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    Sun May 09 2010

    ALL tele-evangelists are frauds! Yes, ALL of them! Loving their lavish lifestyles and conning their simpleton admirers; banging prostitutes (Jimmy Swaggart), felons (Joyce Meyer and Jim and Tammy Faye Baker) and the list goes on...................

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    Sun Apr 25 2010

    The guy's an emotional rhetoric who tries to appeal to people's emotion to try and sell them a wooden nickel. He thinks Mark 16:17-18 of the Bible will make miracles occur. The rhetoric fails to realize that Mark 16:17-18 is part of Mark 16:9-20 which is NOT FOUND IN THE MOST RELIABLE AND EARLIEST BIBLICAL MANUSCRIPTS. We read scholarly scholars of Christianity who say: NIV Bible footnote for Mark 16: ((The most reliable early manuscripts and other ancient witnesses DO NOT have Mark 16:9-20.)) NRSV Bible footnote of Mark 16:8: "Some of the most ancient authorities bring the book to a close at the end of verse 8. One authority concludes the book with the shorter ending; others include the shorter ending and then continue with verses 9-20. In most authorities verses 9-20 follow immediately after verse 8, though in some of these authorities the passage is marked as being doubtful." The Message (Bible) footnote for Mark 16: "Mark 16:9-20 [the portion in brackets] is contained ONLY in ... Read more

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    Thu Oct 29 2009


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    Tue Oct 20 2009

    Edit: i wrote this w/out reading other's comments...which made me want to comment more(i wont)...but please don't report him. This is too funny! It's people's own fault if they think a red tissue is the answer to all their problems. I say let the congested and inspired fund his mission! i love this $h!t! college students listen up!! He's a godsend! this adds a whole new element to your favorite drinking games..... basically, while you're playing beer-pong/flip-up/F-the dealer/ asshole/ whatever it is, just have this crazy asshole on in the background. Obviously your own conversations will take FULL precedence over this nut job. Though, after he mumbles something unintelligible/undoubtably unintelligent he talks about his red magical tissue he's trying to sell. After which, he sometimes yells, as if suffering from Turette's, a boisterous, "AannnGODDDDDDDDDaA!!!!" omg it's the FUNNIEST thing i've seen in a very long time!! Most times it's just in the middle of a thought or sentence. A... Read more

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    Fri Sep 18 2009

    Bein g in the ministries some times is crazy specally when people dont getwhat they think they rite then I actaully fill a connection to God when p.Kerney scream to me it's away of connection to God that he choose. it works for me cause i beleive in God thru p.Kerney.CJ

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    Tue Jun 09 2009

    Kerney Thomas thou art a blaspheming lying deceitful PIG!

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    Tue Apr 28 2009

    He's at it again...5 phone calls in the past two days. i'm going to file another complaint with the FCC.

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    Sat Apr 04 2009

    What a mess, GAAAAAAAAAD bless.

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    Sat Apr 04 2009

    Kerney Thomas is the worst kind of fraud. In spite of what has been written on this web site, it is NOT good enough that he is encouraging people to pray. God does not advocate lying. Kerney Thomas is lying to misguided, scared, desperate people by making them believe that a prayer handkerchief will give them everything they lack. We don't need to watch Kerney Thomas for comic relief. God is sacred, and you must ask yourself if you hold anything sacred. IF you call yourself a Christian, and if you really love God with all of your heart, mind and soul, then you die every day to your sins and your way of life like Christ asked us to. And if that is true, you hold God sacred and would never joke at His expense, He should be too precious for jokes. He is too powerful, too good, too perfect, too loving, too forgiving, too beautiful and too important to you to laugh at Him. And why do you say you don't know what is in the heart of Kerney Thomas? Yes you do. Jesus said "You will know th... Read more

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    Tue Dec 30 2008

    If you have problems with him calling please report him to the FCC: page=1088B

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    Wed Oct 15 2008

    you should watch the blasphemy everyone in tiled to there belief how can you say he is a fraud as you saying god is a fraud basically as HE says that god not he himself does this he claims god does the miracles not him and read bible and belief is strong in anything can mind cure as well in studies i believe god does pick certain people as his son has and himself since beginning to spread the word of the bible and his word and stories so he dont talk like mosses did as in tghe bible i believe god says he would stop verbly talking to man why because to test are faith if we cant hear or see him will we still have the faith as he does create miracles and his son wS BORN AND THEN KILLED FOR MANS SINS SO we could go to heaven or whatever you believe i just say whatever he does is good for the people in a way or another and that is gods work so what if he feeds his family he needs to eat and live as well god never sad man cant eat the preaches and spreads his word i don't think i herd th... Read more

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    Wed Aug 13 2008

    I give him a 3, why? Because I can't completely knock someone who at least encourages prayer in one way or another. The lord provides for those who spread the word and praise his name. Personally, I have no idea what goes on in his mind or heart, what if he is truly genuine? But even if he is going home to swim in a pool of poor peoples money he has still spread the name of Jesus to others.

