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    Thu May 26 2011

    I had a terrible experience with the service at the Jimmy Johns in Lansing, KS. I initially made a lunch order for 4 sandwiches this morning. Before receiving these, I called in and asked to add a sandwich to this order if it hadn't been sent out for delivery yet. The order was taken and minutes later the first order of sandwiches arrived. After about 25-30 minutes, I received a phone call stating that another order had arrived but the driver was unable to locate my office. (The first delivery driver had located this without a problem.) The sandwich never came so I called an hour later to check up on the order. I was told that since I didn't meet the person out in the parking lot, it wasn't delivered. However, I was told the 90 minute old sandwich could still be delivered to me at full charge. First of all, I should not have been told that the last sandwich could be added on if the order had been sent out as I inquired during the call. Next, the fact that the second deliver... Read more

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    Sun Feb 06 2011

    Greetings Everyone, I am writing to you today to thank you and your fellow employees on the service that was provided to me the last few times that I came to Jimmy Johns. Entering Jimmy Johns in Dearborn, MI I did not realize how professional your employees were. From feeling welcomed from the minute I walked in to assisting me with my order. I have ordered from Jimmy Johns several times and I am pleased with the service that I received. I always order the Turkey Tom and the last time I went there the sub was exquisite. From the fresh toppings to the warm atmosphere in the store, I really enjoy every visit that I had at Jimmy Johns. Also, the prices of the subs are very reasonable especially in this economy. I recommend Jimmy Johns in Dearborn to all of my friends and family and thank you and all of your employees for a positive experience. Regards, Fareed

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    Sat Jan 22 2011

    Yeah, So at work on break me and some co-workers decide to order some Jimmy Johns. We order the minute we go on break, seeing how we only get half an hour of break. They tell us their busy and the order will be there in 15 mins. We waited 45 mins then called to ask what had happened to our order, they tell us its on its way. I still tell the manager that we were on break and has made us late. He said he couldnt refund our order (we paid with debit) since we were going to recieve the food. We still waited another 30 mins and we call one more time and they tell us the driver had already been there. But he had gone to the back entrance to the school we work at. And that he was on his way again. They didnt even remake the food, the gave us the same cold food. It was the longest wait for any kind of food. I would not recommend them.

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    Tue Jan 18 2011

    Not worth the price or the fuss. Admittedly, they are fast, if fast is what you're looking for... Can't remember the last time fast yielded anything good. Small subs, about a $1 an inch with cheese (extra). They don't tell you about the extras and markups. If you're hungry in Independence Ohio, find a Papa Joe's, Heinens, or at least Subway. If you've got more cash than common sense then by all means, make it a combo at Jimmy John's

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    Sat Dec 18 2010

    this place suck one thing the owner is a big ass dick. he on his power trip and coke all the time, he fucking steals money from the the drivers tips. You get 13 page handbook that are all rules like u have to work a 10 hours for a free sub in Madison its 8 with NO Breaks for min wage F that, and if u r inshop making subs no tips for u. if u a driver and closing u there till like 3 getting pay only 6 an hour because the one of the mangers talks to her bf all nite and does not do anything. u get yell all the time by the big ass noise owner and last Jimmy johns is awful...what kind of effing sandwich shop...doesn't "toast the bread", only has like ONE kind of hoagie roll--their oh so 'spectacular' crappy "white bread' which is by the way NOT gourmet...like a total of literally....THREE TOPPINGS you can get on the entire sub???? oh no wait i mean FOUR..... lettuce, tomatoes, onions, and their "peppers" oh big deal? they rip people off by adding BARELY any meat- so now you're just eating th... Read more

