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    Sun Apr 07 2024

    Miss understood cast iron !🎡✈️

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    Fri Oct 13 2023

    I lovee his music, but he seems like a schizophrenic recently

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    Sun Nov 25 2012

    Love his music

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    Sun Mar 27 2011

    He seems like a really obnoxious person, at least according to the media. But considering how the media likes to exaggerate so many things. I do like one song by Kanye West and it's this song......

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    Tue Mar 01 2011

    he is arrogant and rude and that makes him also annoying. he let his celebrity status go to head and does not have any self control. if you like his music then fine but who cares what he thinks.

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    Mon Nov 22 2010

    Recently George W. Bush committed to print his opinion that Kanye calling him a racist "represented an all time low." In a subsequent TV interview, Bush reaffirmed the idea that it was the worst moment of his presidency. The fact that a former president can't get over that remark FIVE YEARS LATER, with all the other criticism that a chief executive deals with, shows you what an odd genius Kanye is. (Either that, or it just shows us how poor Bush's sense of priorities is.) Clearly Kanye has a much better pulse of the culture than Bush ever had. He's one of those idiot savants whose brain is wired differently than most of ours: an immensely talented artist who strikes a nerve precisely because he's brave enough to be our designated asshole.

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    Mon Jun 14 2010

    ...actually, he's best known for causing people to add up to five profane adjectives to their descriptions of him. He's too much of a douche to JUST be called a douche!

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    Wed Sep 16 2009

    After all this time, Obama finally said something with which I agree- he called Kanye a jackass. Does this mean Obama is racist?

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    Wed Sep 16 2009

    I have to give him a little credit for calling out Bush about Katrina,but his recent behavior Is tacky beyond words.Getting liquored up when appearing on national TV is a BAD career move! I honestly don't know how good or bad his music might be,I hardly ever pay attention to rap.

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    Mon Sep 14 2009

    As the axiom goes "It is better to be thought a fool.., than to open your mouth and remove all doubt". So Kanye West is a fool. Most of us already knew that. Now we know he is a fool with no class. In the grand scheme of things this is hardly a blip on the radar. There are worse things in the world to concern ourselves, like next week's fight between Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Juan Manuel Marquez.

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    Mon Sep 14 2009

    On a scale of whale dung to 10 he is whale dung.

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    Mon Sep 14 2009

    Is this the latest controversy of the day? I don't watch TV news all that often, but I make it a habit to check into Google News every once in a while throughout the day, and this story about Kanye West interrupting Taylor Swift's speech during an awards ceremony was all over the place. My first reaction was, who's Taylor Swift? My second reaction was, that while West's outburst was uncalled for, I suspect that either his agent or one of his functionaries likely put him up to it to drum up publicity. If that's the case, then what's the use for getting all wound up about this? It's just a publicity stunt to get people talking about him. In fact, what's the purpose of even caring about this kind of stuff? The world has enough problems as it is!! Just another distraction in the broader scheme of things.

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    Mon Sep 14 2009

    West is such a no talent hack that I never bothered to waste time reviewing him before. The whole calling out Bush thing a while back didn't really bother me that much, stuff like that is what dumb musicians of his sort do when their "music" isn't enough to keep the spot light on them. But interupting Taylor Swift during her acceptance speech to say that Beyonce's video was better? Apparently this man has no class whatsoever.

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    Thu Jul 30 2009

    Terrible voice, absolutely no talent (his producers do all the work), and a bad additude. What more could you want?

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    Tue Apr 07 2009

    I used to like his music...but now he dresses like a queen,and he keeps trying to sing in that annyoing T Pain autotune!!! And he's as conceited as it gets

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    Wed Aug 06 2008

    just another run of the mill haf talent these days. any other person could be occupying his space its just that it's him.

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    Sat Jul 12 2008


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    Fri Jul 11 2008


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    Sun Jun 08 2008

    i hate his ass cuz hes so damn cocky, such a crybaby, and hes racist! but hes damn good

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    Sun Jun 01 2008


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    Thu Apr 24 2008

    i like him but he wants to be white :S

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    Sat Feb 16 2008

    He is cool and when he came out with Stronger it confirmed a few things for me.. 1- Dude has talent and a very creative mind 2-He is a flat out weirdo! I do think that he is okay but that cry baby sh** gotta go!

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    Sun Nov 11 2007

    Oh boy! I'm getting old. Do not like this at all.

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    Mon Dec 18 2006

    Kanye West comes off to me as one of those "people" looking for a free handout from our government. His comments about Bush not only made him look ridiculously stupid, but were also uncalled for. He is very talentless and rips off everyone. Even a cult classic like Evil Knievel is suing him for ripping him off. I don't know if he got copyrights to I got a Woman by Ray Charles (yes people that line "she give me money when I'm in need was WRITTEN by Ray Charles, check out the original.. it sounds better and actually shows talent in it).. but its proof he cant write his own material

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    Fri Mar 31 2006

    Good musician and producer. But he should stick to music, and stop saying stupid ish whenever he's on TV.

