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    Thu Apr 19 2012

    Regarding the Reviewer "army"--- Ok, let me go over this slowly and understand........... You are probably over 21 years old. You filled out a form in the Jared store that asked for alot of personal information and financial information, including your wages, employers name, etc, etc, etc.......... Let's go slow now............and you DIDN'T KNOW that you were filling out a credit application???????? You thought that a retailer could check your credit and provide you with a credit limit BEFORE you filled out the actual credit application? What planet do you live on????

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    Wed Dec 07 2011

    we had an appraisal for our wedding ring and when we took it to the insurance company we found out that it had an expiration date!! Our insurance rep told us that we would most likely have to have it appraised for them again after the expiration date!! So we took it back to jared and they relunctantly took the expiration date off. We also had the ring resized and when we took a closer look at it when we got home the stone was off center and had not been soldered all the way around asit was when we brought it in. We complained about that also and after a lot of double talk they finally agreed to fix it. We were at this store on 3 different occasions and everytime we were there the same salesperson tried more than once to get us to sign up for their credit card which was at a rediculous percentage rate, no mater how many times we said NO she would repeatedly try to sell it to us. Seems to me they should be more interested in providing a worthy product instead of trying to pull money out ... Read more

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    Mon Nov 07 2011

    I had the same thing happen to my wife's ring. We looked at the diamond at another location under a microscope and there was nothing wrong with the diamond. We had Jared place the diamond in a new setting. It was closing time and they did not take the time to inspect the ring with us. Once at home we noticed the crack on the side of the diamond and could be felt with a tooth pick. They pulled the same thing that I have seen in other reviews, "it a natural crack". Its funny how these natural cracks happen in the hands of a Jared's Jeweler. Very dishonest people and I hope the reviews continue to show how dishonest they truly are. I recommend that you avoid doing business with this company.

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    Thu Oct 20 2011

    DO NOT BUY FROM THEM! They will not honor their own warranty. My wife's center stone cracked on the inside, so we brought it in. Not only will they not replace it, they claim the crack was always there. The crack is very obvious, there is no way it was there when we bought it. Their warranty is completely useless, do not buy from them.

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    Fri Oct 14 2011

    We purchased our engagement ring at Polaris in Columbus, Ohio. When we purchased the ring it needed sized. Routine, no problem so far. However, when we picked it up it was so loose that my fiance was worried that it would actually fall off her finger. We did make the mistake of not addressing it at that instant. However, there was no chance of my fiance leaving the store without the ring that day so she could show friends and family. We assumed that if we brought it back in a few days we could get it fixed. Bad assumption. Even though we had just spent thousands of dollars and the ring didn't fit, they charged us to re-size it. I wrote corporate headquarters to complain. Their response was that they had sized it as we requested. Right, lots of people size rings so they can fall off their hands. I've read a number of the reviews here, and our experience is unfortunately in line with the negative reviews. I'll never set foot in a Jared or Kay again, and will make sure everyo... Read more

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    Thu Oct 13 2011

    I bought my rolex watch from Jared in Lewisville TX. The sale person told me one price but when I got home receipt shown higher price. I asked her about sized the watch, she went ahead did it without telling me that after do so I won't be able to return the watch. I called the store manger the next day about the price discrepancy, he told me to bring the watch back if I am not happy. I did brought it back but they told me that they won't take it back because I had it sized. I even explained that I called the manager and he aware of the sized situation. I even called customer service but they are working for the same company so so one listen to what I have to say. I think they have no marality. All they try to do are sale without concern if their customers happy or not. I wll think twice to do business with Jared in the future. Be very careful....they will ripe you off.

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    Mon Oct 10 2011

    I had a horrible experience with Jared. They lied to me about the making of my engagement ring. They ordered it in the wrong size, attempted to improperly size it down at the store, which made the stones loose. The only reason I found out was because it broke twice and had been out of my hands for a total of over 8 months. I was so frustrated that I called the original designer to see what was going on. They told me about the mistake. Now, even though Jared admitted they were in the wrong, they won't refund me my money. I'm forced to live with a horrible ring that keeps breaking or buy another awful piece from their store. I have told all my family and friends to not buy anything from Jared in the future.