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    Sun Dec 12 2010

    Jimmy johns is awful...what kind of effing sandwich shop...doesnt "toast the bread", only has like ONE kind of hoagie roll--their oh so 'spectacular' crappy "white bread' which is by the way NOT gourmet...like a total of literally....THREE TOPPINGS you can get on the entire sub???? oh no wait i mean FOUR..... lettuce, tomatoes, onions, and their "peppers" oh big deal? they rip people off by adding BARELY any meat- so now youre just eating their bad bread and a slice of meat.... and the customer service is ALWAYS terrible-- these stupid jerk college students with bad attitudes....I used to semi dislike subway, but subway is still really good....but jimmy johns makes every other sub place look 50 times better....only FOUR toppings?? really?? no toasted bread and you fool fukers call yourselves "gourmet sandwiches" ? Gourmet...what a joke? You're a SANDWICH SHOP---get more TOPPINGS---olives, pickles, peppers, green peppers, mushrooms, whatever....are you too lazy to do that? then u can ... Read more

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    Sun Dec 05 2010

    5 stars Hey there! I actually work for a Jimmy johns in Texas(not a manager just a driver :( ) and I've never had a customer complain about anything mentioned above and several people gloat about how awesome we are. We have had a problem with the slim sandwiches though. We can't put any sauce/veg on there and I actually got yelled at for it once.. There's nothing I can do about it! Corporate guys don't want us to do it! They're rather particular about that! And then there's the problem of a short delivery range. We have to make a delivery in 10-15 minutes so we only have a delivery radius of 2 miles. If a driver takes a delivery OUTSIDE that area, they get fired. From a workers perspective, I love it there. Now from a customers perspective (who is out of the delivery range by about one street) I love it still! I can't say anything about other Jimmy johns but I know the one I work at is fantastic.

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    Fri Nov 26 2010

    I went today for the first time in Little Rock, Ark. The sandwich was okay. But my bread was so cold. i dont mind the inside being cold but the bread was cold and i couldn't enjoy the sandwich. My husband got the regular sandwich and his had so much mayo on it and not enough meat. they put like 2 thin slices of ham , and that's it. my husband told them he doesn't want mayo and they still put it in it. the only thing i liked was the meat was good in it. but the sandwich would have been nice if the bread was at least room temp, if not toasted. i took my sandwich home and put it in the oven lol the customer service did suck. the workers weren't paying attention to us. they were talking to eachother while getting our order.

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    Thu Oct 28 2010

    Jimmy John's subs are not suitable to shit on let alone gurgitate.... Another one of those sub-standard trends made popular in all likelihood by some university derelict known as a frat-boy. The only reason why this has a star is because there are no negative stars—although there should be to balance some of the dumb university losers I have the misfortune of being around for 21 hours per week that pretend like Jimmy Johns is good because Greeks like it & they nut-hug the Greeks because they wish they were cool enough to be in a frat or sorority. And by cool I mean going out to lame bars every night, failing out of school that their parents pay for, still having high school mentality, and shopping for clothes at the god damn Buckle & thinking dressy attire for going out consists of 100 dollar Buckle Jeans, Dr. Marten clodhoppers, a 70 dollar Affliction teeshirt like they know anything about MMA or can fight at all... or maybe a sports jersey or an American Eagle polo with short grea... Read more

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    Sun Oct 17 2010

    My 1st and only experience with this chain was in Phoenix, AZ on a business trip last week. I went there because I thought they were better than Subway especially that they announced to have the "world's greatest gourmet Sandwiches". They were also the closest to my hotel and I didn't want to sit in a regular restaurant by myself. So I thought about trying them and have a take away to eat it at the hotel where I was staying. When I walked in, I found out, unlike Subway, I had to pay in advance. But that process took a while not because there was a line. There was actually no one in front of me, but the cashier just busy staring at 2 young girls and didn’t realize that I was waiting for him until another employee told him that. I ordered a tuna sandwich and paid for it, then another employee started making my sandwich without asking me what I want on it. She was just putting stuff in it that I didn't want which she had to remove. But at the same time she didn't ask me if I wanted cheese... Read more

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    Fri Oct 08 2010

    I HATE JIMMY JOHNS! i ordered there from work and used my credit card to pay for it the first couple times were fine then the employees started writing in there own tips!!! I called them and complained about it and they were suppose to give me cards for a couple free subs for the problem but they never did! Then today i went to check my bank statement which i always keep track of where i use my card and it shows i used it today which ive been at work the whole intire time!!! So now that same or another employee took my credit card number!!!! I WILL NEVER GO TO JIMMY JOHNS AGAIN!! dont get me wrong they had good food but employees need to change because ITS STEALING!!!!!