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    Wed Mar 01 2006

    This guy is smart. He is in a position to say what he wishes. Unlike most celebrities, his success is of his own creation and does not exist at the whim of the public. I admire his courage. Oh yes, for the record, he did not call Bush a racist. He said that Bush did not care about black people. Big difference.

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    Tue Feb 28 2006

    YEP...Kanye is annoying to me now. It has nothing to do wit his comments about Bush. I'm just tired of seeing him skipping back and forth on stage like "I'm a pony! I'm a pony!". I still dig his music and everything, but sometimes how he acts is just rediculous.

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    Thu Jan 26 2006

    I also believe there is a time and place for everything. Kanye West showed a side of himself that can be some what unprofessional however, I am sure he has learned from this. Like Bush and so many others who are down right put off or now hate him enough to threaten him with his life should be ashamed of yourself. I thought we had freedom of speech but maybe not.I guess it depends on who and what issue is being addressed. I applaud him for his efforts, for saying what millions would not dare say out loud. Kanye West is a voice to his generation (Generation Y), not only to the African American community. His famous quote, "Bush doesn't care about black people", was poorly rehearsed and not thought through, he acted on impulse. Kanye, when you are advocating change you must be ready and use your words wisely. On the other hand, if Kanye West would have wrote President Bush a letter and said I would like to talk to you on the behalf of the African American community who can't find jobs, wh... Read more

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    Wed Jan 11 2006

    I rated this guy super annoying, everything he does is dull and boring and stupid. Snoop Doggy Dogg could easily kick this guys a$$.

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    Mon Jan 02 2006

    one of the best mucisians these days and total badass

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    Sun Nov 20 2005

    If therer is a bottom of the barrel for rappers this guy is it. He advocates that the government invented AIDS to wipe out the Blacks. He is hilarious to watch if you can understand what he is saying.

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    Tue Oct 11 2005

    This pathetic excuse for an American (he should be brought up on charges of treason) is nothing but an ebonics speaking, self-serving, morally reprehensible, race hustler using the real victims (yes, that includes the black victims) of a natural disaster to sell more records. Does this guy have a criminal record...he sure looks like it. Am I stereotyping? Duh...yeah...I'd throw him in jail for the way he looks and acts...that miserable piece of _____ (insert your favorite term for fecal matter). A quote from Kayne West after a newspaper supposedly printed a lie about him..."It's an injustice, and it happens all the time...They made a whole story". Brilliant, Kayne, you stupid, racist f**k! Looks like you want the cake and you want to eat it, too. Fortunately, you're black...and in this mixed up, PC country, you'll get everything handed to you even as you attempt to break down the very system that continues to fill your coffers. Hey, Kayne, that's called "biting the hand tha... Read more

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    Tue Oct 11 2005

    George Bush hates black people...sure Kanye. George Jr. was able to get elected President of the USA twice, and had high ranking black advisors such as Colin Powell and Condoleeza Rice, all while being a closet racist. Just because Bush's political stances are different than yours doesn't mean he hates your people. Kanye West is another example of celebrities who feel that because they are famous they should be able to espouse their political views upon the masses. If you want to run for office, go ahead and let us know what you think, otherwise just shut up and rap.

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    Tue Oct 11 2005

    Katrina is a racist beatch I mean come on she only affected poor black people and left the whites high and dry. The feds were in on it from the start they knew that Katrina was a big bag of racist wind so they just left all the poor black folks to die and sent helicopters for all the whites. Those feds are so sneaky and the mayor well he was doing the best he could for a black man, right. But seriously this guy Kanye West, first of who the heck is he, and next I did not see him out there trying to rescue any one celebrities should raise money and keep their mouths shut. His disgusting behaviour on national tv was a disgrace and I am sure he dishonered all the brave people who survied this tragic event.

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    Tue Oct 11 2005

    Annoying? Sure. But those who really hate free speech have really come out of the woodwork. . .any of you blinded-bush thumb-suckers actually listen to his music or do you base your opinion soley on a sound bite?

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    Tue Sep 20 2005

    I like his music. As far as his politics, I ain't sayin' he's a gold digger, but no question in my mind that his comments boosted his record sales. But then again, racism or incompetence, what does it really matter? The government failed the poor, primarily black residents of New Orleans. It pisses me off too. If you judge by urgency of action, Terri Schiavo was much more important to the GWB administration, than the residents of New Orleans... something stinks here, but unlike Kanye, I don't think it was racism - a bunch of poor white folks were left hanging on the Gulf Coast too. It must suck to be poor and politically unimportant.

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    Mon Sep 19 2005

    the government is being racist in its rescue operations from katrina? that just may be the biggest load of crap i've heard in a very long time. as bush said, the storm wasn't racist, and neither were the rescue teams. give me a dang break kanye. ever hear of reverse racism?

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    Sat Sep 10 2005

    After hearing him selfishly depth charge the relief effort telethon I could care less how well he sings, or raps, or whatever. The guy is obviously suffering from oppression psychosis. Kanye, seek help.

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    Tue Jun 28 2005

    He's a producer for cryin out loud. How can he be this good. A genius.

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    Tue May 31 2005

    Wow, amazing singer, ever greater rapper. Every song he writes for artists is golden. I love this guy, he is the greatest.