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    Mon Dec 27 2010

    One of the greatest players ever...

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    Sun Jun 20 2010

    It's pretty hard to say that Kobe Bryant hasn't been the most dominate NBA player in quite some time. He's on a different level w/his clutch abilities, and as he gets older, he somehow becomes more well-rounded. I don't like the NBA that much. Personally, I think it's pointless to watch their 33 month season, only to see the Lakers win a good deal of the time.

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    Tue Feb 16 2010

    Update: Wow...I'm surprised to see that I was hating on Kobe a few years ago. I don't look at the guy as a role model or anything, but I respect his ability greatly. He won an MVP without Shaq last season, and the Lakers would be my choice to win it all again this year. Kobe is as close to Jordan as we have seen, and is definitely the guy I would want most when it comes to taking a shot to win a game. 6/7/2005 - **** Kobe showed that Shaq deserved a lot more credit for the Lakers sucess during their threepeat than Kobe did. Bryant is still an amazing player who put up big numbers, but lost a lot of luster by being unable to bring his team back to the playoffs without Shaq.

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    Mon Jun 01 2009

    I'm not a Kobe fan, but I think he is very good. he can make unbelievable shots, and he is very good at clutch shots. He cans shoot from anywhere which makes him a total package on offense. He is starting to become less of a ball hog which is good. Kobe is clearly one of the best players in the NBA, but I think Lebron gets the edge over Kobe.

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    Mon May 11 2009

    Overrated ball-hog. He can shoot, I'll give him that, but he can't do a whole lot else. And he lacks the finesse that a lot of other, better players seem to posess. Makes it all so sloppy.

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    Sat Mar 14 2009

    It's Kobe Bryant

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    Tue Dec 23 2008


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    Wed Jun 11 2008

    I can't believe Kobe is this high on the list, his all around game is weak at best. The thing that I hate the most is when they say he is the best player on the planet, bitch please! If scoring alone makes you the best player then I guess he could be, even though LeBron won the scoring title. It won't matter in a year or two anyway because LeBron James will be the Best Player on the planet by then.

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    Tue Jun 03 2008

    my name is phillip i am a huge kobe fan. LETME GET YOUR FRIES>

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    Sun Apr 06 2008

    give him the rock he'll go with it

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    Mon Mar 24 2008

    Basketball analysts, players, coaches, managers and the like, says that Kobe is the greatest player today.. LBJ will be tomorrows' great, no question about it, but not today.

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    Fri Feb 22 2008

    Without question the best and most gifted player in the NBA!!!

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    Fri Feb 15 2008

    He plays the ugliest basketball in the league and I can't stand to watch him dirbble and dribble and dribble and then turn around and fling something up there and it goes in. That is so ugly, but it does go in. It goes in a lot every game. He is the most dominant player in the league.

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    Fri Mar 23 2007

    I just read that Kobe Bryant scored 50+ points in the last three games. That is impressive, but, in those three games, the Lakers won all three games by a combine total of 12, the last game by 2 against the worst team in the leauge, the Memphis Gizzilies.

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    Sun Feb 04 2007

    Kobe is definitely the best player in the league. There is nobody that can beat him in one-on-one. And who said he's selfish? He lead his team in most assists per game!

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    Wed Jan 03 2007

    dont talk about someone unless u know enough about him. and if you dont like kobe then why are reading articles about him. i mean he gets the guys averageing 28 points 5 rebounds and 5 assists.

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    Wed Sep 20 2006

    Kobe is WAY underrated on this list. How can you NOT consider him one of the best players in the game? He's probably THE best. I think it comes down to Kobe, James, and Duncan. Yeah, Kobe's a ball hog. SO WHAT?? It seems to be the best think for the Lakers. Imagine them WITHOUT Kobe taking all the shots. And don't act like he's the first ball hog to ever step foot on the NBA court. All the great ones do it. It's called being the BEST OFFENSIVE PLAYER ON YOUR TEAM. I have the feeling a lot of people are giving Kobe lousy votes because they don't like ghis personality, and that whole legal issue he was involved in. It's a shame that people underrate talented players based on things that have nothing to do with their skill.

