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    Mon Jun 20 2011

    I would agree with others view as this guys are terrible. I live in Keerthi Flora and the apartment construction quality is pathetic. There is lot of issues such as water leakage, sewage treatment, Land issues, quality of construction, quality of wiring, doors/windows...everywhere. They did not do anything to fix the issue and all they say is that it is minor(!!!). They do all sort of nonsense to sell, but will not look at you once they get money. Well...This may not be there in their future project, but they have shown their unprofessional behavior multiple times in their earlier project. I would suggest keep away from this builder. I am sure you do not want to loose your peace of mind....!!!.

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    Mon May 02 2011

    These people are real cheats. They have recently launched new project called Keerthi Gardenia. There is a high tension wire running over the area of property where the amenities are going to be made. It will be like you are swimming in pool watching high tension wire and thinking when it may come down. Their marketting department is telling us they will get trid of the High tension wire by buying the property next to Gardenia and shifting the high tension wire there. How could they think that people will not laugh at this.

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    Mon May 05 2008

    I am yet another flatowner at "Keerthi Royale". The few things royal about this place are dishonesty, quality, integrity and commitment. We purchased two flats from these cheats in May 2006. They had promised that the property will be completed by Dec 2006. It is now May 2008 and the work has actually stopped, and there is so much remaining to be done. It is a shame that these people take money from salaried employees like us and cheat us. I wonder what kind of twisted happiness they derive from this. I wonder why all the flat owners should not launch legal action against these scoundrels. If we get compensated, we can at least get someone competent to finish the property. I hope the family members of Keerthi builders read these postings and realize that they live with swines. I was a little hopeful that someone has had some success with these people. It is sad that I am joining a long line of people like me who are screaming on deaf ears.

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    Wed Jan 09 2008

    Very rightly said. Keerthi owners are cheat. I bought a flat in Keerthi Royale and was told that the project would be completed by Dec 2006. The agreement also says that for any delay they will pay Rs 5000/- per month. But, now it is Jan 2008 and project is nowhere near completion. The Reddy's of Keerthi had refused to pay the Rs 5000/- per month panelty too. In Nov 2006, I was forced to make a complete payment saying that in 15 days we will be finishing the project, now it is 14 months and no progress since then. I laid, home theater wiring in my apartment even that is stolen already. I bought bathroom tiles for my apartment, but the stores say they have lost my baggage and can not compensate me for the same. They have shown extremely poor quality of worksmanship. Overall, even if it is the situation that buy or die, I would recommend "die" rather than buying a Keerthi property.

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    Thu Oct 18 2007

    This one from another website where i wrote about Keerthi Estates.This is the email i had sent to ANIL REDDY - the MD of Keerthi Estates (Cheats company). No response from them. Which probably shows how apathetic they are to people's problems.----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ANIL REDDY,There are numerous stories in the internet about how Keerthi Estates is involved in several scams and about the low construction quality. While construction quality cannot be expected from B- tier builder like you, but the presence of scams is something to worry about. It appears that a marketing person in your department has cheated customers of several lacs of rupees and have fled. It also appears that Keerthi is harassing the customers and refusing to admit that its a mistake they have made. It also appears that Keerthi is refusing to refund the money to the grieved customers. The customers are being subjected to improper treatment in the ... Read more

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    Thu Mar 29 2007

    Had done 3 good projects in IndiraNagar area, Manor, Estates, Ornatta. Then did a 160 flat project in Kaggdaspura which is a disaster - Keerthi Riviera. Keerthi is a very unprofessional builder, masters at passing the buck, as thier MD sits in Bangalore - 2 other Reddys run the show in Bangalore and both are dishonest. Now they have 3 more projects dont buy, if u have bought be careful