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    Tue Oct 05 2010

    You people with your hating are crazy. I had been a frequent Subway customer before discovering Jimmy Johns. I don't know how anyone could favor Subway. This is literally what happens to me every time I go into a subway or quiznos. They are short staffed, typically by themselves, so 1 person greets me very obnoxiously when they see me. They don't look happy at all to have me in their store. It seems like subways bread is always stale. I go back to get subway every once in a while because its cheap, but I guess you get what you pay for. The last time I went in there the bread was nasty, service was nasty, the tomatos weren't even on the sandwich by the time I opened it up, just plain bad overall. Things like this are the reasons I try other places. Despite what the crazies on here say, jimmy johns is fresh, at least a lot fresher than subway or quiznos.

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    Mon Sep 27 2010

    Good food, terrible price. I ordered a #16 Club LuLu with "an extra load of meat". I figured like other sandwich shops, that meant they would increase the amount of meats on the sandwich. As the sandwich contains turkey and bacon, I was charged $1.30 for extra turkey and another $1.30 for extra bacon. So my sandwich went from $5.50 to $8.10 for a a extra slice of turkey and for a extra slice of bacon. All the other sandwich shops charge $1 or $1.50 for double meat and that includes all meats. Jimmy John charges more for less... When I called to complain, the manager would not do anything for me. Now understand that we have been ordering from this shop two or three times a week (lunch and/or dinners) and then multiply this by two to four people. Any manager with any business sense, would offer an apology for the misunderstanding and offer a free beverage or half off next purchase just to keep the customer happy. But not this outlet. Screw the customer and smile when doing it. My only... Read more

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    Wed Sep 15 2010

    1 star One star because '0 stars' isn't an option. The Service: Bad Brought the kids to Jimmy John's for the 1st time last night after football & dance practice. Ordered italians subs. We were all in a good mood, but got nothing but attitude when ordering. I asked for hot peppers after they started making the sandwich. 62¢ extra? (I can get a pile of any of 3 different varieties of peppers to the ceiling at Subway for 0¢). This was a HUGE deal for the self- indulgent teenagers running the place. She tossed the sandwiches on the counter. I had to ask for a bag and napkins after she walked away. No one else in the joint. Three or four employees. Do the math; this place will be gone soon. When I got home, I found they gave me the wrong sandwich. The Food: Worse The sandwich I did get was a wet, slimy, messy glob of over-salted meats that would gloop out of the sandwich with every bite. I cut it in half before trying to eat it. This didn't help bec... Read more

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    Fri Sep 10 2010

    Went to the new Harrisonville, MO location for the fifth time only to be bombarded by an obnoxious loudmouth at the front register. We had planned to eat there but quickly decided to leave as her conversation continued to be offensively loud. My sandwich was so full of mayo that it oozed out and overpowered all of the meat and veggies. This was a very diappointing $14 visit to Jimmy Johns. I hope that loudmouth doesn't last long as she's sure to kill some business for this Jimmy Johns!

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    Sun Sep 05 2010

    The food is great, I love the upbeat atmosphere and the quickness however, I don't like how they have the bikes out on the sidewalk. I also thought that the manager was very unprofessional by kissing his girlfriend in front of the store. There is a time and place for that, I noticed the same with some of the employees I understand the age group, but very unprofessional. This is in the sarasota location!

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    Thu Aug 26 2010

    I have had their subs before there actually quit good.

