Ketel One

Liquor brand of the Nolet Distillery in Schiedam, Netherlands Website

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    Sun Nov 22 2009

    Ketel one is ok but I dont see what all the fuss is about it being so great. I heard so many people saying how great it was and all the magazine ads promoting it, so I had to try it. I was disappointed in how un smooth it is. It even had a bad burn to it. Mixes well but much to overpriced. Id drink it if someone bought it for me.

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    Tue Aug 11 2009

    Dollar for dollar...the most over-priced ....over-hyped....paint thinner sold in the USA.

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    Tue Aug 04 2009

    dont go with the GOOSE HYPE. try this one.

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    Thu Jul 09 2009

    This vodka is distilled 20 million different times and filtered through moon rocks. Sip with artisan wishing well water imported from Pluto.

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    Fri Jun 19 2009

    This is another one of the smooth, pure, expensive vodkas that ranks up with Grey Goose and Belvedere. You do get what you pay for. The more pricey vodkas go through a more thorough distillation process which ends up in a less harsh taste. Ketel One is great for martinis and drinks that do not add juice. If you're going to add juice for a cocktail, you may as well downgrade to what I call 4-star vodkas (Skyy, Absolut, Stoli).

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    Fri Aug 15 2008

    When out to a nice dinner, I ordered a pineapple martini and it was soooo smooth, I had to ask the server what vodka was in it! Normally, I was used to Absolut. He said the vodka in my drink was "Ketel One." It didn't produce a headache the next day and was very light and crisp on the tongue. Goodbye to Absolut and HELLO to Ketel One!

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    Tue Aug 05 2008

    A little on the spendy side, but a very smooth clean tasting vodka and worth the price tag in my opinion.

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    Fri Jun 13 2008

    i have to agree, no hangovers whatsoever!

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    Fri May 16 2008

    Matt Russo here. This vodka is great. Makes me reallty horny and makes me think of large man with large testes!

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    Tue Jan 01 2008

    I second the previous opinion. Although not a bad vodka, many cheaper ones are better and Ketel One is yet another marketing rip-off. It's not foul but certiantly not great and not priced correctly for what it is. Marketing cost money. Overated is the correct term.

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    Fri Aug 31 2007

    OOOVerated for the price. Not near as smooth as Stoli or Finlandia which can be had for a fraction of the price. Good marketing, bottle looks nice (but the cap leaks when sit on it's side).

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    Fri Jul 20 2007

    Kettle One goes down nice and smooth, and gets you hammer drunk.

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    Fri Jun 29 2007

    smoothest vodka available. no hangovers!

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    Sun May 27 2007

    very smooth but a big price.  my friend's dad only drinks this stuff, so i had to try it after all the other hype i also heard - overall GREAT but a big price but probably worth it!

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    Thu May 24 2007

    Isn't particularly smooth, tastes like Adso's.

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    Thu May 17 2007

    Makes a good smooth martini, but a little pricey for my budget.

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    Mon Apr 30 2007

    Incredibly smooth and drinkable.

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    Mon Feb 26 2007

    Good vodka, excellent value at Costco. Not as good as, also Dutch-made, VanGogh, but as an average priced vodka well worth the money. Worse than similarly priced Potato-based Blue Ice, but nicer going down than Kirkland's French vodka. Better than Belvedere, and a total Knockout in comparison to ridiculously bad Grey Goose

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    Sun Dec 24 2006

    Ketel one consistantly gives me a headache. Good flavor -- fairly smooth but not for me!

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    Thu Nov 30 2006

    Passes the Dry Martini test. You can enjoy a nice Ketel one Martini without any discomfort. I'd have to give the edge to Ketel One over Grey Goose for price alone. With GG running at 45 dollars 1.75 and K1 at 30 you can't go wrong. Your pallet MAY (highly unlikely in a blind test) but your wallet most certainly can.

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    Wed Aug 09 2006

    Niceeee, good taste.

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    Thu Jul 13 2006

    Dream vodka, i like this and grey, mmm

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    Sun May 28 2006

    While Ketel One is a bit over-rated it is definently one of the best cheaper vodka's in my opinion ($28 for 1.5L).

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    Tue May 02 2006

    Good stuff actually, but again overpriced- I ccan think of 3 other Vodka's that taste as good or better -but for much less money.

