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    Sun Oct 09 2011

    Lives a life of luxury, just like Jesus did? Not! What a phony. I'm not going to judge her, but I will rate her. She is another false prophet who has had no formal Biblical training. She likes to spend all of her time telling people had bad they are and how wonderful she is. I can't stand her.

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    Mon Oct 03 2011

    Joyce Meyer has done a lot of good in the world. She uses her power to help children, and I have respect for her accomplishments. The only warning I'd like to give people going to her conferences is that the minister who speaks before Ms. Meyer encourages the audience to speak in tongues. If this is not part of your worship beliefs, it is somewhat disconcerting. I did look up this subject in the Bible, and speaking in tongues by more than 2-3 people at once and/or with no interpreter present is discouraged. This practice can drive people away who could be won to Christ.

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    Thu Jun 30 2011

    Joyce Meyer is one of the few who can be basically trusted. Her message is especially appealing to women - a good thing - as she is all about getting the rubber onto the road, and getting control of one's emotions and feelings, especially the negative ones which lead to anger, criticism, complaining, pride, envy, selfishness, etc etc. Her teachings are more directed at Christians than non-believers, but I'm sure she can fish off the right side of the boat as well as any, by hooking casual viewers with her common sense and stripping away a lot of fony balony. I noticed a criticism of her because she hangs out from time to time with various prosperity gurus or perhaps the TBN crowd in general, but I like to believe it is a consequence of humility and perhaps a bit of expedience, as opposed to sharing their predatory personalities. Her books are excellent btw.

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    Sat May 07 2011

    She is doing a dis-service by not allowing other family members called of God in Ministry to speak at her conferences. God forbid if she were to die of old age (and she is growing older), her Ministry would end because this Ministry begins and ends with her name only. I like most of her teaching but she is not getting any younger and should think about bringing other family members in to speak. Is she like Elijah that thought he was the only one (who can say thus says the Lord) when God said there were more?

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    Thu Dec 02 2010

    I have been reading some of these comments and I think people need to quit hating on her. She does plety of charity work. One person said she sould have to earn her money through buisiness like everyone else, well guess what, she has, through her selling millions of her probably dozens of books, millions of each... Get it right yall!!

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    Sun May 09 2010

    A, B, C, D, E, F, G..... Meyer is a FAKE. Go to Wiki and read about her past. That bitch stole payroll checks from her former employer to give to her boy friend, and to date bitch Meyer continues to steal from the absent minded cretins who, with their mouths agape, believe the gully washer of bullshit dispensed from Ms. Meyer.

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    Fri Mar 26 2010

    From the start her audience was mostly all women. God has used her to help many broken women. She is NOT what you would call a Prosperity & "Christians are little gods" teacher like this rest. This woman knows her Bible & the Lord has given her great insight in teaching others how to apply the Word to everyday living and situations. She appears to have an intact wonderful partnership in her Ministry and Marriage with her wonderful husband Dave. She acknowledges Dave as her Spiritual head of her household and vital to keeping the Ministry that God has given them going. PRO (Positives) A). Joyce does Not make constant money appeals!!! B). She supports Missionaries around the world (including drilling for pure water wells in poor, remote parts of the world). C). She often gives her books & Tapes away for any donation, no matter how small. D). She pays her staff a decent & fair living wage. E). She does not charge a fee to register or attend her Conferences F). She and her ... Read more

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    Sun Mar 14 2010

    She reminds me of the nun who beat me up when I was a little kid.

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    Tue Feb 16 2010

    Joyce is a no nonsense type of lady who say's it with conviction. I did not like her b4 but she is a dynamic and straight to the HEART of things preacher .BIBLICALLY sound .

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    Sat Nov 07 2009

    Yes Dear Joyce has to keep demanding money for to keep her golf course maintained, her hubby Dave's penchant for Mercedes Benzs in her hearted garage, her boat, summer place and airplane. Oh you know, all the things that you want to give your hard earned money over for. As far as "finding" any belief system through her I think that you are "funding" a belief system, and she is quite the huckster and snake oil sales person.

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    Thu Sep 03 2009

    The fact that Joyce Meyer still continues to be a popular teacher among evangelicals is more of a testimony to the Church's overall lack of discernment than it is to Meyer's ability to make a genuine impact for the Kingdom of God. I stopped listening to Joyce Meyer many years ago when I discerned that both her personal lifestyle and her message did not line up with Scriptural truths. By the opulent lifestyle she continues to maintain, it is quite clear to me that she doesn't live by (or even believe in) the biblical principles she teaches to others. For example, Meyer has been teaching gullible listeners for years that she has been delivered of a low self-esteem, a root of rejection, and a desperate need to meet with people's approval because she has finally 'come to understand who she is in Christ.' And yet, it is quite clear to any discerning individual that Meyer is still uncomfortable with herself, has not accepted herself, and is still enslaved to other people's opinions. How... Read more

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    Mon Jun 29 2009

    I TIMOTHY chapter 2 verse 12 ( But I suffer not a woman to teach, nor to usurp authority over a man, but to be in silence.)