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    Wed Aug 25 2010

    Ok, the sandwiches are fantastic, and I love them but the service is horrible!! First of all, its like pulling teeth to get them to deliver to my house, even though there are 2 locations within a mile in opposite directions of my house. Second of all, the service is horrible! While I have encountered plesant employees in my many visits to the locations, that does not make up for the rude ones! Today I called for a order, and the girl that took my order said to me "WELL I WILL PLACE YOUR ORDER BUT IT WILL BE A BIG HASSLE FOR US, JUST SO YOU KNOW" in a very rude and aggressive voice. I was shocked. I hate to let a few rude little employees tarnish my opinion of great sandwiches, but nobody should talk to their paying customers like that!!

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    Fri Jul 30 2010

    Jimmy John's is a Joke! You do know that the white glue "sauce" that they proudly marinate your bread in has been sitting in the SAME UNREFRIGERATED container ALL DAY, right? The employees are actually instructed to check for yellow clumping, upon heaving this crap onto your sandwich so that they can either grind it into the bread or flick it off so you don't see it. Fresh meat? I don't think so. If I used a slicer to cut up my leftover frozen turkey from last Thanksgiving RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU, (amazing) would you call that fresh? I think they order their lettuce and other vegetables from the same company that supplies prisons with their food... They'll practically throw your money back at you if you DARE ask for half a strand of their pubic hair sprouts on a slim...after all, CAN'T YOU READ THE FRIGGIN' MENU IN THE 2.5 SECONDS that you're alloted to place your order? 6 meats (including tuna and bacon), 1 cheese and 2 bread types makes it difficult to choose from the #10 "I ... Read more

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    Tue Jul 20 2010

    What? No lettuce on the unwhich? That’s right. I did go back to JJ for my lunch and ordered #4 unwhich. This time was properly wrapped and everything but... no lettuce. I understand it’s lettuce wrapped, but I want the lettuce chopped ingredient as well. Asking employees, I found that it’s a new method JJ uses to save some cash in a bad economy. Basically, when you order unwhich, you must ask for the lettuce or you won’t get it. Soon, you’ll have to ask for each ingredient to get a decent sub. Instead of “give me #4 unwhich”, now you have to say “I’d have #4 unwhich with sliced turkey breast, lettuce, tomato, alfalfa sprouts and mayo.” If it’s #4, it’s #4, why would you have to ask for the ingredients?... they’re displayed in the menu under #4, and I would expect my sand/unwhich to have them.

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    Tue Jul 20 2010

    Jimmy John's in Milford, MI... I visited this store for the first time with my son. Right from the start, the two employees there (older man with glasses, younger dark haired guy) didn't look like they wanted to be there and had sour attitudes. I told the younger guy what my first sandwich was, one of which was a basic ham and cheese, and told him i'd have other stuff added on since my son likes certain things. he said ok and rang me up. I asked the older guy if he could put ranch and lettuce on it. He just looked disgusted shook his head and said no. I smiled thinking he was joking. "What do you mean, no?". He just said no. He said they don't have ranch (which is fine, if that's the case), and you cannot put extra things on that sandwich. Ok.... I'll pay extra, but my son wants lettuce on it. Is that possible? He huffed, did it quick and asked me for a dollar bill, for the extra topping, which I gave him. If I knew it was a dollar for a pinch of lettuce, I would have paid the doll... Read more

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    Thu Jul 15 2010

    Jimmy John's just opened here and a California friend who was visiting told me they are terrific! I gave it a try and was soooo very disappointed. The person taking orders was unfriendly and didn't offer a bit of info even though I told him I was never there before. Instead he gave attitude that I didn't order fast enough for him. Then he seemed annoyed because I asked what kind of cheese they offered other than provolone. Well the answer is none....what kind of a sandwich shop offers only one kind of cheese? They did make the sandwich lightning fast which is good I guess but I would have preferred to see what they were doing to my food back there. So I got my little turkey sandwich very neatly wrapped up with no bag. It was just shoved at me......like here...take this and go away! I really hate this place! The bread was skimpy awful, the meat was dried out, the lettuce was brown and the sandwich was a total disappointment! And the price for this sorry lump of a meal was ov... Read more

