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    Mon Jun 06 2011

    UPDATED JUNE 6, 2011: Looking at all the disagrees that I have gotten on this posting over the years, I sometimes despair for rational thinking.Of course it might be a gaggle of mopes from the Illuminati, on the other hand.ORIGINAL COMMENT: What do you call a person who insists that others follow all the laws and rules, but does not consider these laws and rules to apply to himself?This person continually flouts these laws and rules. And then when he gets caught, this person is, oh so sorry, not that he did wrong but that he got caught, with the implication that he would have continued in the same old law breaking and rule breaking way except for the apprehension?Now he states that he is sorry for what he did, but since he hadn't stopped the bad acts on his own accord, objectively we must conclude that he is only sorry for himself because he was caught! (I could go on and on about this guy.)What do you call that person? Answer: SOCIOPATHUPDATE: From reading some of the posts, I ... Read more

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    Mon Jun 06 2011

    The whole concept of Christianity is based on the message of Redemption and that no one is beyond saving, forgiveness and the Lord's grace! ..Well Except maybe Reprobates like RalphthePsycho-hatingLamaSadSickwonder!

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    Tue Apr 19 2011

    I attend Family Worship Center, Bro Swaggarts Church in Baton Rouge La. Although not prefect because people are not perfect, you will get FED the WORD of GOD. Sound Doctrine. The HOLY SPIRIT is there and moving in a powerful way. I Love Bro Swaggart. He LOVES the LORD and has given his whole life to the ministry. I've been to the prayer meetings where I have heard this man of GOD pray crying out to the LORD hurting over what yall say about him and the ugly comments and harsh remarks from people who call themselves christians? The CHURCH? I had to just lay on the floor and cry broken hearted and felt the heart of the LORD broken hearted. The ones that have made negitive comments have NO CLUE of what you are talking about. I suggest that you all repent. I have seen it!! GOD is judging those that come against this MAN of GOD. And the message of the CROSS is the message of the BIBLE! Jesus Christ and HIM crucified is the ONLY way to GOD.It is the only way to victory and the only way to del... Read more

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    Sun Aug 22 2010

    I brought it up for discussion at atheist church last friday night, and we'll admit that the athiest Stalin deserves death and eternal damnation with no chance to repent, if all christians admit that Swaggart deserves the same. Deal?

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    Wed Jul 14 2010

    I have lived in Swaggart's city of Baton Rouge since 1974. I have watched the entire rise and fall and rise again of the Swaggart ministry(business). He attacked other preachers for sin until he got caught. Then he preached forgiveness. I have seen local media reports of his family compound which consists of multi-million dollar mansions where all the Swaggart clan live. I have listened to his praise-a-thons where he tells followers to send their last dollar. I think if people want to send him their last dollar that is their right in this country, but if so, then the Swaggarts should be treated like any other family business and PAY TAXES! The Swaggarts should be exposed for what they really are (living like royality) and then if good(often poor) people still want to fund this lavish lifestyle with their last dollar so be it.

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    Tue Jun 01 2010

    This dear Saint has truly been blessed with God's beautiful Grace and Mercy. He shares the Lord Jesus Christ as our only Hope through His work on the Cross. Brother Swaggart's message is not new, but one that the Apostle Paul preached continually throughout all of the Gentile nations. He imparts truth through the working of the Holy Spirit. A very gracious teacher of the Word of God who only wants to spread the message of the Cross throughout the entire world.

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    Mon Nov 16 2009

    I discovered this site by accident...maybe not...I love your spirit...today I cannot go to church...because...it hurts my heart to hear Christians tear people appart...I love to hear Jimmy Swaggart sing more than eat...I would like to know what kind of fellowship you are involved with that makes you so forgiving...I never held anything against Jimmy Swaggart...the way I viewed it...he can bring me into a place when he sings like NO one else...he is annointed...I just wish I could find a church in the Orlando, Florida area where they would have a preacher like him...do you know of any? I would also like to know ....Robin Herd...where is he...he is awesome...and that lady Tavreva Henderson and Bob...and a guy by the name of Jeremy Downey...I felt so close to God when they sing...know about them...I really don't know anything about Jimmy Swaggart...don't even care...I just know what it does to my heart to hear him sing...thanks for sharing...

