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    Sun Sep 21 2008

    Connelly is vegan.

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    Sun Aug 10 2008

    I loved "Labyrinth"...but it had nothing to do with her...all about David Bowie!! haha

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    Fri Jul 25 2008


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    Sun Jul 20 2008


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    Sat Jul 05 2008


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    Fri Jun 20 2008

    Nothing too special...

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    Wed Jun 18 2008

    I loved her in the labryinth

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    Fri Jun 06 2008


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    Wed May 28 2008


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    Wed Apr 23 2008

    She is easy to watch, that is for sure.

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    Sun Apr 06 2008

    Haven't seen her in much but she was pretty young and fairly good in Labrinth.

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    Tue Feb 05 2008

    She was one of the most beautiful women in the world until about 5 years ago.  Then she became anorexic, lost her huge mellons, got all wrinkly looking and has a huge vien going right down the middle of her forehead that looks like it's gonna blow.  Too bad Hollywood waited until she was driving down Hag Street before they started promoting her as an A-list actress.  It's hard to look at her now compared to what she was 10 years ago....

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    Mon Jul 30 2007

    I really like the woman. She strikes me as one of those actresses that in the acting business because of it's art rather than paycheck.

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    Mon May 28 2007

    As everyone else has said, there are not a lot of women on the planet who are better looking. Smart, too--a friend of mine was in a class with her at Stanford, and swears that she came across as brilliant. But she has been in a lot of Disneyified trash lately, like superhero movies, and "inspirational" garbage like A BEAUTIFUL MIND. I hope she finds her way into better movies.

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    Sat May 19 2007

    A superb combination of physical beauty and talent. One of the most attractive women on the planet. Whilst I was drooling, I was overjoyed to find that she's also a very good actress. She did a good job in House of Sand and Fog, considering that not only was the book the kind that's difficult to translate to the screen, but in the book the character she played was much rougher and, in my mind's eye, not pretty, let alone beautiful. Her beauty was actually distracting for me there, since I couldn't mesh her looks with my prior impression of the character from the book. She also did a credible, though much less demanding, job in A Beautiful Mind. Has made good choices in the scripts she picks.

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    Wed Sep 20 2006

    She gets better as she gets older. And she hasnt lost any of her looks.

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    Sat Oct 29 2005

    Very good actress and very beautiful.

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    Sun Oct 16 2005

    Great set of cans!

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    Fri Sep 09 2005

    A beautiful, sexy woman who can act to boot, is willing to appear in provocative movies, and doesn't appear to have an excess of ego. The perfect antidote to Julia Roberts.

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    Sat Jul 30 2005

    brilliant actress and stunning

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    Sat Apr 09 2005

    I have loved the choices of movies Jennifer has made....she was wonderful in House of Sand and Fog, A Beautiful Mind, Requiem for a Dream. And she is not afraid to try a wipeout like The Incredible Hulk. When you allow for her age and also look at pictures of her as a younger woman, I still find her to be the most beautiful woman on earth. To be fair, I am partial to women with prominent thick eyebrows, like Jennifer and Brooke Shields....I like the sort of untamed eyebrow look....Oh yeah, Inventing the Abbots. Well, I am obviously taken beyond reason,so I will just quit now.

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    Sat Apr 02 2005

    I have only seen her in one movie. She was great in a Beautiful Mind. she looks like she has some potential. I would give her a four for now. UPDATE I have since seen her in House of Sand and Fog, she was great in this movie too. I remember seeing her in Labyrinth when she was a teen cute movie.

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    Thu Mar 10 2005

    Jen's early career was spellbinding, being as young as I was, as she moved in and out from one sultry part to the next (my eyes are still bouncing from CAREER OPPORTUNITIES and SOME GIRLS). She's since inched into A-list circles and, while I'm happy for her, I'll always pine for the scantily-dressed days.