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    Mon Jun 28 2010

    I used to work at the Jimmy John's in Faribault, MN as a so-called "Person in Charge" (a.k.a. supervisor). I was a good employee and went above and beyond my job duties. But after a while I started to see just how much I disagreed with Jimmy John's treatment of their employees. These people are getting paid minimum wage in the first place and are expected to follow a bunch of frivolous rules, like zero smoke breaks (I'm not a smoker but I always felt bad telling people no to smoke breaks), must work ten hour shifts to get a free sub, but you ABSOLUTELY CANNOT go over 40 hours a week because they don't want to pay time and a half, and men can hardly have any facial hair at all. The "discount" is only for 10 minutes before and after your shift, as well as during, and it's only like 15% off a SINGLE item, so even if you get a sub with pop and chips, you're only getting your sub discounted. And just before I quit, the owners were talking about introducing new rules, like they were goin... Read more

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    Sat Jun 26 2010

    I went to the Jimmy Johns in O'fallon MO and i absolutely loved it. The atmosphere was great, the music was great, and the food was great. The enitre staff greeted me and my sandwich was literally, Freaky Fast. I was shocked when they handed me my sandwich. AND..on top of the speed, it was absolutely delicious.

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    Tue Jun 15 2010

    Had one of these alleged "gourmet" sandwiches in Seattle a few months back. Hands down, the most boring, tasteless and unimaginative sub sandwich I've ever had. This is the kind of garbage that makes the crap that Subway and Quiznos produce look good. Minimal choices of meat, no choices of cheese, and shitty bread.

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    Wed Jun 02 2010

    I ordered the Gargantuan and it was the best sandwich I have ever tasted in my life! It weighed about 8 pounds and the Italian vinaigrette was explosive. I could not believe how real the meat tasted, it was not processed tasting at all. The bread melted in my mouth and left me craving for more. I want another one now!

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    Wed Jun 02 2010

    Save your money and your taste buds, go to Subway instead. I had a Roast beef 8 in. sandwich, added cheese for a rip-off of 75 cents because they barely put any on. The roll was to thin and the topping selection was sad, no sweet peppers and $1 extra for a kosher dill spear. Who wants a spear on their sandwich? Honestly, I thought I'd get a decent amount of meat, at least comparable to a pizza shop. However the claimed medium-rare roast beef was a palish gray color, so maybe I didn't want much anyway! When you're looking for value and a late night option, hit Subway or Wawa.

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    Fri May 28 2010

    how could they let that retard (clay i think his name is) run that place. i went in there with my kids not too long ago and this guy seriously looked like he was retarded. not to mention it reeked like marijuana in there. he was bossing his workers around like they were some kind of robot. im sure these kids get minimum wage and having to deal with this guy. god kill me first before i go into that prison again.

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    Sun May 23 2010

    Oh sorry, I thought this was America, and you had a choice of what cheese you wanted on your sub. Provolone sucks and so does Jimmy Johns. The worst part is, people actually eat there. What is the world coming to....The bread sucks, the produce is limp, I'm not even sure the meat is real and the bacon is fresh out of the precooked, refrigerated box it came in. What is this places niche? People with no taste buds? Any ma and pa owned, non-chain sandwhich shop blows Jimmy Johns away. Please stop eating at this bland, boring, vanilla chain so this place will go out of business and the local family owned places have a chance...(also, do we really need one of these on every corner?)

