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    Mon Feb 25 2013

    There wasn’t one point during my dealings with Chris did I feel he wasn’t being totally honest with me. We are happy with our car and me being a huge Acura/Honda fan you can bet that my next car will be a Honda, whether its for myself or my daughter.

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    Mon Apr 16 2012

    Last Saturday I purchased my 4th automobile from John Eagle Honda. I purchased the car from Matt Volpi. Our experience with Matt was very positive. He explained features about the Accord, discussed various finance options, was non high pressure and had very good people skills. We really believe we were dealing with a very honest person.

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    Wed Apr 04 2012

    I loved the service that John Eagle Honda gave me I didn't feel pushed into to buy a car like some place. I was able to enjoy my first car buying experience. Plus Marcia was so great that I will be sure to send friends her way.

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    Fri Mar 16 2012

    There were a lot of special needs I required such as style and color, extremely impressed with the help I received.

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    Tue Feb 21 2012

    I just wanted to say you all were very nice to me & made me feel at home and that's what an dealership should do no one hassled me at all and I would recommend y'all to any one :D y'all are 5* dealership y'all go beyond to help :D and I just wanted to say thank y'all for giving a chance when no one else did that makes me feel good :D

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    Wed Feb 08 2012

    Thanks for the photo that will serve to remind me of a lovely experience on Saturday! You and everyone who was involved handled things just as Claire and I hoped you would. A "Thumbs Up" day all around!

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    Fri Jan 20 2012

    I left my car to get a detail service completed after a prior error in body work. The detail was offered in return for the error which was very nice. This morning I picked the car up from Jeremy and he was extremely helpful in getting the car detailed and in then fixing my tail light which I had forgotten was burnt out. He spent quite a bit of time getting it to work and was very helpful. Thanks for the great service.

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    Fri Jan 06 2012

    I am a long time (25+ years) Honda customer and have owned numerous Honda and Acura products over the years. The car purchasing experience is usually my least favorite part of the process. I can honestly say that Mr. Young made the car purchasing experience completely hassle-free and enjoyable. Mr. Young is extremely friendly and knowledgeable, but more importantly is very honest and trustworthy. I was an internet buyer. Mr. Young was very respectful of my inquiry and wishes and did everything that I asked of him and more. Not once did he ignore me, go against my wishes or treat me with anything other than the utmost respect. It was very clear to me from the start that Mr. Young sincerely wanted my business. My vehicle search took me over a 3 state area. John Eagle was not the least expensive (nor the closest dealer to me), but being treated with respect by people with a can-do attitude who deliver on their promises is absolutely worth the extra expense to me. When I was read... Read more

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    Tue Dec 20 2011

    Please know that we were extremely happy with John Eagle, and with you, in particular. It was a positive car buying experience and we have no regrets. The new CR-V was parked in the driveway earlier today and several of our neighbors stopped to give compliments. Even our son, a typically underwhelmed teenager, is impressed.

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    Mon Dec 05 2011

    Thanks for the wonderful service you provided in getting me my new car. It was the easiest transfer I've ever experienced. You are very efficient and make doing a lot of paper a pleasant experience. Honda is a great place to do business. I intend to continue leasing at Honda.

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    Fri Nov 04 2011

    Buying a car can be extremely stressful and I had a lot going on, However Hal was Amazing. He worked with me over the phone listening to every detail and kept me posted with my progress. When I the time came for me to receive the car I was introduced to the Honda team. Everyone was extremely helpful and I felt like a valuable customer.

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    Wed Feb 17 2010

    Doc, When I initially contacted John Eagle Honda Dallas, I rather expected to be given the professional brush-off; guessing I would explain my situation, it would become apparent I may simply be seeking information which would not equate to profit and would be politely dismissed. You, Doc ... far exceeded my expectations! I appreciate your time and efforts in researching options for my specific situation. Though it ended up in a rather easy “sale” for your department, you initially could not know the outcome. After listening patiently to ‘my story’, you offered to make an appointment at my convenience to look over my vehicle for a value estimate. Upon my arrival, you did check my vehicle, and contacted the finance side of you organization, apprising them in detail of my situation to see what if any, options might be available. Even at this point you could have simply passed me on to them with a wave of your hand to the other facility; however you walked me across the street , in... Read more

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    Tue Feb 16 2010

    I went to John Eagle Honda in Dallas last week and talked to a salesman who treated my husband and I with lots of courtesy, which was much appreciated as I had my 18 month old daughter with us and she was not a very happy child. So they really tried to make our stay as fast as possible. So we told them we were looking for an Accord. We went out to their lot and looked at a whole bunch of Accords and picked out a really beautiful one. They gave us a price that was LOWER than anaother dealership we went to and then we just went to the finance office, gave them a check and signed a bunch of papers. Fast, Efficient and really Trustworthy. We appreciate the ease and a fabulous car. Regards, Lynette

