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    Sun Dec 13 2009

    I've been living in the city for almost 5 years and was looking for 24hr spa that I could go any time I wanted for facial and body treatment. Thanks to my friend who has recently become juvenex vip client, introduced me to juvenex. At first I doubted " would I ever be able to go?" since I work almost everyday!!! Over turning my doubt, the spa was 24 hours accomodating all the services any time I want!! I had facial and body scrub @ 2 in the morning and was just time in the paradise. The esthecian knew exactly what I needed. My face looked like it had volcanic eruption, and after the extraction and organic peeling, I no longer need to spend 2 hours try to conceal acnes. And the body scrub was just excellent. Now that all the dead skins are scrubbed away, I feel so refreshed and healthy now. I'm going there every week!!!!

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    Fri Dec 11 2009

    It is beautifully designed. I wonder who the designer of this spa is. It was nice to begin with private elevator just for the juvenex clients. The spa experience was the best one so far.. Will be my favorite spa... Definitely worth going!

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    Mon Nov 30 2009

    How on earth did this Day Spa get voted the best in NYC! The Korean receptionist was extremely rude to me. I arrived a little late (like 15 minutes) and got nothing but attitude and a snarl when I arrived. With much apology on my end for the late arrival, they did take me in for a facial. The korean woman Ginger that worked on my face was awful and didn't know what the heck she was doing!!!!! She make me headache after my facial.HHHHelllo,,,,I spend $125 for facial not for headache leave the blemish.Still 2days after my first facial here, my acne has flared up so badly I had to go see a dermatologist!! This was my first time going to this so called Best Spa, the facialist definitely unlicensend and just finish study. and it will certainly be My LAST! Take my word, and take your business elsewhere! Please non't hire the student to do the $125 facial,this is unfair for comsumer....

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    Tue Sep 22 2009

    by peta2009 The front desk are so rude unhelpful and they are defintely not a place to go if you are looking to relax and have a pleasant welcoming.. the massages are however very good, but the bad customer service puts a bad taste in my opinion that I find it hard how other reviewers dont say anything...by the way, I NEVER complain about places am am not one of those "difficult" clients.. I happen to know for sure that other people feel this way , however I am the only one speaking up for now.. hopefully others will speak up so they can change their ways.. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Thu Aug 27 2009

    I went to Juvenex spa after having dinner with a friend. It was around 11:30 in the evening. I had never been to a 24hr spa, so I thought I would give it try, since it is hard for me to find time to pamper myself during the day. I will say that the decor is lovely, but I didn't try the sauna or steam room because I didn't have a bathing suit-they said they could give me disposables, but I opted not to try these features as they were co-ed. I have had many massages in NYC from high-end spas to the little Asian places. I also have friends who are massage therapists, so I know how a massage should be given. The practioner was a nice woman, but did not drape me properly, and I felt exposed at times. Her technique was rather rushed and disjoineted, and I had to help her along, with what felt right, and what didn't. There were times that she would pull on my wrist and bend my elbow, and I had to tell her not to do that. She did try to accomodate me when I guided her, but for a $100+ massage,... Read more

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    Wed Jul 22 2009

    Good waxing I am very happy to see no hair around my bikini ! It is comfortable , clean and looks nice. kimmy is the best technitian in this field , you will feel comfortable with her kindness.

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    Wed Apr 29 2009

    The juvenex spa is a wonderful experience. I have been getting treatments at the spa for over a year now and they are always very polite, courteous, and always very professional. I receive facial with kim and she is wonderful! I am always, and I means always, looking forward to my next apointment for a very satisfying experience, no matter what it is, they do it the best

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    Thu Apr 02 2009

    I've been going to Juvenex for years, and have always found the facility to be clean, attendants to be helpful and services to be top rate. I was there yesterday and had a wonderful time. I've been to some of the top spas in NYC and not had services as good as those at Juvenex. Hard to understand some of the negative comments listed here. To say that the attendants don't speak a word of English is an exaggeration, and if the smell of Korean food bothers you, it's probably best not to go to a spa on a block that has about 25 restaurants!