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    Thu May 20 2010

    My sister and I love Jimmy Johns, We both worked at subway when we were younger, and actually can still get free subway to this day, But we would perfer to get Jimmy Johns, but we live in Newport, MN and we have no one who will deliver to us we are just out of range!! My only complaint is who will deliver to us, theres Jimmy Johns all by where we live but we are just slightly out of range. The one time I had called and asked who could deliver to us the Inver Grove Heights they told us yes, than the delivery guy called us and said no while he was on his way with the sandwiches in his car he stopped just a mile before our house and said no, when i called the manager he said he would this one time, but the delivery guy was so rude we said never mind. We went to the West St. Paul store where they are the GREATEST!!! So i wish they would let one of the surrounding stores take care of us.!

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    Fri May 07 2010

    In macomb, il.They are terrible they don't know what's going on. The employees are something else, we know one young girl left them because of the trash talk in there, no respect. Terrible bread.... Go to ISS 833-1910 in Macomb they are the best.

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    Tue Mar 30 2010

    Let me lay down the pros of Jimmy John's first: -price is not really terrible (although it is not the cheapest) -sandwiches have a decent amount of stuff -restaurant is clean and most staffs are pretty friendly -the Vito ain't bad That is it. Now for the cons: -Only one kind of cheese, and that's provolone. Provolone, if you don't know it, is an extremely mild, white circular cheese with a light buttery flavor. It is a great sub sandwich cheese, particularly on Italian-type sandwiches. It is not "gourmet." Jimmy John's flagrantly ignores the value of a variety of cheese. Some people, believe it or not, value cheese over meat (not in terms of proportions, necessarily, but flavor). Subway lets you pick your cheese... -Only 2 kinds of bread, or lettuce. The wheat is inch thick sliced, squishy bread. The french bread is alright, not bad a day old. But some variety, please. Subway offers a variety of breads... -Sandwich CANNOT be toasted. What the heck? When every other sub retailer in t... Read more

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    Fri Mar 19 2010

    I am extremely unhappy with this company. I think the sandwiches are way over-priced, the help is rather snotty, and it seems as if they over-charge for delivery. If the sandwiches were extraordinarily good, maybe the price would be worth it, but almost 8 dollars for an average sub and poor service? Hello Subway! My husband went to get us lunch there one day and he asked for pepperoni for my sub, and he was told by a snotty worker that they are a" GOURMET sandwich place and we don't do that here". Pardon me! They better start putting prices for delivery on their menus, because they'd be in for a good lawsuit! Never again.

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    Fri Mar 19 2010

    Not impressed. First of all there were 7 employees working in the store and I was the only customer at the time. The place has been open for three days. My sandwiches were made and put on the end of the counter. I asked for a bag and one of the employees pointed (actually put his finger on) a stack of bags sitting on the other side of the counter from. I proceeded to reach over the counter and grab a bag and bag up my sandwiches. 7 employees, 1 customer! I ordered the “Beach Club”. First of all the menu says you have a choice of 7-grain bread or French bread. I wasn’t given a choice, they choose the French bread for me. The menu also advertises “twice the meat or cheese”. There were two slices of turkey and one slice of cheese. I assume that they think all of the other sub places give you one slice of meat and ½ a piece of cheese. I ordered it because I love avocado. Unfortunately I only tasted some of the avocado in a couple of the bites but the sandwich was mostly sprouts an... Read more

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    Thu Mar 18 2010

    Jimmy Johns is really dropping the ball!!! I used to love there sandwiches, but I think I'm over it. I live in St. Paul MN. After getting a couple poorly made sandwiches that tasted so bland at the University Ave. location, I decided we better stick to the Grand Ave. location. Only to go there and have more shitty sandwiches. They forgot the lettuce on both and the italian dressing on the #9. What happened to the big delicious sandwiches? They better step it up and stop being so sloppy!

