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    Wed Jun 20 2012

    Nice restaurant, one of the most beautiful I've ever been at from the inside out. But the food was so so and it took about 3 hours to get in and out of there. I was excited for the crab cakes, what Maryland is famous for and this place being an expensive seafood restaurant, I expected more than the dry crab cakes I could have made. They had a seafood tex mex of sorts which was really good, but for the wait & quality I wouldn't make a special trip.

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    Mon Nov 03 2008

    Kali's Court is a great place for a nice dinner in Fells Point. The appetizers were the best part of the meal (the Grilled Calimari and the...

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    Fri Jul 13 2007

    I love Kali's! This is where I go when I'm not in a burger joint mood. The seafood is so delicious and I like that the servers are always nice and always remember our names. It's where I take friends who come in from out of town to impress them with our great sea food!

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    Thu Jun 14 2007

    We had a reservation made through opentable on our Anniversary for 7 p.m. on a Friday. We arrived at 6:55 p.m. and they said, "Yes we have your reservation, please wait at the bar." We saw dozens of additional people arrive, and no one was seated, including those who arrived before us, despite the fact that there were two empty tables. We asked at 7:15 and 7:30. The second time the Maitre'd said "People are Dining". Well it wasn't us as we left at 7:45! Eat at Mezza next door. It is cheaper and less pretentious, which makes no sense because it is basically the same restaurant.

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    Sat Jan 20 2007

    We love to go out and my boyfriend is hard to please, but Kali's Court always does the trick!!! We are always treated so special as soon as we are escorted from our car into the restaurant. The wine, the food, the service...all top notch!! We even received complimentary cookies as we left!! We always have such a wonderful time and we've never had a problem with noise. Always a quiet and romantic evening. (We've been 3 times)

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    Tue Oct 24 2006

    Great !! THEY got the right stuff the Best seafood anywhere around and last but not least the desert!!!

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    Tue Jan 03 2006

    I went to Kali's for a very special birthday, as I arrived the hostess who was standing right there waching us approach did not open the door for my boyfriend and I, we were served by someone who could barely speak english. During our very over priced average meal the same hostess was coming around to our tables making sure everyone had a good time, he took one look at us and walked by!!! I was appauled!!! Although the service was satisvactory I barely saw my server at all. As we left, the same man was standing at the door, did not say a word of thanks or have a nice evening and didn't open the door, what is this mcdonalds?!!!! The only thing I can say is the great gift card I got when I went straight to the owner, I just wish he would hire some polite people!

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    Mon Sep 05 2005

    Me and all my freinds love this place This is by far the best restaurant I've to in years. All of us enjoyed the great food and great wine. This is a real Gem in Fells Point.

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    Fri May 20 2005

    My husband and I decided to check out this seems happening restaurand at the edge of Fells Point. The wait staff seems not appreciative of the fact that we don't have a reservation. We were waiting at the front door while the two hostesses were chatting to each other. After 10 minutes, we were finally seated at a table that had been empty since we came in. The waiter was quite unattentive and unfriendly. Food was nothing worth mentioning. Very disappointed at this place.

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    Mon May 02 2005

    Expensive but worth every penny. I loved the menu choices. Everything fresh and beautifully served. Make reservations! It was a long wait since we decided on this last minute, but I would wait again if I had too!

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    Tue Apr 19 2005

    Have never been seated in a noisier place, except at the Superbowl during a spectacular play. The "seafood" consists of over priced fish. Is Baltimore not the blue crab capital of the world?...... not one single crab on the menu. However, there was one in my seat when I asked to be seated somewhere less noisy and was told there would be an hour wait if I wanted to be moved...... I just left

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    Fri Jun 25 2004

    FOOD, SERVICE, WINE LIST--IMPECABLE! You'll truly not want to leave. Outdoor patio or balcony dining is a must-try. It's an instant favorite.

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    Sun Aug 17 2003

    The Scene No expense was spared in creating Kali's Court's exquisite, Mediterranean-flavored environment. On entering, pass the brick courtyard and handsome bar and move into the dining room lit with countless candles. Patrons feel like special guests, and staff is on hand to ensure that you enjoy every aspect of your meal. The Food Grilled items are this restaurant's specialty. Charbroiled whole fish turn lush when topped with light olive oil, butter, lemon and capers. Peruse the selection of whole fish before ordering; a glass case near the entrance displays the nightly features. A variety of filets is also offered, as well as steak, lamb and veal. The house crab cakes, "colossal cakes," are gigantic mounds of lump crabmeat. Kali's popular grilled calamari, drizzled with extra virgin olive oil and lemon, offers a terrific diversion from battered and deep-fried squid.

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    Wed Jan 22 2003

    Kali's is a wonderful place that presented an intimate atmosphere for couples, family, and friends. I celebrated my forth anniversary on January 22, 2003. This elegant environment was perfect for what I needed. The food was amazing, I can go on an on, but I'm at work, got to go.

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    Sun Dec 01 2002

    no wonder there were so many open tables around us all night! had reservations for 4 but were given a hard time about wearing kahkis and tennis shoes and almost turned away. last time i checked my corporate credit card account didn't care what kind of shoes i wore. and, as owner of my own company i surely don't care what kind of shoes i wear. food was good but overpriced, service was rushed and not that good. server was not as knowledgable on the wine menu as i felt she should have been. ambiance and soft glow were nice. overall not worth the experience to return.

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    Sat Jun 01 2002

    The Food was well prepared but did not justify the prices. Service was rushed and hard to understand. Noise level was too high but we had a good time.