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    Wed Oct 05 2011

    I have consistently had problems with Jarad (and Shaws & Kay) over the past three years. The store I had the most problems was their White Marsh, MD Jarad location. These folks almost never return phone calls. They make promises they don't keep. I ordered a special ring for my first wedding anniversary. The manager assured me there wouldn't be any problems getting the ring in time. I reminded him that I've been given promises before and they fell short. He absoultely assured me there wouldn't be any problems. I explained again that the timing is so important because I had other things that were dependent on this. I explained if they don't deliver, the whole special plan I had for my wife would fall apart. I was ABSOLUTELY ASSURED at least nine times that nothing would go wrong. The manager said he would call that day and makes sure everything was OK and he would continue to call to make sure everything stayed on track. He also said he would call me and keep me updated. Well... Read more

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    Tue Oct 04 2011

    I bought an engagement ring at the Jared in Lewisville, TX and from day one it has been a nightmare!! After picking a princess cut diamond and a Tiffany band I had to wait only a day to pick it up after the diamond was set. I was expecting to see top quality but what I received was a diamond that was set crooked on the prongs. I went back to the store and advised them of the mistake and they tried to act like it was normal and there was nothing wrong with how it was set. I had already asked 5 people and they all agreed it was sitting crooked. Jared agreed to fix it and have me pick it up the next day. They were going to make me pay for it but I had purchased the extended service plan. I shouldn't have even had to pay if I didn't get the plan!! When I arrived to pick it up nothing had really been done to it. They had simply removed the diamond and put it back in and somehow destroyed the prongs!! After telling them it was still crooked they did a quick fix and just put some to... Read more

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    Wed Sep 28 2011

    Terrible, shady, underhanded are a few words I would like to use! I was told a bunch of bs about my engagement ring and how it would cost about $3000 to fix. I was told this with very great detail, so I believed them, and was so upset I had no idea what to do. I was also told that my wedding band diamonds were loose, so I decided to have them fixed. One of the diamonds fell out of the ring and I called the manager to tell them my whole long story. I was not even given the $60 back, there was" nothing they could do". I didn't even ask for a new ring or anything else other then my money back. They spend a ton of money on marketing, but can not be bothered to make their customers happy.

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    Mon Sep 19 2011

    Purchased a necklace and chain from a store in Golden. Was so excited when I got it. Well I made the mistake of using the store card. I was told the monthly payment was going to be $32.00. I went in to make my first payment and they told me it was over $60.00. Good thing it was within the 30 days so I could return it. It's not that I couldn't afford the monthly payments. It's the fact that I was told one price and then it doubled in 18 days. I am wating to get my statement to make sure they credited everything back to the account. And didn't leave some small random charge on there to collect late charges. If you do decide to use them, just be careful if you choose to go the route of store credit card.

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    Fri Sep 16 2011

    We purchased a ring from Jared on August 29, 2011 at the Orlando, FL International Drive location. It has been a complete nightmare. The sales person, Jenny, did not listen to me when I told her the size I needed. She has the ring sized as a 5 when I told her I needed something smaller. We went back to the store to pick it up a few hours later. The ring was too big. It came off my finger too easily. She told me to wear it a few days then bring it back to get it re-sized if it was still uncomfortable. I really didn’t want to do that. But I did anyway. Moreover, I was initially happy I found a ring I liked. Well the ring felt more and more un-secure. I went to another Jared location. They were down a few jewelers and could not get the ring back to me timely. Unfortunately, I went back to the I-Drive location and dropped the ring off on Wednesday Sept 14th. After 8pm I went back to pick up the ring on September 14th. The ring seemed bigger or not sized down at all. I was not happy. Ti... Read more

