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    Mon Jul 04 2011

    Those who cannot build must resort to tearing things down. Jesse's cup runneth over and you resent him for it. If you don't believe Jesse went to heaven, you're probably not going. Is your faith not strong enough to believe? Who are you to say Jesse is a false prophet? Cynics and naysayers are usually just filled with fear. And as we all know fear is a tool of the devil. Let God judge Jesse and you go clean up your own backyard.

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    Thu Dec 23 2010

    I hadn't seen ol' Jesse in quite a while and I took in his show recently. Now I'll have to admit that I love his Cajun accent. I was a great fan of Justin Wilson the Cajun Chef who had the same accent, and I half expected ol' Jesse to take a cleaver and start chopping up a bunch of stuff to throw into the pot while taking a pull now and then from the handy jug of red.Jesse rummaged around in the Bible and came up with some new information. We have had 112 generations since Adam and the Bible says that there is going to be 1000 generations before the world goes belly up.I reported this info to the denizens at Murphy's Strip Bar and Armenian Grill, and believe me, they were much relieved. Keep it up, Jesse!

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    Fri Mar 26 2010

    Just heard him teach that he went into a trance went to heaven (in the spirit) and saw that that folks had a choice to live in the city or on a farm in the country. This makes me think of one of my favorite episodes of the twilight zone where the old farmer jumps in the river after his hound dog then goes to the hearafter and they wouldn't let dogs in heaven but it was really hell.

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    Tue Feb 16 2010

    Although i do not like the preacher I leave the judgement to the Lord. It is not my place to say whether he is planted in the word or not . The bible is quite clear it is the HEART Jesus see's not the man. This is my posistion on any and all men. Including myself Whom i call the chief of sinners.

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    Thu Oct 15 2009

    Very humorous and intelligent preacher who selectively mixes some biblical truths with the prosperity and kingdom now doctrines! Please read in your bible all of 1st Timothy Chapter 6 and Matthew Chapter 7 Verses 15 through 23 for more insight into Jesse Duplantis and most of the other TV celebrity preachers! May God Truly Bless You And Open Your (Spiritual) Eyes!

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    Sat Aug 08 2009

    Who ever said that you can't use humor to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the world? I know Jesse's brother Dr. Mark Duplantis and they both deliver the Word with some humor mixed in, so what is wrong with laughter... the Bible even says that laughter is medicine to the soul. I experienced somewhat the same thing when I was clinically dead and brought back to continue doing God's work. Heaven is a place of total peace and joy beyond measure. If you truly "know God" and not just know "of Him", you DO hear His voice and death is something you no longer fear. To carnal man we that know God are foolish, but to God we are obedient children who love Him and share His Gospel for the gathering of sheep into His flock.

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    Wed Apr 22 2009

    I am really a little confused on jesse after reading all these negative comments--i believe God wants us to plant good seed but i do not agree with evangilists asking for money every broadcast-p.s.--i always wondered if jesse was black or white--not that it matters--just curious

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    Wed Apr 08 2009

    I'm not going to bad mouth anyone... BUT, before you blindly accept everything this man says, compare it to what Scripture says. If it doesn't match up, it's not Scripture that is wrong.

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    Wed Dec 31 2008

    Yet another word-faith false prophet. First Timothy 6 and Romans 16:17-18 commands true believers to withdraw themselves from such people.

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    Sat Nov 22 2008

    To me,Jesse is a blessing.He is excited about Jesus,and not ashamed of telling everyone that Jesus is the answer.He is answerable to Jesus for his ministry,not to us.Remember,touch not mine anointed,and do my prophets no harm.

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    Fri Nov 07 2008

    This is the good ol' boy who gave away pictures of a laughing Jesus that he got out of a Playboy Magazine.