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    Wed Mar 25 2009

    My co-worker and I needed a spa day but we work until 9:30 at night. We found Juvenex via Google search, and we almost went to Aura Spa around the corner because we saw the Juvenex entry way, which was less than pleasing to the eye. We chose Juvenex because it offered more amenities at a better price, and the women on the phone at Juvenex was so polite and professional, we said, "Well...let's just walk in and take a look. We can always turn around and leave." So in the middle of dirty Koreatown, you enter a shady-looking building, but you go up five floors and walk into a beautiful oasis of dark wood floors, stone and green tiled walls and soaking tubs full of bobbing limes. There's a stone sauna cave and a steam igloo. The staff wears collared white polos and offers tea and fruit. They help you with your robes and offer a standard of service you thought was lost in New York. Don't let its location fool you into thinking it's a happy-ending sort of business. It's professional,... Read more

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    Tue Jan 13 2009

    My brows have never looked better!!! kim is a genius with wax and tweezers. What a good experience! kim began with a consultation in front of the mirror to discuss exactly what she was about to do and how she envisions my eyebrows .Thank you !!!

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    Tue Dec 30 2008

    My best friend and I went for massages and facials in celebration of my birthday. It was, perhaps, the best gift ever. They made a mistake booking our massages, so we shared a room...but it was no big deal. The massage was fabulous, the facial was fabulous, and the igloos were awesome...wish we had gotten there even earlier to spend more time in the steam "igloo". I don't know what other reviewers are referring to in terms of "dirty" conditions et al. The spa was awesome, very clean...beautiful in fact. The locker room was pristine...and it was completely comfortable with regards to changing and showering. All in all it was a great experience, I slept through part of my massage and most of my facial, but judged by how luminous my skin was, I can certainly attest that it was an awesome facial and a spectacular, very relaxing massage. Can't wait to book our next appointments, we are thinking of making this a monthly excursion. Great Experience.

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    Sun Dec 21 2008

    A friend and I went to this spa, thinking it would be a relaxing way to spend an afternoon. We were wrong... the staff were not very accomm...

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    Tue Dec 09 2008

    I have really sensitive skin (rosacea, sun sensitive), so I was worried, but they did a great job. I wasn't that red afterward. My brown spots and freckles are either totally gone or very light now, so I'm going back for the recommended .kam very knowledgable about skin.

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    Tue Oct 21 2008

    Recently had facial with kim at juvenex and it was the best facial I have ever had. She is knowledgeable, gentle, and truly a joy to be around. Unlike other facials I have had,kim never once criticized my skincare methods everything specifically to me. I will definetely be back.

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    Sun Oct 12 2008

    I felt like I was so rushed from point to point. The sauna was amazing..really really hot. I would have enjoyed going back in and out a few more times but I was rushed to the next thing. I ended up sneaking back in there post massage but I felt like I was getting the evil eye (especially after I snagged a second towel?gasp!). The body scrub area would have been great if I was the only one in there. However, I was laying...naked...on a plastic table next to another woman. I'm modest so this was very shocking for me (fortunately I brought my bathing suit bottoms just in case they didnt provide anything). A simple sheet barrier would have been perfect. My massage started out nice. The beds have a heating pad which is a nice bonus. I was put in a room that was set up for a couples massage so my bed was within touching distance to the other one. Thirty minutes into my massage (when I was relaxed for the first time all day), someone came into the room, asked my masseuse if she could use the ... Read more

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    Mon Sep 22 2008

    i had the best, non-invasive facial by kem and a terrific massage by Linda. loved the whole experience and will be back. Pros: great massage and facial Cons: none

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    Sat Jul 26 2008

    I went here with a couple girlfriends the other night. It was sort of a last minute thing but it was so worth it! As it was later we all wore our swimsuits, which I've heard from my friend you can wear even if you come during the day. We soaked in their cold tub, then the hot LEMON tub (amazing!) then the warm GINSENG tub. We had some fresh fruit, we lounged in the hot Jade Igloo sauna and then went back to the tubs again! After a while of this we indulged in our massages and they were FANTASTIC! My muscles were ready to be relaxed and they ended the massage with a scalp/head massage which was unexpected and very appreciated. All in all- it's a little more pricey but they have so much more to offer than most spas in NYC. While the employees aren't super chatty- I enjoyed that here. It was about the services, not about talking. They also have lots of details like the fresh fruit and tea, free toothbrushes, etc... basically I thought it was one of the best massage experiences I... Read more

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    Sun Jun 29 2008

    My mom and I went to the spa and had a fabulous experience. From the minute you enter the elevator door it's soothing! From the art to the services offered, it is an amazing place to get away from the world and relax! Everybody deserves to be treated! We had facials and massages in a package i think it is the basic purification. A few weeks after we went, we had family in town, and we surprised them with a girls day at the spa! They treat you like gold! It is an awesome gift for someone! Even men!! My mom took my stepdad for his first spa experience at night , and he can't wait to go back!! Overall, it is way past a 10 in my book!!

