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    Wed May 29 2013

    My daughter made an on-line purchase for a very special Mother's Day gift, paying everything in advance. Kay advertises a guarantee that if purchased by a particular date the items will arrive on time and as ordered. It turns out that Kay's over promises and under produces. The items were to be delivered at a particular store located in the Westfield Mall, for my daughter to pick up. Two days prior to Mother's Day, UPS shows the items as delivered. We visit the store and the store manager acknowledges signing for the package, but claims that the wrong items were sent and there is no conceivable way my daughter can take possession of the gifts in time for Mother's Day. I will never forgive Kay's for ruining Mother's Day and almost reducing my daughter to tears. From here the service only gets worse. We call a corporate number to complain only to be told that the items never even shipped. That was an outright lie. And even if it was the truth, Kay's broke its delivery promise. ... Read more

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    Mon Jun 04 2012

    originally went to zales, next time i wont waist my time. the sales people at kays were so much friendlier and seemed more knowledgeable. at least the store in menlo park nj,

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    Tue May 01 2012

    Even though I have read all these horrible stories that people have gone through with Kay, I have to say that I am happy with the items that my boyfriend and I have purchased at Kay. I bought him a Citizen watch and he wears it almost every day. He took it in and they sized it with no problem. After wearing it pretty much everywhere, everyday, he has yet to have any visible scratches. My boyfriend has purchased many item for me from Kay. Diamond earrings, a diamond necklace, and a gorgeous diamond ring. We went in searching for a birthday gift for myself and the sales associates where very helpful. They asked about how much he wanted to spend and what I was looking for. They showed us lots of nice options for us to choose from. He found my earrings on the Kay website. They were on sale and they did not have them in the store in the size he wanted. So, he ordered them through the website and had them sent to the store. Three days later my earrings were at the store ready to be picked... Read more

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    Sun Feb 26 2012

    I wish I could give less then one because that is what it deserves! I dont even want to get all into it but the workers didnt know what she was doing, I would tell her something and then she would ask me the same thing again, not once but over and over and over, they have been rude and I am ashamed for them

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    Wed Jan 18 2012

    My son who is 14 purchased a watch when shopping with friends from Kay Jewelers. He chose this particular watch because the saleslady said it would not scratch at all. (yeah, right) After wearing it around the house for one to two days the watch got minor scratches. He tried to return it but the salesman said he couldn't refund the purchase due to the scratches. He said he would be unable to resell it. So, the saleswoman cheated a 14 year old boy out of $95. Hope she is enjoying her commission. Bad karma!!!

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    Mon Dec 26 2011

    The website said Bankcard processing unavailable at this time for 4 days. Customer service at the local store and at the 800 phone number said they weren't having any problems. To save on shipping we had is sent to the store, but then only the person with the credit card could pick it up. Since he works nights and can't get in there during store hours, it will be the 28th before I receive the gift. When I called (and he called) and explained the situation they were unsypathetic and unwilling to come to a solution. The order wasn't large so it was not a huge risk for them, but because of this experience, I will never do business with Kay again. If only they really cared about service....

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    Thu Dec 15 2011

    hello we bought wedding rings in Kay Jewelers in Federal Way, WA in 2008, since then, they have lost our rings once, which they replaced by the same ones, but our biggest anger is at how bad of the quality job they do, when it comes to resizing the rings, i can't belive people are still bying from them. and this last time after i had a baby i wanted to resize my rings, and got a surprise of my life when two rings came in different size, and they are shaped different, however the people who work there made a dump, blind full out of me, and even giggled with each other. People please don't waist your money in their store, if i could i would get few friends and made big bill boards at the front of the mall so people would know who they are dealing with. Kay Jewelers you sucks, and so are your workers who should be fired from their jobs, make people happy, and loving your store, not crying and being emberrased to wear $2000 piece of shit that you give!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Read more

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    Sun Nov 13 2011

    Awful company. Has ruined my engagement ring, lost my fiances ring, and goes back on what they promised financially. Will never buy from there again, and would never recommend them.

