Kingston, Jamaica

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    Sat Feb 07 2004

    this is a diverse beautiful city that shines in the caribbean. people are afraid of the violence but this only exists in the inner city. i mean even in every u.s. city there are ghettos more dangerous so please.kingston has buildings from the 18th and 19th centuries but also has her towering high rises .it is definately one of the caribbeans most beautiful cities.and you cant beat the shopping that is so great there.

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    Thu Aug 28 2003

    Great place, if you're a fan of being stabbed and beaten and murdered for a few dollars, or because the residents are bored. Only go if you resemble one of the locals and are heavily armed.

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    Sat Jun 14 2003

    Sucks. After visiting Jamaica, I was willing to join politics just to one day have a position where I could blow it up. The only thing that country produced worth a damn is Bob Marley. I don't like the city, the country, or the s**tty people there. The government needs to do something about shutting down the itinerants and indigents on the streets.

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    Fri Jan 10 2003

    Very scary and dreary!!!

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    Tue Jun 26 2001

    OK, Kingston should not be a top-rated destination in the Caribbean. It is a pit. It is scary. It is dangerous. I was there for a couple of days for work, I was with Jamaican friends, and it STILL was the most threatened I have ever felt anywhere in the Caribbean or in Latin America. Walking down the street at night (once again, with Jamaican friends) shady people were literally running out of buildings to harass me. To try and sell me things, to beg from me, to yell s**t at me - not a fun place. I do not recommend a trip here unless you have some way of sticking out less than I did, or if you get off on danger tourism - Kingston is urban blight at its worst.

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    Sun Oct 31 1999

    I like this city because it has a lot of life. There is always things to do.

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    Sun Oct 31 1999

    Any part of Jamaica is a thrill.