second paragraph was a pre-written, general response.....We apologize for YOUR inconvenience...blah...blah...blah...but be sure to sugn up for our weekly email and texts. What a load of crap. I am finished with that store and hopefully Kohl's will be gone soon and replaced with a company that gives a da... Read more

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    Tue Sep 20 2011

    My wife has had a Kohl's account for several years and we have spent a lot of money with them. I finally got my own card and account. Last night after visiting the Kohl's store in the White Oak Shopping Center, in Garner, NC, I have shredded my card and will never shop at the store again. Last week we purchased two pillows that were on sale for "buy one, get one of equal or lesser value free". The pillow we purchased cost $99.00, the free item would have cost us $59.00. When we tried to exchange the "free" pillow for one of equal value ($59.00) we were not permitted, because both pillows we purchased the week before were now on sale for "50% off". The customer service lady was both rude and had no knowledge on how to handle this transaction. What they finally did, after about 30 minutes, was refund us on our card $37.49. What is wrong with this picture. I believe Kohl's to be nothing more than a "skam". Please do not purchase any items there.

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    Sat Sep 10 2011

    Khols carry the worst clothes. Bad quality, ill fitting clothes that are over priced. Sales racks have all the crappy clothes. Please go to Marshalls or Ross they have good quality clothes for very reasonable prices and most of them are brand name.

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    Tue Jul 12 2011

    Kohls are a bunch of scam artists. DO NOT OPEN A KOHLS CARD WITH THEM! Kohls will not send you a statement on your bill for several months and then will turn around and send you 5 months worth of late fees. They WILL NOT work with you and you will end up paying them a lot of money you do not owe to them!

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    Sun May 15 2011

    Joe, the employee at the Coronado Center Store was extremely helpful to me. He walked me thru the Kiosk ordering and I saved over $50 on 5/15/11. Plus he was pleasant and easy to talk to. Taren, the cashier , was also very pleasant and eager to help.

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    Sat Mar 12 2011

    If you pay your Kohl's charge bill online, beware. I made a purchase that totaled $69.15, and paid it online. A month later, I get a delinquent notice. "Okay," I thought, "I must have forgotten." So I paid the bill again, complete with late fees and interest. I made sure to wait for a confirmation screen. A month after that I get a call saying I'm two months overdue, which is "highly unusual for me." I told them that I'd paid online twice, and they said if I couldn't find the confirmation number, which I can't, then I owe $132.90. After expressing my total and complete disgust, I paid over the phone and was told that they were waiving the $10 phone processing fee! How generous of them! (lol) I have cancelled my Kohl's account, and will never shop at a Kohl's again. Why would I? I mean, if anyone else stole $63.75 from me, would I give them the chance to do it again? Not likely.

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    Sat Feb 26 2011

    People everywhere are missing out if they don't shop at Kohl's Department stores Kohls has an excellent return policy if you are not satisfied but I can almost guarantee you will be. They also have the best clearance prices in the history of department stores. Their Jewelry dept. is excellent and I love when they have scratch off's for extra savings along with Kohl's cash, for purchases over $50.00 you can come back and save ten more dollars if you spend $50.00 Their sales rep's are always friendly and professional and the clothes are always in vogue. I'd do a commercial for them for free if they asked me. Shop at Koh'ls if you want the best.

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    Tue Feb 15 2011

    Ok, I really like Kohl's on a sheer merchandise level. I mean, the items they carry are of decent quality and they are fairly liberal in giving out discounts. And if you don't have a discount code, 9 times out of 10 you can find one by searching online and ordering through the website. My real beef is, as a cardholder, making payments online is a real ordeal. I made a payment 5 days ago that has still not posted to my account. A few months ago, I made a payment, yet got hounded and harrassed by bill collectors for days claiming I hadn't made a payment. When I asked them to check their records again, they apologized and said they had not refreshed the page and that my payment actually had gone through. Last month I made a payment the day it was due, but still got a late fee because it took them nearly a week to actually recognize that I had made a payment! Don't try to use a startphone to use card services online, either. The site freaks out and acts weird anytime I try to check my b... Read more

