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    Tue Jul 11 2006

    One outstanding artist. Not a bad song in his decades-long catalog.

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    Tue Jul 11 2006

    He made some great songs. Even the commercialized late 70's song handyman was cool.

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    Sun Apr 02 2006

    It is always amazing to me how one simple guy can bring a diverse audience to a happy hush, then get every one of up on their feet singing singing "How Sweet It Is," no matter how old they are. I too was disappointed that he got ont the political soapbox because it detracted from that unity that you feel as part of his audience - but it went away quickly. His music is always a pick-me-up, and his live performances call to mind those happy times when we'd sit around and our friends would pick up a guitar and we'd all sing. The fact is, they were usually singing James Taylor.

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    Mon Dec 05 2005

    This guy is among the top reasons why I am a professional musician today. He was my hero and I emmulated his stuff for a few years until my ears heard stuff like Bad company and Aerosmith. I owned all of his albums from 74-78. MY music is still very influenced by him. I too was very let down that he brought his politics into his agenda. Its a bad move like it always is where musicians and artists are concerned. James...shut up and play!

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    Mon Dec 05 2005

    "Fire and Rain" is a legitimately fine song, but almost all of the rest of his music was overly sentimental, mushy singer- songwriter junk for yuppies and corporate rock types.

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    Fri Jul 30 2004

    JT defined soft rock in the late 60's. My daughter loves Fire & Rain the way all young girls used to. He had a talent for the blues, too, and You've Got a Friend (Carole King's masterpiece) is just a classic for those of us who loved this genre of music. I was disappointed to see him on the stage with Kerry the other night at the democrat's convention (oops, sorry, I let the politics creep back in!)

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    Thu Apr 03 2003

    This guy will but you into a depressive coma if you listen long enough. It's unbelieveable that an act so lame can hang around for like 35 years. Shows you that alot of music listeners have taste up their roodahs.

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    Mon Dec 30 2002

    He whines.

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    Sun Sep 29 2002

    They should sell his music as a cure for insomnia!

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    Wed Mar 20 2002

    One of the best song writters ever.

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    Tue Dec 11 2001

    Great songs and a nice, mellow sound. He's easy to listen to.

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    Sun Oct 28 2001

    A really good singer/songwriter from the early '70s. He does sort of put you to sleep, but his songs are very well-done. I've Seen Fire and I've Seen Rain as well as Going to Carolina in my Mind are possibly the best from Taylor. He has a calming, mellow sound that is certainly appealing.

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    Thu Oct 11 2001

    "I've seen fire and I've seen rain. I've seen sunny days that I thought would never end. I've seen lonely times when I could not find a friend. But I always thought I'd see you, maybe one more time again..." James Taylor has one of the best singing voices I have ever heard. And the lyrics of his songs are touching, and easy to relate to.

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    Thu Jun 14 2001

    He's not that bad, but after working all day and hearing every one of his songs over and over, they kind of lose thier charm

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    Tue May 22 2001

    This guy is another one of the greatest artists of all time. His songs are brilliant and sentimental. My favorites are "Fire and Rain", "You've Got a Friend", and "Sweet Baby James".

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    Wed Feb 28 2001

    A bit too tired and mellow. His voice is annoying if you're not in the mood for him. "Sweet Baby James" is a beautiful record. And I absolutely love songs like "Fire and Rain" and "Country Road."

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    Sat Feb 24 2001

    What a cute guy he is!!!!! And such happy tunes, he makes me wanna run up and hug people ;o)

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    Tue Sep 26 2000

    A great artist, he lost some wind from his sails when he started riding the white pony. I am sure he is happy to still be alive.

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    Wed Jul 12 2000

    great great music

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    Wed Nov 03 1999

    pretty mellow dude

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    Tue Oct 26 1999

    I'm about to fall asleep just thinking about him.