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    Sun Jul 13 2008

    As a christian and minister of our Lord, I am absolutley certain that God doesnt operate like this. Sure we hear all the time that saying; The Lord works in mysterious ways. Which is not written in the Bible by the way. I am also certain that The Lord is the the same yesterday, and to day, and for ever. Hebrews 13:8 That is written in the Bible. The Bible also tells us that we have an advocate with the Father, Jesus Christ the righteous. 1 John 2:1 We do not need any man to go to God for if we are saved and have the Spirit of Christ in us, No Man! Sure there were men that God used to perform miracles through in both the Old and New Testiments and he had a pupose for them all. But having the Spirit of Christ, I think that I am qulified to say that God is not so much concerned about meeting peoples earthly needs as he is about meeting their spiritual needs. The Bible says For all have sinned, and come short of the glory of GodRomans 3:23. These problems we have on earth are temporal as i... Read more

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    Mon Jul 07 2008

    Kerney Thomas is just for entertainment reasons only. Think of him as a clown not as a real holy man. He gets 5 stars for making me laugh.

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    Fri Apr 18 2008

    what i think is we should get all of them FFFFFFFFFFFIIIIIIIIRRRRRRRRRREEEEEDDDDDDD for what he is doing to these vulnerable people. i think he should rot in hell who does this guy think he is touching you and making all your problems go away yea right put a sock in it nobody wants this CRAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Thu Apr 03 2008

    Kerney Thomas uses the same manipulative seed faith teaching - twisting the Bible to get money (as bible says- using godliness as a means to get gain), screams, boasts of himself, his website does this quite well. He uses the same gimmicks like prayer clothes. The Bible doesn't have anyone using a prayer cloth, healing cloth to get money from others. He speaks off in so-called tongues on his broadcast with no interpretation to what he claims is the Biblical gift of tongues. 1 Cor 14 says tongues needs interpretation. He is either not a Christian at all, or at best a very compromised Christian. BET needs to kick the fakes off their station. They do a disservice to the Black community & all who watch. There are some who are sincere and ethical- let them be on the air, not the fakes, frauds and phonies. The Bible does speak of exposing error, false teachers/prophets/gospels, BTW- Gal 1:6-9, Matt 24:24, Rev 2:2, Eph 5:11, Titus 1:9, Jude, 2 Peter, etc. Acts 17:11- even apostles are to be t... Read more

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    Sat Feb 23 2008

    Kerney Thomas is an ass. He gets no stars in my book. I wonder how he sleeps at night!?!?! It is sickening how he exploits people. Just another harsh case of C.R.E.A.M

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    Fri Jan 25 2008

    Did BET finally kick his ass off the air?  I haven't seen him in a few weeks now.  What happened to his irritating wife?Damn, and I never got around to ordering his "personal prayer package."  LOL!

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    Wed Jan 23 2008

    In my line of work anyone who has false contact information on their "whois" domain registration has something to hide. On top of that this man or "organization" requests you to send all your info and you cannot contact them personally. Also, the "miracle prayer line" usually has a feedback noise on the broadcast, you can hear that these phone calls are "fishy" and sometimes callers are prompted by him if not in the same room. For a "religious" broadcast I have never heard any scripture reading from the bible, sermons. etc. For 1 hr nothing but PHISHING for your personal information to send a generic PERSONAL PRAY PACKAGE! And suggestions of Donating money, love offering etc. GO give your money to your nearest church instead if you dont care what you do with your money. Fill free to verify what I am saying. Registering a website with this email is the 1st oddity [email protected] Lucky 7s gonna wheel and deal hmmmm..... Whois Reco... Read more

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    Sat Jan 12 2008

    Kerney Thomas, Don Stewart, Peter Popoff, all the WORST of the charlatan offenders, need to repent and truly ask God to save them from PREYING upon the desperate within society. As far as I am concerned, they are no better than the stick up man! People, find a good, Apostolic, local church in your community, and support it! Your hard earned, fixed incomes, can better support local ministries. Why should these charlatans be allowed to pimp and prostitute scripture and the Word of God, while you remain ill and BROKE!? God is a healer and a rewarder, of those WHO DILIGENTLY seek Him! Folks, they get over on people who want something for nothing. A lot of people will accuse their local ministers, of wanting nothing but their money, all the while, you have these snake oil salesmen, peddling their so-called gospel. The Bible says when you seek to do harm to a child of God, you may as well tie a mill stone around your neck, and cast your ownself, into the depths of the water! Repent ... Read more

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    Thu Dec 27 2007


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    Wed Dec 05 2007

    This man is a fraud, a fake, a "false prophet" and a total scam artist. He sends the same form letters to everybody, and he tries bilking vulnerable people out of their money. I pray to God that he will fail in his efforts, however it appears that he is successful in his scam artist tactics everytime that his "sin"fomercial is shown! This man should be investigated for fraud, and for scamming people in need! Let God be his judge.