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    Wed Feb 02 2011

    I work at Kohl's and I must say that some days I am so grateful to have this job and some days I just want to walk away from the register and out the door! I am grateful for this job because when the recession hit, hard, I was just getting out of Job Corps, in December of '08. All hyped up by the promise that I would get excellent help with finding a job in the career field I had chosen, I contacted my career advisor to get the ball rolling. 5 Months later, in May of '09, still unemployed, depressed and disappointed by the Job Corps system, I had given up on searching in the field that I went to school for, which was healthcare and I found myself turning to retail. I had worked retail in the past (Walmart) and the joy quickly faded and I knew that I needed to get my behind into a classroom stat! Well, needless to say, Ive come full circle. I applied and made follow up phone calls and sent emails to many many jobs between May and October of '09, Kohl's being one of them. KOHL'S WAS T... Read more

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    Sun Jan 30 2011

    Will never shop again. After falling behind other retailer's, billing of their chargecard online became available. Which I find it convenient for shoppers like myself. I paid online like I do with all the other retailers. From the same old checking account, where I copy paste the information from my excel file. I later received a past due notice, and called customer service, saying that I already paid. They found the record where I paid, and they said it was returned, and charge me $5 for the late fee. I reasoned with them, but the customer service insisted that the check was returned. There is always plenty of funds in my account. There was no return fees or anything on my bank, either. I paid the original amount, of which is less than $30 (I do not recall exactly), and not the $5. Now they are saying that I have an past due bill of $6.50. Until today, I did not know they had been calling everyday of the week, but not leaving any message at all. It's not worth my time, but th... Read more

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    Mon Jan 24 2011

    Alright I work at a Kohl's store and have for the past two 1/2 years. I have worked on the registers and at customer service. I am not a manager, and never have been. I am in college working towards my bachelors degree. I do not know almost anything about the online merchandising, but for other things I have my own opinion. 1). To those of you who are complaining about clothes being faulty merchandise: Our policy is "yes we can." If you have an item that you wore and it is faulty, bring it back. You can still return it and we won't ask any questions. 2). To those of you who are complaining about bad customer service: Again, our policy is "yes we can." If there is a problem associates are supposed to help you. Now I understand that of course all stores are not the same, but most associates are not going to go out of their way to make you upset and angry. 3). To those of you who complain about false advertising: Really? We have great sales all the time and you do realize tha... Read more

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    Sat Jan 22 2011

    Kohls is the worst!!!!!!!!!!! I ordered a pillow pet the middle of november 2010. December 20th came and I had not received the order yet. I called and they said the item never shipped from the warehouse and I would have to reorder it. They said they were very sorry. I requested a refund. 15 to 30 business days for a refund. After almost 30 business days I received a email stating I would get my refund but the amount was incorrect. Come to find out they had to issue a separate credit for shipping charges. Now I have to wait another 15 to 30 business days to receive the shipping refund. OMG!!!!!!!!!!! You have to be kidding me. I will never order from kohls again. NEVER!!!!!!!! I have had the worse experience and I am still waiting to be refunded and today is January 22, 2011.

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    Mon Jan 17 2011

    I work there. Only issue I have is customers. I worked at Walgreens for two years before kohl's and if something was in the wrong place on a shelf, too bad the price at the register is the price you get- people pick stuff up and walk around with it then put it in the wrong place. If there was a tear on something clearance, too bad, it was already clearance. At Kohls we always "Yes We Can" a small problem with the clearance clothing, giving an extra 10% off an already 70-90% of item. We "Yes We Can" an item in the wrong place because customers complain so much. It's a big store and customers always put stuff in the wrong place all the time. Read the signs- seriously! Just today I got yelled at by a man because he wanted two pairs of nike fleece pants originally $40. They'd been set on a shelf with nike fleece pants where the sign said $20.99 for pants originally pried at $35. The pants he got were on sale for $23.99. After he yelled at me I told him politely that the sign clearly says t... Read more