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    Mon Nov 07 2011

    Can I give it negative stars????? What a terrible experience my fiance and I have had with Kay Jewelers. We went in on a Friday night in Late September to start the process of looking at engagement rings. We were greeted by a saleswoman who seemed like she gave a sh*t about us. She talked a bunch of nonsense that we bought at the time and I tried on a bunch of rings. At the time we told her that we were interested in buying a set so that I didnt have to search for a wedding band to match the engagement ring. We tried on several sets and found one that we both really loved. I told her that the center stone looked a little bit cloudy to me, to which she replied that it was just dirty from everyone trying it on, and it would clean up much better. We made it clear that we were going to purchase the set, he was going to set up a time to pick it up with her in order to surprise me. We also talked about how it was possible to leave the wedding band there as we were probably not going... Read more

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    Thu Oct 27 2011

    My wife's ring constantly has the diamonds falling out. It is in the repair shop more than she has had it the last 2 1/2 years. She actually bought a replacement cheap ring to wear when it is in repair. Kay's store manager gives a different story every time we are there. He once even tried to blame her since she is a nurse being to rough with the ring. Then the one time it came back from the shop to fix a loose diamond there was actually a diamond missing. We noticed before even leaving the store. It was obvious to the naked eye. They seemed surprised and had to look under the microscope (like we were lying) only to confirm and have to send it back out. The salesmen and manager either do not know about jewelery and make stuff up just to make a sale or do not care and will tell you anything. Either is unexceptable in my opinon. The store manager has been no help. Half the time it is sent out it comes back after the "guarantee" date. They refuse to replace the ring. Custome... Read more

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    Wed Oct 12 2011

    I had never really cared to have a beautiful ring unlike many brides. I was married twenty years when my hubby took me into Kays to get a ring...Well back up..he bought me three rings the same week. One was used but awesome..He thought that was not sufficient so he took me to Sears which was havign a 70% off sale..watch out..don't buy a ring at sears..They do not inspect their diamonds..I bought a chipped cracked diamond ring that lost it's luster completely during sizing....back up..My hubby took me to Kays Jewlers while we were waiting for the sears ring to be sized. We looked at rings. They let me play in their store..They knew the chances of us buying a ring was slim but they were patient..I jokingly put on a huge diamond ring..2 carots not including the other two bands that went with it. total of 4 carots. I fell in love with the ring..Wouldn't you know my hubby bought it for me. I wore it out wishig I had not bought the other ring from sears..Kays said don't worry we will buy it ... Read more

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    Sat Jul 23 2011

    Kays is owned by Sterling out of Ohio, they are out for the sales and not the service. After buying a mans black diamond ring and losing two diamonds and having the ring come back damaged. They would not give back my money. I had to spend long hours on the phone and go threw the Better Busness. Buying from them from the 70's. Not no more. Check out the rest of the stores Sterling own.

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    Wed Jun 15 2011

    Did any of you receive a gift certificate from Kay’s when you made your purchase? We spent $600. on an overpriced necklace there last Christmas and received a $200. gift certificate towards our next purchase. Today I tried to use the gift certificate. When the sales clerk saw the certificate she proceeded to tell me that I had to spend at least $600. to use the $200. I again read the fine print on the back which had absolutely no mention of a spending requirement. It read like a Kohl’s cash certificate, so I asked the clerk to show me where this was spelled out. She said that she didn’t have to read it, she knew what it said. Then I asked to speak to the manager, who also insisted that it was printed on the back. His nasty attitude was obvious. I tore up the certificate & he told me that I was rude & threatened to call security on me, a slightly overweight 60 year old woman. Do these people know anything about customer service? I asked them to show me where it mentioned a required expe... Read more

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    Thu May 05 2011

    As being a customer from 1978 we have purchased a great amount from Kays, JBR and the rest. Yes, I had purchased a mans diamond ring late November of 2010. Had a diamond fall out. Received new ring from show case in which it had to be sized. Received ring and withing a short time another diamond fell out. Sent ring back in and received phone call it was done. Went over to pick it up and it looks like someone ran over it with a truck. Tryed to get my money back but they will not do it. After looking on net that in 1990 Sterling Inc. out of Ohio purchased most of the chain stores, like Kays, JBR and some of the rest. Bottom line is they don't care. Make their money and odn't care about the customer. Don't buy from Sterling