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    Fri Nov 09 2007

    Kerney Thomas suks to the core. He is trying to sell God and make money. But Im sure that not even one cent or one pence of his money will save his soul from dying in hell. He is a messenger of the Satan. He shouts like a chimpanzee in the show. He and Don Stewart are both trying to make money by cheating people. But they don't know that God is watching them and they are just cheating themselves. They both represent the messenger of the fallen angel Lucifer.

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    Fri Sep 14 2007

    I am not a believer. So when I saw Thomas on an infomercial last night, with my outside perspective it was immediately apparent to me that the guy is a money-grabbing schemer. Maybe you gave him money and felt better afterwards. This does not mean he is a man of god or that god has given him special powers. Sometimes all you need is a kick in the butt (even for a serious illness), and if you are gullible enough this man can give you that kick. He does not even try to be subtle about his desire for money, and the testimonies on this page about sending letter upon letter, and not paying his employees enough is proof enough for me that he is full of it. As if I couldn't tell within five seconds of watching his infomercial. I you are weak and sick, please don't let this man take advantage of your hope.

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    Tue Sep 11 2007

    Its so Sad that it is the people who have the Least in Life Material or Financial wise who Fall for Phonies Like this Bum and the Other employeee of Satan, Pastor Don Stewert who Uses his Green Prayer Cloth to Heal 'Believers' or more Often the case, Bring Them Riches! Unfortunately if You Listen to the Callers they are Usually Very Ignorant, elderly and are Uneducated. Kerney is now Pushing His Latest Scam wanting Everyone to Send Him Your E Mail so He Can send You His 'Video e Mails' that No Doubt ask for More Money. Fortunately No One Who Calls this Fraud seems to Own a Computer or even Know what a E Mail is! Doesn't Anyone who Believes in GOD read the Bible? There are Warnings everywhere regarding sewage Like this BUM. He is great entertainment for Me Late at Night on BET Making Me Laugh Out Loud with the Only Sadness is hearing the Poor, sick and Lost Put Their faith into this Blob. Oh My! Someone Just admitted they had a Computer But were Chided by Kerney for NOT Giving Out His E... Read more

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    Sun Sep 09 2007

    I would like to recieve the prayer package.Mrs.Zee O.E.

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    Wed Aug 01 2007

    this guy is a fake as with all these money seeking vipers. Only a real fool would believe n this guy and his bad acting. Step into the Light. Its free. [email protected]

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    Mon Jul 09 2007

    Jesus is free! The holy spirit is free! God's love is free! Anything you want or need get down on your knees in humbleness and sincertity in meekness and ask your Father God. You don't need no other representation! Your Father is always there waiting to hear from you. Read your bible: Find the verse that says ask and it shall be given to you. Read up on Faith in Christ Jesus. Read up on Jesus doing miracles for people just like you. The Son of Man is available to you. That's YOU!! Call on your Father in the name of Jesus! I will pray for all of you who read this also. There's power in prayer. Especially your own prayer. All true prayer is free! God bless!

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    Sat May 12 2007

    No comment......

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    Fri May 04 2007

    I was watching where this Con Artist Kerney Thomas was supposedly healing this Blind Man. The man was still blind. Did anyone see that. Kerney Thomas is a FRAUD. I wonder why his wife no longer appears on the show with him any more. His website has nothing but donations buttons on each link in his website. He's actually having people to pay him just to pray for them. Whats sad is that they are paying him to pray for them. A sucker born every minute.

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    Wed May 02 2007

    I pray that he gets cancer

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    Tue May 01 2007

    Hey there, This is Kerney Thomas speakin'. Let's get ready for a shoutin' good time. Hissss-oooo, I feel the spirit inside me now. E-Kay-O-Bin-O-Wee... I'M A FRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAUD! Mmmm.. I can just feel it. I'M A FRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAUD! Mmmm.. I can just feel it. Hey! you know you don't need no doctor with me around. Just send for your own personal prayer package and I will command GAWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWD to grant you a supernatural miracle. Remember NO donation=NO supernatural miracle!!! I can't make the payments on my new pimped out Caddy Escalade without your donations, nor can I get myself two more new Rolex watches. My wife is naggin' me for a new pimped out Hummer! So keeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep those donations pourin' on in and GAWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWD will bless you! Gotta go! My Caddy dealer is on another line!

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    Wed Apr 25 2007

    God in is own time will deal with Mr.Thomas.Who is using religion to obtain financial property by false pretense.We should pray that gods time is soon for Mr.Thomas who is giving religion a bad name.So lets just pray for this misguided individual,and others like him.