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    Mon Jan 17 2011

    The promo on the home page said save 30, 20 or 15 percent with a Kohl's card. I applied and got one and then when I clicked on "details" it wouldn't come up. I wrote to ask and they told me they only send it in the mail or in an email; this WAS in an email. They also said if i deleted all temp. files and cookies I may be able to see the details. All that did was wipe out the 15 items in my shopping cart. I called and was told they could not give me the information over the phone but that I would eventually be mailed codes that I could use. What good would that do me now? Is it even legal to say "get a discount if you use our card" and then refuse to tell me how to get it? On top of that, the promo code they sent in my "welcome" letter didn't work either. What a joke this site is, I will never shop with them again. I plan to cancel the Kohl's credit card also, I got NOTHING more for using it than I would have if I had used Visa. They should be ashamed of their site and extrem... Read more

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    Wed Jan 05 2011

    Kohls customer service online does not care about their customers. I tried several times to communicate via email with them and they messed up my order even more and are billing me twice. Poor customer service online.

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    Wed Dec 15 2010

    I placed an order with Kohls.com two days after Thanksgiving. I originally tried to place the order the night before but their site kept locking up and would not allow me to sign into my account. I should have taken the hint and placed my order somewhere else. It took a week for my order to even be shipped. I was given a delivery date and when that date came and went with no package I started making calls. FedEx was unable to help me so I contacted Kohl's. Their CS rep said that they would trace the order and it would take 24 hours. He promised repeatedly that he would contact me within 24 hours. 48 hours later I still had not heard from him so I called Kohl's again. This time I was told that a trace takes 2-3 weeks. I asked that they re-send the items and they agreed only to tell me that I would have to pay for a new order. I asked for a refund and the 1st lady told me she would cancel the trace and issue a refund. Then she said it would take almost a month to get my refund. I then ta... Read more

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    Fri Nov 05 2010

    I ordered online for about 5 shirts because they had none my size at their physical store nearby. After researching them. I liked the styles even when I personally checked them out at the physical store. So gee! I ordered as many as I could. Then my order went through and a couple of days later it shipped. I tracked it because their email said it went through Fedex. BUT!!!! to my horror Fedex handed it to my local post office to deliver and so I had no way to track that one down so that I can pick it up personally (or ask them to hold it for me). All sorts of things vanish when the postal service delivers packages in my apartment complex. They just drop it off where the mailboxes are in full view by everyone. When I wasn't there, guess what? I did not see the package at all and the postal delivery person said he delivered it after I asked their manager about it! My beef though is not so much with postal service because I already experienced their incompetence (at least where I live). B... Read more

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    Thu Sep 30 2010

    I tried to order a product online. The order was canceled with out explanation. I called in and was told that the item is out of stock. So, I purchased a similar item. They canceled that order as well. The explanation I was given was that my billing information did not match what is showing in their system. I have used this card through my credit union for 2 years and not had a single problem. They said I would have to drive to a Khols and show proof of my information! HELLO!!! I ordered online because I don't live near a store. They lost $200 today and any future purchases as well. They got snippy with me on the phone and offered no solutions that would work.

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    Mon Aug 23 2010


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    Tue Aug 10 2010

    A+++ in customer frustration I had a simple objective, I just wanted to use my Kohls cash that day before it expired. My teenager had the car so I asked an online sales person if I could use the kohls cash online. "Yes!" I was told to place an online order and they would let me use my Kohls cash online this ONE time. When I placed the order they wouldn't let me use the Kohls cash and they wouldn't cancel the order. "WHY!!! You just said I could!" I had used my husband's Kohls card....*gasp!*. We use his card online to buy sometimes if shipping is free. The online account was auto-filled and just sits there in cyber-space waiting for you SPEND MONEY with all the credit card info ready to go, so I clicked that button. I have a female voice, so she knew I wasn't my husband. She wouldn't let me cancel the order either because I wasn't my husband. I even tried to cancel the order using a fake male voice. I thought I was very convincing, but mysteriously the cancellatio... Read more

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    Sat Jul 24 2010

    I went to the Kohl's store located in The Woodlands and they encouraged me to open a Koh's card and get 15% discount on my purchase. At the beginning I was reluctant because I do not like to owe any money and I want to pay all my dues immediately; the same way as I do with my Credit cards. My credit score is 829 and I bend over backwards to keep it that way; even paying them completely a few days before the due date. But the 15% discount attracted my attention. So, I did open a Kohl's card. I waited for some time and my bill did not show up. I called the store and they said I will be receiving it any time. While I was waiting on the line and even when I was calling with the representative, they were trying to encourage me to use Kohl's website for checking and paying my bill. My bill showed up and I went online. I noticed the due amount is $5 but I registered my Amegy Bank Visa card and paid the whole amount $60.35 off by issuing an online check. After some time I checked Kohl's websit... Read more