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    Sun Mar 14 2010

    I went to Jimmy Johns tonight to pick up some sandwiches for house guests. It was raining and miserable weather. A few minutes after one of my house guests was eating her #6 vegetarian sandwich she started taking it apart. Then she announced there was meat in it. Sure enough loaded with white turkey meat covered by white cheese. This was a huge issue due to a medical condition and strick doctors orders. When I called and asked nicely if they could deliver another sandwich, the manager immediatly said No and if I wanted a repacement I should to come in immediately to pick up another or they would replace the sandwich for another. I had to leave my house guests and go retrieve the correct sandwich. When I arrived at the shop I asked the manager why he would not deliver the sandwich?. He didn't answer but replied with a question to me. He asked me "why did it take so long (after eating 1/4 of the sandwich) to discover that there was meat in it?. I explained that the white meat was ... Read more

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    Wed Feb 17 2010

    The Bacon SSUCKKS!!! WTF cook it for God's Sake!

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    Tue Feb 16 2010

    ....Why the sudden rush of hate? Alright, I'll admit that Jimmy John's isn't the best place for a sub but -neither- is subway. Frankly I find it "Subways better cousin." The meat cuts are -DEFINITELY- better then subway. If someone's only had -one- of the meats...well....they shouldn't review their experience. I find the turkey average but....I've NEVER had a cold cut turkey that impressed me (it's always bland). Everything else (especially the ham) is very good. Not as good as a well known local deli but for a chain restaurant it's really good. The bread's yummy. Meat's better then subway and quiznos. Downside is they can't toast your sandwiches. I tend to favor their ham sandiwch or the stomach filling J.J. Gargantuan (which has a delicious italian dressing on it). It's good. But not gourmet......but I guess you could call it "gourmet fast food."

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    Mon Dec 07 2009

    I was looking into franchises and tried over and over again to see how the order-taking, CSR and delivery worked. I have ordered over 20 times (delivery) trying to accommodate a houseful of teens and we all have been disappointed. Wrong orders, consistently - - consistently and we order off the menu that I keep on-hand. It's not like we're ordering prime rib, we're ordering off the menu. Now my boys do swear if you go to the store and order, the store gets it right. (but they have to watch or check before they leave because it has been wrong so many times through delivery; they are just cautious now.) I have already posted here and my sentiments have not changed, since. We have fun get-together's and I would order from JJS always - - IF -- the orders were correct. But my vote goes to Dominoes. Quick, Easy, Right and I get points for free stuff. The GM from my area called me a while back when I said it was so out of hand and he said, "blah, blah, blah." Yet nothing has changed sin... Read more

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    Mon Dec 07 2009

    JIMMY JOHN'S DELIVERY MAN BREAKS INTO APARTMENT A saturday night my friends want to celebrate cinco de montho at an Ann Arbor, MI bar. I am sick with a head cold so I didn't drink . My roomies and I decide to order Jimmy Johns as a late night convenient snack. The delivery man comes and delivers the food to my intoxicated female roomies as I pass by the door sober around 2:00 am. The man later returns to our apartment a little after five in his same Jimmy John's gear ringing the door bell twice and decided to enter our apartment with only female residents. HE NEVER GOT AN INVITE AND WAS NEVER LET IN. Most likely he was startled off by the fact that two of us were woken up. Thank goodness we made noise and saw who it was. The same day we called the management..... management does not call back...we personally walked into Jimmy Johns to talk to management to address the situation and letting them know that the police will be contacted. I mean I don't want the police to come in the es... Read more

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    Wed Sep 23 2009

    Its the go to Sandwich shop for the office though our HR division keeps ordering from Palmers Deli for meetings. If someone is hungry and didn't bring their lunch the call goes out to who wants to order from JJs. Its a real advantage they deliver. The sandwiches are as healthy as you want and the bread is awesome. Like other sandwich shops they do get orders wrong from time to time but they always correct the order when told. Their delivery people are nice too. The fast food burger joints lost all our business once we discovered JJs.

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    Wed Sep 09 2009

    I visited my first Jimmy Johns in Coon Rapids, Minnesota. I am an African American male. When I approached the counter to buy a sandwich the employee behind the counter blurted out "we don't serve chicken here" and began laughing and giggling with her friends in the back. I have not been back since!