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    Mon Apr 16 2007

    Kerney along with his cohorts Bobby Tilton, Petey Poppoff (or is that Jerkoff), Don (meister) Stewart, etc. are all idiots ... they do provide great late nite comedy entertainment however ...and that is all I have to say about that !

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    Mon Mar 26 2007

    did any of the people that fall for this ever relize that the storys and the calls are very generalized, how many of us have the problems he talks about, i agree this is just a money scam, if you have real faith in god of what ever you belive in you can pray at your church, in you bed before you lay down you head, why do you need a crazy man with good people skills, to give you that pt of contact when you should already have that pt of contact in yourself? then you have to give him money for it when in my opinion god dosent need your money he does, what would god do with our money all he/she asks for is that you have faith in him/her, not money, come on people what happened to just plain old faith and prayer, you dont need a man on tv to pray for you when he's living off of the money you send him, and trust me if you send him money i can bet a pretty penny you could of used that money to pay a bill, get your kids food, or what ever you do with your money, please we all need to wise up ... Read more

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    Sun Mar 25 2007

    I am not going to say whether or not he is a false prophet. I will be able to say that after I get my free blood covenant prayer cloth. I sent it back without money on purpose to see if he will send it. I will say that he is very entertaining that is for sure.

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    Sun Mar 11 2007

    I copyed the main part of his web site

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    Mon Jan 22 2007

    Appearantly his prayer cloth cant pay his own bills

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    Fri Jan 19 2007

    False Prophet feeding off the desparation of the poor and ignorant.

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    Mon Jan 08 2007

    Another Black Entertainment Television-featured false prophet who's mysteriously comfortable getting on TV and acting a dang fool. "GAAAAAAAWD is gettin' ready to heal you right now!" He seems to hold his "miracle services" in half-full, rented Holiday Inn rooms. On one show, he claimed to have "healed" a man who came to the service with a cane. He prayed for him, took his cane and threw it across the room saying, "You won't be needing this no more!",and told the man to walk. The man walked with the same pronounced limp, looked very uncomfortable, and undoubtedly walked out of the service with that same cane he walked in with.

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    Thu Sep 14 2006

    I sent him some money sowing a seed and he kept sending me letters and oils and prayer cloth asking for more money and what i sent him was not good enough so i dont waste my time any more i beleive he is a demon but i am not a judge but he will answer to god for taking money from poor people

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    Wed Aug 30 2006

    Kerney is a ripoff artis he will be judge for his evil sins for what he's doing to people taking money in the name of god!

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    Mon Jun 19 2006

    What!!!! I watched this guy This Morning when I woke up and couldnt Sleep 2:30am ,Wow I was utterly amazed at His Misrepresentation of Jesus, Of whom He never mentioned,Money ,Money ,Riches and new Cars and Homes,One lady said God gave Her a $23,000 car and God gave Her $10,000 ,then stated that a elderly Lady she cares for Gave her the Money,Duh! and Car,Confusion at Its Best and Its all because of Kearney Thomas? Go Figure the ignorance of Some people!

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    Thu Apr 13 2006

    I'm Kay from Buffalo, NY---and 3:00 am in the morning I was in extreme pain...Kearney Thomas prayed and that pain went away instantly..He came to my church and MANY were HEALED AND DELIVERED instantly when he prayed for them. He also spoke a word into my life and it came for judging him---don't forget, GOD WILL JUDGE YOU!!

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    Tue Apr 11 2006

    Reeeeeeeeee-Peeeeeentt Kerney Quik!!!

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    Mon Mar 27 2006

    WOW! I have never seen such crap in my life. It truly makes me sick. People out there pray for Kerney Thomas cuz he needs it. That whole show should be banned! He mentions his name more than he says God or Jesus. Pure unadulterated garbage! These are the worst false prophets ever! I feel terrible for his flock. Please I beg everyone, DO NOT FOLLOW KERNEY THOMAS! YOU WILL GO TO HELL WITH HIM AND ALL THE OTHERS ON HIS SHOW and CHURCH! Read the BIBLE and follow the LORD ACTS 10 PSALMS 1 Amen

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    Wed Mar 08 2006

    I got my prayer rag, wiped myself and flushed it all. I think God will let this slip by. God does`t need this guy soaking his flock. He has satan to do that

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    Mon Mar 06 2006

    Best I can say to the negative the Bible says "Touch not my Annoited and do my Prophets no harm". He has never lied to me and I will say he has been very accurate in what he says concerning me.

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    Sat Feb 25 2006

    This tells the whole story ... this is all you need to see.

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    Fri Feb 10 2006

    I would like to add some truth to all of this that when the real men of God the apostles healed people it wasn't about money, they said silver and gold have i none but such as i have give i thee in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth rise up and walk.We need to read the word more so we will not be deceived.