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    Thu Jul 28 2011

    I couldn't help but respond to a few of these comments. 99% of the comments on here are because customers seem to have bizarre and unrealistic expectations and/or no understanding of jewelry. Do some research, learn about the products, and for God's sake take care of them! I can't believe the people who think they can wear jewelry everywhere, never take it off, never clean it, and then are surprised when it falls apart. Yes, I used to work for Jared. We parted well. I no longer work in jewelry, though I do enjoy it. This is what Jared offers: They are the Target of Jewelry. They are a step above walmart mall stores, but they are not super high end either. They have too much merchandise and as such can't take care of much of it. They do have some junk, as does every store. Most of their jewelry is quite nice. Their customer service is not great if you aren't buying, due to the fact they pay their employees commission for sales, but not for service/repairs. Essentially this means that... Read more

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    Sun Jul 17 2011

    Jareds at Wayside Commons,Burlington, MA 01803. The worst customer service i have ever seen. I went there with my friend to shop for her wedding ring. The first questions the sales person asked us was, "Who is the Bride ?" (which was my friend) "Where is the Groom ?" (he was not there with us) .. then she says "Then whos gonna pay for the ring ?" ... there were no other customers in the store, and for our budget of around 10K, she showed us 4 rings and said this all they have right now for our budget. we liked one ring among the 4, but the ring came with a band as a set. we told her, in our tradition we dont do the bands, so is it possible to buy the ring by itself. she then replys saying "this is American culture, and we have to follow this tradition now." we were four of us who went to the store, and in the first 5 mins we felt offended and 3 of us stepped out of the store, it was only the bride who was looking at the rings and she came out in another 10 mins. the sales person... Read more

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    Fri May 27 2011

    We have been purchasing jewelry from Jared for about 6 years now. We have never had any problems at all. They reset my diamond into a new setting for me and my ring is beautiful no issues with the work they have done. I have my ring checked every 6 months as required by the service plan, which is easy for me since I am in there a lot. We have purchased other jewelry items also and no problems. The salespeople are nice and always helpful. The customer service people associated with our Jared credit account have always been extremely nice and accomodating. We live in Michigan, we deal with 3 different locations here they are all excellent!

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    Thu May 26 2011

    WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE !! I have been a customer for 13 years and spent over $15,000 there. Today they made me pay $20 for a watch battery that I had already bought a lifetime battery warranty on. The money was not the issue it was paying for it twice!!! And the horrible way the manager there treated me. Earlier this year I had to pay over $200 for my wife's watch battery replacement. It also had a lifetime warranty. They claimed that they had to send it to Switzerland to replace it... I had them close my account and I will never go back. I will also tell everyone I know and blog about the experience. I am just in shock that they treat their customers that way. For a battery they probable cost they a dollar. Good bye Jared !! Fairfax, Va

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    Mon May 09 2011

    I went to Jared... and totally regret it! Two years ago my wife lost the tennis bracelet that I bought her 15 years earlier. I bought a replacement at Jared. It has been in twice for repair of links that were coming apart and replacement if FIVE diamonds that have fallen out. What a piece of junk! I almost look forward to the day when another link comes apart, she loses it and I can replace it. I will NEVER shop Jared again!!

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    Sun Apr 03 2011

    My experience with Jared has been positive. I agree with someone who posted that folks tend to write reviews about negative experiences more often than positive ones. I think the employees at Jared are very professional and friendly. Once, I did meet some resistance about resizing my rings after they'd been soldered under the warranty, but this didn't faze me, and they did the job in two days. Afterwards, that employee was actually quite nice (I get that she was trying to keep me from using the warranty to keep it profitable to the company). Also, the quality of diamonds have been quite nice - lots of sparkle - and depending on what you choose, you can get some bang for your buck.

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    Sun Mar 27 2011

    Everything I've ever gotten from Jared I've had an issue with. I was given diamond earrings by my husband and the backs fell off so often that I was afraid to wear them anymore. When I talked to the service reps there they said too bad not their problem. I just got a pandora bracelet from there for Valentines day. The spacer fell off last night and no one cares. If you ask their employees they will say that the spacers don't fall off but that it wasn't their fault for putting it on wrong. I called 4 different people to try to get a resolution! I work in customer service - I know companies have rules but come on!!! I would highly recommend staying away from their if you want a good experience!