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    Tue Jun 29 2010

    Kohl's has probably ruined more young people's lives than cocaine, drunk driving and teen pregnancy. Seriously. Google petty theft, burglary, robbery with the name Kohl's. You will find LONG lists of teenagers in every county that has a Kohl's who made the youthful indiscretion of shoplifting and found themselves at the mercy of Kohl's bizarrely aggressive loss prevention program and the willingness of the local DA to charge teenagers with the maximum possible offense. College kids in school who are about to graduate and move on and get good paying jobs. Teenagers who are dreaming of their futures and just feel really bad about what their parents will think. Kohl's doesn't care about any of this. Maybe if they stopped spending so much time and money trying to get their unusually forceful loss prevention agency to eliminate theft to a point many deviations beyond what any corporate accountant normally allows for in light of real world circumstances and what big corporations... Read more

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    Thu Jun 24 2010

    I hate kohls and there stupid assess they are racist I promise they have used against my own mother the barker cypress location Is the worst store I have ever been to. their attitudes are horrible and dislike majority of customers Sent from my iPod.

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    Mon Jun 21 2010

    In the Kohl's store near my home there are 3 things I hate, one is that they do not give price adjustments on clearance items. If you return the item to try to buy it back at the cheaper pricethen they tell say that you can't buy it back and it must return to the floor first. Come on we are in a recession! The final thing I hate is just like many Sears Retail Stores the restrooms are upstairs at the farthest end of the store. If you have a small child they may not be able to hold their pee. My 3yr. old nephew wet all over the floor before we located the bathroom. Why not have a restroom upstairs and downstairs? I can understand the no price adjustment policy on items purchased on clearance but is it too much to ask for a restroom downstairs as well as upstairs? However, at least the Escalators work the majority of the time in Kohl's unlike the ones that frequently break in Sears.

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    Wed Jun 02 2010

    I would have voted five stars but they won't allow you to sign up for their credit protection (in case of a later disability or job loss) unless you sign up at the time you apply for the card. It makes no sense at all to prevent people from later signing up for their credit protection just because they forgot to sign up at the time they originally signed up for the card. Otherwise they have great sales and clearances going on all the time. Someone in Customer Service who did not know what she was talking about told me to cancel the card and get a new one then I could get the Credit Protection with the new card. She failed to say if you had a balance owing it would just be the same thing. Turns out that was wrong information because my old card just transferred over to the new. The correct way was to close it out by paying it all off, then reapply for a new one starting with a clean slate. This was my only way to get the Credit protection. Problem is I cannot pay it all off right now... Read more

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    Wed Jun 02 2010

    LOVE the store... LOVE shopping there... The problem is that their Kohls Charge card dept. really is AWFUL... Their statements are impossible to understand.... Attempting to pay a bill online is almost impossible... REALLY BAD..... DON"T USE KOHL CHARGE!

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    Sun May 16 2010

    They need to teach the people at the billing counter to be courteous with their customers. We were shopping at the Kohl's Glendale, AZ. One of the young lady at the billing counter was rude and made our shopping unpleasent. She was just dumping both the toys and clothes in the same plastic bag. When we asked for an extra bag, she gave a very unplesent and a rude look as asked us 'But Why'. It was so stupid of her to ask this question, as she was suppose to load them seperately (instead of dumping them all in one bag). The worst part was her rude attitude, which made us to rethink again to shop at Kohl's.

