John Howard (Australia)

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    Sat Aug 30 2008

    Australia's George W. Bush.

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    Thu Aug 09 2007

    Has eyebrows outside the legal limit. He's also screwing over the public education system, in order to create the filter, that splits Australia into an elitist upper class, and a poor working class. He's not a very credible economic reformer, if the only way he makes money is to screw over the majority of Australians, the people who VOTED HIM IN!

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    Thu May 31 2007

    Best Prime Minister since Menzies!

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    Wed Feb 22 2006

    A good PM who governs for all Australians. My only gripe is his decision not to support the Republic.

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    Wed Feb 22 2006

    He is the current prime minister of Australia having been re-elected in 2004. He has pursued a conservative path, and that has caused lots of angst on the left. The Labour Party was extremely confident in the 2004 election, leading the entire campaign. Howard, however, whupped them and got a new lease on power. I agree with the comment left by Maulman that Howard disappointed us all by not supporting the republic. Lastly, he is a little too pro-dingo for my tastes.

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    Sun Sep 25 2005

    A terrible leader with dangerous ideas. Have never and would never vote for this man. Has placed our Country in harms way, any fool who believes that Terrorism was a threat to Australia, before this disaster Government, needs their head read. John Howard has dragged us into the same scum pond as George Bush, and I fear we will never be able to drag ourselves out. John Howard is a warcriminal and should be tried as such along with Bush and his Neo Cons.

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    Thu Aug 04 2005

    Engaged Australia unnecessarily into the War in Iraq. Has a polar concept of the ideal Australia. Rhetorical, arrogant, and a pawn for the wealthy and corporate Australia. And to sum it up, one acronym: G.S.T.

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    Mon Jun 27 2005

    Just like how George Bush has turned America from the laughingstock of the world to the most despised nation on the globe, John Howard has changed Australia forever. Gone is the lucky country the friendly country and the fair country. Enter the deputy sheriff, the redneck wonderland and politics built on lies. John Howard will be remembered for his foolish support for the Iraq war, for looking up children behind razor wires and for refusing to sign the Kyoto treaty. The only positive impact John Howard has had on Australia (or the world) during the last decade is that he has reviled the true nature of conservatisms just how filled with filth, nastiness and hatred it is.

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    Fri Jun 10 2005

    Got elected as part of the liberal party in Australia. It's an oxymoron, the Liberal Party are actually conservatives. I didn't vote for him. But he serves his target electorate. Lacks effective policies for modern youth, but he knows they don't vote for him anyway. Too much smoke and mirrors for my liking. The Budget Surpluses he boasts are an illusion. Australians are in more debt than ever before. I've got nothing to say about the War in Iraq.

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    Sun Oct 03 2004

    Australians....why do you think that you were safe before the war? Take a good look into reality and you'll realize that terrorists already had their eyes on you. They don't target you now because you stood by us Americans, they target you now because they are, and have been jealous of free people. They don't want freedom. They want people to live in fear. They want submission. If they had real agendas, then why would they resort to beheading people, and killing those they disagree with? They will never seek peace. Do some homework, check it out. The timeline of terror has gone much farther back than this election cycle for the U.S. and Australia. If you make the wrong choices now, you may really see what they have in store for you. Its time for the world to quit hitting the snooze button, and wake up.

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    Fri Oct 01 2004

    I trust the Australians to deal with this person in their usual manner.

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    Sun Sep 19 2004

    Tell us why little john howard should not be elected in the upcoming Australian election. Your reason will be tested against public opinion and if popular will rank in the top 105 reasons.

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    Sun May 16 2004

    I'm an Australian living in the US. Don't worry, the people of the US are starting to wake up to the truth behind this war. That truth being that there is no truth. Worst thing is that everyone in the world now knows that Australia was involved in a war, that now gives them a reason to invade us. Good one John!

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    Sat May 01 2004

    Jackboot Johnnie is a total crook and war criminal. An enemy to civil rights and human freedom.

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    Tue Apr 13 2004

    Ok, so he did stabilise the economy and his militay usage is quite effective, but he's just a yes man to George Bush and he controls a fairly biased media. I agree on keeping the 'scum' out of Australia, but I don't agree with detention centre's and he has been Australia's prime minister for too long. Bill Bryson once said- If a man as outstanding colourless as John Howard prefers Sydney to Canberra, it must be worth a look. It's true, John Howard would take out the Most Outstanding Colourless Award, no worries.

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    Tue Feb 10 2004

    Did too much for the Abos.

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    Sun Oct 05 2003

    Congratulations John, you've managed to put Australia third on the hit parade by following the brilliant lead of Bush.

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    Tue Aug 12 2003

    Just another Bush shill. He is the main reason that Australia is at greatly increased risk of terrorist attacks these days. Also, note to Jaws: Canada has a very weak and unprepared military, and never joined the coalition of the bullied and the bought. It chose to listen to its conscience rather than its bank accounts, unlike Aussie and Limey. John Howard is a whore.

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    Wed May 21 2003

    Australia should be abolishing the ETA (Electric Travel Authority) and replace to ETA free between 3 to 6 months for most tourists and visiters from most countries. Most non-communist countries not required a tourist visa for foreign tourists and visitors. Why Australia requires ETA or a tourist visa except New Zealanders? Although New Zealand not requires a tourist visa within 3 months for most other citizens.

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    Sun May 11 2003

    John Howard is an honest and strong leader. He will go down as the greatest Prime Minister in Australia's history.

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    Wed Apr 16 2003

    Another reliable stooge for George Bush. Wake up, Australia.

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    Wed Mar 19 2003

    At what point did he start to believe that three countries can know better than the rest of the world?

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    Sun Mar 16 2003

    A characterless person!

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    Mon Feb 24 2003

    Pushed to allow the Vietnamese refugese into the country in the seventies. The Australian media twists the facts to make all non socialist out as racists and bigots. Bends over to easyly to pressure groups.

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    Sun Feb 23 2003

    Australia claims to have the Westminster system but if you see both houses of parlament run in the UK & Austalia you will see they are run very diffrent (both are more or less democratic in certain ways). Australia has sort of a two party system(Labor/liberal). There is about an eqaul magority of Social-democrats(Labor, Greens, Democrats, these are utopian, pro-gay, etc.) and Liberals(Centrists). Minnorities of c5% each Nationalists(National, One Nation & Christian Democrats) and Commies(Unity). Most Nationalist give their prefrences to Liberal to try to keep the left out. Labor is supported by the Traid-Unions and is anti-American. Liberal's who are pro-American supported by Big-Bisness. Johnny Howard is the leader of the Liberal party. Howard gave me Child endowment. Those against him are the same comies & thugs yelling "1,2,3,4, we don't want your racist war".

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    Tue Feb 18 2003

    Any leader of another nation who is willing to support Bush is fine with me. The U.S., England, Australia and Canada combined have the bulk of the millitary strength of the free world. Screw the UN. Screw NATO. Screw Germany, France and Belgium. They have all turned prissy anyway.

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    Thu Jan 30 2003

    Moderate centre-wing liberal-democrat falsely regarded as conservative, hardline(draconian), racist and fascist by the Australian media (run by the New-left). he is antiracist, a strong anglican and strongly belives in incentives, free-speech and privitisation. has made mistakes, introduced Goods and servis tax, gunlaws, incrased the Australian ecconomy and has been its best Prime-minister for at least 30 years. Suports the 'War against Terror'since Sep 11.

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    Thu Jan 02 2003

    A bigot.