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    Wed Mar 23 2011

    Class Ring---I would never recommend Jared Jewelry stores to anyone due to their insensitive nature with dealing with their mistakes. Our local store in Douglasville, Georgia was the bad choice. Orderd my daughter's class ring from them and it was made incorrectly. We understand no one is perfect but you can really judge someone on how they handle a problem. Jared Jewelry FAILED. It took longer than four weeks ( past our Ring Fling Party at my daughter's school) for the store to get the ring back. They offered NO help in trying to fix the situation. The new ring could have been over-nighted and received on time, but Jared Jewelry took the CHEAP option of ground service further delaying receipt. Our family will be giving Jared Jewelry a life time of negative reviews.

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    Mon Mar 21 2011

    STAY AWAY. Do not trust them with a simple watch battery replacement. I brought my Omega Constellation watch in for a battery change on Dec. 28, 2010. The watch needed to be sent to the factory, which is what I expected. The store called back two times for approval on the repairs, which I provided each time. It is now March 21, 2011, and Jared tells me that the repairs where never approved. I made multiple phone calls to the store to follow up. My watch is supposedly sitting in the factory waiting for approval. I have asked them to return the watch to me this week. They refuse to have it mailed to my house, so another trip to the store. Let's see if I actually get it back. I am furious at the incompetency of the staff.

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    Sat Mar 19 2011

    I recently went into Jared’s near the Greenwood Park Mall (Indiana) for a wedding ring upgrade. I explicitly told the sales associate, Amy, that I was “shopping around” different stores and wouldn’t be buying a ring for at least a month (but more like three months). She asked if I wanted to know how much I would get if I financed through them. I filled out a form for a credit check- a form she specifically told me was for a credit check. Skip forward to a week- I receive a Jared’s Credit Card in the mail! In no way, shape, or form did I consent, or even desire, a credit card. I called the Corporate office and spoke to a nice lady, Debbie, that seemed genuinely apologetic about the situation, but informed me that the form I filled out has fine print that reads (not verbatim…but darn close) “by signing this application you authorize “the company” to the following, but not limited to…” then she rattled off six different things, including taking out a line of credit. When you’re told yo... Read more

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    Thu Mar 17 2011

    This review is for the Jared store in Buford , Georgia Mall of Georgia location: You Suck....... They do not stand behind their products and give you the run around ever time you have a problem. I will never purchase another thing from them, and I would like to never have to enter another store , however I have a $2,600.00 dollar watch(Tag 500m automatic aquaracer) that has, for the third time, an issue. This time the CROWN will not tighten. They tried to make out like it is my fault? when I know from experience that it is not! I have, over the past 20 years, owned ever brand of high end time piece and at least 10 Tag Heuer watches, this is the only watch that I have had a problem with. They also like to blame Tag for the run around. I don't even think Tag is aware of the problem with my watch, they have tried to keep it in house and milk me for more funds. Jared is at best a third rate company who is lucky to be able to carry the high end brands they do. We should boycott this compa... Read more

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    Sat Feb 26 2011

    I am shocked to hear so many terrible experiences at Jared, but I too am going through the same disappointment with this company. We purchased our wedding rings from Jared in Brandon FL in March of 2007. In December of 2010 I lost one of my diamonds. They told me that they would be shipping it out to have the diamond replaced. That was 12/28/2010. I have been calling every few weeks and today, 2/26/2011 they still can't give me a status of where my ring is. I have been left to wearing my wedding band by itself for almost 2 months. This is a huge problem as no one can tell me what is going on with my ring. After reading all of these horror stories I am going to contact my local media station to have them deal with this matter. What a shame to think I didn't want my wedding ring to come from Walmart. At this point, I think that may have been the better choice. Jared's has lost a customer forever. I don't even want their ring. What a horrible thing to say....and even worst that I feel th... Read more