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    Wed May 05 2010

    i got a kohls charge card at the cash register when checking out one day because i felt obligated by the cashier!! i did not want one. my total was almost two hundred and fifty dollars, and i went online to pay it, then they took it out of my account again!!!! over a month and a half ago was the first time i called customer service and was promised a refund check would be here within 10-14 days, maximum. i then called back two weeks later and was told the check was never sent. i was again promised it would be 10-14 days, maximum. i then called back a week later to check on the status and was told it was sent out and should be there soon. it is now a month and a half later and i have still not recieved my 250.00 and i am absolutely furious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i just called them again and they have the wrong address!!!!!!!! i will never ever ever purchase a single item from this company again and i will make sure everyo... Read more

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    Mon Apr 26 2010

    great store,havertown,pa

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    Sat Apr 17 2010

    BE CAREFULL when you order online and request the package to be shipped anywhere besides your own address! I ordered on two occasion to kohls. The first time was shipped to my daughter as I indicated. This time though even though i put in to ship to my daughter it was shipped to my house! And the oddest thing is when I look up my order it SHOWS that I indicated my daughters address on the order information! WTF? So I call up kohls requesting they pick up the box and ship it to the correct address this guy told me that the order HE was looking at showed I requested to be shipped to my house. WTF? I have one screen that shows what I really did and one that is wrong that the order guy is looking at? HOW fu--ked up is that???? So they were willing to give me a 20% discount after much fighting but it will take one month for it to show up on my card which is total crock since it was instantaneous when they took my money in the first place for the order! And that discount will not cover MY... Read more

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    Sun Apr 11 2010

    I live in a small area in the Central Coast of California. We do not have any large department stores now once Gottschalk's and Mervyns closed down. Kohl's opened in the old Mervyn's location. I felt great relief seeing Kohl's come in because we would be able to conveniently purchase clothing once again! Once they opened, I immediately went into Kohl's to make a large purchase of clothes. I REALLY needed some!! I spent about $250 and 90% of the clothes were flat-out garbage. The sweaters fell apart in the washing machine, the jeans tore away at the seams and pockets, all fabric colors faded immediately. It has been a year and I have none of the original clothes I purchased. I returned most of them back to the store and the rest I threw away. I got tired of going there to make returns. No one cared that the quality was horrible. Their hands were tied. They were just clerks. I will never go into a Kohl's again. No wonder they have such huge discounts on their clothing. Their clothes are ... Read more

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    Mon Mar 08 2010

    Kohl's is really cheap...like Walmart, but they charge more. I worked there for several months until I just couldn't take it anymore. I've worked other retail jobs, but this store just really sucked because of poor management. I even walked into the office while the store manager was on the phone and I heard them say, "Who do I have to f-k to get a transfer out of here?" Wow! Even the manager didn't want to be there. Most of the other reviewers who worked here had it right. Management rarely, if ever, lifts a finger to help out and it is only your fellow associates who will step in when you have a problem. Management often stays in their offices with their doors closed. You are also routinely humiliated and hounded to make your "goal" of signing up so many customers for a Kohl's card no matter how busy and overworked you may be. When you're really sick, don't expect a day off either. You get 2 (two) sick days a YEAR and you have to find someone else to take your shift. Most retail jo... Read more

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    Thu Dec 24 2009

    BEWARE!!! Destroy your Kohl's charge card right away if you have one. Even though you do AutoPay setup on MyKohl's Charge webpage, they sometime don't charge your bank acount (if already setup) and inform the Credit Bureau and screw up your credit in no time. If you sign up for email notification for your payment, sometime you might not even get it and they report Credit Bureau. Which means Kohl's screw you up from credit history point of you. And they won't admit there fault and they don't tell Credit Bureau to fix your credit either. I have stopped using Kohl's charge card, you better do that too. Never in my history i was delayed for any payment with other stores or credit card and with Kohl's it already happened 2 times around same time of the year (Sept, Oct).

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    Tue Dec 22 2009

    Expect low pay or equivalent of many fast foot locations. Expect supervisors/managers to be less knowledgeable about product than you or the customer Expect E3 to respond 15 minutes late or not at all (there's only 1 E3-of course that person doesn't and can't respond to every call, even though you expect them to) when you need change, need a void approval, or customer complaint/comment/question..etc Have you ever seen an E3 just standing there watching customers and associates on the floor doing nothing but monitoring? That's because they can and they don't have to do anything for you or to help you out. Expect to see your name humillated on a list for all to view about how you are not meeting credit goals Expect your best help to be your associates Expect to work more than 30 minutes past your scheduled work hours if you are closing (just to make the store look 100%); sometimes you won't be offered or get your 2nd break if you work over 6 or 7 hours-which they legally can't do under ... Read more

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    Mon Nov 30 2009

    Kohls website is worst . It can not handle the traffic during sales. Customer service is very bad.