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    Tue Jun 24 2008

    My best friend and I went to Juvenex for my birthday after I have spent hours researching for spas that were affordable and offered good packages. I tried to find a spa that had a package will full services, and almost no spas I found had good prices for a facial and sauna use, except for Juvenex. So we decided to go! I received the Basic Beautification Program and she got the Thalasso therapy Body contouring wrap. We both used all of the Jade Journey Facilities and we were not rushed AT ALL. We were given wonderful service, and were given fresh fruit and water and towels whenever needed. Nothing was broken on our visit. The showers, steam room, dry sauna, and hot tubs were all working perfectly. We spent an hour in and out of the saunas and hot tub when we were called in for our specialty treatment. I had Joyce, and I felt relaxed the entire time. If you have troubled skin then I would not choose this facial, as a previous poster mentioned. I don't consider this a medical in... Read more

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    Sat Jun 21 2008

    Wonderful service, friendly staff and the BEST massage I have ever received in my life. My therapist Linsey worked out kinks that no one has been able to get in the past. Great Massage.

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    Fri Jun 13 2008

    If you want to pay $125 for someone rub different creams on your face for an hour, this is the place for you. I have been getting facials since I was 16 years old (I'm now 34) for my oily, problemed, acne-prone skin. This was one of the most useless facials I have ever gotten.I been here before with the other esthetician,she is very nice and professional,but this time i gets the old korean lady.When half the facial was over and virtually no extractions had been done, I asked the facialist why not and she told me that it was bad for my skin type and that she would "explain later." She proceeded to give me nothing more than a face massage for the whole time -- something that is horrible for oily skin as it just encourages more oil production and the massage is very rough and not relax,make my skin painfull and sore.This is the horrible facial on my life.

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    Fri Jun 06 2008

    When I got there, I was surprised to find that the spa was tucked away in a kind-of run-down looking building. The lobby is claustrophobic and dirty and although it seems as the elevator doesn't work, it does, and moves at a snail's pace. The receptionists, fortunately, weren't nasty, as other reviews have indicated. Maybe the staff have been reading all the reviews and are trying harder now! Payment was discussed upfront. I decided to take care of the tip instead of waiting to be heckled on my way out, as some other reviewers have mentioned. didn't have to wait at all, which was great. It was 95 degrees out and the AC was out, which wasn't great. They were flexible about changing my pre-scheduled warm rock therapy massage into the energy balancing therapy massage, and even offered to make it 75 minutes instead of 60, since I had already paid. They say that it's no pressure to take a shower or get into the pool before the massage, but by the amount of times they ask, it seems clear t... Read more

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    Fri Apr 25 2008

    I went in for a body scrub and a massage, when i was getting the scrub I was placed towards the back in a opened and very cold room near the back door and to make matters worse some other lady keeped opening the back door to throw away buckets of water!!! i went in during the winter time by the way. it was noisy and cold! I finally had enough and told the lady to move me somewhere else. the lady DIDNT SPEAK ENGLISH! so after many hand signals and gestures eventually with salt all over i walked over to a closed warmer room. after my scrub i walked out of the room and to my surprise there was a man sitting over by the bar area looking right at me and was talking to one of the employees. i went in during the day were it's WOMEN ONLY !!! luckly i was wearing a robe. I asked to use the steam iglo room and was told it was broken and out of service. so I went in the sauna and was sadly RUSHED out of it. this was just not a relaxing experience AT ALL. the massage was ok, i've had bette... Read more

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    Sun Apr 06 2008

    Excellent customer service! In a place like manhattan, where customer service is hard to find, this place stands out. I will not be going anywhere else. I had a facial and a body wrap done. The facials are amazing here, and the body wrap was good. Their saunas are amazing like I have never seen before (that is what they are known for)I am taking acne medication and they took that into consideration and completely customized my facial. It's a day later and my skin feels very good. Thank you Juvenex!

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    Sun Apr 06 2008

    I fully recommend getting a facial at Juvenex spa. Everyone was so nice there, and my facialist Joyce was amazing. I left there glowing and not red at all, even though my skin is usually pretty sensitive. I will definitely be going back.

