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    Thu Aug 12 2010

    The "Golly Gee" Girl next door thing gets old real fast.She was good as Dorothy,but that's about it.

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    Sat Jun 12 2010

    Great voice, very emotionally disturbed person. Her problems started early when her mother tried to abort her. Her early years were spent with her boobs strapped down tight (so she could be a perpetual teenager), and as a result they (reportedly) ended up looking like two empty wallets. Was a total druggie who slept with just about everyone (including John F. Kennedy, Tyrone Power, Orson Welles, Frank Sinatra, Robert Stack, and Yul Brynner.) Her OD death was hardly a surprise.

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    Mon Jan 08 2007

    A fabulous entertainer- in concert in the late 50s and early 60s she was incredible- her album 'Live at Carnegie Hall' is a total classic. 'A Star Is Born' Judgment at Nuremberg' and of course the iconic Wizard of Oz- showcase her versatility as a talent. Troubled life, bad marriages, led to an early death- too bad.

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    Thu Sep 14 2006

    Believe she was 16 when she did "Oz" and I loved that. Her singing was even better and her CBS shows later in life were great.

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    Wed May 24 2006

    Loved her CBS show in the 60's. She was a great singer yet so vulnerable. Always enjoy seeing "Wizard of Oz" and hearing her sing.

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    Mon Feb 13 2006

    She was the greatest person in the world! Who Dosen't know that!?

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    Sun Aug 21 2005

    Singer- incredible actress incredible spirit incredible one of the most incredible talents of the 20th century

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    Sun Aug 07 2005

    Churned through a cruel cycle at MGM. I adored her performance in Meet Me in St. Louis, but preferred her as the singer/entertainer than actress.

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    Sun Jul 17 2005

    her huge body of work in film, records and television quite simply, speaks for itself...

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    Fri Jun 24 2005

    Who didn't love Judy in Judgement At Nuremburg?

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    Fri Apr 01 2005

    Boring, like her daughter.

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    Sun Feb 27 2005

    Miss Garland was much, much more than The World's Greatest Entertainer. She was a real person with three children to raise, and when she had little to almost no money at all, she still was able to provide things that her children needed. She was also a very kind and generous woman, doing volunteer work during WWII and buying tickets to one of her concerts for little children who couldn't afford them. Though both of her daughters, Liza and Lorna, have never achieved the fame that their mother did, they still are honored and remembered as the spawn of Miss Garland, and many people admire them just for that reason alone. Not many people may know this, but Miss Garland was also a very political person, a straight up Democrat, who made her opinions known. Miss Garland will forever be remembered as the Girl Next Door who dreamed of going Over the Rainbow, but to her fans, who know a lot about her, she will be remembered as the kind, honest, hard-working woman that she was.

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    Mon Nov 01 2004

    Everyone comments on The Wizard of Oz and A Star Is Born, which I agree seal her reputation as a film star. But, Judy was much more - she was The World's Greatest Entertainer without competition. To hear and watch her in concert, or talking with Jack Paar, or see her in Judgment At Nuremberg, one knows that Garland was a tremendous talent. Sure, the pills and alcohol did their damage and helped destroy her life, but they didn't destroy her talent. Even listening to her later TV appearances, such as singing (?) the song, It's All For You, you know you are listening to an artist - she makes you feel the emotion of the song with her phrasing and the power behind the final lyrics. No one compares to her - not Streisand, nor her daughter, Liza, and the pop stars of today are a sad joke when compared to the timeless talents of Judy Garland.

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    Tue Jun 29 2004

    Judy Garland wove a spell of magic that transfixed people on every continent on this planet -- and to such a degree that folks still discuss her unparalleled talent in literally hundreds of languages on a regular basis, even 34 years after her death. Her powers are formidable; hers is a stunning, magnetic aura that leaps over the decades and manages to transcend the great lady's passing with ease... Her warmth, humor, talent, pain, tenderness and understanding continue to heal generations of fans who will never even have the privilege of meeting her, if only to say, Thanks, Judy -- we love you!

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    Wed Jun 23 2004

    Judy Garland is probably best remembered and engraved in people's minds as Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz, but Judy has brought so much more to life in my eyes. The Wizard of Oz was the first movie of hers I saw and I was so mesmerized by her that I thought she was magical. I will always remember her singing Over the Rainbow and it will make me smile because she has brought magic into many children's lives through the years. Aside from The Wizard of Oz her performances in Meet Me in St. Louis and A Star is Born are priceless. She had a wonderful voice and I will never forget it. I realize that she is known as such a tragic figure and it really is sad because she was such a humorous person with so much vitality and life. It breaks my heart to know that her life was taken extremely too soon. Her memory will always remain with me and through the eyes of children forever.

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    Fri May 07 2004

    Love her!! lesbian icon ya!!

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    Sun Mar 21 2004

    She is a great actress who went through a lot in her personal life to keep her career going.

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    Fri Dec 19 2003

    She was gentle and fragile and vulnerable, yet exuded a strength and dignity. She could be charming and disarming, decent and upright, the perfect Girl Next Door. And what a wonderful voice!!! She did a truly tremendous job in A Star is Born.

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    Mon Nov 24 2003

    She was great even with her problems.