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    Tue Feb 22 2011

    I think this is the first place I've ever seen almost all reviews are bad. I don't know how they stay in the business. My experience with them are as follows: Jan 2008, my husband bought me a diamond bracelet from Jared as my birthday gift. I noticed the clasp loose after few days wearing it. I was very busy at work at the time and didn't find time to bring it in back to the store to get it check/fix. Well, that's my fault I guess. 6 weeks later after I received the gift, I lost it. Just last week, my husband went to Jared again and surprised me with a $2000 bracelet for Valentine's day gift. I wore it daily since received it. Guess what? I noticed 2 diamonds are already gone. This is just heartbreaking as my hubby isn't someone who would buy gifts all the time. I will bring the bracelet in tomorrow and I hope I won't return to put in more comment about how terrible the customer service is on top of poor quality. I think I'll ask him don't buy anything from Jared anymore... Read more

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    Wed Feb 09 2011

    Horrible experience with Jareds. My husband purchased a bracelet for me as a Christmas present. I travel for my job and finally got the opportunity to return it. They told me it was over 30 days, so no returns. It was too small so I said I would get a longer bracelet to put the charms on and the sales associate told me "no exchanges" either. I was stunned. He kept handing the bracelet and receipt back to me saying "I don't know what to tell you mam, you had 30 days." I asked to speak with someone higher up and he told me that he was the store manager (Scott Burkhart). I then asked for another number, he gave me customer relations, where I sat on hold for 25 min. The lack of respect or willingness to work with me was completely unacceptable. At this point, I don't care if the bracelet cost $5, I wouldn't want them to have a dime of my money. If you like being treated fairly and getting good customer service. In my case "he went to Jareds" wasn't such a good thing, it was actuall... Read more

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    Wed Jan 26 2011

    Some things to clear up: White gold turns blonde and needs rhodium--- fact of life, if you're not satisfied, buy platinum and have it re-polished more than your re-rhodium and SPEND more. For every one of you "angry" experiences, there are 100 happy ones. I promise you that. And finally, learn to handle your complaints maturely by going to the company, not talking behind their back. Or are you all 17 years old and bashing your fr-enemy on facebook? I work for the company and work extremely hard. My co-workers are excellent at what they do, and most often I find that people are unhappy with what they do not understand. Instead of being ignorant and arrogant, ask your salesperson questions. Be sincere. Remember that your catch more flies with honey... We will always return the favor, and even try and take great care of you angry ones that are rude. So next time you feel mistreated, reflect before responding. And think about what YOU do for a living, and whether you extend the sam... Read more

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    Tue Jan 18 2011

    We spent over $5000.00 on a bracelet and my wife took it in for inspection and clasp was loose. They said they would have it fixed and call us when it was ready. They never called and we called 11 days after it was ready. It has been sitting there and nobody there decided to call us. I guess they are to busy looking out the window waiting for customers and not take care of their current ones! I spoke with the Manager Gene and all he could do is make excuses. This happens more often than not since I have spent over $40,000.00 there and that will be the last of it. I am going somewhere else. I definetly won't be going to Jareds> Jared's at Arrowhead Mall in Glendale AZ is the worst store ever!

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    Thu Jan 06 2011

    HORRIBLE!!! HORRIBLE!!! HORRIBLE!!! My husband had a custom piece designed by Jared's. The piece is ill conceived and looks even worse on. I took it to other jewelers in town who told me it is not a well thought out piece. Additionally, I had it appraised. My husband overpaid by $1,200 - $1,500! Of course, Jared's will do nothing since it is a custom piece. I will never wear it and we now have HUGE monthly payments to pay off a poorly designed and poorly made piece of jewelry. NEVER again will we shop there.

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    Tue Dec 28 2010

    My daughter and her fiance bought her engagement ring and wedding ring at Jared 6 months ago. They were engaged and married with the ring Oct 9,10. Last week she got a call from Jared telling her the ring was due for an inspection. She took it in. Tonight she goes to get it and they tell her the diamond doesn't match the # they have in the computer so they gave her the wrong diamond. They switch out the diamond that she got married and engaed in and said, "Oh we're sorry here's $100.00 store card" for the mistake. Jewelry scam? She is calling her lawyer tomorrow as they would not give her back the diamond she was married in. I am livid.