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    Mon Oct 13 2008

    Keep up the GOOD WORK JesseIf you want to find something to complain about you will....But before you touch  one of Gods children remeber that he is a man as are you and if you find fault in him as you are pointing please look and see how many fingers are pointing back at you....It say all have sinned not every other one....At least he is not afraid to take a stand and preach and let you know he loves his LORD.....What about you do you love GOD??????Do you love the WORD do you trust with all your heart.....are you sold out to GOD????Just a thought with love and respect in Christ a friend and a child of GOD ED

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    Mon Sep 29 2008

    Jessie Duplantis is an idiot, a begger at best. There is no blessing when a precher has to beg for money in every sermon with positive motivational speeches. Try putting a box in the church lobby and not mentioning offerings and see if the nieve sheep will give. It's a shame the word of God has to be taught like this, shame on Jessie Duplantis!

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    Wed Aug 13 2008

    This should answer a lot of your unwarranted judgements...;=50

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    Wed Aug 13 2008

    Can really tell some whoppers!  Heard him one time talking about visiting Heaven and having to console Jesus cause He was "having a bad day" as His childre were disobeying Him.  Our Creator God needed Jesse Duplantis to comfort Him as He was "having a bad day?"  And the congregation buying this story are told about in 1 Timothy 4:3-4.  He does seem to have a zeal to preach the gospel, but serves mammon too, and scripture tells us that we cannot serve two masters, cause we will love one and hate the other.  Have not followed him for a long time, but would be willing to guess that at one time Jesse really did preach the true gospel message, until the love for riches took it's place in his heart.  Very well could be in the category of teachers spoken of by Jesus in Matthew 7:21-23.  He needs to repent of his love for mammon and return to his first love.  Let us pray for him.  Even so, come Lord Jesus.

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    Sun Apr 27 2008

    Another TV Preacher who has found his calling to become  filthy rich and live like a king, all in the name of God and Jesus Christ. What a shame!And the Lord Jesus Christ warned His followers, "Beware of the false prophets, who come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly are ravenous wolves" (Matt. 7:15).

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    Tue Jan 08 2008

    jesse duplantis is very spiritual and loves god i believe in what he says alot he is a great evangelist

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    Mon Jan 07 2008

    I'm having a hard time posting without getting javascript errors...sorry if I doulbe or triple post.  I just simply wanted to advise those who watch a lot of television to turn their sets off, go down the road to that little church in the pines, and give that preacher a chance.  Chances are that you'll get a real inspirational message from our Lord, and your preacher won't be living high on the hog.

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    Mon Dec 17 2007

    What a joke. He is one of the biggest false teachers out there. He thinks he is cute and funny but he is sad and pathetic.

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    Mon Dec 17 2007

    Jesse is a pleasure to watch. He cracks me up. What a great sense of humor.

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    Wed Nov 28 2007

    This is an engaging fellow with one of those Louisiana accents that are always fun to hear who likes to tell good old boy stories and basically shuffle around the stage and act a lot like Andy Griffith as Lonesome Rhodes in that great film "A Face In the Crowd." Of course, he's as big of a fraud as the rest of this crew, but at least he's kinda entertaining and at least he doesn't have a phony doctorate that was downloaded from www.hickcharlatan. com  like most of these guys do. I'm waiting for an honest televangelist to come along who's not disingenuously called "Dr...," but instead is called "The Honorable Eighth Grade Dropout Buford Calhoun" or "The  Reverend ex-con Granicus T.Pennyfeather the 4th."

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    Thu Nov 22 2007

    After your money and nothing else....

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    Sun Oct 21 2007

    He loves to talk about himself and how much money he has. He tries to be funny but you never hear the gospel.

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    Thu Aug 16 2007

    Jesse Duplantis is a man that seeks to do God's will first above all things. If you are mad about how God is blessing him, check out how he has blessed others. Much of what you see belongs to the ministry, not to Dr. Duplantis personally. He does have a TON of money, don't misunderstand me. Check into what he has given out of his pocket against what he gets paid from the ministry. I think you will be surprised. Almost all of the Prosperity preachers have investments in business. That is where much of their money comes from, not all from tithes and offerings. Do some research before you start bad mouthing someone. On a side note, how often do you see the Faith preachers bad mouthing other preachers or their ministries?