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    Wed Sep 09 2009

    I like Jimmy Johns Sandwiches....Not the corporation itself. I work at a Jimmy Johns and they have LOTS of rules. An entire 3 pgs single spaced in the handbook to be exact. My personal favorite is the rules which states you have to work 10 hours in a row to get a free sandwich. Bull. I know their food costs are low and they could afford to give employee meals, but I guess that cuts too much into the profit margin for their liking. I also enjoyed the speech about how you cant come to work smelling like smoke, smoke on your break (which you also need to work 10 hours to get), or after you get off if you are still in your uniform. Being a smoker, I found this policy mildly offensive and have never had another job where this is an allowable rule. Punishment for a smoking offense is immediate dismissal. The same punishment is suffered if you show up even 1 minute late without calling first. Lame but it gets better. You have to pay for your uniform...I would never spend 20 dollars on two poo... Read more

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    Tue Aug 04 2009

    I drive from Phoenix to Tucson just to get a Jimmy Johns. Thats 180 miles RT. I went to school at Eastern IL Univ, practically grew up on JJ's. I love their newest #17 the Ultimate Porker. I just wish they would open a JJs in Phoenix

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    Sun Jul 26 2009

    I LOVE Jimm.....LOVED Jimmy John's until about an hour 2 hours ago!! You see, I live on the wrong side of town. My daughter and I called in a sandwich order to be delivered and when asked my address the employee informed my daughter that he could not deliver past Broad St (the main St. which is also a hwy). Now, I don't know if I just haven't ordered a sandwich to be delivered for a while but I thought it was a flippin' joke. My daughter says to me while she's on the phone.."Mom, they don't deliver past Broad Street" I said "What?" She said they can't deliver past Broad St. I'd had a long day. I even asked her if it was one of her friends playing a joke on her. She asked them if it was a joke and the person said "No, Corporate come in here and said that they can no longer deliver past Broad St. because it might take longer than the 15 minutes or whatever it is they promise. WHATEVER!! I live in FREMONT NE.!!! It's a town of about 28,000. Half the town is on the other side o... Read more

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    Tue Jun 23 2009

    Great concept, but the portion sizes are wildly inconsistent, and the subs are just plain sub-par. ordered a Beach Club that's made with Turkey and Provolone, got two slices of turkey and two slices of cheese. Wrote the company about it, and they say the #12 Beach club comes with double the provalone. Way to go guys, charge extra for double the cheese, then leave it up to the franchisees to skimp... Why'd I pay $7.00 for a sandwich that comes with 2 slices of meat? I've lived in New England, and I'm a huge fan of sub sandwiches from any local pizza joint in Boston/Maine/Vermont. And I've never ever paid $7.00 for anything there that didn't feed three people... Also, big frowny downer points for not being able to put hot peppers (and I mean the chopped peppers or pepperoncini you'll see in any real sub shop) or even pickles (which you can get on the side... for extra) on the sandwich. We're all looking for a little more value in our purchasing these days... Jimmy John's seems to ... Read more

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    Wed May 06 2009

    This joint sucks. In today's world and economy, customer service is all you've got. It's pretty sad to pay $5.99 for......a sandwich with lettuce, tomatoes, mayo, and mustard (yes, that's it). Even worse, I had to put the mustard on the sandwich myself. Laughable at best. That is the first and LAST time I pay to put mustard on my bread and lettuce. Hey, 13 dudes behind the counter...I could've made my own sandwich and saved most of that $5.99. My question was, "Can you make my sandwich since I paid you to do it?" The answer is obviously NO. Go back to high school kids. HOW MANY JIMMY JOHN'S DOES IT TAKE TO MAKE A SANDWICH? NONE, because you pretty much will have to do that yourself....after you pay the 13 dudes behind the counter.

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    Wed Feb 18 2009

    So delicious but too expensive.