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    Tue Dec 21 2010

    Took my husband's grandmother's engagement diamond ring in to be reset (she was married in 1921). We had just received the ring when my mother-in-law passed away 11/8/10. When the sales person realized I wasn't going to spend thousands on a setting, she passed me onto another sales person. Received a call 6 days later that they "LOST" the diamond and would replace it with like,kind,quality. Hard to replace a family heirloom. Customer Care is worthless - they keep saying they are sorry for the loss and know how I feel? Also say that I signed the repair ticket and that is what they go by. Asst manager is nice and I was willing to work with her on a replacement until a sales person said to me on my way out of the store, "sorry for your loss, but you will be getting a much better diamond". Total lack of accountability , customer service and business sense on their part This was at the Las Vegas store.

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    Sun Dec 19 2010

    Terrible Service! I purchased a top of the line diamond, two platinum bands and a tungsten band to the tune of $15k at Jared's of Brandon, FL. Let me preface things by saying I live 35 minutes from the store. Numerous times they would tell me the a la cart ring I designed was ready for pick up, I would drive over and they hadn't even touched the ring. Then, they used gold to sauder the platinum head to the platinum band. They said, "we can polish it out". I had to remind them that I didn't pay for a gold polished band to look like platinum. Another frustrating thing they consistently did was say they would call me in a couple hours, but never follow through. The final item that has pushed me over the edge was my latest experience. I had my wife's rings inspected to fulfill my part of the diamond insurance. Not even a couple weeks later, one of the diamonds in her wedding band fell out. Luckily, they did fulfill their side of the agreement, Somewhat. I was told it would take... Read more

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    Sun Nov 21 2010

    Jared, The Galleria of Jewelry, Oviedo, FL I would give them negative stars if possible or a 0 rating Don't buy their adds. They suck. We purchased a new setting from them 10 plus years ago with the diamond bond. They of course took my stone out of my old setting and put it in the new one. I had the prongs checked regularly and kept the bond up. On October 10th I had them checked the prongs and resized the ring. Friday night the center stone fell out and was lost. I took the ring in yesterday only to have the manager tell me the center stone is not covered under the bond. I advised him they just worked on the ring 38 days ago. His reply was that they didn't touch the head when resizing the ring????? How can you possibly not even touch the head when you cut a piece of metal out to make a ring smaller and polished the entire ring????? Needless to say I will NEVER shop there again. What a rip off why bother having a diamond bond???

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    Fri Nov 12 2010

    Jared, The Galleria of Jewelry. My Rating is ZERO Last night my fiance and I visited the jared store in the Collierville, TN (The Avenue Carriage Crossing) mall. This was our very first time to visit Jared. The purpose of our visit was to shop for a wedding band. We arrived to the store at approximately 8pm CST and were greeted by the friendly sales staff who was eager to help. We sat down with the staff and began to look at options that may work for my custom, designed engagement ring. After trying on several options, the sales woman (brunette, middle aged) asked if we'd be interested in a custom ring to match mine. She explained that they could "work up a quote" while we waited. She made some notes and took the ring to the center of the store and began working with others on the quote/design of the band. Within 15-20 minutes she returned with a quote sheet and my ring which she gave back to me. I immediately noticed damage to the crown of the ring's setting. I handed my ring to my fi... Read more

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    Wed Oct 13 2010

    My husband purchase my engagement ring from Jared 2 yrs ago and my diamond fell out and my husband paid for the extended warranty and being that I forgot to get my ring inspected within the last 6 months they will not honor the warranty. Mind you I was planning my wedding and I just forgot to go and get it inspected. Just human error and Jared show no compassion. My husband paid $5,000.00 for the ring and they didn't care anything about that. I rate Jared a negative Zero. The worst Customer Service Ever. DO NOT purchase from Jared EVER!