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    Sat Apr 30 2011

    I HATE KAY JEWELERS! they RACIALLY DISCRIMINATED MY FRIEND! THEY are RUDE and VERY ILL MANNERED!!:@@@@ We have been purchasing jewelry from this store from 2008 up till now 2011.. first i want to tell you guys a story of me and my friend (we both are Muslims) but i don't wear a head scarf and she does, she covers her face as well... we were in the mall browsing stores and I saw the KAY's store and wanted to take her there with me... you guys wont believe what happened.. a guy behind the counter said something to us, we could not make out what it was... then he started chanting something and after his fifth attempt i could make out what he was saying.. he was saying FULL COVER NOT ALLOWED!! to my friend... and we were BOTH SHOCKED! i was like shaken and we both went outside immediately without saying anything. After this episode, i went in few days back to get my diamond pendant fixed with my husband. Our warranty was over but we wanted to get the diamond fixed. It was a very small d... Read more

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    Fri Apr 15 2011

    Horrible company!!! They broke my wife's wedding ring and are refusing to repair or replace her ring of equal quality!!! I am now filing complaints with the Better Business Bureau. The manager of the store even said she thought it was ridiculous that we thought they should replace the ring. All I want is the ring I bought for my wife fixed or replaced with an identical piece. Kay Jewelers thinks this is asking too much even though they are the ones who broke the diamond. I will continue to post this every week on every site I can until my ring is repaired.

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    Thu Mar 17 2011

    I recently bought a Jane Seymour Open Heart ring..sterling silver. I decided to get it engraved with my husband and I's initials and I had to get it sized. I received the rings two weeks later, the engraving looked HORRIBLE. I was under the impression that it would be classy script lettering..instead it was stamped in and you can see where they double stamped two letters! You could also see on the inside of the band where they had to size it.. it left a slight "crack." Although I was disappointed I decided to keep the ring anyway since it was just the inside plus I had the warrenty.. but then NOT EVEN TWO WEEKS LATER.. I noticed the sterling silver started to wear..not tarnish..but wear off. I was exteremly irrated so I went to my local Kay Jewelers. When I told the one lady what was happening she looked at me like I was stupid. I told her the ring was "discoloring" Her relpy was, well yeah.. it's sterling silver, it tarnishes. I went on and on with her for a few minutes trying to expl... Read more

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    Wed Mar 16 2011

    DONOT BUY ANYTHING FROM KAY'S/ SAMUELS JEWELERS ! RATE IT ZERO!!! 0000 My daughter has jewelry from the 5 cent machine that holds up better than this jewelry. I am dissappointed. I bought my husband a wedding band with 3 small diamonds 1/8th of a carat each from KAYS/ SAMUELS- TRACY, CA. My Husband is vey modest and not flashy. I bought the ESP plan which is suppossed to cover the ring and lost diamonds. SURPRISE *** everyone at Kays/ Samuels who purchase a ring from this JOKE OF A JEWELRY FRANCHISE *** WILL LOOSE A DIAMOND ! My husband lost 1 of the 3 micro diamonds in his ring and Samuels will not replace it ! They acted as if it was his fault stating that " The ring is very worn! " That is why I bought him the ring so he could WEAR IT ! Then they go to the MAGICAL PAPER WORK. " Do you have your paper work" ? Says the idiot behind the counter. I respond "I do.... but the warranty is in the computer". " No, I mean the service contract!" . I had no idea what she was talking ... Read more

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    Mon Feb 28 2011

    Kay Jewelers was the first store that my fiancé and I shopped at together we purchased from them for at last 5 years. Then for the most important purchase they totally ruined everything. We went shopping Christmas time of 2010 in search of my engagement ring, I was so excited, we get to Kay Jewelers and I find a beautiful 1ct diamond solitaire which is set in white gold and I wanted yellow gold so as I looked at this beautiful diamond I started so much I could not forget what it looked like. I saw a few small inclusions in the diamond but they were hard to see and it looked amazing. The manager who sold it to me said well you can have that diamond I will have it set in yellow gold for you. I asked for a certain size because I know what size I wear and they said that I wore a little bigger size but I know how I like them to fit and I had my reasons as to why I did not want it that large, so needless to say they sized it as they felt they should and it was too big. But, the worst part is... Read more

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    Tue Feb 01 2011

    WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE IVE EVER HAD!!!!!!!!!!! My boyfriend bought my "promise ring" there, out of the engagement section of the store, but he just bought as a promise ring. The ring was about $2,500 and it was really beautiful, but wasn't my size. So we gave to to kay jewelers to have them size the ring and the woman behind the counter told me I wore a size 3.5 in rings. I assured the woman that I know my size and I definitely wear a size 4. So against my request the woman ordered my ring in a size 3.5 instead of a 4 like I told her. I went to pick up my ring and what do you know, it didn't fit, so I had them send it back to be resized again to a size 4 like I had been telling them. I really wanted to wear my ring for a family event that was coming up three weeks later so I told Kay Jewelers to please call me as soon as the ring was ready so I would have it in time for the event, they assured me that the ring would be back in just one week. One week went by and still no phone call. Th... Read more

