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    Mon Jan 18 2010

    Japan is awesome car makers

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    Tue Jul 28 2009

    Japan is a wonderful place to visit. I will confidently say that there isn't another country as developed as Japan that has maintained such a unique and beautiful culture. Everything from food to architecture to the persona of the Japanese people is a beautiful art form.

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    Sat Dec 06 2008

    Maybe at one time, but not anymore,  I trust American cars much more than I do foreign ones!  Foreign car compnies are resting on their laurels and relying on their reputation of building quality cars in past years to sell their current generations of poorly made vehicles.  Be American; BUY american.

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    Sun Jul 27 2008

    I think Japan would be a neat place to visit. I have heard great things about it from people who had gone.

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    Thu Jul 24 2008

    Pretty good technology.

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    Mon Mar 03 2008

    My last four cars were, in reverse order, a Subaru, a Mazda, a Subaru and a Toyota, all of them excellent in terms of performance, reliability, comfort and value.  Of course all of them were built in North America too, maybe not the late 80's Toyota.  I recently purchased a used Ford product because I thought it was a good deal and would serve my needs in  the short term.  I'm already thinking about unloading it.

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    Sat Mar 01 2008

    If price (and/or popularity with thieves)is no object, Japan (with the exception of Misubishi) makes the best cars.

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    Fri Aug 31 2007

    When I think Japanese automotive, Toyota is the first one that come to mind. They are one of the most dependable cars out there.

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    Wed Apr 11 2007

    I lived in Kyoto for a number of months and would most definately say if you can drop the cash on airfare, get to this country! There are beautiful customs, traditions, and aesthetics seen nowhere else.If you'll be there on a family vacation, be sure to stay in a ryokan for at least 1 night to see what remains of authentic non-westernized japan. Another great place to experience Japanese culture, if you're in Kyoto, are the Zen temples.  Ryoanji and Ginkakuji are not to be missed, nor is Tofukuji if you're there in Autum. The 'Philosopher's Walk' is also a pretty way to spend an afternoon.If you're lookin for nightlife in Tokyo check out the Roppongi area; in Kyoto I'd go to Bar Isn't It?

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    Thu Apr 20 2006

    It is not uncommon for young people to commit suicide if they don't get into college to "save face." Most people have to work 70-80 hours per week.

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    Sun Mar 12 2006

    one day, the technology there will kill us all

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    Wed Mar 08 2006

    All flash no substance. A lot of the people are arrogant and they treat you unfairly just because you're not Asian. Some of the people talk about you loud enough to hear too. However, they are light years ahead of us in technology.

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    Sun Feb 05 2006

    First off, the Japanese put their cars together well. Far more care is put into production quality than American cars. Secondly, we all know how competitive the Japanese auto industry is. People forget that Japan has to import every resource required to produce cars - unlike the States. This is a massive expense and depsite this Japan consistently produces vehicles that are comparable in price to U.S. vehicles...and invariably better in quality. Finally, in all of my travels, to see an American car outside of the U.S. (excepting Canada and Mexico) was rare to the point of being unique. I saw Japanese vehicles EVERYWHERE - even in Afghanistan it wasn't Land Rovers or (chuckle) Hummer's those muja's were bouncing around in. The were Toyota Land Cruisers - most over ten years old, beat to hell and STILL running great. Japan drives the world.

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    Fri Dec 02 2005

    Japan has taken the quality control systems originally invented in North America and have implemented them into the production of their vehicles. P.S. - Japanese Car Companies also build in North America as well.

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    Tue Oct 04 2005

    I guess you have to grit your teeth and state that Japan's cars are of good quality.

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    Mon Sep 26 2005

    Excellent vehicles, esp those manufactured in the US.

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    Tue Sep 20 2005

    Horrid country with no moral backbone with people who act so polite on the outside but would as soon stab you in the back. Overcrowded, polluted. Perverts everywhere, I've heard of young girls getting fondled and touched on the bus and subway by men many times. The country's economy is collpasing, they wouldn't even have one if the U.S. didn't help them out after WWII. Highest suicide rate in the world due to pressure in society and overwork. Parents don't even raise their children, families hardly spend any time together. I'm surprised the country hasn'tcollapsed yet,the signs are showing though.The Japan economy is but a shadow of it's former self.