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    Sat Aug 12 2006

    Kobe is the best player in the league and he didnt rape anyone. Ask yourself this, the "victim" and more than 5 types of semen in her body, over 5, to be polite that gal is "loose" and she was at a party braggin about the size of Kobe's wang. A raped victim wouldnt be braggin bout' nothing, she would be calling the police. That broad just wanted some money and it aint right and she's scarred Kobes image forever. Thats why Kobe is rated so low on this list. He's clearly the best player in the league imo and thats how i feel about that.

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    Mon May 01 2006

    Ball Hog, Ball Hog, Ballhog, to the fullest extent. He never shares the ball. They should change the name the Los Angelos Kobe's. But he is very good at ball hogging and can still win.

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    Mon Apr 10 2006

    Kobe Bryant is the best player in the NBA. He scores but he also averages 5 assists a game more than Paul Peirce. Call him a ball hog haters. He also is a beast on defense. In the top ten in steals and a great on ball defender. Maybe he takes some shots that he shouldnt but he feels that is the best shot for that possesion and he is very very very competitive. He thinks that if he is triple teamed people think they can stop him. To him that is a challenge and he is not gonna back down from. Most competitive person athlete in the world. Just like the great MJ. Shaq cant do it without Kobe neither. With Kobe 3 rings, without him 0. If Kobe would have went to college his first ten years would be just as good if not greater than MJs. Let start the number from when Jordan was 24 and when Kobe was twenty 24 until now. 81 points and he sat out 7 minutes of that game. And we were down twenty the whole game. Thats y he took over. If i was in that situation and had that kind of talent i would ta... Read more

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    Tue Mar 28 2006

    Very selfish player and a horrible husband. I have no respect for this pile of crap.

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    Fri Mar 24 2006

    Hmmm..... lets see. Did he drop 81 points in 1 game? Yes. If you don't give him a 5, you should not be talking about the NBA. Period.

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    Tue Feb 07 2006

    Kobe has did only those from our past have ever did. Everyone wants to criticize for him not being a team player. Damn it! When he had Shaq, they won 3 championships together. Now that he's gone, everybody calls him a ball hog. Well you see what happened when he had himself a teammate.(3) He don't have anyone who wants to step up and hit the big shot. When they won them 3, You knew about Horry,Fisher,Fox,Shaq,and Kobe Mothafuckin Bryant. So don't criticize my boy. The boy is AWESOME! An another thing, stop comparing the boy to Mike. Sure he may resemble a few moves and the hangtime. But Kobe is Kobe and Mike is Mike. Damn!

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    Sun Jan 29 2006

    Pass the ball.

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    Mon Jan 23 2006

    Not a team player, not a nice person, but he is one of the best shooters in the history of the league. It's going to be hard for him to win again in this league if he doesn't learn to work and play well with others. 1/22/2006 ***Special news flash: While I was indeed sincere in what I wrote yesterday on Kobe Bryant. I just witnessed him in an interview following tonight's performance in which he was 28 for 46 shooting, including 7 for 13 from three point distance, 18 for 20 from the free throw line (Breaking a streak of some 60+ without a miss) and an increadible 81 points!!! After turning in a total that is the second highest game behind Wilt Chamberlain's 100 pointer over forty years ago, Kobe gave one of the finest, most humble, and reverent post game interviews I've had the pleasure to witness in my many years as a sports fan. In it he gave praise to his teammates, (to whom he refered to as his "blockers") Coach Phil Jackson, and remained humble when asked to compare himself with... Read more

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    Fri Jan 13 2006

    My opinion is kobe is the best so all yall haters who think different please stop hatin and give this man his pros.

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    Tue Jan 10 2006

    I just saw Kobe Bryant drop 45 points againts the Pacers. This guy is unbelievable. Four straight games 45 pts. or more, something not even Jordan has done. You gotta love true greatness if you are a NBA fan like him or not, he is great.

