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    Sat Oct 20 2007

    I don't think beauty is all that important in models; it's more that they have to have even features, high cheekbones, be tall and thin and be able to pull off anything they're wearing. And in that respect, Kate Moss is an excellent supermodel; anything she wears becomes the height of fashion.

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    Fri May 11 2007

    I like slender, but this is ridiculous....

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    Thu May 10 2007

    Fashion is a joke that gays and coke addicts play on the rich and stupid. . .

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    Thu May 10 2007

    she is gorgoeus. your just all jealous. you losers. just because your all REALLY ugly.

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    Thu Jun 22 2006

    Fact is many supermodels aren't that pretty in the raw, so to speak. As long as they have cheekbones and you can hang different clothes of them that's all that matters. Kate Moss is probably no better and no worse than Claudia Schiffer, Heidi Klum etc but I've seen prettier girls with better figures down my local pub on a Saturday night. I rate her low because she's a smackhead with a loser boyfriend in a sh*te band.

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    Thu Mar 16 2006

    It because she could be anyone walking down the street that makes her so appealing. She's no average model she's something else.

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    Fri Mar 10 2006

    starting to look old

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    Sat Oct 22 2005

    She's pretty in a quirky way. UPDATE: I can't really pinpoint her appeal. Like my mom would have said, she's beautiful, but not pretty.

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    Tue Jun 28 2005

    she's appealing in a weird twisted way. she reminds me of a octopus.

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    Sun May 15 2005

    Always pale, frail, washed out, depressing and sad looking. Not even attractive and too short to be any model.

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    Sat Jan 22 2005

    Not a hot model.

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    Sun Dec 12 2004

    Like a McRib, only not as much meat.

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    Wed Dec 08 2004

    Looks strung out to me

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    Mon Oct 25 2004

    Too waifish. I agree, she looks like a 14 y/o boy. And check out those huge feet ! Maybe she is a boy... It's been known for years that at least 5% of runway models are transgendered [male to female], and at least 1 or 2 are supermodels. Makes you wonder, dont it?

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    Sat Oct 09 2004

    No she does not starve herself as many people believe, as i said before she is 'just as she is' and does not go on any form to my knowledge any health regime (as she said the key to staying so thin is a 'beer and a cigarette'). Unlike certain members of the modelling profession (getting various forms of surgery etc in order to make their break) she possibly is more true to herself than any other (some like Crawford at a similar BMI eat nothing and endure a puritanical health regimen). Remarkably she does maintain an almost perfect complexion despite her super toxic diet that definitely makes her unique. As 'normal' people we must understand that like Kate moss we must be just as we are and expect nothing else- i must recall my previous argument that i do not believe that she would have got into modelling if she went to storm to for representation rather than being approached. Then again apparently she did have previous modelling aspirations prior to storm (she wanted to be 'either an a... Read more

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    Sat Sep 11 2004

    A sandwich, perhaps?

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    Thu Jul 29 2004

    I like skinny, but there is a limit, lol.

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    Mon Jun 21 2004

    She may not be the most beautiful woman on this planet as shes far from perfect (but really and truly nobody is), but as far as supermodels go Kate Moss is the ultimate style icon. She can wear a black bag or even something that some women wouldn't even dream of wearing and still every time manages to look good and make it her own. Her choice in clothes are amazing and shes definitely not an immitator shes a natural leader in the style stakes. I'm not going to give my scathing opinion about the modelling profession here, but Kate has definitely been a contributor to turn this bland mind-numbing profession on it's head due to her individuality alone.

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    Wed May 05 2004

    I used to live in Croydon, England - her home town - around the same time she was just becoming famous and saw her around from time to time. Without make-up she's girl-next-door pretty but I was well surprised when she got to be a supermodel. Definitely not drop-dead gorgeous.

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    Thu Sep 25 2003

    Kate Moss gets 4 stars because when she became popular I was about 16 years old. After seeing so many models that were super tall, with big breasts (fake or real), I felt Kate was a better represenative of natural women out there (aside from all the upset about her weight). Although shes pretty I dont think shes phenominal... but thats what made her special to me. Here was a girl, my height, with boobs smaller then mine, walking the runway... It made the fashion world seem less strict to me anyways and I felt I could relate more to that industry thus I bought more magazines with her in it.

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    Mon Jul 28 2003

    shes not reaaallly ugly. Kind of a pretty face. Too skinny though

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    Tue Jul 08 2003

    So we have to critique her on her looks......Well, I think she's ugly! She has cock-eyes, ribs showing, the bones in her body cracking out, and not a single ounce of fat on her body! Not to mention her face......ugh! She's snaggletoothed and her nose is deformed! She has to be the ugliest girl I have ever seen. Also, Where's her breasts? She has no curves or butt either! Are we sure she's a girl?