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    Wed Oct 21 2009


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    Sat Sep 19 2009

    I think it is funny all of the employees that write about how horrible it is to work there. That their work goes unnoticed and the only way to get anywhere is to get credit applications. Honestly, it's not true. I worked at Kohl's for about 8 months. In that 8 months I got ONE Kohl's Charge application, and that's only because when I was backing up at the registers someone came up to me with it already filled out. About 1 year after I quit, I came back for seasonal and they were more than happy to take me back. I stayed after the season and a month later I was promoted to lead. STILL have never convinced anyone to open a Kohl's Charge. I know that customers can be ridiculously rude, but if you just take it with a smile, things wouldn't be so bad! Who cares!? Haven't you ever heard of Karma?

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    Mon Sep 14 2009

    Great customer service. On the last day of one of their big sales I at the cashier's at closing time and discovered that the item I wanted to buy had no tag. He graciously waited while a similar item was found. Then I realized I had just purchased the wrong size comforter. Even though it was now past closing, I was the only customer left in the store and they had to keep the store, register, and manager there just for me, someone went and got the appropriate comforter and they did the exchange right there. And all of this was done with a smile. Very pleasant experience.

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    Mon Sep 07 2009

    I had to return an item I bought at Kohls. No fault of Kohls, but the item kept breaking down. So, I retuned it not once, not twice, but three times! Each and every time I returned it I was met by a smiling face at the customer service counter. No questions asked, no BS, they simply said, "just go get yourself a new one and bring it back to this counter." I did that and they gave me a new item- each and very time (three times). I love Kohls! In my experience they have the best return policy of ANY store I have ever been to, including Wal-Mart. In fact today they didn't even ask me "can I see your reciept. Can I check the date of purchase, etc, ect. They are great!

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    Fri Aug 21 2009

    Haha. I love all these people who hate working at Kohl's. I work with these morons who do nothing but complain and try to bring everyone down to their level. They wanted you to work a weekend? OHMYGOD. You have to clean up after customers? GASP. You do nothing but whine all day and they still haven't promoted you? STOP THE PRESSES. It's called retail, folks. If you're at the bottom, there's a reason for it. To the customers who have had issues shopping there; I do feel for you. I've been apart of several situations where I wasn't able to please a customer, or involved in a mistake that led to wasting a customers time. Believe me, we don't like when that happens. Nor do we enjoy forcing Kohl's charge cards down your throats, but Visa and Mastercard charge an arm and a leg to use their cards. That's why we add so many benefits to using a Kohl's Charge. Trust me, there are some truly helpful people in various Kohl's locations. If you find us out there, you will not leave ... Read more

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    Thu Aug 20 2009

    Love Kohls, I love to shop when they do their price changes before the next season kicks in, I buy my kids' summer/winter clothes in advance for the next year, who can beat Oshkosh kids jeans for $4-7 and shirts for $2-4, and that's before my kohls card discount.

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    Fri Aug 07 2009

    I just returned from shopping at the Franklin, TN Kohl's location (300 Spring Creek Dr, Franklin, TN 37067). I was very excited to see so many great sales over the Tax-Free Weekend and quickly found several hundred dollar's worth of merchandise. I ran my MasterCard through to check out and the cashier was puzzled when the computer prompted him for a merchant number (this told us he must've been brand new). We waited patiently while he called the manager, Vicki Faulk, over to assist. She handed him the merchant number and he passed it along to the operator on the phone. We waited again while he whispered to Vicki that the merchant number was incorrect. Vicki said she was going to find another number and disappeared. Meanwhile, I decide to be proactive and call my credit card company. I find out that I have a $13,000 available credit and there are no holds on my account. I communicate this to the cashier this and continue to wait. THIRTY minutes pass by and there are now several famili... Read more