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    Mon Mar 13 2006

    Absolutely the most over-rated "value" premium out there...blind tasting at room temp was characterized by smoothness (3/4) and whince-inducing off-flavors (1/4). I'm amazed that this is rated so consistently high, then again most people evaluate vodka when mixed, which is like test-driving a car while parked.

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    Thu Jan 19 2006

    I agree with pinkranger, this vodka is WAY overpriced. It just doesn't agree with my buds. Both of my favorite Canadian vodkas -- Iceberg and Polar Ice -- dust this stuff into the weeds for 2/3's the price. Take the savings you would've spent on Ketel 1 and stick 'em into your "Vodka" account, then use them to fatten your stock portfolio. Nice, huh? Trust me :-) you'll never know the difference! If you must carry on airs, buy the Ketel 1 and refill the bottle with Iceberg; you'll still get a ton of compliments. Cheers!

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    Mon Nov 07 2005

    Smooth, no aftertaste, no recoil. A pleasure to drink, Superb.

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    Wed Oct 26 2005

    It's okay, but compared to Luksusowa, it's complete rubbish. The Poles know how to make their vodkas. Also some worth checking out are Chopin, Belvedere, Wyborowa and for something a bit difference, Zubrowka (I think I have the spelling right). However, I absolutely love Luksusowa straight, without a double.

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    Fri Oct 07 2005

    WAY overpriced for the quality. Everyone says that this is THE vodka, but I am not fond of it. It was a little vinegary and slightly bitter. I think this would be a good kicker to 'jungle juice' or maybe jello shots. Go with something less pricy and more quality for your money(and more drink too).

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    Thu Sep 15 2005

    This vodka is one of the best. I use it all the time. The only thing better (but $10+ per bottle) is hangar one vodka. Give it a shot if you can find it. Available on the internet too.

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    Sat Aug 20 2005

    My favorite alongside stolly; smooth but slightly peppery, and good value for a premium brand. I like the name too

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    Tue Jun 28 2005

    To my taste, about average.

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    Tue Jun 28 2005

    Very smooth and quality vodka all around. It costs but unlike grey goose it is worth the price.

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    Sat May 21 2005

    The smoothest vodka for a martini.

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    Fri Feb 18 2005

    Hint of pepper is a turn off.

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    Tue Feb 15 2005

    The best I have had in a martini. Still prefer Luksusowa straight. Haven't tried chopin but it is suppose to be better.

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    Sat Jan 15 2005

    Not as good as Chopin but tough to beat for the money.

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    Mon Oct 25 2004

    Wonderful, smooth and just right!

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    Fri Sep 24 2004

    excellent. Smooth, crisp, without even a hint of an aftertaste.

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    Thu Mar 18 2004

    Right along there with the Grey Goose's of the world. For a big production vodka, this one's pretty good. There's better however. Try Charbay, if you can find it. I don't think you'll find much better than this one. I personally prefer it over Charodei.

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    Mon Jun 02 2003

    I've tasted Ketel One next to Grey Goose, Beledere, Absolut, and Vox at room temperature. There is by far no comparison, Ketel One stands out with its smoothness in comparision to its bitter, harsh competition. Room temp. tasting, it is the only way to really taste what a vodka is made of.

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    Fri Jun 28 2002

    Very good vodka, second only to Zodiac.

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    Thu May 17 2001

    This vodka leaves no horrid after tastes, but there are more smooth and better quality vodkas sitting on the shelf. And all for the same dollars.

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    Thu May 17 2001

    this is a good vodka. in the beginning they portrayes themselves as craftsmen; four time distilled single batches in a handful of copper cognac they claim to be a "golden circle" vodka (a russian phrase meaning only the middle of the distillation run is used; this is the smoothest & purest 30% of a run) .....problem is, this requires large commerical distillation machines, a negation of their beginnings, and the reason ketel one was unique to begin with.....move on & taste a few others out there.

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    Thu Mar 22 2001

    OK but I have had better

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    Sat Dec 16 2000

    I agree, it is not one of the best today. when it first came out, it's smoothness captured a large audience but compared to better products it does not stand up. It has a very loyal following and a Ketel One fan is set and refuses to accept the fact that it is oouver touted.