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    Tue Feb 01 2011

    I like everyone else on this page hate Kay's. I bough a new setting for my engagement ring in July of 2010. The day i got the ring back from getting my center stone put i little diamonds were missing (this should have been my clue), so it had to be sent out (time #1) i got the ring back at the end or the month it was good for about 3 weeks. I looked down and yet again more little diamonds were missing (#2) had to be sent back out. Got it back and yet again i didn't even make it out of the store when i look down and more little diamonds were gone, sent out again (#3). This time i asked for my money back they said no, but don't worry we will get it "fixed". I got the ring back sometime in Aug or Sept. Now i was getting married out of the country in Oct so i have pictures set up and other events planned that i had to cancel because i didn't have my engagement ring. So it is now Oct i look down at my ring that i just got back and what do you know more diamonds missing (#4) now I'm ... Read more

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    Sun Jan 23 2011

    I don't even know where to start describing my disappointment in this store. I brought in my engagement ring two weeks ago to be re-sized. The ring was my grandmothers engagement ring. She had worn it for the 53 years she was married to my grandfather and it's emotional value is greater than I could ever communicate. When I took it in I explained it's importance to the employee working on my case. Anyway, this morning I received a call from a Kay Jewelers employee who said that on behalf of the company she was sorry to tell me that somewhere during the shipping process of sending the ring to their lab it had gone missing and they have lost the ring!! She said they have "looked for it" as if it might be under someones car seat, in a large stack of mail, or accidentally thrown in the trash. She said they were looking at options to "replace it." Honestly, I don't care if they give me 50 cents or 50 million. It. Does. Not. Matter. There is no way they can replace the sentimental value of ... Read more

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    Mon Jan 17 2011

    Was told by Kay's salesperson the necklace was 14 carat gold. It was instead 10 carat gold. When I found out, I told the store manager Reza, in Orange CA and he told me to call a general customer service number. Emily told me, at the corporate office in Ohio, that they would not help me. That they did not know what the sales rep said. When I contacted the store manager again, he told me to sue them.

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    Fri Jan 14 2011

    Kay Jewelers — I was proposed to in September of 2010 with a beautiful solitaire, princess cut, white gold engagement ring. There were 3 tiny little little occlusions in the ring that only I would have noticed. One tiny brown speck in the center and two tiny brown specks in each of the top corners. But they were hardly noticable at all, and I didn't care, I loved it. My boyfriend at the time did a wonderful job choosing the right ring. We were happily engaged for about a month and then I noticed that I could here my diamond shaking when I moved my hand. Luckily my fiance was smart enough to get insurance. Or so we thouhgt. I sent it in hoping I would get it back in time for Thanks Giving. I really wanted to show all of our family members my new ring and my wonderful new fiance. But low and behold the "Repair Shop" cracked my diamond while tightening the prongs. So I had to wait until they could ship me a new diamond to replace the one THEY broke. That took at least another two weeks. ... Read more

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    Thu Jan 13 2011

    I wish I didn't have to give it any stars. My fiance and I went to look at engagement rings and a beautiful square ring caught my eye. I wanted it even though it was on clearance. Even though its on clearance, I thought it should still be of great quality. Boy was I wrong. The diamonds started falling out, and I had just sent it to be repaired for loose diamonds. I love my ring, but will trade it for another low quality ring (hoping it will be better). The employees are so rude! They had no one there and no one wanted to come help us. I needed to pick up my ring and they acted like I couldnt even afford something over there. It takes all they have to clean the ring. I HATE to trade my ring, but I am fed up with it breaking. I cant even stand to look at it anymore! I am so mad with the entire situation. I will never buy anything from Kay again! (Lafayette, Louisiana)