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    Sun Apr 06 2008

    This spa is absolutley wonderful. I have recently went there for a session for a Vitamin c facial and eyebrow perfection the special Package, i have to say Joyce the facialist was wonderful. The girl at the front desk Eva was her name she was so helpful, and cheerful she does a great job keeping the clients happy. Also the spa was clean and just relaxing i would recommend anyone who is just looking to get away. Juvenex spa thanks alot !!! im going to bring my husband here for a WONDERFUL SUPRISE the menus rocks for the Reasonable prices.

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    Sun Mar 23 2008

    I went here for a couple's massage with my husband. Firstly, the changing area is wierd -- men and women awkwardly getting changed in front of each other because noone's told them about the lone changing room. Second, the front staff is surly, but I expect that 's because of the neighborhood -- it felt like they were concerned about thugs coming in. The massage itself was the worst massage I ever head. The woman clearly had no idea how to massage and moved from one area to the next and back again without any expertise. When she didn't know what to massage, she'd rearrange the towels on my back again and again. She even tossed the oil dispenser on my legs so it would be easier for her to reach. I actually stopped her in the middle becuase it was unbearably bad!!! And I love a massage! On the upside, the manager was accomodating and gave me a gift certificate (which i'll never use). Clearly, the "masseuse" I had must have been a fill-in -- there's no way she had ever massag... Read more

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    Sat Mar 22 2008

    Me and a friend were very excited to go to this spa after looking at the site. Let me just make a list of things you should know about before going. First of all, the lights are too bright, if you're going to relax, they could at least have a clue about the atmosphere. As soon as we were starting to get relaxed in the sauna or steam room, the staff would tell us to keep moving so that we could have our scrubs. I felt like we were in spa boot camp! Also, the management really need to be more aware of when customers are talking too loudly about their problems, and to put away their cell phones. SPAS SHOULD BE CELL PHONE AND LOUD-MOUTH FREE!!! that's why we go to them! We actually needed to go into the meditation room after our massages in order to get some peace and quiet. Anyway, this would be a nice place to go, but they need to get their act together and be a bit more professional. One more note, after we spent a few hundred dollars for a couple of hours, someone asked us at the door ... Read more

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    Fri Feb 15 2008

    First visit was ok, the space was totally unexpected. Upon arrival we were greeted by the receptionist. she was not rude but not so welcoming, I was told to have a seat a fill out a spa aggreement. The receptionist had a problem with finding my booked appt, when she found it; she uttered the spa package I requested to herself but it was loud enough for anyone in that area to here. That made me fill a little uncomfortable. she should of known that by my name and appointed time. being that I purchased a package, I expected to be told what time services start, but the rep had no idea; It is suppose to be communicated at the door or by the spa rep. My experience from working at top firms it is very important to be organized make sure clients are comfortable most of all privacy. (the key to more spending) Not meaning to be a sticklier, If I pay my hard earn money especially over 400 or 500 dollars, I expect to be treated warmly and welcomed. I asked for water had to ask twice,also ask about... Read more

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    Sat Feb 09 2008

    I wouldn't recommend this establishment. I took my girl friend there for her b-day; when she got there they told her that her gift card was empty, and they were extremely rude to her. She decided to call me and find out what was the situation then again the front desk girl was so rude she hanged up on me. Long story short after 45mns they finally found her on their record. The worse thing is she was extremely disappointed of her experience.

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    Wed Jan 30 2008

    The first time i went to juvanex.....what an experience. My boyfriend and i and 3 other couples enjoyed a relaxing atmosphere at 4:30 in the morning after a long night of partying. It was great and private and like i said before very relaxing and this is before the 1hour massage. The 1 hour massage was very theraputic and just amazing....dont forget to enjoy the igloo it was fun and relaxing. I would recomend to anyone, couples or just a day with the girls. Maria

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    Wed Dec 12 2007

    Arrived a few minutes early and was given a great cup of fresh made hot tea. We were shown the locker area and I thought I was going to die, steam room, jacuzzi, Igloo sauna, everything. Massage was great and very relaxing. We then spent 30 minutes at the pools, wow. They almost lost me as a client for taking so long to 'upgrade' them. I mean Juvenex was just not the same without the pools. But I must say they did a good job. they get my approval. Then we went in for facials and it was just great, I had mine done with Natalie, and it was so relaxing. Great Spa, we met a woman who was staying in a hotel next door and she was at the spa for 3 days in a row, she loved it.