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    Fri Aug 10 2007

    There is one issue that makes so many TV Evangelists have a lack of integrity and not many people address this problem. Besides the fact that they have been "fleecing the flock" for years and many are nothing more than entertaining con artists, they have one more mistake to add to their dubious resumes. Most of them claim to have a doctorate. Consequently, most of the doctorates they have are honorary doctorates from Oral Roberts University. Proper use of an honorary doctorate is to have a notation beside your name that the doctorate you are claiming is honorary. My husband went to school for 11 years and received a genuine doctorate of ministry from a SACS accredited seminary. It aggravates me and completely disgusts me to see these people claiming education that they simply haven't accrued. Jesse Duplantis, John Hagee, Mike Murdock and others are no exception. They all claim doctorates they didn't earn from accredited institutions. Even if they were not asking for money, thi... Read more

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    Sun Jul 29 2007

    Funny man but again he is in it for the $$$$

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    Thu Apr 05 2007

    he has many times been more of a commedian then a preacher , and I also did not like the way he has made fun of fat people often in his preaching .

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    Mon Mar 12 2007

    Gloreeeeee! I think it is sad that a charismatic personality combined with a message of health and wealth can draw so many away from the truth. Be like the Bereans and check out God's word for yourself.  He is false. He writes that he has been to heaven and I find it amazing that he can speak all about it when Paul couldn't.

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    Sun Mar 11 2007

    You can drink a glass of Arsenic that has been mixed with sugar and it will taste sweet...... But you will still die..

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    Mon Mar 05 2007

    Another of the numerous "I'm-just-a-country-bumpkin-good-ol-boy" evangelists who would have us believe that the message is more important than the money. Sorry, Jesse, but this old cynical Northerner isn't buying the act.You're about as dumb as a fox, to use the old expression. Just wish your listeners were, also.

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    Mon Mar 05 2007

    This guy is a reverse coconut. White on the outside, black on the inside.

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    Thu Mar 01 2007

    Pretty much 99% of the Televangelists are not very Christ like.  What is really pathetic is there are so many people out there who follow these false teachers.  Jesse is just another one of the many who appeal to the public's ignorance of the Bible.

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    Tue Feb 27 2007

    This man hears voices.

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    Sat Feb 10 2007

    Jesse Duplicities

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    Wed Jan 31 2007

    Definition of a false teacher, even though there many lost and deceived people folowing false teachers, I don't understand how this lowed mouth has a congregation.

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    Sun Jan 07 2007

    Be very very VERY leery of people who claim to have been given a "special encounter." "Dr." Duplantis claims to have been taken to heaven, saw God and Jesus, but not the holy spirit and asked God where he was and was told, "He's in the earth,"(As if God's spirit isn't with Him in heaven) and states how he felt so stupid for asking such a stupid question. That's bad enough, but then he goes on to say that in this encounter, Jesus was sad and was crying about all those souls that He'd ultimately have to send to hell, and "Dr" Jesse put his arms around Him and told Jesus that it's gonna be alright, and that he'd go back to earth and preach the gospel to as many as he could...therefore "encouraging" the Lord. Too many people are willing to believe every so-called spiritual encounter, and give the one who claims such nonsense more validity and spiritual weight than they deserve. He's just one of many prosperity pimps who got rich off of gullible, immature baby christians who refuse to gro... Read more

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    Mon Dec 04 2006

    He makes my skin crawl. Money is all he talks about besides himself.

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    Wed Nov 22 2006

    Dr. Jesse Duplantis is a breath of fresh air to me! He is a real and relevant minister of the word of God...and we all need a good laugh and he definitley brings that! I am a partner with his ministry and a weekly viewer of his broadcast. I believe in the vision of Dr. Duplantis and his ministry, God bless him!

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    Sun Oct 22 2006

    Jesse brings humor to his messages, which is not a bad thing. He preaches the truth.

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    Sun Sep 10 2006

    Another false teacher laughing at you all the way to the bank. He talks more about his Mercedes than his walk with God. He is sending people to hell and nobody cares as long as they think the Lord is a bank.