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    Tue Oct 12 2010

    If I could give zero stars I would. Their customer service is awful, they don't care about the customers even if they have your money. They have messed up my ring, did it again after they tried to "fix it"... the experience continues! They are the worst company I have ever dealt with, STAY AWAY!!

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    Mon Sep 20 2010

    I would not recommend this store to anyone. Has the absolutely the worse customer service AFTER you make your purchase. Purchased engagement ring, less than one year side stones started falling out. Jared can not fix or replace and has only offered store credit. Engagement rings are memory makers. We narrowed our search for the ring down to two stores. We made a huge mistake in choosing Jared. They do not treat customers with respect. STAY AWAY from Jared Jewelry.

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    Sun Sep 19 2010

    Richmond, VA - Very surprised at all the negative reviews, I have had nothing but good experiences with Jared. My engagement ring and my band and husbands band were purchased about 6 yrs. ago, have taken my diamond back every six months for inspection. Purchased a diamond band with extended warranty and after one year decided it was still too big after being sized. They found another ring in my exact size, and switched it out for me at no cost. My husband purchased a Venitian glass necklace for my birthday, and I just purchased a LeVian ring and also needed it sized. They said they could not size down to what I needed, but would let me have it at the smallest size they could do, and then I could have them order it in my size which would take 2-3 months from the company and then switch them out when it came in at no cost to me.Customer service has been great.

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    Mon Aug 30 2010

    Without a doubt the worst experience ever. We recently purchased a diamond engagement ring from these knuckleheads and they could not have been more difficult to deal with. Not only was it a ring, but a nice one at that. They have some real slackers behind the counter. Evelyn sized my soon to be wife's hand and assured us they would have it ready at the correct time and everything would be "perfect". Not only did they not have it ready on the date they determined, but it was the wrong size. So after they fouled up our perfect day, we had to bring it back and have it re-sized again. OK, the world is not a "perfect" place so they tried it again. However, the second time, they got it wrong, again. Still did not fit, hence the term knuckleheads crossing my mind. But again, the world is not a prefect place so we handed it back to them and they assured us that the third time is a charm. Not so fast, Evelyn and her worthless manager Berry still could not get it right and had the ne... Read more

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    Fri Aug 20 2010

    I also wish that i could rate my experience with Jareds in the negative stars! I purchased a warranty when i purchased a new setting for my diamond some 4 years ago. One of the trillion stones came out after i had just had the 6 month checkup. I have been recently dealing with Christina at the Boynton Beach, FL store. The only mileage I have made in getting help has been through jareds customer service on line (which hasn't been much). Now since they cant find a replacement stone that fits (although they tried to pull one over on me by repreating how beautiful it looked and how I was wrong about what I could see with the naked eye (Christina and another of her associates) I refused the replacement because not only were the sapphires on the sides different but I REALLY didn't want to go through the same crap I have been through thus far knowing that they have discontinued the relationship with the vendor and the difficulty it apparantly is to replace a stone in a ring. At first Christi... Read more

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    Wed Aug 04 2010

    Staff in Newington NH makes me feel so welcome every time I shop there. I have been a customer there for years and never experienced any issues like I've read about. People write to complain more often than praise. I highly reccommmend this company

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    Mon Jul 26 2010

    If I could give zero stars I would. Their customer service is awful. The store level can't change a roll of toilet paper without customer service approval and they don't care about the customer as long as they have your money. They are the worst company I have ever dealt with and wouldn't buy so much as a watch battery from them.

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    Sat Jul 10 2010

    I like so many others would give less than a star to Jared. (Their location at the Rim in San Antonio, Tx.) My now wife bought my wedding ring (stainless steel cable ring) from there in Feb. of 2010. We got married on July 6th (the first day I wore it) and it started rusting on July 10th. I went to see about a refund but they would only offer to trade out and not offer a warranty, their own customer service said that the store was doing me a favor by doing that.