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    Sat Dec 01 2007

    I DO NOT recommend Juvenex spa. Here are some reasons why: 1. 4 out of the 5 showers I could see were broken. 2 were missing knobs. Poor lighting in shower area. 2. No designated dressing rooms. We actually had to wait each time for a facility room to become available. 3. Staff talking loudly all the time - basically loud, non-stop chatter that can be heard inside the facility rooms. Not relaxing at all. 4. Most of the staff does not speak English - asking for a glass of water can be a big deal. One person has to go get another person who can speak. 5. Chaotic and disorganized. Even though there were so many staff members hanging around (not doing much) the spa bath still overflowed - a customer had to make them aware becuase nobody was watching it. From beginning to end it was an unsettling experience. Does not even come close to what you imagine from seeing the ad in the paper.

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    Thu Oct 04 2007

    I've been to several massage places, and each has been a positive experience, but I must say that the Massage Therapy has at Juvenex Spa has given me the most complete feeling of both "massage" and "therapy". They do a wonderful job of having you leave feeling totally refreshed and somehow "healthier" and more envigorated than when you went in. For a truly professional and caring experience, you can't beat Juvenex. Everyone is a friendly and attentive to your needs and dedicated to making your experience special, I appreciate that. Not to mention they have the best sauna, the Jade Igloo.

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    Mon Aug 20 2007

    Just to echo what the previous reviewer wrote, this is not the best time to visit Juvenex. The spa is heavily under reconstruction, and though they haven't dropped the prices at all, if you visit today you'll find that the steam room isn't working, the soaking tubs have been ripped apart (it's not just that they aren't filled with water, the tiles have literally been ripped off, showing the bare concrete underneath), the countertop where they serve water and tea is broken, and some of the shower stalls don't have knobs so you can turn the water on and off. The sauna is still working and the services all seem to be available, but there are a hundred spas where you can sit in a sauna and get a massage. The reason you came to Juvenex was because of the wonderful facility, and that wonderful facility just isn't there now. I don't know when or if this will change, but if it matters to you you should call first before coming. Also, some previous posters have commented on the lack of pri... Read more

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    Sun Aug 19 2007

    My mother and I went to the Juvenex spa in search of a relaxing afternoon . We had checked the facilities on the website, all of which looked like exactly what we were hoping for. When we arrived at the spa, we paid for our massage and facial and went to use the tubs, sauna and steam room before our appointments. The sandals we were given to wear had not been cleaned (and in fact when we left, my mom asked a staff member if they wanted to put them somewhere to clean and she just motioned for us to replace them for the next person to wear), and my mother's robe had a hole in it. The showers, as noted by other reviewers, were very dark, making it hard to figure out how to turn them off and on as well as to figure out what each of the products provided were for. We were ushered into the steam room and sauna before I asked about the tubs, which was the main reason we had chosen to go to Juvenex, only to be told, unapologetically, that they were broken. After going in the steam room, I ask... Read more

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    Mon Jul 02 2007

    On June29,2007 had good body scrub mitten feels so good ,body wash was relaxing but told the woman the water was to hot for my skin. hair washing was very good conditoning was good and the body massage really felt good.and the face wash with cumcumbers felt good would go back again real soon and the girl who did me was lucy .very professional place

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    Mon Jun 25 2007

    This place has it all! I've sampled many spas and massage places in NY area over the years, and none of them have compared to Juvenex. I became a loyal customer after only one visit based on the quality of massage and the excellent service I received by most of the staff members. I recently had a waxing done around my neck and back area I couldn't be happier! They offer a free use of the spas and saunas which is very relaxing and good. I also stop in there for full body massages (which are fantastic!) when that week's workouts have put a hurting on me. This is a unique place that caters only to women, but let men in after 7 which could be better cause sometimes I would need a massage the morning after a long weekend.

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    Sun Jun 03 2007

    Juvenex is my Sanctuary in the City. I received a gift certificate for an Enhanced Purification Package and had absolutely no idea what to expect. I felt a sincere interest in my needs when I called to schedule and was warmly welcomed when I arrived in this amazing day spa. Words cannot describe my experience. Juvenex Spa is a beautiful sanctuary hidden from the bustle of the city. My fango mud facial and massage were incredible. I feel as if I have been bathed in beautiful aromas and healing energy. I have never seen a sauna like the Igloo cave sauna. It takes you away! I very highly recommend Juvenex.

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    Sat May 12 2007

    Great Spa! Great service! Great Decor. Always a wonderful experience. I highly recommend Juvenex Spa.