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    Mon Jul 13 2009

    Terrible I boutght a citizen watch that I wore just for 2 days and I saw some vapor into it...I remember I saw this problem when I came out of AC to bright sun. I went to see the kohls store from where I bought this watch. They were even not bothered to look at the watch's rating for water resistance, they just were trying how not to help me. They said the box I brought was for Men's watch. Thats ok but who is faulty? I bought it from there and they didn't give me a proper box or warranty....and now when I have problem after using it just for two days they are finding fault rather than helping the customer. I am a frequent shopper in kohls but I hardly returned any thing. This was the first time...and I had a horrible experience. I am closing my KOhls charge a/c now

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    Sun Jul 12 2009

    My wife and I had a horrible experience at the Kohl's store in Desert Ridge mall in Phoenix AZ this past Friday 7/10/09. We went there to buy several items for our new house and had a 15% coupon we received in the mail to use. Upon going to the cashier, we gave that coupon card and also said we wanted to open a Kohl's acct to get the extra 15% discount on top of the coupon (NOTE: there's nothing in the coupon that states it cannot bec ombined with other discounts). The cashier went and setup our Kohl's acct. After setting it up, he then tells us we can't combine the coupon with credit card discount. This is after the fact that we gave him the coupon and mentioned our intentions. We then said we didn't want the Kohl's card anymore since it's no use to us. Apparently, they can't cancel it from there. I asked for the supervisor and she said she can give us a toll-free number to call or go to the back customer service to have the acct cancelled. We went to the customer service area and the... Read more

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    Thu Jul 02 2009

    I'm a teenager and I shop at Kohl's frequently - usually for things around $10 to $20 such as a pair of jeans or a t-shirt. I don't even look at items more than that. I shopped online once because there was a really great deal ($50 w. $10 Kohl's cash, 30% off, and free shipping). I had to go to the post office to pick up my items. I didn't really mind (well, many people will) since I pass by it on my way to school. The only time my family will purchase something from Kohl's that is $20+ is like when they have "Lowest Prices of the Season" and perhaps a 15% off coupon plue $10 Kohl's Cash. But still~~~the most times we shopped is like 2 times a season (8X a year) which is very infrequent compare to 24X a year for Macy's (my parent's favorite store, don't know why). If you are a teenager or 1st grader like my sister, I would suggest you to go shopping there. Not exactly for the $40 Candie or Abbey Dawn jacket, but definitely for the $13- SO skinny jeans. I recently purchased a $10 Se... Read more

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    Thu Jun 25 2009

    khols sucks i have a very bad sprained ankle and they wouldnt let me use the wheelchair because i didn't have my crutches my friend helped me into the store and they have mean old ancient ladies working there im not going there again

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    Wed May 20 2009

    I heard bad things about Kohls, but i gave them the bennefit of the doubt..stupid me. I ordered 3 outfits for my son online from them....2 of them had a hole in them and the other one, the zipper wouldnt move!!! I swore i'd never buy from there again. but as a gift i got 2 onesies and within 2 weeks, both had holes on the sleeves!!!! No, not a big deal, but im not going to waste my money on something that cant last more than a month!!!!

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    Tue Jan 27 2009

    Okay first of all I've worked a kohl's in massachusetts twice. I left the first time because I had a better paying job with benefits. Then they laid me off. So I got a job in the teamsters union and love it I get a voice in my workplace and great benefits and well taken care of. But that job is part time so I started back up at Kohl's again until I go full time. I was hoping things would be a little better from the last time I worked there, but it was only worse. So a few friends of mine came to me and asked me to try and get a union in there for them. I've been getting people to sign up for it. And now Kohl's took me and a few other people completely off the schedule and said they don't have hours for the week. But everyone else is getting 25 to 35 hours a week. The Woburn store tried to go union but everyone got scared, which I still don't understand why...

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    Tue Dec 16 2008

    The quality in this store has declined tremendously and sadly I refuse to buy another piece of clothing in this store. I had bought two pairs of pants in 9/07 and the hem came out after of both pants after two or three washings. I wrote it off as a bad brand Apt. 9 and bought a suit from another designer at the store. Again the same type of problems only this time the buttons are falling off the pants and jacket. Not to mention I saw an identical suit jacket in Walmart for 1/4 of the price. My guess is they are using the same place to make both brands and trying to sell Walmart quality goods for Macy's prices.