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    Tue Dec 14 2004

    Jennifer Connelly in 'Requiem For A Dream' is exactly the kind of girl I'd give up my seat for on the subway. I know she wouldn't give my gesture a second thought but then again maybe she'd be so touched by my sacrifice that she'd go home, smoke crack and cry softly to herself in the mirror. Jennifer move me.

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    Thu Dec 02 2004

    WHAT HAPPENED TO HER BOOBS? Downgrade to a 4. Sorry

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    Mon Jul 19 2004

    Since her debut in Once Upon a Time in America Jennifer Connelly seems to have mastered her acting craft to a T. Her choice in movies are good, but my only problem however is that too many of the roles she chooses are way too depressing. Requiem for a Dream, Pollock, House of Sand and Fog, A Beautiful Mind although excellent films all of these characters were too troubled and seemed to carry the whole weight of the world on their shoulders. It would be nice if she balanced her choices and did something a little more light and entertaining as shes well prooven herself to be an outstanding actress.

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    Mon Jun 28 2004

    from a purely sexist shallow point of fantasy babe...only rates a five as she hooked me way back in the Rocketeer...that scene at the end of Requiem for a Dream was a turn-on despite the dark overtones

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    Fri May 07 2004

    some of you have suggested she has lost a little but who would pass up an opportunity to date her. She seems sweet and looks hot. Her breasts were absolutely top notch, even if they have lost a little, they are still spectacular!

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    Fri Dec 26 2003


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    Wed Dec 17 2003

    I only gave her 4 stars instead of 5 because I think she's gone down hill a little in recent years. Sure, her acting has improved as she's gotten better roles, but I'm talking about her appearance. I used to love her voluptuousness and curves, even the baby-fat in her face was appealing. Now, she's slimmed down (too much), looks hard, and has lost most of the girth of her formerly majestic sweater puppies. I don't know if this problem can be helped because she is getting old and may have hit the wall already. She's still beautiful, just not as sexy anymore.

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    Mon Nov 03 2003

    Take back her Oscar - now!

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    Tue Oct 21 2003

    Jenniffer Connelly has a beauty described only as divinely angelic. If i had a choice between one million dollars and her as my loyal wife, I would choose her in a heartbeat, because i know i'll be happy forever.

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    Tue Aug 05 2003

    She is really beautiful and talented. I've been a fan since the Labyrinth. Great actress.

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    Thu May 15 2003

    Has an elegance that is unknown in this time. Reminds me of venus, she is that alluring

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    Mon May 12 2003

    i see the potential and she is quite a beauty but she may wind up one of the underrated of all time

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    Wed May 07 2003

    She looks okay, but where's the talent!

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    Sun May 04 2003

    Either she's got da Vinci for a make up artist, or she just happens to be the most beautiful actress. Can't really point out a flaw in that face or bod. Oh, and she can act some too.

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    Thu May 01 2003

    Very good actress and very good looking until recently. She's loss too much weight.

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    Tue Apr 15 2003

    Beautiful taleted Actress a angel

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    Fri Apr 04 2003

    Not so sure... liked Beautiful Mind... her eyebrows scares me a little!

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    Fri Apr 04 2003

    My God, this is the most beautiful woman on the planet. "Dark City" anyone? Remember her singing into the microphone?

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    Tue Mar 25 2003

    One of the most gifted and hottest actress i have ever watched....she was awesome in " a beautiful mind" and i think paul bettany is one of the luckiest man alive for marrying her!!! JENNIFER IS THE BEST!!!

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    Sun Mar 02 2003

    One of the most bueatiful women on the planet! Both intelligent and talented.

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    Fri Feb 14 2003

    If you want to see a stunning actress of talent and impressive range, rent The Rocketeer and Requiem for a Dream together.

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    Fri Feb 14 2003

    the sincerity, sensitivity and transparency which jennifer gave to her role in A Beautiful Mind showed that she truly is an intelligent and talented actress. and of course, she's one of the most beautiful stars around. do hope hollywood producers see what a gem she is and give her great scripts that would allow her to shine all the more.

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    Thu Jan 23 2003

    Good in a Beautiful Mind but as far as that goes don't really like her!