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    Fri Dec 31 2010

    3 stars (put your rating here! 0 stars) I purchased a diamond ring that Kay Jewelers listed as retail for $3900. I paid $1100 and could't give it away for $250.00. I had it appraised (unfortunately after the fact) by 2 reputable jewelers and they appraised it for $225.00/250.00. Kay Jewelers wouldn't even buy it back when I was strapped for money. No one mentioned about surrendering it; but why would I do that after I paid them over a years time and they sell it over again to some unsuspecting customer. They are now harassing me 2-3 times a day, up to 9P, and calling my family in another state. I have told them to stop harassing me, that I will pay them when I get my taxes, seeing as I can hardly make my mortgage payment now, but they still call. I have destroyed my card and will never go near a Kay Jewelers again and if any one asks, I will give them my opinion. CONFIDENTIALITY NOTICE Any and all Medical information accompanying this electronic mail transmission c... Read more

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    Thu Dec 30 2010

    Unwearable jewelry! My husband bought me a lab-created sapphire and diamond bracelet from Kay Jewelers for Christmas 2010. I loved it! I thought it was very pretty, and I was impressed with my husband's choice. Notice all of this is in the past tense--I LOVED it when I still owned it. It slipped off a couple of times because of a DEFECTIVE clasp. I looked down and noticed it was gone from my wrist. It must have just slipped off. Of course, we looked everywhere, but we were out when it went missing. It was on my wrist when we arrived at our destination, but not long afterward it was gone. I left my information with security in case someone turned it in, but they still say no one has turned it in. The clasp itself looked cool because it blended in with the silver and sapphire better than a lobster clasp, but the design is definitely defective because it comes off with the slightest movement of your hand. The moral of the story is that Kay Jeweler does not believe its any of their respo... Read more

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    Wed Dec 22 2010

    I found a necklace on your site under Clearance section (stock no. 171769401) for $1,583.52 on December 11, 2010. I printed out the page and called the local store (Neshaminy Mall in Bensalem, PA) to see if they have it in stock or not. I spoke with Megan who is a sales rep there and she told me that she doesn’t have it in stock but she will check and have it deliver to the store and will contact me when the item arrives. Megan explained to me that the reason why the item is on sale because it was “last year’s model”. Megan called me on Friday evening (December 17 2010) and I told her that I will come in Saturday around noon. When I arrived at the store, Megan asked another sales rep to assists me because she was busy with other customers. I was about to make the purchase with the new sales rep but then she told me it was $2,700.00. I handed her the printout then she said that they cannot honor the price I have on the printout. I spoke with the store manager on duty and she als... Read more

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    Tue Dec 21 2010

    Along with a majority of the other posts I've read, I wish I could rate zero stars. So far, the quality of the diamond is up to par but the rave reviews end there. I have been engaged for five months and have been without my ring for half of that time (without exaggeration). I brought the ring in to be resized within the first month, and this was done satisfactorily. The following month, one of the four prongs on the ring completely bent to the side during a routine office-cleaning (ie little force applied). This was brought to Kay's attention to have the prong fixed. Upon receipt of the ring after this 'repair,' the prong was not fully back in the original position and I found obvious scratch marks/a dent on either side of the prong from the pliers used to 'fix' it. Perhaps I was foolish to assume they'd provide me with a new band. The ring was returned to the store a third time (my fiance didn't notice the scratches when he picked up). The procedure to remove the dent/scra... Read more

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    Mon Dec 20 2010

    1 stars   Kay Jewelers is the absolute worst jewelry store! They have a horrible return policy and very bad customer service. They do not allow returns or exchanges on watches after 30 days… so if you plan on buying a watch for a friend or relative during the holiday season, DON’T! They offer these great deals and how they can save you money. They even go as far as saying that they are an exclusive store for a line of Movado watches and that is why they can sell them cheaper… that is a lie! They lied about their “exclusive” Movado line and then they wouldn’t exchange their product. Their customer relations employees are awful too… they will put you on hold if  you try to speak to a manager for 15 minutes and never pick the phone back up. Highly recommended to never purchase from this crappy store! I never will again!

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    Sun Dec 19 2010

    WORST. THey dont tell me that i am going to be ripped for 29.99 warranty charge and not even allow me to check the bill by talking and distracting. Later WHen i check ed it today i see that the 20% off or what so ever is taken back as warranty forcefully. I HATE THIS STORE AND WILL NEVER GO BACK.

