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    Thu Jun 24 2010

    I contracted these guys not knowing what to expect because we were used to dealing with different movers. This year the way the economy is I had to select a more cost friendly mover. I was a little apprehensive but didnt have much choice. After careful review I selected Kings Vanlines and the entire experience was a breath of fresh air. The truck arrived on time. the company called me the day before and let me know that they would be arriving on time.My sales representative answered all of my questions and always got right back to me as soon as I called. And trust me, I called alot. I would estimate that from the time I put down a deposit I had to call at least twenty different times to get him to answer several questions that arose as we got closer to the move date. I knew he had to be tired of me. But like I was saying, the move date arrived and the guys, John and Ryan were fantastic.They wrapped everything and stacked it in the truck with care. After they were done I even tipped the... Read more

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    Sun Mar 28 2010

    KING'S VAN LINES TRIED TO DEFRAUD US!!!! BEWARE.... Our experience was like some of the other reviews. I will be brief and summarize.... 1. They showed up one day early to load us with very little warning at 5:00 PM and weren't done until 11:30 PM. We were not fully packed (I had a 2 month old baby) and told them they could take the things that were already packed but that they would have to come back the next day to get the remainder. Izhak said that they were going to load everything at once that night. 2. Izhak (the owner of the company who did not identify himself as such) told us we had a lot more stuff than our 11,000 lb estimate. Suggested that we pay him for cubic footage rather than by weight which would have amounted to over $3000 more than we were planning. We opted to have the load weighed. He told us that paying by the cubic footage would save us a lot of money based on his many years of experience. 3. Izhak calls a few days later to tell us that our load w... Read more

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    Sun Mar 21 2010

    Hi. I am one of the managers a KINGS VANLINES. And first and foremost I want to apologize from the very bottom of mine and every other person that works at KINGS VANLINES hearts to this lady that this happened to. Allow me to explain some of the things that took place. First we are not a bad company. We have been in business since 2004 actually but the ''OWNERS" have been in the business since 1994. I say owners because Mrs. Page says that Izaac is the owner and he is but there are other people that are involved in the company. Investors and management, etc. that have a say so in a matter like this. They have to agree to give discounts depending on certain situations and factors. So Mrs. Page thinks that Izaac was making a fake phone call to his superior to find out if he could discount the move, he was probably calling the manager that was over this file. You see Izaac doesnt typically do moves at all. But (as noted in her review) a rental truck showed up to do her move. This is becau... Read more

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    Thu Mar 18 2010

    Kings Van Lines in Plantation Florida - Van Nuys, Ca SCAMMED, HOOD-WINKED & BAMBOOZLED! Sorry this is such a long review, but if it took 5-weeks to rescue all your worldly belongings, you would have a lot to say too! 12/14/09 I requested quotes from several moving companies, to move from N. California to Houston, Tx (1900 miles). Most of the companies offered quotes within the same price range, so I chose the company based on customer reviews & BBB ratings. Unfortunately, I chose Kings Van Lines in Van Nuys, Ca. They charge .50 cents per pound and offer 30-days of "free" storage. Josh called me for 2 weeks straight while I shopped around for a moving company. He was so nice & polite, answered all my questions & concerns. I submitted my list of my items, he emailed me a quote of $2465, estimated the load to weigh approx. 4600lbs. I paid him a $500 deposit to secure my appointment the day before the movers arrived 12/14/09. Needless to say, I only heard from Josh once since I pai... Read more

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    Sun Dec 27 2009


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    Sun Oct 11 2009

    My experience with King Van lines is very similar to all the people who had negative experiences. Don’t believe Max or whoever your contact is with King Van LInes! They will be your best friend when they are trying to get your business, but after you pay if there are any complaints or concerns they won’t answer your calls. Kings Van lines is a broker and even though I thought they were moving my furniture, it turned out to be Meyers Moving. The driver for Meyers was intimidating and obnoxious. They moved my furniture from El Paso TX to Oregon City Oregon. They arrived at 4:00 P.M. which was too late to do much anyway and then determined they couldn’t pull the 18 wheeler into my drive. I had to pay another $1,100.00 so they could transfer my furniture into a smaller truck and come back. This was on a Sunday. I have no idea what they did on Monday. Tuesday, they arrived at my home at 1:30 P.M. which did not give them enough time to unload take the truck back load it up again,... Read more

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    Wed Nov 12 2008

    We have moved 8 times and King Van Lines (KVL) was by far the WORST MOVING COMPANY that we have ever used. They were DISHONEST, UNRELIABLE, UNPROFESSIONAL, AND MADE PROMISES THAT THEY DID NOT LIVE UP TO. THEY ALSO NEVER COMPENSATED US FOR LOSSES INCURRED THAT WERE THEIR FAULT. When we originally contacted KVL they were helpful, pleasant, and made many promises. They sounded sincere and were available around the clock for our questions. When moving day came around KVL arrived in the early evening to begin packing us, as opposed to early morning. They were therefore unable to complete packing us up in one day, and had to return the next day. KVL packed up our belongings. Aside from coming late, and breaking an arm on our treadmill and claiming that they found it that way, we had no other complaint with them initially. KVL's protocol is to move people's belongings to their base in Californa, and then move it to where people are moving - their destination. When KVL was supposed to move our... Read more

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    Sat Jun 07 2008

    Having King Van Lines move my belongings was a terrible mistake. The move began with them arriving 8 hours late, with no call. Then I did not hear from the company for weeks (even when I repeatedly called to check on the move) and finally a day before the drop off date, they told me it would take another week to two weeks to deliver my boxes and furniture (they already had my stuff for over 3 weeks). Finally, when the movers arrived, my couch was ruined (there were holes in the fabric and they lost a cushion), my boxes were smashed and torn, many of my fragile pieces were broken, and they lost a whole box of my stuff, never to be found. If you are considering using this company for your move, keep looking.

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    Fri May 02 2008

    filed a claim for damage.  they have not paid after 120 days of submittal.  when we call there office to talk with abby the account, she is never there and does not return calls.  they told us up front they had their own trucks and were not freight forwarder.  not true, our furniture was dilevered bya different trucking co and they asked us to pay them cash rather accept the certfied check we had made out to King van for the balance.  the other tucking co. accepted the certfied check to king--recultantly.  don't let the delivery co bully you--stand your ground and pay who you contracted with only.

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    Sun Apr 20 2008

    I used king vanlines for my mothers move and I am very satisfied with the job they did. My mom needed help with packing and the guys did an awsome job. They were really kind and patient with all her needs. She had no broken items!!! I will use them soon for my move as well in June!

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    Mon Jan 28 2008

    I used King Van Lines from Sacramento, CA branch twice already and I am very satisfied with everything. I will definitely use them again and will recommend them to everyone that is moving. There was another Kings from Los Angeles that was trying to contact me and I almost went with them for the first move. I am thanking my rep Valery for clarifying everything to me. Regards, Mandy K.

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    Wed Dec 26 2007

    Is King van lines same as Kings movers & storage?  I had very very terrilbe experience about Kings movers & storage where is in CA.   This co. damaged  and lost a lot of  our stuff without compensation.  Even BBB couldn't make them to compansate us.  I wanted to kill myself for dealing with this co.  Go to check BBB wetsite for moving co.

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    Mon Oct 08 2007


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