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    Tue Sep 06 2005

    As an American living in Japan and married to a Japanese man, I have learned enough of the language to realize that no matter where you are (on the train or walking down the street), people talk about you. Loud enough so that you hear them. They stare at you as if you are an alien, if you are blonde, some children may be scared of you,they call you gaijin which means foreigner (I tried to find a word for racist or islander) but ofcourse this prejudice language doesn't have an easy way to say it. The older people are so sweet, ofcourse good food (but different than you think)We like the city layout but hate the pollution (but hey, we Americans pollute too) Some days we want to stay, others we want to leave.The best thing is to talk quietly.(that way they can't tell if you are American or European.)

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    Tue Aug 02 2005

    Safe Cities, beatiful contrysides, and awesome sushi. People are generally nice. I've heard fellow Americans complain about unfriendliness in Japan, but I think it's a result of different cultural expectations and a language barrier. One douwnside is that the it's the most expensive country in the world, your pocketbook will suffer

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    Mon Feb 14 2005

    A country that I liked when I was younger, but not one that I like as a grownup. Most of the American otakus that are obsessed with Japan are flat-out losers. I took two years of Japanese in college, and was miserable the entire time. Most Japanese shows that are brought to America are heavily Americanized, same for the video games and whatever else. When you view some of these same shows without the Americanized dubbings and edits, you begin to realize it is not the same movie. Japan truly is a strange place, not to mention xenophobic. I'm sorry I took two years of this extremely difficult language, because I don't think I'll ever go to Japan!

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    Fri Feb 11 2005

    I have not visited Japan but it is my dream to do so before I die. I am learning the Japanese language now (I am an American) and would hopefully feel welcome in their country, whenever I decide to go. I read up on a lot of Japanese background and read James Clavell's books, (Shogun, (Tai-pan ect.) because this seemed to be the one country out of all in the world that truly fascinated me. And I don't know why. Yes, I watch anime, or used to anyway (not the Pokemon crap, but the Hellsing, Cowboy Bebop) and looking forward to the visit. The country is supposed to be very clean, and very friendly, at least through what I heard. Then again I also heard that all of their bathrooms are unisex, and I might be a little more uncomfortable about that. They are a healthy, disiplined people with great culture, and I can't wait to go.

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    Tue Dec 14 2004

    I used to have a Honda with 180,000 miles on it. I kept it well maintained and had not one single problem.

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    Tue Nov 16 2004

    I have a Toyota and have had no problems whatsoever. Japan creates well disigned affordable vehicles.

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    Fri Oct 22 2004

    Economical, but very few cars made here are prestigous or have a long history of outstanding quality (in the U.S at least).

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    Tue Sep 14 2004

    Toyota by far makes the best performing 4x4 and I don't know many other trucks that can last over 300,000 miles with just regular maintenance. Subaru has the most competitive model in the rally class for under $32k and the S2000 and RX-8 are almost in a class of their own. Too bad Toyota did away with the Supra... I still have my soft spot for old American muscle cars and big American 4x4's though! I'll never forget my roots.

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    Mon Aug 16 2004

    Front to back, top to bottom, you have to say that Japanese vehicles are superior in quality. On the average, they just run longer. ..I'd rather buy an american car, but I will always consider a comperable Honda or Toyota before I purchase.

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    Thu Aug 05 2004

    Lets not forget Pearl Harbor!

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    Wed Aug 04 2004

    The best in the World. By the way, Ford only own 33% of Mazda not 40%. Daewoo Motor is only 35% owned by GM and not Chevy.

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    Fri Jul 30 2004

    Dropping slightly, as america is FINALLY catching up.

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    Fri Jun 04 2004

    Japan is the home of the pocket-rocket automobile. affordable sports cars (Mitsu Lancer Evo, Subaru WRX STi, Nissan Z) can be just as good as expensive ones. The WRX STi is a street legal rally car for 30 grand. A little steep i no, but try and find a better bang-for-the-buck car than the STi.

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    Sun May 30 2004

    Even though there are a lot of variables to consider in answering this question (i.e., many cars thought of as Japanese are in fact manufactured in the US or, in at least one case, in the UK - the Honda CRV), I understand what the thrust of this question is. Given that, on an across-the-board evaluation I would say that Japan makes (or at least designs and engineers) the best cars. I've owned both Hondas and a Toyota, and have had no complaints, reliability-wise, with any of them. Subaru and Isuzu are also solid cars. They really are good machines.