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    Sun Dec 12 2010

    The people at this location are some of the rudest disrespectful people I have ever met. I bought a promise ring for my girlfriend there and also purchased the protection plan so i could get it resized and cleaned. It also includes a warranty. On the website it says that the kay guarantee covers all off this. The customer service is horrible. When we were getting the ring resized, i called a couple days before our promise day to see if it came in early. The girl who i talked to was very rude treated us like we were stupid. She went on to tell us that they were doing us a favor getting the ring back to us 16 days after we dropped it off. A real jewelry store would have it ready the same day. We waited till our promise date and made our way up to the store. They told us the ring wasn't ready and said that we needed to just wait until they called us to come pick it up. I will not be purchasing an engagement ring from them or a wedding band.

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    Tue Nov 30 2010

    I am sick of Kay Jewlers calling us! A family member seems to be having a payment issue with Kay. While I do not condone avoidance of responsbility, the family member is well over 40 and lives clear across the country from us. We have absolutely no control or influence over the situation. Using public records search information, Kay has gotten my cell phone number and has called us dozens of times. Each time I have called the family member and told them that they need to deal with this and explained to the collection agent that he has been notified, that we have no responsibility or influence and have asked them to remove our name and number from their files and to stop calling us. Each time the agent swears he is removing the information and putting notes on the account but we still keep getting calls! The family membe's whereabouts are known to Kay, but when they can't work it out with him they bother family across the country, despite repeated requests to stop. I am so sick of this!

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    Fri Nov 26 2010

    My husband purchased a beautiful engagement ring & band from Kay Jewelers. I didn’t even want to send them off for sizing because I didn’t want to be without them. 5 months after we got married I took them in to be sized. They were sent off & I was told they would be back in two weeks. My wedding band came back early, my engagement ring came back later than they promised. 5 days after I got my engagement ring back a side stone fell out. I immediately took it to the store to be fixed. The woman was rude, never greeted us, and quickly filled out the repair ticket and handed me my copy. The ring came back late again. I did not know this until I asked a friend who works at a Kays but Kay Jewelers is suppose to plot your center stone on the repair ticket. They are suppose to mark any inclusions, carbon spots, cracks, etc. That way when you get your ring back & check the stone you and the store know your getting back your ring. Well when I got my ring back from having the side stone replaced... Read more

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    Wed Nov 24 2010

    This is by far the worst experience I have had buying Jewelry. I bought something on line and paid for the "Next Day Air" just to find out that to them that means they are going to ship it the next day next day air which essentially is the same as doing the 2Day shipping. What a Joke! This was my anniversary gift! ! and to top it off they don't even refund you the shipping cost! ! DON'T BUY FROM KAY.. Their KISS is NOT WORTH IT! NO STARS FOE YOU! NOT EVEN ONE! !

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    Fri Nov 19 2010

    WORSE THAN HORRIBLE My husband bought me a ring while I was pregnant. The salesperson said that it would be sized for free. We asked if we could have it sized after the pregnancy. We were assured there would be no problem, the sizing offer was good one sizing for life, and there was nothing to worry about because they maintained all purchase records. We held onto the receipt as a precaution. When we returned to Kays to have the ring sized, the saleswoman took the ring, looked at it disdainfully, and said " we only size rings that sell for over $100 free of charge." My husband got hot. I had no idea what he paid. He handed her ther reciept. She took it, saying she had to look up the code to see if the reciept was indeed for the same ring we were trying to have sized. I was insulted at this offhand attempt to call me a swindler or cheat. When she returned, she handed ME the receipt. He came back to take the receipt from me. She told us that the ring is no longer stocked, and since it... Read more

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    Thu Nov 11 2010

    God why do you even have to give them a star. Well my tale begins as this. I'm at the mall with my gf I walk by a Kay Jewelers and decide to finally purchase a watch. I go in and the sales lady seemed helpful showing me their displays. I pick out a Movado for 889$ on sale :) I had a Kay account already so put it on my card. The Salesperson said the bill will be 55$ a month. First month i receive a bill for 250$. Outraged I attempt to return the watch for the sale person's lie. Only to find out rather quickly that "Since you had worn the Item it CANNOT be Returned sir." So for over a year I have not paid a dime. The credit hit hasn't affected me whatsoever. Now I am going to finally pay them their rotten money. So I figured I would look online to see if others had problems with them. Glad their reputation is so well known. Do not purchase anything from these liars, cheats, and just plain out untrained unprofessional staff. That will do anything to MAKE the sale. But nothing to follo... Read more

