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    Mon Jun 22 2009

    Iran sounded nicer when they called it Persia.

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    Mon Nov 12 2007

    American meddling has helped create one of the most horrible societies on Earth, but Iran is mainly a threat to itself. Two stars.

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    Tue Nov 06 2007

    Idiots believe the rhetoric. . .thinkers know that the people in Iran are poorly represented and do not (in the main) believe their goofy leader (sound familiar?). . .the Bush administration needs to make Iran the new boogeyman to further their war-at-any-cost. . .

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    Tue Nov 06 2007

    Contrary to the Administration's current posturing about the imminent threat Iran poses to the US and her allies, I really believe that much of the rhetoric about that country is severely overblown. A noted military expert recently commented that "you'd have to be living on a different planet to imagine that Iran would ever be a threat to the world". Perhaps Bush and Cheney are living in another planet. Iran isn't a threat to anyone, nor would they be for a long time if given a chance. Even Israel's foreign minister came out yesterday and said that Iran isn't a threat to their existence, nor would they be even if they went nuclear. Being that the Israelis have their own stockpile of nukes, the deterrent factor should be significant. The Iranians at any rate aren't even close to being able to attack Israel, much less America. Yet some are pining for war with Iran. Now an attack and occupation of that country would be disastrous for our country, whose military forces are already se... Read more

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    Fri May 25 2007

    I think Iran is not a dangerous country in any means but we can say it is a big Danger to the Dagerous.they have a Ancient more then 6 thousand year History and poeple of that country are so generous and great.Nuclear Power is their right as every other Nation has stopping them from using nuclear power for peaceful puposes is as like stopping them to get to technologies. If USA can Pressurise Iran abt its Nuclear Programme why dont he but sanctions over Israel who has Nuclear bombs and there is no gaurantee that whn and where they wll use them no one can say might be on USA/Europe or on arab Countries because they r unpridictable nation.

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    Tue Jan 16 2007

    Headed for the apocalypse in their own time

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    Sun Jan 07 2007

    Iranian people are not Arabs, they are persians; and as far as I know they hate arabs more than anyone else. Moreover, Iranian people want peace more than any other nation. It is their government who is extremest. However, I am pretty sure that Iranian people do not let their government cross the red line. All bad news you hear about Iran are political issues and should not be taken serious.

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    Sun Nov 12 2006

    I have been there! And I don't think that anybody rating that country as dangereous has been to Iran. And as long as the US don't attack this country, it will stay a political stable and peacefull country. Unlike americans they know what War means. They have suffered enough in the Iran-Irak War. You might not like their ideas and political system, but it is their choice! Freedom also means accepting someone elses view!

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    Mon Aug 14 2006

    I think Iran will start 3rd world war, president Ahmadinejad is dangerous !

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    Mon Apr 24 2006

    First of all, I'm skeptical as to their nuclear program. I think they're playing mindgames more than anything else. But if they are getting close, a quick strike from Israel (per Iraq circa 1981) will pretty much take care of the issue. It's a tin pot dictatorship with growing internal dissent, and I suspect that the regime will be out of power within the next decade. I suspect it will be Israel who does any bombing because the Bush administration won't do anything to jeopardise it's wonderful coalition in Iraq, which is Iran friendly.

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    Sun Apr 23 2006

    Supremely dangerous because of their sociopolitical-religious view of life and location in a critical spot on the world map. India, China, the former Soviets ... even No. Korea having nuclear weapons is not as bad as Arabs having them. Why? Because they might use them whereas the others are highly unlikely to do so. And to be politically correct and suggest that this is not reality is simply engaging in an exercise based upon dishonesty. Unfortunately, much of the Islamic world does not value life in the same fashion as we westerners do. The ugly truth is that the world would be a lot better off if we turned this nation into a parking lot. That I would consider to be a reasonable and well-invested expenditure of my tax dollars.

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    Sat Apr 22 2006

    We can see repercussions ringing through due to decisions made over 25years ago! That means you Jimmy! I feel if the U.N. does not step in soon, Israel will.

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    Sat Apr 22 2006

    The most dangerous in the world right now, I believe. A nuke-equipped Iran is dangerous, but I find it funny how the press refuses to call its leader a cowboy, preferring that derogatory label for President Bush. Also humorous is how some people get their panties in a knot when we purport to apply the law to a few million illegal aliens but don't give a whit about a rogue nation, which exhibits nothing but hatred and fanaticism, coming into possession of nuclear weapons. What would it take to make some of you wake up?

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