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    Sun Jun 21 2009

    Anyone who is a follower of her needs to verify her preaching by comparing to what the Bible says

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    Thu Jan 01 2009

    My personal persona, I feel Joyce is coming back to preaching The message of The Cross and trying to preach The Word as it should be. You cannot sugar coat The Word... Tell it as it is... Amen... God bless :-)

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    Mon Dec 01 2008

    praise the lord,what do you say about these blogs? when you read them you understand different point of views. you sit in the gray area and you take in everything that is being said and then you answer.... I was abused by my family as well as outside my family. when God reintroduced himself to me I was afraid but slowly he made his presence known to me. I remember he lead me to read td jakes books among others and even some Joyce meyer stuff and at that time the words they spoke or wrote really helped me and I praise God for that but God taught me something very important. the differnce between them and him. someone once told me that it is possible to outgrow the ministry you are apart of and at first I thought it was crazy. But you can. once you get spiritually strong enough the seek god on your own the thirst is overwhelming and God will began to reveal things to you that even tv evangelist haven't been awakened to. I have read some of battle field of the  mind and I use to watch joy... Read more

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    Fri Aug 08 2008

    Does this woman ever say anything different!?!?!? Every time I see her on TV, she is screeching about how we need to look at ourselves and quit complaining. Ok. Got it. Next. She has made a fortune off of browbeating stupid women and weak minded men.

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    Fri May 16 2008

    The word of God is applicable to all Churches at all times. If any special or speciffic message would be directed to a specific church, it would have been either clearly stated so or it would not be in the Bible. The Bible has no passages for some and not for others. Paul spoke the Word of God, otherwise, it would not be in the Bible. And Paul clearly teaches that women have no business to preach or teach in a congregation where men are present. One thing is to be politically correct and another to be biblically correct. God is indeed no respecter of persons or churches. His Word is applicable to all, equally. And He does not negotiate or compromises His Word, as we do. Let your women keep silence in the churches: for it is not permitted unto them to speak; but they are commanded to be under obedience, as also saith the law. 1 Corinthians 14:24 Let the woman learn in silence with all subjection. But I suffer not a woman to teach, nor to usurp authority over the man, but to be in sil... Read more

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    Sun Mar 16 2008

    UPDATE:  The book of Corinthians is actually a letter to a particular church. This church was being disrupted by the women. If a church today is in the exact same position then it applies to them. If they are not then it does not apply. God is no respecter of persons. Acts 10:34 Then Peter opened his mouth, and said, Of a truth I perceive that God is no respecter of persons: Galatians 3:28 There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither bond nor free, there is neither male nor female: for ye are all one in Christ Jesus. Galatians 3:29 And if ye be Christ's, then are ye Abraham's seed, and heirs according to the promise.   ORIGINAL MESSAGE: Put all your faith in Jesus and not anyone on RIA including myself, Jesus our Lord will never let you down... For those of you who feel that Joyce Meyer is a false prophet then you must follow your heart, this is what I would do if I felt this. I do not feel that way and before you get upset with me, pray for her and me. My desire is live a go... Read more

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    Tue Feb 12 2008

    Joyce Meyer is a very honest straight forward teacher / leader. She has an amazing message and you can learn a lot from her. She keeps it real and uses a lot of her own situations to help you understand things better. She does not claim to be perfect or 100%. She admits that she is still growing. Amazing person.

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    Fri Feb 08 2008

    She is nothing more than an arrogant theif that uses donations to live in hypocritical luxury. A scam artist with bad taste. No more, no less. She reminds me why I'm an theist!

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    Sun Feb 03 2008

    Absolute amazing. Her lectures are extremely powerful and always relevant.

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    Fri Feb 01 2008

    God hates the "proud look"!

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    Fri Jan 25 2008

    I'd like to put her over my knee and spank her.  You KNOW she'd get off on it.

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    Mon Dec 17 2007

    I like her but disappointed that her financials don't appear to be above board.

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    Sat Dec 01 2007

    It's amazing when someone bleeds, we attack like ravaged vampires. Who are any of you to judge this woman? Let's leave that to the rightful one. I believe you all know who that is, or do you? What was that story about casting stones? hmmm..

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