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    Sun Nov 16 2003

    I really don't buy into the notion that Judy Garland was great, she wasn't. She could sing pretty well, but as far as acting Katherine Hepburn, Ingrid Bergman, Bette Davis, Maureen O'Hara, Myrna Loy, Olivia de Havilland, Ethel Barrymore even Debbie Reynolds and countless others could act circles around her.

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    Sun Nov 02 2003

    This poor woman was so used and exploited by her mother and by the MGM machine. She had tremendous talent but she was so abused as a young person she was never able to build her life on a stable foundation. She was incomparable in "The Wizard of Oz", and she definitely deserved to win the Best Actress Oscar for "A Star is Born," instead of losing to pretty girl Grace Kelly.

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    Fri Oct 17 2003

    Big Judy fan. I loved her, her acting and her singing. A fantastic talent.

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    Wed Aug 27 2003

    Watching her decline was sad.

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    Tue Aug 26 2003

    wizard of oz has to be the best of her acting

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    Wed Mar 26 2003

    What did she do worth a crap after she was 14? She couldn't sing either!

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    Tue Mar 25 2003

    Judy Garland was a great actress because she used every part of herself in a role - her brain, soul, spirit and body. Actress Ina Claire, after watching Judy work one day, said, "That girl should work two hours, and then be taken home in an ambulance! How she gives herself!" Playwright Moss Hart said watching her was like watching a great musician pluck the strings of a harp. Director Stanley Kramer said that she was a great technician who could "run the complete range of emotions" like no other performer. I like her because she pulls you in - her humanness either breaks your heart or makes you laugh. As for her drug use, Judy tried to detox 3 or 4 times and resigned herself, at the end, to the fact that she would need a minimum amount of meds just to function. At the beginning and at the end, she really hated taking the pills. She drank to calm her stage fright but never liked it. Yet through it all, she never stopped working. What courage and determination! Toward the end, ... Read more

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    Mon Mar 10 2003

    Judy was the ultimate entertainer. Her songs and concerts were magnificent. Her films were great, from Dorothy in "Wizard of Oz" to "A Star is Born" and on and on. Her TV variety shows were wonderful and she put her all into them, singing, dancing and delighting audiences.

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    Sun Mar 09 2003

    Judy Garland was so much more than "The Wizard of Oz"...her musicals and dramatic roles were phenominal..."Meet Me in St. Louis" "Easter Parade" and "A Star is Born" just to name a few. A shame she couldn't control her addictions...I wonder if things would have been different if she had the availability of support groups and programs that are so prevelent today.

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    Mon Jan 20 2003

    poor thing, great voice, decent actress, world class mess

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    Thu Jan 02 2003

    Judy Garland is my most favorite actress of all time. She is the reason I am so invloved in acting. Since I was a little girl I wanted to be just like her in The Wizard of Oz (my fav movie). I will love her forever because of her talent and grace. She inspires me to reach my goals and be the actress that I so want to be. I loved her in ALL her films. Judy is the definition of an actress, despite her troubles behind the scenes. She is special; she was Entertainment!

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    Wed Nov 06 2002

    Judy Garland did it all; film, tv, radio, vaudeville, personal appearances and recordings. And she did it with such gusto and feeling. Think of all the great moments: Wizard of Oz, Meet Me in St. Louis, Carnegie Hall, her television specials and series. As Frank Sinatra said, "We will all be forgotten but never Judy."

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    Tue Nov 05 2002

    I would've given her 5 stars but with all of her grace and talent that she possessed so well in her younger years were all pissed away on substance abuse and her rock star-like attitude which eventually led to her accidental suicide.

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    Mon Jul 01 2002

    The world's greatest entertainer, no competition.

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    Tue Mar 12 2002

    I rate her high for her early days. She is one of the most memorable actresses of all time. There has been nobody quite liker her. "Over The Rainbow" belongs to her alone. (I also love "The Trolley Song"!)

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    Mon Jul 02 2001

    Judy Garland is one of the few people that I wish I had known. She is a great talent and a beautiful lady. She should have won an Oscar for "A Star Is Born" She could work off of any actor/actress and almost upstage them! She was very close to doing the same to Mickey rooney.

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    Sat May 12 2001

    What a great talent . It is tragic she had to die so young. She had a wonderful singing voice.and she was a good actress as well. I think hollywood ignored her at oscar time. She should have at least won for A star is Born. She was great in Meet Me in St. Louis. and I cannot imagine anyone else playing Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz.

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    Sun Apr 08 2001

    firtly, *callmetootie* is a moron. Judy Garland was an extremely talented woman... She will always be remembered as Dorothy, but played so many other parts in movies that were great too!! I loved her movies with Mickey Rooney - those two had such great chemistry on screen... She was beautiful and talented

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    Sat Apr 07 2001

    Judy Garland was such a sweet girl in The Wizard Of Oz, but then she took sleeping pills, smoked pot, and commited suicide.

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    Wed Mar 14 2001

    The answer to one question can sum up the depth and longevity of her talent and appeal - If Shirley Temple had gotten the role of Dorothy, would we all still be watching "The Wizard of Oz" with such child-like glee well into adulthood? Not to slight the film, the other great actors in it, all the great technical aspects or the wonderful classic fantasy, but Judy Garland made this film what it was in so many ways. "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" will always be hers and it will always pull on the heartstrings - as will this talented soulful performer.

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