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    Thu Sep 02 2010

    I purchased an engagement ring for my girlfriend on 6/30/2010 at the Greece NY location in Greece Ridge Mall. I was informed of a 90 day return period by Randi. Actually it is 60 days for a cash refund and 90 to exchange for another low quality product. My fiance took it in for sizing after the family had a chance to see it a couple weeks later. The ring I received back was badly deformed and crooked. It was sent back. Meanwhile, the sales person I worked with also decided to open my account that I had paid off and closed 5 years earlier under my old address. This happened despite the fact that I told her that was my old address and took the time to fill out a new form and provide my current address. This lead to me not getting the bill, the card or any other information I should have received. Unlike a previous post they did call me. Numerous times. I explained that I never received anything. They tried to confirm my information and much more of my account info was incorrect.... Read more

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    Wed Sep 01 2010

    My now husband and I picked out my engagement/wedding band set from Kay Jewelers. The ring is beautiful. Customer service was and is HORRIBLE. FIRST off, they messed up my ring the first time. Right after we got married we had them sent in to be bound together and resized. Not only did they mess up the binding with a horribly messy weld, but they lost a diamond out of it and returned it without any note or explanation or apology. My husband is deployed. They KNEW this when we bought the rings. I have been taking in the checks for payments. I called just the other day to find out how much was left to see about finishing the last lump sum payment. They asked me to verify the address. Last payment time i was in they didn't change the address in the system EVEN THOUGH she was copying it off of my new drivers license.She then informs me that because I couldn't verify my address she wouldn't tell me how much was left, because i wasn't my husband. SO EVEN IF I HAD VERIFIED MY ADDRESS SHE ... Read more

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    Sat Jul 31 2010

    Kay Jewelers doesn't understand customer service. I had purchased lifetime battery warranties for several of my watches. This was originally purchased in 2004. Every year since then I have taken the watches back to the store (where originally purchased (Burlington, MA) and had them replace the batteries. Two of my watches were waterproof and they didn't have the equipment to install the batteries in the store. That was fine. I no longer have those watches. Today I went into the store and was told by "Steve" that he was "not professional" enough to do several of my watches and that it would have to be sent out. First off, I didn’t' want to have to return to pick up the watch, secondly the watch wasn't waterproof. I couldn't understand the issue. When I told him that every time I had batteries installed before this watch had been done in the store. He again told me that he was not professional enough. The time piece he was not professional enough to replace a battery for was... Read more

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    Sat Jul 10 2010

    wait to long to receive my product. call sevral time and nobody answer.

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    Mon Jun 21 2010

    I agree with the other reviews. THEY HAVE THE WORST SERVICE!!!! I bought the Leo diamond earrings on first week of May and the sales persons were so persistent and tried so hard to convince me to open an account with them. I told them I would rather pay cash or use my other credit cards because I didn't want to open another credit card account. It was late already and they said they could give me a big discount if I opened an account. I thought oh well, it will probably be just a couple of points off my credit score and if they give me a big discount it be might be worth it. One month later I was wondering why I still haven't received a billing statement. I called them and it turned out they had an incorrect address on my account. What I don't understand is how their sales person could enter an incorrect address when she copied my address from my driver's license!!! Are they illiterate or what? Maybe sleepy already or had too much to drink. So since they have an incorrect address ... Read more

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    Fri Jun 11 2010

    Kay diamonds are low quality. I went in to look at engagement rings and each stone I saw had visible inclusions (black or white spots and streaks in the stone). The sales lady helping me was nice, but did her best to minimize the flaws, claiming that no one would notice. I am not a trained diamond specialist and I noticed the flaws with little effort. The first stone she showed me was H color and I commented that it looked a little dark in color. She showed me an E color next to it and tried to tell me that color was not noticeable if the cut was good. This is not true. The color was completely obvious. Additionally, the prongs on one of the Tiffany set stones I saw were visibly different sizes. After my brief visit, I decided never to buy from Kay Jewelers. Their jewelry is low quality, their stones are not GIA certified, and their sales people are deceptive.

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    Mon Jun 07 2010

    my long time boyfriend (10 years) bought a ring from the "Loves Embrace" line and one of the diamonds was severely flawed. I went in 6 months later (due to laziness) and explained how the defect kept catching my eye and asked if there was anything they could do. The people at my store (wilmington de, were Very kind and said they will be happy to have it super sonic cleaned and if the defect was actually in the diamond itself they will replace the defected diamond free of charge since i'm under the service plan.