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    Sat Jun 26 2010

    August 2008, my husband and I went to the Jared’s in Jacksonville Florida to purchase me a right hand ring after his safe return from Iraq. We already had our diamond that we purchased through Marks and Morgan (Jared’s sister company). We picked out a setting and they took the diamond that was already set into another ring. They encouraged us to go and have dinner and to return around 8:30 pm to pick up the new ring. Prior to us leaving they cleaned and inspected the diamond under the microscope. Nothing was wrong with my diamond. We arrived back at the store at 8:30 and they were not done with the ring. We waited around and finally had the ring done around 9:15. The lady came over to us and placed the new ring on my finger and was over complimentary regarding the look of the ring. Never once did the lady ever scope my dimand in the new ring or suggest we relook at my diamond under the microscope. The store was already closed and eager to push us out the door. The next day I ... Read more

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    Mon Jun 21 2010

    I would give them less than a star if I could. The store in the Ballston Commons Mall in Arlington, VA apparently does not need business. First they sold be an 18 inch white gold chain for a price they assured me was the lowest around. It was not as a matter of fact it was barely worth 100. When I brought it back 2 weeks later because it was already tarnished and not what I wanted I was rudely informed that they have 3 day return policy. To be fair it was on the receipt. A very pail receipt that when I looked at it thought it said 30 days. Stay away from this store it is a total rip off. Kaye Jewelers is also part of the same company but that division understands value, customer service, and selling quality products.

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    Sat Jun 05 2010

    Was promised a piece of jewlry in 3 weeks. It has been 4 weeks and still know jewlry. I would avoid at all costs.

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    Tue Jun 01 2010

    I took a diamond bracelet to the Jared in Arundel Mills, Md to be fixed. The sales girl looked up the price, and told me it would be $45.00 to repair the break. I agreed. Before she wrote up the order, she checked each diamond, and informed me that 21 of the 48 diamonds were loose. She was amazed that I had not lost one! The cost to fix the settings would be $110.00 which is added to the $45.00 for a total of $155.00 plus tax. I decided to wait to have it done. We were traveling back to Pittsburgh, and I remembered a jeweler who had fixed some jewelry for me before. I gave him the bracelet and asked what the cost was to fix it...$12.00. He also checked the diamonds, they were all secure!

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    Sun May 23 2010

    I thought the employees at Jared's were amazing. They were so excited to help us find the perfect diamond for our budget. We had a few financial problems and they worked with us to find the best plan for us. I would definitely recommend them :)

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    Mon May 17 2010

    If I could give them less than a star, I would. I took my jewelry into the Jared in Indianapolis, IN at the Keystone at the Crossing location. I took multiple pieces of jewelry to be appraised. The woman I spoke with told me it would be cheaper to do multiple pieces at a time. I had eight pieces appraised (my wedding set is three rings and they are all priced to appraise separately) and it cost me 875.00. Yes, 875.00 for eight pieces. I nearly fell out of my chair. That is ridiculous. Not realizing how expensive that is compared to other stores, I went along with it. They said they would call me when it was done. They did not. I had to call and ask if my jewelry was ready to be picked up. When I received my jewelry back, the next day I noticed that my two carat center stone on my engagement ring was loose!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I called and the manager said when they clean it, sometimes it loosens the prongs and to just bring it in and they would tighten the prongs. At this... Read more

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    Sun May 09 2010

    I shopped for an engagement ring at a Jared's in Virginia and I would give it 5 STARS for selection. I like being able to buy a loose diamond and choose a setting rather than buy a lower quality "complete ring" at a mall type jewelry store. I found the staff to be friendly and helpful, but I really wanted to pass on a couple warnings. First, I looked at my 1.25 carat stone in a beautiful platinum setting several times as did my fiance as we compared it to other settings. It always sat up high (because it wasn't set IN the prongs yet) and every time, the clerk mentioned that it would actually sit lower once mounted. Well, time came to get it mounted and she had to "check on the mount" with the techs. She left and came back and announced that the ring would not hold my stone and I would need to purchase a new $300 mount. Now, I knew the stone sat on the prongs, but it was a big mount and the setting was from the "luxury" collection, which I guessed was not geared towards smaller rings... Read more