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    Mon Feb 01 2010

    (Not worth one star, just put one because i had to) BEWARE! The salesmen are typical salesmen-liars, but there's one person in the finance department that you should definitely watch out for-Kelly Moody (male). He is extremely unprofessional, obviously a pathological liar, and can't do his job. Went in to purchase vehicle, had my own financing, dealership said they only needed my info to verify that i am who i'm portraying myself to be (USA Patriot Act) well...they came back w/an interest rate from a bank. It was only one point lower than what i had, but point is they weren't supposed to run my credit for credit. Decided i would use the bank they claimed would give me the lower rate. (At this point, i'm dealing with two people from the finance department, main one is Moody guy). After almost two weeks of having the vehicle, i received several alerts from my credit monitoring company that there were inquiries to my report. I called each company to find out why they were inquiring ... Read more

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    Sun Jan 24 2010

    I called their Internet department for availability on a New 2010 CRV EXL w/ NAV. I was told twice that it was available. I made an appointment because the guy said it would save me some time. I stay really busy with school and work, so I don't have a lot of that to spare. When I arrived they didn't have anything prepared, and come to find out the car had been sold. They said it was sold that morning... (but they all say that) It was a complete waste of my time, and I got nothing accomplished for the time I alotted myself to find a New car before the end of the month. Never trust John Eagle Honda!!!

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    Tue Jan 12 2010

    Hi Jeff, I wanted to let you know that we appreciate your courtesy, professionalism and integrity. This is by far the best feeling we have ever had after leaving an auto dealership. We will highly recommend your dealership and yourself every chance we get. Thanks for sharing your knowledge and experience. Cheers, JRB

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    Thu Nov 05 2009

    Because most dealerships have vulture-like salesmen circling the lot as soon as you come to look a new vehicle (ie Rusty Wallace and Lute-Ri...

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    Sun Nov 01 2009

    Mr. Shipman That was the easiest experience I ever had buying a New Car from start to finish. I will recommend you and John Eagle Honda o...

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    Sat Oct 24 2009

    The boys are loving my Pilot. My buying experience was wonderful. I came in wanting to just think about a new car and did not want to be pressured. You were most helpful in answering my questions, giving me the information I needed and helping me without making me feel like I was being forced or coerced. You let me ask all the questions, voice my concerns and made the experience stress free. I know I was very apprehensive at first, since this was the first time I had every tried to purchase a car on my own. You made me feel very comfortable and safe and very patient, while I tried to digest all of the options. I am very happy and satisfied that I made the right decision and will be a John Eagle customer without hesitation. Thanks again for working with me and may God richly bless you in all your endeavors. (Kathy - Irving, Texas)

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    Sat Oct 24 2009

    Mr. Ingram: I strongly believe that good customer service deserves meaningful recognition and wanted to take a minute to let you know that I appreciate the level of service I received from your dealrship, in particular, from Doc Watson. I am a ... lawyer ... and understand that providing good customer service can be a challenge at times, especially in down markets. I also understand that not everyone is interested in working any harder than is required to make their bottom line. however, some people like Doc do actually care about offering a positive customer experience by being up-front, honest and personable in their jobs. I found Doc after having a ridiculous and offensive experience at .... I told him of the experience I had and exactly what I was looking for in a vehicle. In less than a week, not only did Doc find me the exact car I wanted under the term I was seeking, he did so with a friendly and straightforward attitude that I greatly appreciated. Dealing with Doc was e... Read more

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    Thu Aug 13 2009

    Service department: I have been to several honda dealerships in my life but i have never seen such a greedy service department. They quoted ...

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    Wed Jun 17 2009

    I changed from another Honda dealer to John Eagle some 4 years ago when a friend flew from Corpus Christi to Dallas to buy a car at John Eag...

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    Tue Oct 09 2007

    This service department is excellent with timeliness and expert work I think because the auto repair market is competitive. They worked on my car several times and am pleased very much each time with body work and regular maintenance. Also, friendly atmosphere and concern for the customer I have found here more than any other. Thanks.

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    Thu Feb 23 2006

    Honda dealership offers new and pre-owned vehicles, plus service, parts, financing and more.

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    Tue Sep 27 2005

    Variety of cars. A little pricey but for Honda cars it is normal. Could not find advertised cars on the lot but maybe they were in the back....