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    Mon Nov 09 2009

    ***This post was upadated as of 11/09/09**** Hello. My post is basically about something that I can relate to as a Christian......the fact that, like Jimmy Swaggart, I too have struggled with pornography. I can't say that I have had promiscuous sex with a woman. I am thankful to the Lord that throughout these 18 years of my vice, that I am still a virgin and have never deflowered a woman. I have gotten some help with a prayer ministry that is giving me breakthroughs, and I can only say for myself that my involvement with porn has not been as severe. Glory be to God for that. In all things I will give thanks to the Lord. Jimmy (and probably Donnie) Swaggart have preached against psychology over the past years, which would include counseling. It is very intriguing that when Donnie Swaggart held a press conference in October of 1991 after his dad's second exposure, he stated that his father would be taking an undetermined period of time off from the ministry for "professional c... Read more

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    Thu Nov 05 2009

    http://spiritwatch.org/fireswag1.htm Why Jimmy Swaggart Still Needs To Repent

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    Fri Oct 02 2009

    Is anyone going to say where Donnie's second wife Judy is? Is Donnie planning to marry again soon? Does "Doxa," who claims to "interact hourly" with Jimmy Swaggart know? Update from October 1, 2009. I see Judy was on the stage with Donnie on last Sunday's Telecast. But Tareva Henderson and Jeremy Downey were singing. What's the deal? Are these people back, or do the Swaggie's just want TV viewers, aka suckers, to think that these people are stil with the ministry when this clip is about 4 years old?

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    Wed May 06 2009

    I think that swaggart is a man of God. also he has a cool study bible. I been to the youth camps and they changed my life so you come out on july 22-26 2009.

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    Thu Jan 01 2009

    Are we judging King David's heart? Which would be crazy, so we should not be judging Jimmy's. I personally think Jimmy is very passionate about Jesus and the Gospel. If he's not, then God will deal with him. I read a post somewhere that Jimmy was no King David or Simon Peter. Well, I hate to tell ya, but yeah he is and we all are. Why? We are all human. King David, Simon Peter, yep they had a corruptable human nature. King David didn't even repent right away. It wasn't even after having sex with Bathsheba, that he realized he made a mistake and repented, but then Bathsheba gets pregnant, and then David has her husband killed. What kind of Godly man is that? Good grief! Jimmy didn't even do that. LOL But guess what? David was a great man. Why? Because he loved God and God used him in special ways. Why did David do this? Because lust (sin, human nature) got the best of him. Why? Because despite him loving God, David had a corruptable sin, human nature that got the best of him. And guess ... Read more

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    Thu Jan 01 2009

    Man of God, even thou he stumbled, etc... we may be saved but we are still human. "Who among us can cast the first stone?? Not I." God bless.

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    Thu Nov 06 2008

    Can this idiot speak without slobberin' all over himself?  If he thinks this cry-baby crap makes him a credible Christian, he's sadly misguided.

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    Thu Oct 23 2008

    exposevil - and his false doctrine is what?

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    Sat Jun 14 2008

    i was saved watching him in the 80's and stuck with him through thick and thin until this message of the cross fantasy... ever since this "brilliant revelation" and i'm being sarcastic he has allowed contemporary christian music in his worship which is something he said he would never do knowing it was satanic... he also rewrote the bible to fit his false doctrine... the cross is the answer but not the way he preaches it. from being an anointed ministry to the tripe it is today i give him no stars.but have to rate him or it won't go through. i miss the preacher in the 80's who had a backbone to stand up to this ccm filth that has took over the hearts and minds of church goers today. we are truly in the time of the antichrist!

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    Sat May 31 2008

    I watch brother Jimmy every night on tv and also bought the study bible. The bible is excellent, as for Jimmy He is wonderful and clearly gets to the point. He is very passionate about the Lord and the way of the cross. I look forward to hearing he everyday. God bless you all and always go to the cross for all that you do.