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    Sat Aug 19 2006

    A snake oil salesman. He acts as though he is doing a Vegas act. Another name it and claim it that has no worth.

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    Tue Jul 18 2006

    Wow, I am amazed at the majority of the people in this thread and your surmounting disgust of Jesse. Luke 6:42 should be a study anthem for all of you. For those of you claming to be Christians in this thread, I challenge you to the following: 1. Cast the First Stone all of you --- if you have no sin in your life. ----------- 2. Wouldn't you rather see someone preaching the Gospel get rich instead of a rapper that promotes sex , drugs and murder? So what if he doesn't measure up to what you think he should, are you the ultimate Judge?---------- 3. Consider the lost, does Jesse bring people to the full knowledge of the saving grace of Jesus Christ? If one soul was saved because of JDM, what's your reply ??~~ that it wasnt worth it because he isnt formally trained or boasts about the money he makes? I am glad God blesses his people and we as a royal priesthood should share the fact that God blesses us when he blesses us.-------- I have seen a lot of things in my tim... Read more

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    Sun Jul 09 2006

    Actually when the hurricanes hit Jesse and his ministry team stayed around and helped with anything that was needed. He wanted to stay close to the people and do what he could to help. Yes, there was no damage to his buiildings and I see that as a testimony to God's goodness! My mother was saved while watching Jesse on tv so I am forever grateful that God used Jesse and has him on tv.

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    Sun Jul 02 2006

    Jesse Has No Formal Bible Training...except when God Speaks to Him... The downside to that is What Gods saying Has to be filter through Jesse's Mind and Heart,You should Filter what God has for "You from His Word " not what He has for Jesse....,and Its not God Speaking to Jesse,Because God Speaks Truth..I just finished watching Him on His 30 minute info commercial Mostly Jokes and very little Bible,Then the last Words from Jessee is of Course about Money to His Ministry... ,He Treats a Sermon Message Like its Comedy a routine,A sad and sickening representation of Jesus Christ Earthly Ministry and what Jesus really was,Saviour...And Miracle

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    Sat Feb 18 2006

    After reading the responses on this site, one question comes to mind; Could someone please describe the 'perfect preacher' for me? The men and women listed here seem to draw criticism for anything and everything; Ministry is too big, they talk too loud, they weigh too much, they have a funny name, etc, etc. Shoot, if these detractors saw Jesus himself preaching they would still manage to be critical! "He must be 'fleecing his flock'! I mean, did you get a whiff of him? All those expensive spices and oils..." or "The son of a carpenter? How hokey is that?" Maybe "Where did he get the moeny to pay for all that bread and fish?" "He RODE into town while others walked, who does he think he is?". I think you get the picture. Personally, I agree with the "Love one another" crowd. What bad can come from having true love for one another? Is it so terrible that there are people out there that have led others to accepting Jesus Christ? The bible is such an intricate and detailed... Read more

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    Mon Oct 10 2005

    Jesse Repent Quick!!!!!

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    Mon Aug 29 2005

    Name it claim it Word of Faith garbage. The Bible DOES NOT say what he would have you believe it does. Garbage theology, poor hermeneutics. Stay away from this poison.

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    Sat Jul 16 2005

    Jesse Duplantis is a complete and utter sham! He has been telling people for the last several years that New Orleans is his home town.. This is not true... he grew up in Houma, Louisiana. A little backwater town in southeast Louisiana At least that's what he used to tell us back in the late 70's (78/79). I was there I know. I used to attend every revival he held in our A/G church. I came to The Lord when I was 6, by this time I was a teenager and could see thru his little scam! His sermons were lame plagiarized attempts of a Bill Cosby routine. He was a fat uneducated little rotund man and now the only difference is that he is a rich fat uneducated little rotund man and his wife Kathy, boy don't get me started on her. She is nothing more than a money hungry female. The two of them have no more concern for the spiritually lost than the man in the moon. The weirdest thing I have ever heard in my life was the book he wrote about going to heaven I think it is called Close Encount... Read more