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    Sun Jan 01 2006

    I never liked Kobe, even before the rape case. He is so fake, he pretends that he is a nice team player, we all know that Kobe thinks its all about him. 62 points, well isn't that special? Kobe how many assist did you have in that game against the Mavericks? I'll tell you how many zero! And Shaq give it up buddy, you've won! Jeez, you're a grown man, this feud has to stop! Making crappy movies and music isn't going to help the situation! Personally, I don't even think that MJ is the greatest player of all time, Bill Russell is. When I saw MJ push Brian Russell off him in the last seconds of the NBA finals I felt pissed! He totally cheated, MJ should have 5 rings not 6.

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    Wed Dec 21 2005

    How in the world can any idiot compare him to micheal jordan HELLOOO!!! Can we honestly say its been that long since he played. Please dont Insult MJ like that because we owe him more than that. and after 10 seasons his career average is still 23 points per= not even close. The guy has two 30+ PPG seasons under his belt. WHUPTY DOO!!!! TRY A 30+ PPG CAREER!! AND FOR THE DUDE WHO SAID GIVE HIM A TIM DUNCAN OR A WADE WAKE UP!!!! HE HAD SHAQ AND HE BLEW THAT!! KOBE BRYANT WILL NEVER LEAD A TEAM TO A CHAMPIONSHIP EVER!!!! HE DOES NOT MAKE PEOPLE AROUND HIM BETTER!! JORDAN REALIZED THAT AT AN EARLY AGE AND QUIT TRYING TO SCORE,SCORE,SCORE!!! KOBE IS AN IDIOT BECAUSE YOU CANNOT SCORE YOUR TEAM TO A CHAMPIONSHIP AND WILT CHAMBERLAIN IS THE ULTIMATE EXAMPLE OF THAT!! Here are some stats Honors: Six-time NBA champion (1991-93, 1996-98); NBA MVP (1988, '91, '92, '96, '98); 10-time All-NBA First Team (1987-93, 1996-98); All-NBA Second Team (1985); Defensive Player of the Year (1988); Nine-tim... Read more

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    Fri Nov 25 2005

    I believe that Bryant is the most talented player in the NBA. His ego has been ruined with the rape case. The good thing is that, at least to the public, he is trying to act like a good guy.

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    Fri Nov 25 2005

    All you haters get it straight, Kobe is the best all-around player in basketball today. It has nothing to do with his rape case, but his skill. Kobe is the best 2-guard in the game. For all of you that say Kobe can't lead his team to the playoffs, remember he was injured for 5 weeks last year and he and Lamar Odom only played together in about 40 or so games. They would've squeaked by had he had a healthy season. Shaq and Kobe needed each other to win their championships, so I don't know what the hell people are talking about when they say Kobe rode Shaq's coat tails to 3 titles. If memory serves me correctly, Shaq went to the Finals with Penny and he got his ass served by Olaujuwon. And I'm not even gonna count last year where the Heat lost to the Pistons. Kobe's good. Admit it. There's times where he will hog the ball and try to take the game into his own hands, but you can't deny his talent.

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    Tue Nov 22 2005

    kobe kobe kobe. all u haters need to just realize hes great. not one m*********** in the nba can stop him. yeah his team sucks and theres no shaq so no more rings for kobe but the mans nice give him respect 12 3 pointers in one game 35 plus points in 10 games and his own top 10 nominee. hes a beast. the best player in the leauge to me, and if he got a tim duncan or wade he can b betta then jordan. so stop the hattn and he aint no rapist.