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    Tue Mar 04 2008

    He preaches the true message of the Cross as written about in Roman's Chapters 6,7,8.

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    Fri Dec 21 2007

    I feel Jimmy Swaggart is a sincere Christian. I find very little in his message that I disgree with. If you CLAIM to be a Christian, you should be CAREFUL judging Mr. Swaggart. After all, look at David. David was a MAN AFTER GOD'S OWN HEART!!! I love Mr. Swaggart and I believe he has brought a lot of people to the saving power of Jesus Christ.

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    Mon Nov 12 2007

    this is one of the BIGGEST cry babies i've EVER SEEN,who has simply learned how to beg MORE!RETIRE DUDE!

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    Wed Sep 26 2007

    What would you people rate King David? A man that had a womans HUSBAND KILLED so he could have her. (murder,adultry,envy) But yet God called him a man after his heart. Please let God be the judge, remember a thing called forgiveness. Let he that has no sin cast the first stone. Be careful, Thanks

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    Mon Jul 30 2007

    Jimmy Swaggart, Joseph L. Stanford, Jim Bakker, Jim Jones, etc. Why do weak minds follow these men. They have/had track records for hurting people and holding their heads high while proclaiming righteousness. What do you call a person who insists that others follow all the laws and rules, but does not consider these laws and rules to apply to himself? Answer: Food for HELL. Hey guys, may the souls you have wounded bite you in hell if they are lost due to your filthy pride and hypocrisy. And as for your followers: It is a pity that you fund these liars with every dollar you raise and place in the offering. You have eyes and are still blind. Keep turning your heads and singing your songs but you could be following someone in this lifetime who is not a liar, hypocrate and thief. However your leader has proably all ready convinced you that that man is the devil. Rise up for heavens sake.

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    Sun Jul 29 2007

    Jimmy Swaggart is simply the most damaging personality for the Christian religion of our time. The very person who would go to the Assembly of God and accuse ministers of misconduct. Ask the Assembly of God to distance themselves from ministers to whom might tarnish the good name of the organization and punish those who got caught in sin and HE WAS THE WORST OF THEM ALL. And when the Assembly of God found out what he had done, Jimmy did not submit to the very disciplines he mandated for others, He left the organization. WHAT AN EVIL MAN. Look you can still see his smug self righteous face all over his web site. He is mentally ill. I hope for the souls of many it dose not run in the family because his son is on the same path as daddy.

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    Mon Jul 23 2007

    Cant we give this ACTOR less than one star??? The fakest of them  all!!!! Unmanly, and un-American, shut off the watewrworks, and fer God's sake yer a grown man, stop calling youreself Jimmy, JAMES!

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    Fri May 25 2007

    Ever heard the phase, Swag!  Well Jimmy swaged his way to it!!!Probably one of the worst examples of a church leader you could get!!! Sorry but this man has brought a whole new meaning to false prophet. A Wolf dressed in sheeps clothing!!!

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    Thu May 24 2007

    Ha! Poor ol' Jimmy. All he wanted was to get rich off of his brainwashed, bonehead cult of believers and pick up hot chicks, that's all.  But he got busted. Poor Jimmy.

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    Sat Mar 31 2007

    His influence disappeared long ago.

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    Sat Feb 24 2007

    People actually watch this guy still after getting caught with his little jimmy in a whores room. Man people sure have short memories. I guess ADD must be at epidemic levels.

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    Mon Jan 15 2007

    Folks, forget his sins and so-called forgiveness and think of the huge estate he has amassed and the fortune he has been given by a large number of well intentioned Christians. In my opinion, he has been made very wealthy and has not invested the funds in his ministry, but in real estate and his personal fortune. I have absolutely no confidence in this man. He puts on his dog and pony show without my wasting electricity on him-at least, not anymore. I have listened to him in the past. He is entertaining. Give him that much. not any more. Fed up with his kind.