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    Fri Jul 04 2003

    Kate is the sexiest model of all

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    Sat Jun 14 2003

    I'm sorry, but I don't find her attractive. I'm sure she is a nice girl, but we're evaluating her as a model. And as a model, I don't think she's pretty at all. Her hair is real thin and brittle, Her eyes are glassy and warped, Her body looks like wire, and her legs are just ugly.

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    Sun Jun 08 2003

    I love her eyes! I think she is the most unique model out there! She can't help it if she's thin that's the way she was built. You can't go around accusing every skinny girl you see as being anorexic! Every woman is built differently! When will people ever realize that!

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    Sat Jun 07 2003

    Too many cigarettes, not enough cheeseburgers,this smelly 2x4 with teeth dosent do anything for me.

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    Sat May 24 2003

    Does this girl ever eat? She should be blamed for a world HUNGER.

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    Sun May 11 2003

    very boring and plain looking.

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    Fri Feb 14 2003

    I'm not an overwhelmingly big fan of Kate but I think she is pretty cool. Also I like that she's only 5'7". Most models are too tall, at least more women are her height than say someone who's 6'0. She is NOT too thin however, as some may think. She looks good for her size and natural too. Overall I like her.

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    Fri Jan 31 2003

    I'm sorry, but Kate Moss is a little too skinny. She did put on a little weight after she quit using drugs though. Really bad influence for girls already struggling with weight issues. 5' 7and 100lbs-disgusting!

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    Mon Nov 18 2002

    Plain ugly.

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    Fri Feb 08 2002

    kate moss is my style. what a beautiful face. and completely pyscho. i hope she never tries to act, dance, sing. just smoke and drink whisky all day. with me.

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    Sun Dec 30 2001

    While I will admit she is extremely thin, I don't think she looks ill. Another positive quality she possesses is that she's very versatile. She has, and can pull off many different looks and outfits; a trait that is extremely important for a model to have, but some don't.

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    Thu Aug 16 2001

    This woman seriously needs to learn how to smile and look more alert in front of the camera. She seems to always have this glazed look on her face, as if she cornered the market on prune juice and Ex-Lax. Her poor choices of partners (ahem, Johnny Depp?) and her chain-smoking habit are complete turn-offs. She may be sexy to some people, but not to this person. She would look much better if she gained a few pounds and cut the smokes. Calvin Klein could have done better with their choice of spokesperson(s).

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    Sat Apr 07 2001

    I think she cops a lot more flack than she deserves. She has a really pretty face, and while she is very skinny, she looks like just a naturally really thin person. I don't think it's fair to blame her for the trend of very thin women that has appeared in the media. Unlike many very skinny women, she looks quite good being very thin. The problem is those who heralded her body as the new ideal. Reaching this body shape is impossible for many women, and those who starve themselves to look like this look terrible. I thought her entering the modelling world could have been a positive thing, because she was flat-chested and a change from these unrealistic hourglass-figured women. They could have said...here's this girl who has no boobs and an angular tomboy figure, and she's still beautiful...and the other models with big boobs and more shape are still beautiful...and wait! here's some women with big butts and flabby arms and they're incredibly beautiful too. It should be about beau... Read more

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    Mon Feb 05 2001

    If she ate a couple carrot sticks, I might take a second look.

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    Thu Jan 25 2001

    She's nice, but needs a lot more flesh in her bones. Not a good influence to young girls who grow up wanting to be like her.

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    Tue Dec 19 2000

    she is one of the coolest that ever lived

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    Tue Dec 19 2000

    She is a true IDOL. Her thinness is absolutely supernatural, very un-earthly, and extreemly sexy. She's not a Barbie doll, and has never tried to be. Her talent as a model is truly artistic and jaw-droppingly intriguing. Her eyes just suck you in. She's very hypnotic.

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    Wed Oct 25 2000

    She is only 5'7" and a supermodel! i hope this will start a trend.

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    Thu Oct 19 2000

    I like thin. Being a size 2 is very sexy.

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    Sun Jan 30 2000

    I don't care what fashion insiders say, comparing Miss Moss to the divine Cindy or the sublime Laetitia is like comparing "Charlie's Angels" to "Homicide: Life on the Street." Other models can drive gay men straight; Kate could drive straight men gay...

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    Fri Dec 10 1999

    Someone give this girl a MEAL and take away her cigarettes!!!

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    Sat Nov 27 1999

    I don't care what you say. I like Kate Moss!

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    Wed Nov 03 1999

    Looked better when she was doing lots of Heroin. For God's sake, somebody buy her a Pizza!

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    Wed Oct 27 1999

    It's true that Kate Moss is the most recognizable supermodel, but she is one of the shortest. And for her to make it big and be short says alot.