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    Thu May 03 2007

    What a fabulous, beautiful, and very relaxing spa! When you walk in, it feels like a place of serenity. My boyfriend and I had been there for the Romantic couples getaway package last valantine's. We went for the same package again. They had added Chakra Chromo therapy which i admit i know nothing about. I once read a book on chakras but cant remember how it works. Now, i can tell from experience that the changing of the water colors not only looks cool and great, it somehow makes you feel more relaxed and comfortable. It is a nice improvement to the package and we appreciate the fact that they did not up the price on us. All together a very nice, romantic experience. I would definitely recommend this place!

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    Wed May 02 2007

    Very relaxing/peaceful ambiance, totally unlike other spas. The sauna igloo is awsome. I tried the Vitamin-C facial, which I can see improving my skin already. My most recent visit included a massage, which I loved, and am already looking forward to the next time.

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    Mon Apr 30 2007

    I went to juvenex for the spa package. I went to the igloo and pool for twenty minutes. The water in the pool was very hot and the steam room was crazy! After that they put you on a table and start scrubbing you like crazy. She was not GENTLE at all but all my dirt came off! Then she washed your hair and you shower and go! DON'T GO THERE IT'S OVERPRICED AND PAINFUL!

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    Thu Apr 26 2007

    Not only was I very impressed with the amazing facial I had, I was also impressed with the spa itself. The decor is beautiful. It makes you feel like you've entered a place that prides itself on how it makes you feel as a customer. The attention to detail can't be missed. My facial was excellent. Heidi has really good hands and I was so relaxed after. My skin has never looked so good. The staff were very knowledgeable and friendly. A highly recommended experience!

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    Sun Apr 15 2007

    I read the reviews here with great fascination because Juvenex was truly a bizarre experience for me and I was dying to hear what other people had to say about it. I tried to keep an open mind about the style of their techniques, as it is a Korean spa. But the lack of upkeep and the lack of high-quality products just lead me to believe that this was a beautful spa with quality service a long time ago. Management must have gotten incredibly cheap over the years and just didn't want to spend the money for maintenance of the spa + spa-quality products. Upon entering the spa, I found the place to be like another world: a very earthy ambiance and a big cave off to the left (which turned out to be the sauna). But upon closer inspection I couldn't help but to notice that the tiles in this place are in dire need of recaulking, there are cracks + dirt between the tiles not only in the entryway but throughout the spa. I took a shower first. There was no lighting in the community shower area at... Read more

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    Mon Apr 02 2007

    I went to Juvenex with my girlfriends yesterday for "spa day" and it was wonderful. We were greeted by the staff and given a tour of the facilities and then proceeded to the changing area. We soaked in the hot tub scented with sake and fresh lemons. From there we went to the steam sauna room which was my favorite part of the day! We were invigorated by the aromatherapy surrounding us. The dry sauna igloo is also a real treat! From there we each were scrubbed down till our skin was baby soft and then our hair was deep-conditioned. The massage was relaxing and theraputic. My therapist worked on all the knots and even focused on loosing up the joints in my arms and legs, which was a pleasant surprise. As for the massage room, I would have preferred it to be a little darker, but other than that it was perfect! We were then served tea and fresh fruit and lounged around in our spa robes for the rest of the afternoon. What was really nice was that there was a room with hair-brushes and dryers... Read more

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    Fri Mar 30 2007

    Juvenex in Midtown separates itself from all the rest. Your 100% satisfaction is the only goal here. If you need it, it is there...Skin Care, Microdermabrasion, Silky Smooth purification packages, Therapeutic Massage, Body Treatments. The spa is beautiful and provides a tranquil environment with amenities you will not see anywhere else like the Jade Igloo, Detox room, soaking tubs. If you are looking for that spa that has it all while being taken away with total uninterrupted pleasure, you have found you destination!

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    Wed Mar 21 2007

    I have been to this SPA several times and each time the exp. only gets better. From their staff to service, the SPA is TOP NOTCH. I highly recommend this SPA and the prices are very competitive as well. Enjoy!

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    Fri Mar 16 2007

    This is a wonderful full service Spa that I would highly recommend. I recently had a half day full indulgence package and will be back again. It's a great place to experience a full day at the spa...they have so many services to choose from. I would recommend this Spa to anyone looking to be pampered. Thy are open 24/7 and I saved close to $50 by using the Citysearch special as I was there on a Tuesday. Go there, you will love it.

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    Sat Mar 10 2007

    Just heavenly. The best massage/Scrub I've ever had... plus a really great all-around 'spa experience.' They've got all the special little touches covered. Highly recommended.