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    Mon Jan 15 2007

    I rate this two stars only. Not that it didn't make some good points - it would have been much better had it addressed facts only and left the personal attacks and name calling out of it. Without verifying each individual claim, I can at least say this: Donnie Swaggart's teaching is not exactly unbiblical. When it comes to doctrine, most christians recognize that there are beliefs that are essential to being a christian and those that are not. Swaggart's errors, from my experience, seem to be those of the non-essential. Of all the essentials he seems to be in line.

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    Thu Nov 16 2006

    There's a man with a begging bag if I ever seen one.

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    Mon Nov 13 2006

    I love the guy. The whole world can judge him, condemn him and walk all over him, but He loves God above all else and He preaches nothing but Christ and the Cross. One day, we will hear God honor Him and we'll see God reward him for fearing no one but God. I could not believe there are Christians who have had a taste of God's grace can possibly demean a fellow Christian like this. I think it is an abomination to say you are a follower of Christ and behave this way. I question if they have truly known Jesus Christ in the first place.

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    Wed Mar 08 2006

    I sined I sined I sined. I`m saved I`m saved I`m saved. Now I`ll tell you how to live. I`m sorry mr. Swaggart i`ll just take my chances on my own, with your track record I think I know right from wrong better than you.

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    Mon Feb 06 2006

    The whole thing with the hooker doesn't particularly bother me, he's not the 1st guy to do that, and I am after all a proponent of giving people another chance. I'd even give him an extra nepotism star for being Jerry Lee Lewis' cousin, except that I feel that he's a dumbass too, regardless of his undoubted talent on the piano and historical importance in rock and country music, he's an ultimate bad stereotypical redneck, a walking cliche. Plus, Swaggart's just another one of these hucksters paying for sports cars and what not from the gullible buffoons who buy into the nonsense these frauds peddle.

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    Thu Jan 19 2006

    Jimmy Swaggart...I do not believe that anyone could contest the impact that this man has had on Christianity. I believe that Jimmy loves God and is sincere in what he teaches and preaches. He may not always be right and like any man is not above making a mistake. I remember how strongly he preached against pornography and any kind of "sexual perversion". I also know that the reason for this was because he was preaching to himself not only to the masses. However you can not hide from God and sin will be shouted from the rooftops. I hope that if Jimmy ever finds himself in a adultry again that he would submit himself to the elders of the church and step down under their direction. I wish him well....Michael...Baton Rouge, LA

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    Thu Jan 19 2006

    Sounds to me like some Christians on here are following the book of satan instead of the Word of God. This is evident by their attitudes and actions. Let’s take a look and see if that is the case or not. 1st demons 256:23 Worldly “christian” brethren, if a man falls into sin, ye which claim to be Christian should condemn such a person in the spirit of anger and unforgiveness and don’t try to restore him; also don’t consider thyself, because thou will not be tempted or fall. After all thou art better then everyone else and are above falling into sin. demon-tudes 30:2,3 Let all bitterness, and wrath, and anger, and clamour, and evil speaking, abound mightily among you with all malice: And be ye mean and hateful one to another, hardhearted, condemning one another, because you don’t want to be like Christ who forgives. spudnicker the false prophet 5:12,13 Don’t take heed to yourselves but give into your sinful flesh: If thy wretched brother sins against thee, condemn him; and if he r... Read more

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    Mon Jan 09 2006

    ok, so he screwed up. those of us without sin throw the first stone. all I can say is at least he is not a word faith preacher. he does preach the cross and Glorifies Christ. Most WF preacher glorify themselves, especially Osteen,

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    Tue Dec 20 2005

    Jimmy Swaggart may have been the "real deal" many, many years ago. If he was he sure lost sight of his original committments.

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    Fri Nov 25 2005

    This FILTHY, FILTHY RAT BASTARD Swaggart is nothing but a Christ-killing hypocrite. A special place in hell awaits this bastard and his son Donnie, who also "preaches" nothing but hatred.

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    Thu Nov 03 2005

    Hey Jimmy, pick up any good looking sidewalk Cinderella's lately?

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    Fri Oct 21 2005

    Just another pentacostal hypocrite whos had fools and fanatics send him way to much money over the years.

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    Thu Oct 20 2005

    Jimmy said it best himself, "I have sinned against you." Enough said! The end, case closed.