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    Thu Nov 03 2005

    Lucky bastard got Phil Jackson back, don't know what he was thinking. Phil, that is. Kobe thinks he's Jordan. I think he acts like Jordan. He sure doesn't play like Jordan, nor should he. In the NBA, it's always safe to bet on talented big men, and forcing Shaq to go has to rank in the top 10 of dumbest moves in sports history. Kobe and Phil better hope San Antonio is cracked-out enough to trade Tim Duncan and Tony Parker for Lamar Odom, Kwame Brown and Smush Parker, because that's the only chance they've got! I so can stand this guy, it's a shame he got his big-money contract before we found out he was another Penny Hardaway(read: SG who looks good playing with Shaq...Dwayne Wade..dum.duh.dum.dah.dum...;\ )

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    Wed Oct 26 2005

    Far and away OVERRATED. He's good-but lots of players could score as much as he does at his lackluster shooting percentage testifies to. I used to be a fan of Kobe, but he's gotten out of control and either needs to pack up and leave the league or learn how to play.

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    Sun Jul 03 2005


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    Mon May 02 2005

    an asshole but good he is the best sg in the league for active players next to AI if your consider him a sg or pg

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    Fri Apr 15 2005

    He can't lead his team to victory without Shaq and he's too interested in having children.

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    Thu Apr 14 2005

    Ok!At least now we no that kobe is not as good as Michael Jorddan!And u SHOULD no that the only reason kobe has multiple NBA championship rings is cause of shaq!!!just look at wat shaq has done with miami!!!him and Wade are the next great nba duo!don't get me wrong there!!!anyways just cause kobe's team aint goin to playoffs this year doesn't mean u have to start hatin on this player!!!he still gets 25 plus ppg and is a solid definsive player!!now we no he cant really LEAD A TEAM LIKE SHAQ but that doesn't mean u should give this player a 3 or lower!!!if u are givin kobe 1's is just cause ur a jealous ass!!!!HEY!!!THE NUMBERS DONT LIE!!!STILL one of the best scorers and perimeters shooters in the game today!!Oh and by the way, those of you who call kobe bryant a rapist, that has nothing to do with his game!!!this is for rating a player's game!!NOT HIS PERSONAL LIFE!!!!!!

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    Thu Apr 07 2005

    great basketball player hes proven that. adulter, cheater hes also proven that. rapist ??? hasnt been proven in my eyes or in the courts. this is the united states . innocent until proven guilty. which in reality doesnt actually mean crap. but it sounds good.

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    Wed Apr 06 2005

    Kobe is easy to hate. Personally, I can't stand the guy. But no one can hate on his skills. Best all around player in the game (sorry LeBron...you gotta wait a few more years). Explosive offensively, plays great defense. Though I can't give him 5 stars because great players are able to make good players better, and this year, Kobe has shown that he can't do that. Caron Butler & Lamar Odom aren't exactly mincemeat. They're good players. But despite the haters, Kobe has to be a top 5 player.

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    Mon Jan 31 2005

    the best player in the NBA.

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    Thu Jan 06 2005

    What a great player, but I can't stand him. Actually, almost nobody else can either. Just ask Shaq, Karl Malone, and Phil Jackson how much they and everyone else likes him. He's a selfish egomaniac and a rapist.

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    Thu Jan 06 2005

    he rapes women.

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    Tue Dec 21 2004

    Good player but majorly needs to improve his private life. Definately needs to mature, especially needs to treat his wife nicer.

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    Sat Dec 11 2004

    I don't like Kobe, sure he's a good player, but he's selfish and he's not that good. Plus I don't like the NBA that much.

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    Wed Dec 08 2004

    I'm not very vague in my rating of Ron Artest: I don't like Ron Artest. But if it's possible, I like Kobe Bryant even less. Unlike Artest, Bryant mugs for the camera like a golden child that can do no wrong. He talks snidely to the media like he invented the game of basketball. He talks about his teammates like he's coaching a middle-school team (recent quote: [my teammates] are giving me 110%). Worst of all, Kobe is someone his teammates can't talk freely around in the locker room because they know they'll read about it in the paper the next day (Shaq learned the hard way). I don't doubt for nano-second that someone with Kobe's sense of self-importance wouldn't take no for an answer from a hotel clerk in Colorado. I give 5 stars for his talent, but I'm not happy about it.