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    Mon Mar 22 2004

    A spookily conformist nation where there is no individuality. They also practice a rampant form of consumerism that makes the US look positively 'green' and puritan. Also have little regard for animals, the environment nor other people. Look at their sadistic 'game' shows that pass for 'entertainment'. Also a weird mix of the sexually inhibited that makes the British look like Brazilians and a disturbing perversity re: schoolgirls' underwear.

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    Tue Jan 06 2004

    I have only ever owned Hondas (three of them) and they last forever without breaking down (~600 000 miles in the one case). Toyota makes cars that are almost identical in quality, but are not as comfortable to sit in and to drive (ergonomically speaking). But oh well, Japan makes the best affordable cars around, in my opinion. The best cars are German but I'm going to have to get a better job before I can drive a BMW or a Benz. The only complaint I have with Japanese cars is their climate control. I live in an area where it gets quite cold in the winter, and the windows are always fogging up due to poor air flow. The temperature is also really touchy - forget about getting the right temp., just turn on the heat, then turn it off, then back on. Likewise with the air conditioning. Of course, I am only going by Honda, who are the best Japanese car manufacturer. I don't know how the other makers handle climate control. Terrific cars, I will buy Japanese til the day I die, unless ... Read more

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    Mon Jan 05 2004

    I really think they have an awesome culture. They are also very disciplined. (Most of them). Plus they take pride in there country by keeping it clean. But, from most Japanese people I've met, they tend to have a superiority complex.

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    Sun Jan 04 2004

    In response to the criticism about the list being unfair in regards to country vs. country, such a comparison remains essentially valid. All car companies trace their roots to a specific country and that heritage is reflected in their current car designs and philosophies regardless of who owns what. Further, with the recent arrivals of the Nissan 350Z, Infiniti G35, Acura RSX, and Toyota Solara among others its difficult to categorize Japanese cars as boring. My guess is that most people only think of the Toyota Camry and Honda Accord when it comes to Japanese automobiles. As family cars, the Accord and Camry are designed to appeal to the masses - not sports car enthusiasts - and hence they carry derivative styling. While the Japanese makers may err a bit on the conservative side when it comes to style, they produce automobile designs that still look decent after a few years. For example, a 1996 Camry still looks fresh and contemporary when placed side by side with a Ford Taurus ... Read more

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    Sat Jan 03 2004

    Interesting list. But Im a little opposed to it because I dont think you could fairly rate vehicles from country vs. country. It really depends on the car company. For example, Mazda is a Japanese company, but is 40% owned by Ford. Daewoo is Korean, but is owned by Chevy. Nevertheless, I understand the meaning of the list. 5 stars for Honda and Toyota, minus a star for Mitsubishi. I'd never buy a Jap cause I think thier boring and I'd rather have American.

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    Tue Apr 29 2003

    Love that Wasabi!

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    Sat Dec 07 2002

    The Japanese are as loyal as snakes.

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    Sat Mar 23 2002

    Japan would be a cool country to visit. The culture sounds very interesting to learn more about and the history is very long and interesting. The Japanese, at least from those I know, are very nice people. They are very ambitious and you can tell by the way their country is organized. The Japanese do play by the rules of free and fair trade. They have taken advantage of the weak American auto market, but if a foreign company has a product they could sell, then by all means it should be sold wherever there is a market for it. The good part about Japanese technology is that they have forced American car and technology companies to up their standards. In the 1970's, before American car companies had any significant Japanese competition, American cars were inefficient boats that polluted the air with toxins. I am for American industry, but free and fair competition is the way to keep high standards in various domestic industries.

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    Fri Mar 22 2002

    Mostly admire this nation's business practices and achievements but at the same time they are too socially conformist for my nonconformist personality so I would not care to live there. However, their food is heavenly -- I cannot think of any of their sushi dishes or other foods that I do NOT like! I mostly do admire their ideas for teaching and learning and trying to achieve all they are capable of. There's a lot to admire here and some of their ideas are very good, like some housing ideas.

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    Thu Mar 21 2002

    Bunch of isolationist techno-dumpers who don't play by America's rules. All nations need to play by America's rules, since they are the only real rules that count. AMERICA, BAY-BEE!!!!!!

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    Sun Dec 31 2000

    An excellent location to visit if you are looking for something safe, clean, hospitable and off the hard beaten path of much traveled Europe. Japan offers a wide array of cultural activities, natural beauty and unique non-western culture. Two thumbs up!!

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    Sat Jan 08 2000

    Despite all the people, it is the cleanest and safest I have ever felt travelling. And the food in Japan is the best I have ever had as well!!!